Escape from Suzhou - the motion picture

Posted On: Tuesday - April 19th 2022 7:13PM MST
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From a post about a place with much too little border control, we move swiftly to a post about a place with too much.

The video below is not from Shanghai, but from a city 50 miles west (center-to-center) called Suzhou. It's in Jiangsu Province which is on the central east coast of China*. If you don't know the place, don't feel bad - it's just a small city of 12.7 million people. It appears these people have been LOCKDOWNed too by the evil Totalitarian Chinese Central Government.

The following film has neither the plot, nor the acting, nor the production values of a Great Escape, Birdmen or even a Hogan's Heroes. Plus it's not a full feature-length film. It's not even a film, per se. It's just some Chinese people getting the hell out of Suzhou, some under, and some over, this wall built to keep them in. Possibly it's just the wall to their apartment complex, but either way, let's not go envying the Chinamen for their freedoms anytime soon... or anything else ..

* As is Shanghai, but it and a few other cities are combination city and province. Otherwise, Shanghai couldn't help but be in Jiangsu too.

Thursday - April 21st 2022 7:34PM MST
PS: That's what a lot of people would assume, Mr. Blanc. We can console ourselves in the fact that the whole world is getting stupider together, though maybe not at the same rate.)

I guess the personal political struggle of Mr. Xi is more important to him than the Chinese people. As for the way this stupidity looks to the outside, maybe he's in that old mindset of "what happens in China, stays in China."
Thursday - April 21st 2022 8:17AM MST
PS I really did think that good old Comrade Xi was smarter than this. Here he has the Great Satan on the run, and instead of chasing us down and putting us out of our misery, he turns on his own people.
Thursday - April 21st 2022 7:33AM MST
PS: Haha, yeah, I remember "the Little Cockroach" coming out of the tunnel in the moonlight (or set lighting I suppose).

That's a shame, Mr. Ganderson. I assume you mean both the prisoners and the Germans.

My brother is a bigger fan than I, but it was a fun show.
Thursday - April 21st 2022 6:42AM MST

One of those guys looks like Louis LeBeau, AKA the “Little Cockroach”.

Fun fact, Robert Clary, who played LeBeau, is the last Hogan’s cast member still with us.
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