Alex Stein 99 - Prayers for the Ukraine + Tranny Sports

Posted On: Saturday - April 2nd 2022 8:52AM MST
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A guy with the handle Romanian embedded the video below in his comment in a Steve Sailer thread a couple of weeks ago. This guy named Alex Stein #99 appeared in front of a Plano, Texas (huge suburb of Dallas) city council meeting doing this hilarious rap about Russia, The Ukraine, and more.

I would have bet money that "Alex Stein #99" was a DJ on the FM dial, but I'd have lost, showing how far behind the times I am. He is a youtuber, part-time TV actor, and a Social Media presence. That's what you've got to be to be in the limelight these days. Well, also he's a car dealer - I could have guessed that one.

Maybe it's like watching one of those "reaction" videos, but I about fell in love with that girl with the red skirt in the background (2nd half of the clip) who has such a great smile as she tries not to crack up laughing. At one point, I thought the council members were passing around a tip cup, but then one councilwoman drank out of it - coffee I guess ...

I can't tell for sure what his point actually is on the Ukraine issue, but it takes people like Alex Stein #99 going viral to get people's attention these days. This point is more pertinent to another video* this guy just made, not nearly as funny, but more important.

Mr. Stein #99 came into a different Plano City Council meeting with a one-piece and swimming cap, trolling to illustrated the latest and most extreme gender-bender stupidity. (PS discussed it here.)

I suppose Mr. Stein's two appearances in front of the Plano, Texas City Council could be considered inappropriate and wastes of their time. Regarding the latter especially, though, it takes these kinds of trolling jobs getting viral attention, and a flamboyant guy like Alex Stein #99 to get people moving nowadays. People are usually too cowardly to take any stand against the stupidity nowadays.

Would the council have taken any action on this recent genderbender stupidity if Mr. Stein hadn't appeared on Tucker Carlson. Maybe they still won't, but, hey, at least the stupidity will go down for the record in the Plano, Texas City Council minutes. Archaeologists should be able to dig those up from under the ruins.

* I found it here on the Citizen Free Press site, and then I found a comment with the exact same thought Peak Stupidity presented, and I swear I just thought about it, and didn't get it from Mr. Kevin Thomas (though the time stamp is about 2 hours earlier than my blog post):
What’s next? Maybe male-owned businesses applying for special set aside loans for women’s businesses – yeah I know that should be illegal but it does exist (or at least it did at one time) and why not take advantage of it.

Always Uncivil Always
Sunday - April 3rd 2022 4:35PM MST
PS Putting up my COV-LARP decorations and lighting a blue and yellow votive candle for the 51st state Ukraine.
The recruiting office is open but who is joining up to fight for the gay money laundering disco and the Pied Piper the Z grade actor Zelensky?
Sunday - April 3rd 2022 4:26PM MST
PS: The legs WERE a factor of course, SafeNow. Thanks for that Seekers video. I put their "Georgie Girl" up on one post long ago - it was out in front of a huge outdoor live audience somewhere down under.
Sunday - April 3rd 2022 11:03AM MST

The smile would not have caught my (or the moderator’s?) attention if it were not for the fact that her legs caught my attention first. As long as I am pleading guilty, here, in a similar vein, is Judith of The Seekers hanging on to her skirt for dear life, during a sweeter time:
Adam Smith
Sunday - April 3rd 2022 7:40AM MST
PS: I like your optimism, Mr. Moderator. ☮
Saturday - April 2nd 2022 3:11PM MST
PS: Yep, Adam, Canadians may say that have a Constitution, but if you can make anything a Human Rights Violation, then, no, you don't have one.

If that stuff was struck down in California even, then there is hope for us types who throw pronouns around like it's SchoolHouse Rock. Maybe California has already passed Peak Stupidity? (I'll check the server logs.)
Saturday - April 2nd 2022 3:08PM MST
PS: 🤡 🌎. Yep, and I guess it takes a clown to fix it too. (Like this guy - he's a lot of fun I'm sure.)
Adam Smith
Saturday - April 2nd 2022 2:29PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Blanc, Mr. Moderator, fellow peakers...

Imagine a group of people so self-absorbed, so thinned-skinned that even the most incredibly mild criticism makes them suicidal. Imagine a group so insane that the rest of society has to walk on eggshells around them and give them preferential treatment, for everything, to the point of denying basic empirical reality.

I'm talking about the alphabet people...

Some folx want to make "misgendering" a "hate crime"...

Like it is in Canada...

🤡 🌎 indeed...

Fortunately, for now, Americans cannot be compelled to play pronoun games...


Saturday - April 2nd 2022 1:28PM MST
PS Clown World.
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