The Verismo home-brewing system by Starbucks

Posted On: Monday - April 18th 2022 3:08PM MST
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I suppose I AM occasionally missing something good by not having a TV hooked up. This Saturday Night Live skit aired January 19th of '13. I am floored by the fact that they could do this kind of humor only 9 years back. This was before the Starbucks blackety-black program of 4 years ago that culminated in Nationwide 10,000-Store Barista-Based Synchronized Struggle Session*.

Could Saturday Night Live have aired the same thing this Saturday night? I'm guessing they'd be off the air by the next Saturday.

Anyway, besides the funny-cause-it's-true racial aspect of the humor, this one makes light of the Artificial Stupidity (the machine(s)), and Customer Care too. 99% of Peak Stupidity readers WILL laugh out loud at this one.

* Peak Stupidity covered this, but mostly from mooching off of Steve Sailer posts on the subject. See also Starbucks - fake coupons and raising hell.

Tuesday - April 19th 2022 6:46AM MST
PS: Yeah, it'd be nice to have a way to fight that stuff together, Alarmist. If nothing else - "well, we require extra pay for struggle sessions". Make it not worth it for them.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - April 19th 2022 5:51AM MST

I wonder if the Struggle Sssions factor into the push to unionise Devilsbrew.
Adam Smith
Monday - April 18th 2022 10:57PM MST
PS: Good evening,

"I always worry about the deep fryers when they have these fast-food joint brawls."

I knew a guy who fell off a ladder and into a fryer (at the Arby's I worked at as a teenager) arm and shoulder first.
It was about as bad as you'd imagine.

I do enjoy watching the brawlers sliding around and falling on the greasy floor. Makes it funnier somehow.

I had to post the last three videos to vimeo because youtube won't let me post "violent" videos without age restriction.
They did let me post these though...

Monday - April 18th 2022 8:55PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr.Smith.

The white people are closer to animals, that first guy states, but then, yeah, World Star Hip-Hop says otherwise. I always worry about the deep fryers when they have these fast-food joint brawls. See, I care!

Thanks for the examples.
Adam Smith
Monday - April 18th 2022 6:44PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

Lol... That video is pretty good. No way would SNL make anything like it today.

The good thing about blacks is that they're just like whites, but blessed with melanin.
Melanin comes with compassion. Melanin comes with soul.
That's why blacks are so peaceful and slow to anger...

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