Chinese Covid-testing Craziness - quarantining babies and the testing video

Posted On: Wednesday - April 6th 2022 7:11AM MST
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Quarantining babies in Shanghai

Not all in China is as it appears to us outside the Middle Kingdom. We've been wondering why the Chinese are re-freaking out over their latest increase in cases of the Kung Flu. Firstly, it's not like they are large numbers, and more importantly, this is not the variant that people said was killing so many people 2 years ago. (Again, we still don't know about that either - we think it's tough getting accurate information here - that place is worse!) We'll speculate some more in another post. The first bit of speculation has more to do with Chinese national politics than any worry about a contagious disease.

There's a 95 y/o Chinaman named Jiang Zemin. One of the "3rd Generation" of modern Chinese leaders, Mr. Jiang was directed by Deng Xiaoping in the early 1990s to help open up the country economically (i.e., scrap the Communism) and was General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for 15 years and President of China for 10 (concurrently). The office of Secretary is not what you might imagine based on your time served in the Home Owners Association. You don't just take minutes and send emails. This guy was, and still is, a BIG SHOT in Chinese politics.

Current CC Party Chairman and Pres-for-Life Winnie the po [Stricken due to political concerns - PS PR department] Xi Jinping does not like Mr. Jiang. They never do. Nobody likes to share Absolute Authority. My China source says that this still-ongoing political struggle explains why the newest Covid PanicFest in China has Shanghai in the spotlight, getting the largest amount of LOCKDOWN LUV. It makes sense. It's not all about the safety of the Chinese people. Hey, it never was here either, that's for sure, but at least the politics at the lower (politician) level were out in the open.

Something tells me they won't be testing the cats in Peking. You could probably let your kitty roam all around with no worries, well, the good areas at least, where the people are used to pork and beef.

The testing of anything and everything is just stupid. Worse is the quarantining of babies that has been going on. The story going around is that, with dozens or hundreds of babies left together without their parents, one of the little ones was not treated for some illness, not treated properly, and died there. I don't know if that's true, but I can tell you that putting dozens or hundreds of babies together to "quarantine them" has got me thinking again, Stupidity does not stop at the California coastline.

Speaking of that previous post, I didn't know how to put that video from Telegram up here. Commenter Adam Smith helpfully told us he could put it on his youtube channel. That would have sufficed, but while messing with this mp4 video file, I learned I could host it too and embed it.

This is an experiment, as this 2 minute video is ~15 MBytes in size. I am not sure it'll be OK to use all that "bandwidth"*, and that depends on whether all the data is sent up just loading up of the PS page. (I think not. It ought to download what it needs in a streaming fashion.) If this way caused problems, I'll go for the youtube channel.

I also did not figure out how to start the player at a certain time into the clip - you may want to skip to 1 minute in. Also, I can't translate any of it.

NOTE: It's not my fault that people keep holding their phones vertically when they take video! These are high-IQ individuals over there, I'm told.

* GoDaddy uses the term "bandwidth" totally wrong. It does have a real meaning, but they use it to mean the accumulated total of bits transferred. No!

Dieter Kief
Sunday - April 10th 2022 9:45AM MST
Oh, Adam. a riliable source thanks.

If only there'd be no soul. The soul ist the problem!

Their droned*** message is spot on.

*** is in my list of no-googlable words (=words google doesn't know - to drone something: To deliver s. th. (=a message too) via a (unmanned) flying object.

German verb: Etwas dohnen. - Not googleable too, hehe. A PS first!
Adam Smith
Saturday - April 9th 2022 3:17PM MST
PS: Good evening, Dieter,

“Please comply with covid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing.”

Good to hear that the German vaxx mandate failed.

I agree with Mr. Alarmist, Lindt and Lindor are excellent.

Dieter Kief
Saturday - April 9th 2022 2:52PM MST
Screams at night from appartment windows in Shanghai after one week of strikt lockdown:


Thursday - April 7th 2022 6:46PM MST
PS: Dieter, on Ron Unz. What a character! I don't say that in a bad way. I appreciate it that he keeps that great platform there for controversial views and free speech. Yeah, the wisdom thing .. good point. I mean, he wants to dig down into all kinds of BS the American government has pulled (not all of which I think he's correct on), but then for the Covid Totalitarianism that was implemented RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, nah, he doesn't even bat an eye.

He didn't write back to my few comments on that (one in reply to him). I really wonder if he's embarrassed by what's going on in China - not a word about that out of him.

