Shanghai Congee Line and the Covid-Free Highway

Posted On: Friday - May 6th 2022 9:14AM MST
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This is the 8th post of the Peak Stupidity coverage, if you could call it that, of the Chinese LOCKDOWN-redux. The epicenter of this is Shanghai, for reasons, and so we've written about it as the Covid-Zero Shanghai Shitshow, partly for alliterative reasons.

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I've got 2 of the latest videos out of the Middle Kingdom, smuggled past customs officials and the Chinese 10-center internet soy-boys by one of Peak Stupidity's best sources, codenamed Marco Cornholio.

No, the title does not refer to a Conga line, Cuban line dancing, that is. Congee is rice soup, a popular thing in China. There are people lining up in the streets of Shanghai to get their bowl of Congee and a piece of steamed bread*, as if this were the waning days of the Chairman Mao era.

You will note in the video that contrary to the Mao (and early Deng) era, these people are dressed well, as opposed to in Mao jackets, work pants, and with hair styled in that standard iron-rice-bowl cut. The problem is not a big retarded 5-year plan that has the Chinese people making steel on the farm and not producing food, this time. This is a short-term, hopefully temporary, problem directly caused by this latest Kung Flu PanicFest 2.0 politicized stupidity.

The Shanghai people were told NOT to stock up - which wouldn't have worked for everybody anyone - because there would be no LOCKDOWN. That was 3 days before the LOCKDOWN.

The authorities have been Covid-testing trucks that bring in material to Shanghai, controlling everything, and locking people in to where they couldn't even go out for food. Now, the video below looks like a video of UN Aid to Ruanda, except with more polite people with metric shit-tons more IQ points on them.

That doesn't matter. You can have this amazing, quickly developing, economic powerhouse with 1.4 Billion bright hardworking people, but when the Commies in charge introduce Totalitarianism again, you may as well be Africans:

The next video is similar to the ones that Adam Smith linked us to in the comments a few months back, but from the Spring '20 PanicFest~Classic.

Yes, the CCP wants to make the Chinese people, the Chinese pets, the Chinese residences, the Chinese vehicles, and the Chinese highways all Covid Free! To do that, another kind of "free", freedom, that is, will have to be sacrificed, as if they had any real idea of what freedom means anyway over there.

Instead of a Covid-Free highway, I would much rather drive a Carefree Highway of the American 1970s. Back in that time, there was also great music being created, even by Canadians!** Carefree Highway was one of folk singer Gordon Lightfoot's many hits. It's from his Sundown album of 1974.

* Baking is just not a thing in Chinese culture. The steamed bread is edible and not bad, but it ain't danishes, scones, or Krispy Kreme doughnuts by any means.

** I kid, I kid. There were many: Rush, The Guess Who, that Joni chick, Neil (they both left the cold for the California Paradise), Anne Murray ..

Monday - May 9th 2022 10:01AM MST
PS: Just a funny memory here, Mr. G, but we have an aquaintance - actually, I don't recall actually meeting her in person, named Wang Fang. I cannot EVER hear that name without it putting the Wang Chung song "Everybody have fun Tonight" in my head for the next hour or so!

(The lyrics go "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.")

(I put the official song video on this blog somewhere as an example of how to cause seizures on the internet.)

Here, see for yourself. Be careful!
Monday - May 9th 2022 9:58AM MST
PS: Good to hear about your son in Chengdu, Mr. Ganderson. It probably won't help the situation with Monitor Wang, but could you ask him some time if he can view this site, on either a phone or other computer?

I think he probably can. I had no probem viewing the gunowners (Eric Spratt's organization) site and almost anything else in English, but that was 5 years ago now. However, I'm not sure about over 5 years ago, but at least right then, youtube was a no-go site. I can't remember if you woud just got a "site not found" page - I think that was the case.
Monday - May 9th 2022 7:12AM MST

Spoke to my son in Chengdu yesterday- they’re not locked in- nor does it look like they will be anytime soon. The lockdowns seem random. I’m sure Mr Wang, or whoever monitors our WeChat conversations will report to the proper authorities , and Chengdu will be locked down.
Sunday - May 8th 2022 12:56PM MST

Happy Cornell Day, everyone! 45 years ago!
The Alarmist
Sunday - May 8th 2022 8:10AM MST

Thanks for the kind words, Robert ... I just wish I was smart enough to correct my typos and misspellings.

Mr. Mod, they spay Naled (chemical-based) and Bti (bacteria-based), both of which are considered safe when used in approved concentrations, e.g. when humans receive only small doses. You can see the potential for malpractise here. Zika was largely overblown as a threat, with most people not even presenting with systems and nearly all clearing of the symptoms within a week. This is probably why they prominently displayed pix of babies with Microcephaly (the small-headed ones) in numbers far greater than actual cases.

Zika is perhaps a lesser problem than COVID, but both are problems for mid-wits. The dumber and smartest of us don’t care or don’t trust the intellects who have relatively untested magic cures, while your average middle-manager or teacher type who thinks he/she/it is smarter than the average bear lap up the BS that is thrown out by leaders desperate to appear to be doing something for matters that are better left untreated. Having said that, Malaria and other things skeeters carry are concerning, so spray away folks.

