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Posted On: Wednesday - April 13th 2022 5:08PM MST
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This is kinda nice. The American Kung Flu PanicFest was the biggest flavors of stupidity featured here at Peak Stupidity for the last 2 years. Just when I thought it was over, and we'd have to concentrate more on other flavors outside our wheelhouse, China has re-instituted this PanicFest stupidity in a big way. Yes, in general, we should be concentrating on American stupidity, because we live here!, but let's let China be a warning to us all.

This guy is begging for food, from inside his LOCKDOWNed apartment complex.

(It's from a video I watched, but I just got the screenshot.)

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Here are a few more pieces of information from my Chinese source. Yes, there are a lot of politics involved in this latest Totalitarianism. It's concentration in the huge financial/port city of Shanghai is purposeful. Xi-the-Pooh over there in Peking wants to show his rival Jiang Zemin of Shanghai how he can play hardball. Those 2 guys? Nobody's locking them down - they have plenty to eat. Their very own extended kin, the Han people of Shanghai, well, I don't know if there's any expression for "tough shit"* in Chinese.

I mentioned the following in a couple of the posts linked-to above, but I thought that part was somewhat of a joke. Nope, it's no joke. The Chinese authoritah are covid testing trucks! Yes, back to the old "lives on doorknobs for 9 1/2 weeks!" stupidity, which is SO Spring 2020. I thought we were ALL over that. Even Dr. Fauci doesn't wash his hands anymore after taking a piss. Yes, this is an organized thing for delivery trucks entering the city of Shanghai. Drivers of small trucks pay 1,800 元 and those who drive big rigs pay 4,000 元 to get their rigs swiped. That is a significant amount, converting to $283 and $628 , respectively at today's exchange rate. Somebody's making like a Bandit on that deal, and he doesn't even have to lose all the Smokies while bringing Coors beer from the Rocky Mountains to Atlanta.

The next piece of information I gleaned was that the Chinese people don't trust the Chinese vaccines. As Totalitarian as they wanna' be over there, something like 10 to 15% of the Chinese people have not been vaccinated yet. A regular Peak Stupidity reader would likely remark "good on 'em". So now the Chinese government is importing 1.4 Billion doses of the Pfizer vaccine - I hope you didn't sell your stock yet. How convenient! That's enough for everybody. Yes, by all means, trust the American drug giant Pfizer with your health, Chinamen, that is, if you have a choice in the matter.

Lastly, I've got some video of people inside one of the quarantine camps. Yep, it's inside, and it doesn't look like your Stalag 13, but it's no picnic being locked up against your will ANYWHERE.

Site note: I will backfill the new Totalitarianism topic key when time permits, and when I think about it, concurrently, along with another new one, Muh Generation.

* There's another action item for me. Find out.

Tuesday - April 26th 2022 5:35AM MST
PS: I hope you may read this, Sam J., as this is just for the record otherwise.

I promise I did not ignore your comment due to my not agreeing (I don't) - it was an oversight. If I ever get to the software, I can write a quick "tool" to go check the dBase for recent comments, rather than what I do now, look at the numbers and go by memory. So, I'm very sorry for this oversight.

In reply anyway: Ron Unz is down some rabbit hole that, no matter what else, MUST be anti-all-things-American, must NOT implicate China in anything (he's never been there and knows jack squat about the place), and, as usual, he can't see the forest when he's down that hole.

Yes, it's possible this is an engineered virus, likely, I'd say. The Americans and the Chinese had been working (maybe still are) on this "gain-of-function" research that to me is bio-weapons research under a different name. The Americans know about it, and the the Chinese know about it. Both governments are non-forthcoming with info or forthcoming with disinfo, including panic-inducement, for their own various reasons.

Maybe one of these man-made viruses could be something that can just kill 100's of millions one day, but I think the human (and all animals) body is amazingly resilient. Your paramedic friend had a bad case, and I am sorry for that. We all know, however, that these viruses, just as with the common cold, slowly mutate into less dangerous variants. My son and I likely got the most recent one, but life went on as planned. (I just missed about a week of nice days outside at a great time of year!)

Now to the Chinese. We, and even the majority of Chinese people, may not know if lots of Chinamen died 2 years back. Those falling down in the streets videos - I gotta go with Ron Unz on that one, sounds ready-made to induce a panic. Would keeling over be any kind of symptom?

However, even if there were lots of lives lost in China, it's not like the term immunity is unknown to them. They would also understand that 2 years later, the Covid is not their dreaded nightmare anymore. Is it possible that the Chinese authorities isolated the virus so well 2 years back that nobody had it anymore, yet the original version flared up again in those east coast cities? Nah, go pee! Sorry, I am not sure of the Pin Yin, but it means "dog farts!" - same meaning as "bullshit!".

I have inside sources. This is political. Remember the story of the Mao government trying to rid the country of swallows? People in high places can do stupid things, and they can do stupid in a BIG WAY.

You say:
"t’s not like the Chinese government wants to lock people down for control. They already have that. If they didn't then how would they be able to lock people down at all?" Just as with the opposite, natural rights of men, you don't have that, if you don't exercise it. The Chinese authorities don't care if they piss off millions of Chinamen. That's the beauty of having control like this.