TEPoSPECTRE, I sure hope not. I don't think the people in this country will stand for it, but they've let me down before.
Thursday - April 7th 2022 6:40PM MST
PS: OK, Adam, that getting a channel sounds pretty painless (and not giving of any info, that is, if one can get that gmail/google account now without needed a cell number, etc... I try to think of ways fo remain anonymous, even though it can be a lost cause.

I'm really glad to hear about the vax mandate effort failing in Deutschland, Mr. Kief. We have ALDI's all around, and it's where we used to get 90% of our groceries. Their produce (fruits especially) are often not nearly as good as the nearby fancier store, so I got my wife to understand that you've got to get the decent stuff (we are doing OK, at the least), and maybe 50% is spent there now. I do like ALDI's business model in terms of efficiency. Get the customers to do about everything but collect the money.

On the chocolates, it's probably not the primo stuff, but I used to get those Toblerone prismatic-shaped bars long ago. I hope they still have them. For about a week in Ireland, I lived off of bread, cheddar cheese, Cadbury bars and Guinness. (My system could handle it back then just fine.)
Thursday - April 7th 2022 12:44PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, if you would kindly paste the following characters into your description (or maybe title) of you newest video on your CoronaPanic channel. we can see if some Chinese people will view after searching in Chinese. Right now, you're at 6 views, pretty respectable compared to 2016 Peak Stupidity.


My source is very reliable - I asked for "Shanghai Covid testing of chickens and cats." Granted some of the folks searching may have been looking for a cooking channel...
Dieter Kief
Thursday - April 7th 2022 7:50AM MST

Thanks Alarmist - to share joy means to (at least) double it - which is nice! - Btw. - the joy-economy follows thus fundamentally different rules than the physical world economy, heheh.

As Bill Gates famously remarked in Munich: Omicron IS the perfect vaccine against Covid. Full stop!

Blogger eugyppius has a short 'n'dense piece about the German decision:

It would not have happend without the mildly right wing (pretty much pro social state...) AfD.

But even the radically Social State oriented German party Die Linke - finally left the sinking mandated Covid-vaccination boat - as did most of the CDU ansd some Liberals party members too. - Just in time... Call Gregor Gysi a leftist slimebag or whatever you wanna call him (not least for cooperating with the Stasi quite intimately back in the East Berlin days...) - but he did get what's up and what counts here - and clledvaccine-mandates a folly in a widely seen talk-show - - - last night...
The Alarmist
Thursday - April 7th 2022 5:52AM MST

Good news that Deutschland is not ready to force medical experimentation on its people.

BTW, the funeral biz in Germany is not as investible as that of the USA, but the insurers are, which is onereason I pay attention to mortality rates and claims there.

As for chocolate, I don’t think for a moment that Aldi’s is great chocolate, but the discussion started at Aldi. Nevertheless, I like their 85%, but the stuff I pick up in Bruges or Bruxelles is some of the finest. Lindt and Lindor sind auch ausgezeichnet.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - April 7th 2022 5:06AM MST

I hate to disappoint all the Covid-doomsayers (and undertaker-shareholders around here too...) - but the Covid-vaccine-mandate just failed at the German Bundestag - and quite clearly so!

Real nice that - and a real relief!
Dieter Kief
Thursday - April 7th 2022 3:36AM MST
PS Alarmist - chocolate - I recommend Lindt either 70% or 85 % cacao (there are two variants: mild and strong - I prefer the 70% strong and 85 % mild version).

To get even better chocolate, you have to dive into the custom made varieties in Frutigen (Café National***** -great) , Sankt Gallen and Lucerne. - Straßbourg is a way to go here to. 

**** google Frutigen-National - a dream.

I still hope that the German Bundestag will not vote for a national vaccine mandate. - We'll soon see!

My inquiries of the Peak Stupidity roots lead me to this quite famous Susan Sontag quote:

"The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself. What the Mongol hordes threaten is far less frightening than the damage that western ‘Faustian’ man, with his idealism, his magnificent art, his sense of intellectual adventure, his world-devouring energies for conquest, has already done, and further threatens to do."

Theodore Dalrymple commented this quite concise piece of drugged up fear-mongering thusly:

"The question with assertions of this nature is whether they can ever correspond to any genuine feeling, or are but the manifestation of a straining after feeling. To me they have the authentic ring of humbug, which is the besetting sin of our age (which is not to say that it has existed or been prevalent in no other).

I mean: Authentic Ring of Humbug = besetting sin of our age sounds a lot like Peak stupidity territory, doesn't it, Mod.?

