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Posted On: Monday - May 9th 2022 6:13PM MST
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None of these is long enough for its own post, so here are 3 items that may be of interest.

Mr. E.H. Hail has a new post on his Hail to You blog. He has reviewed a book on the Kung Flu PanicFest (he dubs it the "Corona-Panic") from a Canadian perspective.* The post is Book review: “Covid-19: The Politics of a Pandemic Moral Panic” (2021): insights into the Corona-Panic in Canada and an intellectual framework for the Panic.

As usual, Mr. Hail is comprehensive with his review, in this case of a short (134 page) anti-Panic book from late 2020 by Canadian authors Barry Cooper and Marco Navarro-Genie. Check it out. Hell, this may not be over yet, so we'd better keep learning about WTH really happened with this.

Next, I did want to issue a follow-up correction (in some sense) of the recent Peak Stupidity post Whole Fools. It's not that the post was factually wrong, as it was just based on an anecdote to begin with, regarding the strange (IMO, of course) behavior of the Millennial generation of many snowflakes.

I had to go back to Whole Foods' amazon returns area**. By mistake, we had returned only one part of the order. Luckily, I still had my big 2D barcode print out, so I brought that and the item to the counter late, 1/2 hour from closing time. Nobody was right there. "Hey, do you know who's running this deal?", I asked the cute girl at the nearest check-out counter, where she was cleaning up. She came over, as she was multitasking, obviously.

What a breath of fresh air, compared to a few days back! This early 20 y/o white girl had a beautiful smile, no face mask (or how would I know?), and a great attitude. She was fine with speculating with me how amazon would handle first the partial return and then the rest of it. So, Whole Foods is not wholly (wo)manned by fools. We'll be back! (Well, we're likely to get more Cheap China-made Crap that has to go back to the amazon motherland.)

Lastly, we may as well keep our readers up with the 47 year-old Rockford Files. In the particular episode from Season 2 that I just watched, The No-Cut Contract, the message on the answering machine before the theme song was all in Spanish. It was starting even in 1975! Next, I am not positive, but I think this episode is the first one in which Jim Rockford made his patented J-turns. You put the Firebird in reverse and then back up in a 180 degree turn, ready to peel out in the other direction.

Oh, the episode had Rob Reiner as a guest star, a guy whom I detested as the lefty Meathead and detested even more as the lefty/woke real guy. Well, he played a detestable guy in this show too. The scene with him as a minor league football quarterback and Jim's lawyer Beth Davenport (Gretchen Corbett) was pretty good - she was almost too detesting(?) of him for words. Angel (Stuart Margolan) played a bigger part in this one, but Rocky (Jim's Dad) wasn't in it at all.

Just wondering: I know that things this was a much more trusting country a half century ago. You didn't continually lock things up. Still, wouldn't you quit opening your trailer door for anyone and everyone who knocked, sight unseen, after being punched out, kidnapped, or having the place ransacked on a near-weekly basis? I would, but that's just me.

That there's a Day in the Life of a Peak Stupidity blogger - reading anti-Kung Flu Panic blogs, returning China-made goods, and watching The Rockford Files. Whaddya' want, Breaking Cat News?

* They did, after all, have the last piece of real action, but this book was finished long before the trucker rally.

** It's just the customer service counter, though I guess it has more going on to handle the amazon stuff.

Tuesday - May 10th 2022 10:16AM MST
PS: That is ccmpletely understandable, Mr. Blanc. The site has been very slow sometimes recently. Sorry about that.
Tuesday - May 10th 2022 10:15AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I guess Fauci and that whole crowd feel bored and left out of American public life right now. 100 million cases? Sure, so long as they get to define what exactly is a case.

I've never gotten the Chinese fixation with "cases" lately either. Even when they talk about them, the numbers are very low relative to the number of Chinese people in those cities where they are freaking out.

Regarding the masking, in the other post I did note that Whole Foods had more masks around on customers and staff than in the general area I live in, but of the 3 girls there at that counter, only one had one. I didn't get around the whole store though (wasn't there to buy).
Tuesday - May 10th 2022 10:06AM MST
PS Sorry about that. It kept not posting, so I kept pressing Submit. Then I gave up.
Tuesday - May 10th 2022 9:19AM MST
PS Ganderson: Sorry to hear that. It was looking to me as if the Panic had just about collapsed into a heap. It has, anyway, in Cook County, Illinois, which is a pretty pozzed place. Except maybe for medical facilities. As one of my medical care providers was walking out the the exam room, saying, “See you next year”, I replied, “I hope without a mask”. (I do find her rather comely.) She said that she feared not, that they’d still be wearing them on the job next year. I will drag my feet in any case. Enough is enough. As far as the election goes, of course there will be massaging. Sure, the Dems will almost certainly lose a few seats. The out-party almost always does. But it will be fewer than predicted, so it will be considered a victory. Then in 2024, they’ll gain them all back. Very few constituencies are even competitive these days. They’re pretty much one or the other. It’s better for them to win, in any case, as it’s all coming down soon, and it’s better that the Dems be on the hook for it. So, I’m “Biden-Harris 2024” all the way. Except in the outside case that Chelsea throws her hat in, in which case, I’m With Her.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - May 10th 2022 6:05AM MST

A Whole Foods staffer without a mask? Go on, pull the other leg.

Some PooBah said the US would see 100m COVID cases in the autumn. I fead that as TPTB gearing up to once again steal the vote, which would explain why the DemonRats and thir willing fellow travellers across the aisle seem to be comfortable with doubling down on strategies and tactics that would otherwise cost them votes. The only thing that matters in the Western world, as demonstrated by the recent French elections, is who counts the votes.
Monday - May 9th 2022 11:15PM MST
PS: I was going to just write "breaking news", Robert, but my boy has been reading a cartoon on-line called "Breaking Cat News". It's kind of cute.

Yes, Dick Butkus was on for about 30 seconds or so. You and Ganderson remember that right. Yeah, Angel was a great addition to the humor of the show.

Mr. Ganderson, I may have already watched that one (in my recent bout of this, that is). I'll check it on wiki and see.

Yeah, you seem to be in one of the worst spots for Panic contagion. The 413 ought to orange or red on a thematic map about this. I hope for your sake, even if the people get freaked out again, it is slight enough that they don't bring rules back. As I've written, until very recently, when masking has gone down to 3-5% or so, it seemed to go in cycles, possibly monthly or 28 days to be exact.
Monday - May 9th 2022 7:33PM MST

Butkus and Ray Nitschke, as I recall. Reiner’s turn as “King” Sturtivant” is classic. Mr. Mod, I await your review of my favorite episode(s), “Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man’s Job”

I know I’m the resident “panic about the Corona doom panic” guy, but it looks like the Coronamonomaniacs here in the 413 are gearing up for another round of lockdown/ mask stupidity- local TV and our local fish wrap are running nonstop panic stories. Something about yet another variant. Some wag on Howie Carr today called it the “MIB”*variant.

* Mail In Ballot
Monday - May 9th 2022 7:00PM MST
PS: I don't really want to know this, but is that
Breaking-cat News
Breaking Cat-news

Is there more than one way to break a cat, also?

P.S. The Rockford files was always fun to watch, and a long-time favorite of mine. Thanks for helping keeping it in my mind. Angel was definitely one of my favorites.

P.P.S. Isn't that the one with Dick Butkus?
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