Yeah, maybe there a few true believers in authority there that have gotten suckered into the "we're going to defeat this virus once and for all!" bit. They are just useful idiots.

Finally, there are plenty of overseas Chinese people, including millions in the US. There is no way the Chinese government doesn't know any news of Americans having almost all gotten over this panic fest, living normally, with no one having been LOCKDOWNed and quarantined for almost 2 years now, without "overflowing hospitals", which was a pretty bogus claim even at the height of the panic, with the possible exception of NY City.

Sam J.
Sunday - April 17th 2022 6:29PM MST

"...China has re-instituted this PanicFest stupidity..."

What of it's not stupidity at all? What if China is being attacked with biological weapons, and they know it? The only way to stop it is to lock everyone down. If it breaks out all over it could spread to the whole country. Maybe they are being overcautious but the price for failure is very high. There is zero doubt that there is all sorts of data that says that the corona virus was manufactured. There's also zero doubt that it did not only break out in China at Wuhan. How is it that it was simultaneously in China, Iran (many of their top leaders died) and Italy?

I personally know a paramedic friend who got corona and he did not die but he said he felt that he could have ad at one point in his illness he thought for sure he was going to die. He was that sick. He has also personally picked up corona cases who died. Now some people say just because everyone did not die off like the black plague then the whole thing is false. They miss a very important point. A scientist who did viral weapons research said in an interview that weaponized viruses because they are not natural, break down fairly fast into separate parts. This would readily account for the start of the virus being very virulent, then rapidly evolving to be less lethal. This is what most viruses do anyway. A less stable one might do so even faster. This appears to be the pattern we have seen. People say that all the people falling out in China was fake but how have they proved that? China says a large number of people died. In fact it appears that the Chinese covered up the real numbers and many more died than they said did. This again completely corresponds with a weaponized virus and also with what appears to be the actual facts of the outbreak.

What does it mean when five different government research labs say that the corona virus has many viral genes in it that are not related to each other and so appear to be engineered? All of them said they were going to write papers on this then promptly buried the whole thing and never mentioned it again. Were they lying when they first said this?

Do you believe that people are capable of building engineered viruses, and do you believe that they would release them to kill millions of people? If you do, and there's every indication that the Chinese believe this, then locking people down makes perfect sense. Far more than some commenters, who have said they locked down China to hurt the US economically. Please. What nonsense. All the reasons given for locking down people in China make no sense at all. it’s not like the Chinese government wants to lock people down for control. They already have that. If they didn't then how would they be able to lock people down at all? Lock-downs really piss people off. I can't think of one single reason the Chinese government would lock people down, except for one. What they said the reason was. They feared a spread of a dangerous virus. Yet somehow people believe, even on a site called peak stupidity, the wildest, silliest stupidest, reasons that the Chinese are doing this while making fun of the most logical. That they are doing it for exactly the reason they say. To stop the spread of the virus. If the reason that they are doing the lock-downs is true then there are things about the virus that we are not being told. The Chinese apparently fear it effects and are doing everything in their power to stop it’s spread. Even to the point of infuriating their citizens.

They had a break out of hemorrhagic fever in one province. That's an Ebola type virus where your blood vessels break down and you bleed out all the time, infecting others with any fluids they touch. Where did that come from? They did stop it by quarantine.

Maybe this is wrong but just exactly what were the biological labs working on race specific viruses in Ukraine doing? Would you rule out that they are making weapons? So far the data released about these looks very bad.

We have had in the past confirmed, no doubt, contamination of vaccines with what anyone would consider weaponized material. The swine flu vaccines sent to the Ukraine were found to be contaminated by bird flu. The test animals, ferrets, that a technician decided on his own initiative, thankfully, to test the vaccine batch on were all killed and the vaccine was stopped from being distributed. This happened. What makes this time different?
Mr. Anon
Friday - April 15th 2022 8:11PM MST

I've seen it suggested that the Great Shanghai Lockdown is a passive-aggressive trade embargo on the US. Think of all that production that isn't happening and stuff that's not getting delivered to be sold in America's CrapMarts.

Of course the Chinese hardly need an excuse to bring the hammer down on their own people. They might be doing it just to get their minds right for whatever they have in store for them.

I do like all the video of haz-mat suited Pandemic-Troopers spraying clouds of disinfectant all over the place. I bet the streets are now so sterile that you could eat off of them.
Thursday - April 14th 2022 3:21PM MST
PS: A-G, unless you are looking to bug out - something I was really thinking about for a while (Uruguay), I am not disheartened. At least it's not something about Americans alone. Then again, unlike a beacon of freedom for those under Communism to see back in the day, we don't have a beacon of sanity. It'd be nice to have just one.

Alarmist, I read Miss Coulter's column early this morning. (Of course!) The non-working radio was just the part of it - the whole camera network?? I mean, I'm kinda glad to see that, but man - yeah, she did a great job in explaining about all the money being spent on diversity programs instead. Ann Coulter's not perfect, but her columns are usually right on the money.