Sigh - it all hangs together: War, progress, stupidity, the idea of self-eradication of mankind and the idea to sacrifice whitey in order to calm the the ultimate beastly horrors of the Barbarians at the Gates and Atomic War down t the same time - and thus make 'em go away...a form of magic thinking on the brink of - a regressive cultist public spehere, if that rings a bell, Mr. Hail...

And one more thing: Susan Sontag has a back-door open, so to speak, because there is this little idea that - the Jews are
- not exactly (=not quite....) white. What might in the end safe them from being sacrificed to the third world hordes  - Hordes at the Gates of Civilization. She even employs the illness as a Bad Moon Risin' metaphor she crucifies in a slightly different context .. =  A Jungian Existential Shadow, a Mythical Curse, that hangs above us all - on a thin string - - - - - - rather thin string... at taht point she has definitely crossed the line from rational reasoning to mythical fear-production (with Angst as the traditional and all too well approved work-horse in the coal-mines of the zeitgeist...

So - seen from the Stupidity perspective The more things change (see covid, se ukraine...) - the ore they stay the same. The Angst-pattern is what is the well established perpetuum monile of our modern earthly ways.

To end on a more optimistic - if Blue, heheh, Note: We went to see Julian Lage in the Jazzclub Singen yesterday. - 94 % of the listeners (most of them lefties) - without mask. What a relief! - This can go on like that!

google: Julian Lage - "Persian Rug" (Live In Los Angeles) - Bing video - he is a master guitarist.
The Alarmist
Thursday - April 7th 2022 1:31AM MST

re paywalls, try

re Aldi, I went to one in Florida and bought a number of things that had labels similar to those in Germany. The Moser & Roth(?) chocolate, which is pretty good in Europe, was a huge disappointment ... almost like they took Hershey’s (which is pretty bad chocolate) and re-labeled it. Prices are going up in Europe, but I’ve stocked up the past few months, so I won’t feel the pain for a few weeks. I’ve got to lay in a few cases of vodka and cigarettes to welcome the Red Army that the MSM assure us will be coming to liberate us in the coming weeks. I’ve been alarmed for several years about how quickly prices in the US had gone up. If anything, Europe is catching up, but I can only imagine how bad it will get in the US.

Grand Saint Bernard tunnel is where I was confronted with a Swiss border guard who was perplexed at the thought of an American driving a car registered to a major European bank crossing from Italy and speaking to him in French. Sailing seems almost pedestrian.

COVID was never about health or safety ... it is an ongoing exercise in control and political suppression. Germany, which is supposed to be run by capable, science-respecting public officials still insists on making vaxxes mandatory, despite mountains if evidence that the vaxxes do not prevent transmission, do not in many cases prevent hospitalisations or death, and, despite Mr. Kief’s casual observations, have been shown to cause tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries in the EU. What happened to the Vorstannds Vorsitzender (essentially CEO) of BKK Pro Vita when he pointed out in a letter to the Paul Ehrlich Institute the huge number of vaxx injury claims they had to cover, and suggested the vaxx injury numbers in Germany were likely in the millions rather than hundreds of thousands? He was summarily dismissed by the Board within days, something unheard of in Germany. The governments and media are keeping a tight lid on vaxx issues. If they trumpet that someone took 90 jabs and is doing just fine, it is most likely disinformation.

Adam Smith
Thursday - April 7th 2022 12:30AM MST
PS: Another spin around the sun...

"I didn't have any luck with the stop button, but that's probably browser dependent."

Yeah, likely and probably... Browser and/or OS dependent.

I've had good luck on this computer...
Refresh, wait like a second, hit stop...
(Refresh, hit stop...)(you'll get the feel)(if possible)

But I could not get it to work on my wife's computer for the life of me...
(newer machine, newer operating system)(just didn't work)

Maybe try another browser, or a different cadence on your start/stop clickage...

(Click stop sometime after the page has loaded, but before the paywall comes up...)

Or just ask me. I'll cut/copy/paste the articles for you...

I'm pretty good at it. 🙂

Adam Smith
Thursday - April 7th 2022 12:14AM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,
And good evening Mr. Moderator,

"I'm amazed he had the time and spent the trouble, among his "busy software work"."

Me too. Maybe he hires out some of this sort of "work".(?)
Not sure why he'd care if I shared a washington post article from 5(ish) years ago.

“I remembered from a friend that it was a bit of trouble, and required giving youtube some significant info. to get a channel on there. Is that not the case, Adam?”

Maybe that used to be the case, but...
All I did was open a new gmail/google account, and went to youtube and started uploading...

Seriously, I gave them no info.
Username and Password. That's it.
(I'd imagine they have my ip on file. Could have/Should have used a proxy/vpn.)(But I didn't.)(Too lazy)

Setup this "youtube" account on March 3, 2022...
So I could share this on PS...