Turning millions of GMO mosquitoes loose has proven to be a disaster. These people need to learn to stop effing with Nature at levels not directly observable.
Sunday - May 8th 2022 8:05AM MST
PS I still don’t get it. What is going on there? Xi and his minions aren’t stupid. He and they wouldn’t be where they are, if they were stupid. Perhaps they suddenly barking mad. Or are there things going on that we don’t know of? You earlier mentioned intra-party rivalries. This all seems a bit much for intra-party rivalry, but what do I know.
Sunday - May 8th 2022 8:05AM MST
PS I still don’t get it. What is going on there? Xi and his minions aren’t stupid. He and they wouldn’t be where they are, if they were stupid. Perhaps they suddenly barking mad. Or are there things going on that we don’t know of? You earlier mentioned intra-party rivalries. This all seems a bit much for intra-party rivalry, but what do I know.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - May 8th 2022 2:46AM MST
Joe Wang about desperation & despotism in Shanghai - good article on the Brownstone Institute's website:
Adam Smith
Saturday - May 7th 2022 8:51PM MST
PS: Good evening, Achmed,

It'd be great if there wasn't a next time...
(That's probably just overly optimistic or wishful thinking.)(or something.)

Looks like they may still be using DC-3/C-47 for mosquito projects...

You can buy a bottle of zika here...

I don't think it's a good idea to release millions of mosquitoes in the Keys. Just sayin'.

Have a great and peaceful Sunday to you too, Achmed.

Saturday - May 7th 2022 5:51PM MST
PS: Have a great and peaceful Sunday, Adam. Yeah, I don't give my wife a hard time about it in a mean way. It'd be great if next time, whatever it is, she would see that "I may be right, ... I may (not) be crazy ..."

As for the trucks, no, there were no mosquitoes around here back then. It was great! Because it worked so well, I am under the impression that it was DDT still. Of course this was way, way after Rachael Carson's "Silent Spring", but I wonder if it was still legal for some uses. Those mosquito planes - they may YET still be using DC-3s! - down in Florida, do you know if they spray DDT, Alarmist? Malaria, that Zita one, and such are no laughing matters.
Adam Smith
Saturday - May 7th 2022 3:44PM MST
PS: Good evening, Gentlemen,
And Happy Saturday!

Mr. Alarmist, Robert,

My wife also has fond memories of running behind the fog truck with her neighborhood friends as a child...

I tend to agree that spraying the great outdoors with aerosolized bleach water is the definition of peak stupidity, but...
I'm afraid anthropogenic stupidity is a self-renewing resource.
(I do hope I'm wrong. I'd love to see the stupidity bubble pop.)

Mr. Moderator,


“Stupidity destroys, and absolute stupidity destroys absolutely.” - Indeed!

“hey, you wouldn't have been laughing 2 years ago. You remember how you were?”
“hey, you'd have been the one driving the truck!” Haha.

No one likes being reminded of their past mistakes.
And I can't really blame the people who fell for the largest mass hypnosis/mass hysteria event in history.
(Many good people who should have known better fell for it.)

I'm just glad she has come around.

Also, thanks for the Gordon Lightfoot. Great stuff!

I hope you guys have a great rest o' the weekend!

Saturday - May 7th 2022 3:15PM MST
PS: Mr. Alarmist, you sound smarter (wiser?) than I and my friends, who ran after the trucks.
The Alarmist
Saturday - May 7th 2022 1:49PM MST

I remember the good old days, when the misquito control trucks would drive around the neighborhood spraying those skeeters, and me running inside thinking the spray might be worse for me than the bugs themselves.

Bleaching everything is right up there near peak stupidity. Doing it outdoors is practically the definition of peak stupidity.
Saturday - May 7th 2022 5:15AM MST
PS: BTW, I've said in these pages (well, web pages) that my wife has really come around to understanding that this has been a big PanicFest. As she laughed at the video, I said "hey, you wouldn't have been laughing 2 years ago. You remember how you were?"

I got no answer, but I should have said "hey, you'd have been the one driving the truck!" Haha.
Saturday - May 7th 2022 5:12AM MST
PS: Thanks for checking up on what exactly is coming out of those big cannons on the trucks, Adam. I should have been asking that too, but instead my wife and I were just laughing at the stupidity of disinfecting the roads of the dreaded Kung Flu.

I don't know what the bleach water would do to wildlife too. It's not like China has been the role model for treehuggers (and I count myself as one to a degree) around the world. They had been doing pretty well lately though. When the come around to wanting to tackle some problem, they do a hell of a job. Sometimes that involves a stupid solution, though, such as Chairman Mao's idea to kill all of the Swallows.

"Stupidity destroys, and absolute stupidity destroys absolutely." - Neither Chairman Mao nor Confucius.
Adam Smith
Friday - May 6th 2022 9:21PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

What do you suppose they're spraying from those trucks? Diluted bleach water? Lysol? Something else?

“many localities are resorting to sprays consisting of a mixture of bleach and water.”

Is it healthy for people to be breathing all this disinfectant?
Won't bleach water mist damage their clothing?

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