Mr. Ganderson, the LOCKDOWN pain seems localized. Why is that? Are there really lots more "cases" (not necessarily with any particular bad health problems to go with them) in those east coast places, or is it personal? I'm glad your son has it good in Chengdu. Too bad about Philly.

The mask mandates for airports and airliners have been extended by the TSA for 2 more weeks, a perfect timetable for FLATTENING THE CURVE! (We'll get it right this time.)
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 14th 2022 12:54PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator,

You presume correctly. So...

I put "dog farts" into google translate and got 狗屁 (Gǒupì).
But when I put 狗屁 into the translator it comes back as shit.
狗屁 (Gǒupì),拉屎 (Lā shǐ),狗屎 (Gǒu shǐ), and 屎 (shǐ) all translate the same.

艰难的屎 (Jiānnán de shǐ)
艰难的狗屁 (Jiānnán de gǒupì)

Both translate, but they may make no sense to someone who knows proper chinese.(?)

艰难的屎 (Jiānnán de shǐ) and 艰难的狗屁 (Jiānnán de gǒupì) seem to be a more appropriate than 硬狗屎 (Yìng gǒu shǐ).

Thursday - April 14th 2022 12:01PM MST
PS: Sorry, all, for the lack of replies on this and the subsequent post. I got pretty busy. Dieter, I had a thought about your comparison with Russia (the Gulags) - I was about to say that China doesn't have the millions of square miles of cold-assed near-tundra (Taiga?), but then Manchuria can get pretty damned cold (I've been there doing winter skiing, of all things). Come to think of it, that's where the people were sent to work on the pig farms, up in Manchuria, during that 50 year-ago (45 to 55) Cultural Revolution.

Maybe the people are not as brutal to each other, Dieter?
Thursday - April 14th 2022 11:49AM MST
PS: My apologies for the brain fart (to Adam Smith, I presume) in not getting the Chinese right away. I'd already forgotten my "action item" and what I'd wrote, so I pasted this into a supposed translator program and got "hard" but not the rest of the literal translation. Doh!

Thanks. I'll find out a good expression that won't be literal, of course. One thing they say for "bullshit" is "go pei", meaning "dog farts.
Thursday - April 14th 2022 10:48AM MST
PS My son in Chengdu reports that his life is normal.

On another front, Philadelphia has reinstituted its indoor mask mandate.
Thursday - April 14th 2022 8:46AM MST
PS It's kind of disheartening to see that the rest of the world is just as insane as the US. Even more so, in some really sick ways.

The US's saving grace is that the State just doesn't occupy such a large mental space in Americans' heads. Another saving grace is we still have a pretty healthy right-side IQ distribution. China looks like 10,000 years of the Total State. That's why I get furious when I see shitlibs' spouting about "fascists." Jesus Pete, Americans couldn't be fascist if they wanted to be.

BTW, that quarantine camp ain't preventing jack, as we say here in the US.
The Alarmist
Thursday - April 14th 2022 6:00AM MST

This from the fabulous Miss Ann Coulter ...

“Another confidence-inspiring development: The New York Times reports that immediately after the shooting, “Toward the front of the train, three victims were being attended to by bystanders. A uniformed police officer approached, asking passengers to call 911 because his radio was not working.” (Emphasis added.)

The officer’s radio didn’t work. But on the plus side, he’s been through six diversity training sessions.”

She forgot to mention that the officer was almost certainly vaxxed ... for the public’s protection.
The Alarmist
Thursday - April 14th 2022 5:46AM MST

不好 !

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - April 13th 2022 11:54PM MST
There are so many people, whenever something's up in China. But they know how to handle that. So.
Everybody seems to have a cell phone inside this sterilisatin camps. That might expalin a lot. - And there is a big difference between the Gulag and these camps, I agree. The chines attempt a rude disciplinizationof large groups of people lacks the Russian - not least physical - roughness/ crudeness.

"I thought we were all over that" (that = Covid lives on door knobs etc.) - all means an awful ot here. The early twentieth century Marxists made a usful observation. Namely how fundamentally different societies can be, even though they exist at the same time. They called that Ungleichzeitigkeit, meaning: Same time does not equal same habits, same ideas, same convictions, same practices... = Same same but: different...
Plan Accordingly
Wednesday - April 13th 2022 10:14PM MST
PS The CPUSA or democrats already put out memos and email about the return of the COV-LARP.
Too many maskaloids remain to not take advantage and burn it all down better.
There are still some stores and shops with the no entry without mask horseshit, even the dope dispensaries in CPUSA strongholds have this policy but not the liquor stores.
Co-president comrade Fauci will be back and just saw a dank artwork at UNZ featuring him as Hellraiser!
Wednesday - April 13th 2022 9:54PM MST
PS: 慢慢来先生。主持人... 不急.
Wednesday - April 13th 2022 9:44PM MST
PS: Agreed, Alarmist.

硬狗屎, I will have to get back to you on that.
Wednesday - April 13th 2022 6:49PM MST
PS: 硬狗屎
The Alarmist
Wednesday - April 13th 2022 5:31PM MST

There’s your modern day equivalent of an Orwellian boot stamping on your face forever.

Orwell had a good imagination, but real life has done a great job or surpassing the artist’s imagination.
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