New account. No info. No problem...

“Anyway, I hope you get a decent amount of views”

I posted "Dancing Happy" (98 views)

and "Haters Be Like" (85 views)

Last night. For a video link in an unz comment...
I now have four videos on my youtube channel.

Don't know what else to say...

'cept, I hope you all have a wonderful evening, and an even better tomorrow...

Thwart Evil Plans of SPECTRE
Wednesday - April 6th 2022 10:59PM MST
PS Is it the XE variant I'm sure comrade XI is happy about that.
The COV-LARP will return to Americastan in time for the midterms and the drooling dullards will lap it up.
Look for Karens of both sexes to be out making sure that you are safe.
The when will the government fix this...there ought to be a law crowd is why we are in this hand basket heading south at Mach speed.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - April 6th 2022 5:41PM MST
PSGerman health minister Professor Lauterbach (with a PhD from Harvard in social medicine...) said yesterday, he'd try to achieve high death numbers with his new law about vaccination.I hear the angels whisper, that Dr. Freud was not amused, when he heard that. - "Man", he quoted the bard Bob from Minnesota, "this is a dream no more, its the real thing!"Meanwhile, the quite busy German conspiracy theorists try to come to grips with the man in Saxonia, who took ninty or so vaccines and sold the papers to people who wanted to prove that they had been vaccinated without getting the jab.Would their claims be true, that the vaccines are as deadly as a machine gun round, this man would be 90 times more dead than necessary to actually - die.But he is alive 'n' kickin'. - Big problem! - One of the many solutions I came across today: The idea, that this man is a straw man from the deep state who never received a single shot. The purpose of this comedy - still according to the vaccine-conspiracy-folks: To make poeple believe that you could take the vaccine many times over - and still be not dead. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I hardly buy something at ALDI, Mod, so: I can't really answer your question other than saying that - of course: Food prices go up.Italian ice cream is now 1,80 in some cities for 1 ball in 1 cone - that's thirty six times more than what I paid as a kid in the sixties. - This shows me that I'm getting old. About mounting tupidity I wrote something a few posts back - under the 21st Century Man post of yours - I'll post it once again:Btw. - I came across a Horaz-quote in Johann Gottfried Seume's classic example of travel-writing "A Stroll to Syracuse in the Year 1802" this morning, that speaks of men trying to come to grips with plagues not least but also with progress of all kinds (like sailing to distant coasts, Alarmist!) and which result altogether in: Sky High STUPIDITY!
 - Subject for further investigations.Btw. II - Seume touches on all of that "ever so lightly" (Taki Theoderacopoulos) while approaching the Grand Saint Bernard pass in the Alps, walking up there in a tough two days march in a first rainy and foggy, then snowy and stormy early June - while - in a perfectly clear inner monologue - defending a rather nerdy (!) Russian General whom he happened to meet and make friends with on his way. He defends the Russian military not least by comparing the misdeeds everybody is bringing up against this Russian man of war - by comparing them, as I said,  - - - to the misdeeds of the English.Seume argues that the Russian misdeeds look harsher than they are not least because the English are much better at making people believe in their version of the big stories the social world IS (=consists of) for us story-dependent (!) humans.
Pages 334 - 338 in my quite good (and cheap) east German edition of Seume's fabulous Stroll to Syracuse.

Apropos classic stupidity I

: Ron Unz is a very nice chap; but exactly wise he ain't...

Apropos classic stupidity II

Btw. - Lance Welton's  VDare article about Edward Dutton's analysis of the symbiosis of Christianity and autists is quite something. I linked that article below somewhere - maybe under April Fool's Day - that would now look like a perfect choice... -I'll link it here again, because as I said: It is quite interesting...
Wednesday - April 6th 2022 4:58PM MST
PS: Thanks for letting me know about the video, Adam. About your comment, I never saw the full thing with the [MORE] tag. I think your explanation is correct, but I'm amazed he had the time and spent the trouble, among his "busy software work". (OK seriously, the guy IS a busy man - I'm amazed he catches certain comments.)

LUV the "CoronaPanic 2022" channel! Were this 1980 with my choices of ABC, CBS, NBC, ETV with quite a bit of snow, and Adam Smith's CoronaPanic channel, I know where my dial would be set! I remembered from a friend that it was a bit of trouble, and required giving youtube some significant info. to get a channel on there. Is that not the case, Adam?

Anyway, I hope you get a decent amount of views, Too bad I don't know any Chinese to paste you in some characters to optimize a search by the Chinese contingent*. I may be able to help on that tomorrow.

