Can't even watch Seinfeld anymore

Posted On: Thursday - March 9th 2017 7:38PM MST
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Seinfeld in PeakStupidity's opinion is the 2nd most funny show that ever was on TV*. Granted I don't watch anything off the air or cable nowadays, so if there were a show from the last decade that were funnier, perhaps I could be convinced. The 5 minute compilation embedded in this old post was a demonstration of the political incorrectness of that show, which was part of it's charm. Other clips have been inserted into posts here, and they'll be more to come; hopefully I can find clips to fit in with the posts.

Though I've seen all episodes, many of them up probably 5-10 times over the years, I still like to relax and enjoy this show when I'm on the road at a motel, and it happens to come on TBS in the evening. It's just very familiar, and beats any of the new crap that I've seen flipping through the 50-100 channels once in a month or two when I can't find anything on, on the internet ;-} and am really bored.

It's gotten hard to watch lately due to the commercials. Yes, the commercials. Of course I'll mute the volume, then look at the TV part of the time to see when the show is back on - yeah, I'm not worried about missing something (as I said, 5-10 times!). That worked fine some years back. Now the commercials, even without any sound are so stupidly politically correct and agenda-pushing that it bothers me to even see this crap. Each commercial has an interracial couple like this is mandated. There can never be a group of even 3 white guys doing whatever they've gotta do to sell whatever kind of crap is possibly being advertised. Of course the white guy is always the moron who has something to learn from the others about this new product or service. I don't mind a few like this, but it's bothered me that it is every damn one of the commercials. These commercials really clash with the show, and demonstrate how far through the U-bend of the toilet the media have gone with this PC.

I try to think back on what commercials came on during the early to late 1990's when the Seinfeld show was on regular TV once a week. I guess I could pull some up on youtube, but I know they wouldn't have pissed me off like they do now. I guess the TBS network don't really care who they turn off, and it's not like I'm a big viewer - I'm guessing I wouldn't buy anything they'd advertise even with a decent commercial.

This explains why people get Netflix, Hulu, Roku, and all that to just get the content they want without the PC crap inserted. Me, I'll just leave the TV off that much longer, which is going to bring it right to 100 % of the time.

* # 1 is The Office.

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