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Posted On: Wednesday - May 4th 2022 12:51PM MST
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Totalitarianism done right!:

None of this half-assed American style Totalitarianism hampered by Federalism and all that crap!

I'll just relay a couple of tidbits on the on-going Covid-Zero Shanghai Shitshow here, with video at the bottom. In case you haven't followed Peak Stupidity on this story, we have written 6 posts already:

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From my source a month ago (but I forgot to add this): There were rumors of a coming LOCKDOWN in Shanghai a few days or so before it was implemented. This is where it helps to have government officials in the family somehow or as part of one's guanxi circle*. To prevent stocking up by aware citizens of the city, which would cause shortages for those last to the store, the government officials told everyone on the TV that said rumors were false. People were told there were to be no LOCKDOWNs. This is where it helps to not trust anyone outside the family**. That's the Chinese way, and one need not wonder why now. 3 days after that TV advise, Shanghai got LOCKDOWNed using the now-acceptable excuse of "Covid one niner!"

This new Chinese faux-PanicFest/real-Totalitarianism is contagious as hell. (I don't know about the latest virus variant - nobody really cares, I think.) Though there was the political impetus to screw over the city of Shanghai, this thing has spread to Peking now too. I would like to get more on the story there. If I do, you'll probably read it here first.

I could not get information on the city in which the following video takes place. These guys in the bio-hazard suits are cops. They are being called the "big whites". This is what the Chinese people are going through right there, right now:

(The only real action starts at ~ 01:15 in. i don't have a good translation right now.)

See, me, I'd just go through the Walgreen's drive-through, barely touch my nose with some anti-bacterial cream in it (as I did the one time), if they really need a Flu Manchu test that damned bad!

Actually, the lady is supposed to be taken to a quarantine camp.

* That's probably not the way they put it.

** Sorry, I can't do that Marlon Brando Godfather voice, even in person.

Mr. Anon
Thursday - May 5th 2022 9:51PM MST

In Communist China, virus quantines you!

A lot of people have speculated if there isn't more to this than just the usual Kung Flu Kraziness. Surely, even the Chicoms can't be that crazy? Or? Ideas have been floated that they are using this as some kind of excuse for a trade-war with the West, or to engineer a break with the whole American-dominated financial system - our "rules based order" (you know "Follow our rules! That's an order!").

Then again, maybe the chicoms can just be that crazy.
Thursday - May 5th 2022 9:39AM MST
PS: Politics, Mr. Blanc, and the people be damned - that's what I am hearing. As I wrote under John Derbyshire's latest post*, that country, with the hardworking people and complete domination of manufacturing, could be a great place right now, but Xi and others have just fucked it all up, as seems to be the usual thing over there.

* and, I think it's odd of him, with his Chinese wife and mastery of Mandarin, not to have written a thing about this.
Thursday - May 5th 2022 9:26AM MST
PS Why? Even the most crazed Plague Panicker here in the Lunatic West is beginning to grasp that the critter isn’t the end of the world and we’re not all going to die and it’s time to return, as far as is possible, to the status quo ante. The Chinese are supposed to be much saner than our loony lot. So why is Xi doing this?
Thursday - May 5th 2022 8:29AM MST
PS: Alarmist, there should be a hinge line on the outside (on the right of course), but it's all painted too dark to see much.

The door in the still image has nothing to do with the one kicked through in the video though. There might be some confusion there for readers. I do wonder if the family that had the cheap inward-openng wooden door kicked in also had an outer door. It should have been a lot harder to get through, if they had.
Thursday - May 5th 2022 8:07AM MST
PS: Nope, Alarmist, from my source and also my memories of the place, lots of places in China are not so safe from burglars, so people have the outside steel one (as you see, except I can't vouch for the material). Then they normally have an inside door nicer-looking door that opens inward.

This view is from the outside, of course, with the chains there to keep people in.
The Alarmist
Thursday - May 5th 2022 5:19AM MST

Is that an inward-opening door?
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