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Posted On: Friday - March 10th 2017 6:41PM MST
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James Kirkpatrick of VDare has an article contrasting treatment of Trump supporters, conservatives, and white people in general by the law to treatment of the hard-core lefties and differently-colored peoples: Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Increasingly Unequal Justice For Whites, with quite a few examples. The ongoing low-level battles between the new radicals (same as the old radicals) in Berzerkely, California has been in the news.

Yeah, PeakStupidity does not pretend to be a news site, per say, so this is a few days old. During the latest violence by the anti-free-speech lefties out there, some Trump ralliers had one guy who was set up for a little bit of defense this time, which is good to see. Mr. Chapman was not out to kill anyone, and he just had a decent-sized stick, a shield, and a helmet (see, 2/3 defensive pieces) with him, and he ended up kicking a little ass when the lefties attacked the peaceful crowd of President Trump supporters. From James Kirkpatrick, with links de-activated due to laziness:

America is not bound by blood or culture, we are told incessantly, but by a dedication to certain “ideals.” As we can’t even agree on what those ideals are, all that we have to hold us together is the law. But now, it appears that even equality before the law has become a meaningless expression, as the post-American managerial state is selectively enforcing the law depending on who is committing a crime.

Witness the case of Kyle Chapman, a.k.a. Based Stick Man, a.k.a. the Alt-Knight. Chapman was among the thousands of Americans who rallied in support of President Trump last weekend. As “anti-fascists” had vowed to violently disrupt the protest in Berkeley, California, where they had already rioted to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking, Chapman came prepared with a stick and a helmet.

When the “antifa” attacked, the police did nothing, so Chapman defended his fellow demonstrators. Needless to say, while many of the masked antifa who attacked with weapons were let go, Chapman was arrested for multiple alleged felonies [Trump supporters have Stick Man’s back! ‘Hero’ arrested protecting ralliers heads to court, by Samantha Chang, BizPacReview, March 7, 2017]. Trump supporters have since raised over $65,000 for his legal defense at WeSearchr.

Chapman has not yet been formally charged, but the police are saying such charges could be coming soon [Demonstrators Arrested at Berkeley ‘March 4 Trump’ Rally Await Charges, by Rhea Mahbubani, Elyce Kirchner and Pete Suratos, NBC Bay Area, March 7, 2014].

This guy's got a lot of support behind him, but still, if he were to really be put away for a while for defending a hitherto peaceful protest it may put a damper on further single-man operations like this. The governments (at all levels), the Lyin' Press, much of the judiciary and some of the police are arrayed heavily against any one individual and small group that would have the audacity to defend himself/itself. On the other hand, even disregarding the cuts, bruises, or even hospital visits, the till-now peaceful conservative or liberty-loving crowd is not doing itself any favors by being above reproach while some are getting their asses beat by these commie bastards. It looks cowardly even though it's not. Also, if there's to be a speech to be made, you've got to keep these commies out of the way somehow.

More from the article, after the many examples of widely differing treatment under the law between the sane people and the left:
The late Sam Francis’ concept of anarcho-tyranny appears more relevant every day, as illegal aliens, Leftist protesters and anti-white ethnic activists operate in a kind of twilight zone unrestrained by either law or morality.

President Trump’s election is the last chance the Historic American Nation has to restore some semblance of the rule of law in what was once a First World nation.

If President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are deterred from cracking down on Leftist protesters and illegal immigrants, it will only further the collapse of America into chaos. The managerial state may continue to persecute dissenters from the Right, but it can do nothing to stop the collapse of America’s civilizational order.

I will explain here why crackdowns on the flaunting of the rule of law from on-high may not be the last chance to stop this anarcho-tyranny (a great term, BTW). Right now the country, though slowly failing economically, has still many people, mostly on the conservative side and the side of liberty, who still have decent jobs or a promising degree and significant assets in terms of houses/land, and functional families, to where they have something to lose were they to be arrested or hurt really bad. With the financial slide, being slowly documented in the Global Financial Stupidity topic key, going on, things will not remain in this state.

At some point, for especially young white males, the present and future will not offer enough to make people behave with any worries about "an arrest on my record", or "I could get hurt and be off work a few days". Times are going to get a lot tougher, and though the blame is not all on the same groups of lefties, they are sure not helping things a damn bit by sponging off the few remaining hardworking taxpayers while reacting with violence to a little bit of truth-telling here and there.

People may learn some lessons from the turmoil of the 1960's, but this time I believe it will be the opposite side, realizing "they can't arrest and prosecute ALL of us", and "an arrest on my record is not going to change my life for the worse", or just "this is a lot of fun, and the chicks dig it more than they think of me as a $10/hr. wage slave trying to make a living at 1/2 the standard of living of my parents"

This is what these Soros-supported commies, and all of them all over the media, universities, and government have not thought over well - it's probably best not to push people too far when they don't have much to lose. You do that, and the people might feel the freedom to kick some ass back.

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