I didn't have any luck with the stop button, but that's probably browser dependent.

* Not Chinese people in China, mind you, as, as far as I know, youtube has been blocked for a long time over there. It was in '17 already for sure.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - April 6th 2022 11:49AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Kief, Mr. Moderator...

Why can't I find a picture of Klaus Schwab smiling?

Mr. Mod, I just wanted to let you know that your video works in all three browsers that I tried.
(Sorry if I used up your "bandwidth".)

Just for fun I decided to do a little cropping on your video.

Interestingly, your 15.8mb video became a 37.7mb after my edit and export, and then youtube shrunk it down to 8.4mb after I uploaded it.

Hmmm... Whatever.

I also wanted to let you know that Ron Unz axed my reply to you last night about the washington post cat story. (I think he didn't like me telling you how to work around the paywall or that I posted the story in full after the more tag.)

I've found that I can read stories on the washington post website by hitting the stop button before the paywall popup appears on the screen. (Sometimes I have to do it twice if I miss on the first try.) I can post the story for you, if you're interested, but it's really pretty heartbreaking.

I hope you gentlemen have a great day.

Wednesday - April 6th 2022 9:53AM MST
PS: Dieter, we haven't been to the local (German-owned) ALDI supermarket - my wife was going to go 2 days ago - have you seen those huge price increases promised?

Oh, yeah, about the babies, I was thinking of that, the old 1-child policy, but in cities like Shanghai, specifically, it's about the opposite now. They encourage baby-making (well the making is no sweat ....) There's lots of geographic elitist discriminations in China ("rah rah, Shanghai! You people in Fuzhou are dirty low-down scumbags" etc.), so they want more people to keep their city filled. Personally, I don't like the crowded hell-holes - even the nice tall apartments, such as those in that video - the location of the videographer was similar, I'd guess - are hell-holes to me. Do Western people just like more space, as a genetic thing? The Chinese seem to like to live together, even out in the country.
Wednesday - April 6th 2022 9:47AM MST
PS: I just read your link, Dieter. Indeed the milder effects seen in the Orient kind of blow Ron Unz's fixation out of the water. I really mean FIXATION, as the guy has ignored everything else about the whole panic, spending time try to find additional circumstantial evidence for "The Americans did it!"

Now, how China compares in actual deaths from the Covid-19 vs. America is no easy matter to figure, because the Chinese can hide lots of things among 1.4 Billion people, and this excess death count that is for some the be-all-to-end-all number, is not the simple figure Steve Sailer and others believe it is. (Thank you very much for linking to our 3 posts here on that, BTW.)

Either way, this time around in China, you do wonder what they are so freaked out about. I maintain that it's partly, and maybe a great deal, due to that whole face-saving thing that they are big on. Xi had shown the world how to DEFEAT this thing, and that Totalitarianism works! (Note Ron Unz, perfectly OK, and in admiration of all that China did, geeeze, what a tool he can be sometimes...) The Chinese big shots don't want to be shown that this virus is gonna virus, as they say. Then there are the politics I wrote a bit about, coming straight from a China-woman. The people themselves are small potatoes when it comes to big politics. "No groceries for 2 weeks, you say? Not my area of expertise."

From Eugyppius via your link: "So you believe the West is stupid, and China is stupid, you just believe everyone is stupid but you I guess?" Not everybody, but in large organizations, stupidity is the default. Think about WWII, with the Americans under Patton marching across France and Germany - there are so many stories of bureaucratic stupidity in war, it was even a running theme of the left-wing TV show/movie M*A*S*H, along with Heller's "Catch-22". American came through via superior economic might that overcame even that. I've been in organizations of all sizes. The bigger, the stupider.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - April 6th 2022 8:57AM MST
Well - you don't get that, Yankee-Mod. Babies are more prescious in China than they are for you long-noses! Hehe.

Sarkasm off: Zero Covid does drive you nuts. A vicious circle. Because you have to be nuts already to buy the concept of Zero Covid! - But it works just fine nonetheless.
Base line here: The fool is consequent but needs no perfect theory to achieve his goal. Any theory will do, no matter hwo big the holes in it are, as soon as people are on fool's path.

See here, for more in that vein by science-blogger eugyppius, an American in Germany or some such:

This is a hard blow at the consiracy theorists too, because it might not be that easy to see Klaus schwab behind the Chinese Covid-craze.

(But he does have funny eyes, Klaus Schwab - if you look carefuly: Might well be a Chinese bot Dr. Klaus - a Yellow homunculus - - - quite easily - - - - hm, hmm.... (Ha-ha...heheheh).

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