Ann Coulter strikes out!

Posted On: Thursday - March 31st 2022 7:32PM MST
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"Holy, cow!!" Peak Stupidity has praised the well-known pundit Ann Coulter many a time for her Conservative AND Libertarian views. Our estimate has been that she bats somewhere in the 990s, which is unprecedented in both the realms of both Punditry and Baseball. (Only Peak Stupidity comes close .. uh, no, not in Baseball.).

We gave Miss Coulter a .980 in our post Ann Coulter with T , err, Q & A on the Panic-Fest. Well, with a weekly column, she's gonna need to keep her eye on the ball for the whole rest of the (campaign?) season, because the outlook wasn't brilliant for Ann's column yesterday. Pro-Crime Party Nominates A Justice was one of Ann's worst at-bats in her career, or at least since she's been playing the position of Peak Stupidity # TV pundit.

It's really just one portion of the column, but I don't have so much good to say about the rest of it, either. Ann Coulter is not the only one doing it, but this use of leniency for child pornographers is really not the weapon I'd use to try to bash on this [insert weird-ass ghetto name] Brown Jackson, Bai Dien SCROTUS nominee, with. I don't keep up, mind you, as this thing is a done deal anyway. The President had promised Congracist James Clyburn that it'd be a black woman, so a black woman it will be, once we figure for sure what that is, of course. "I'll know it, when I see it?" - speaking of pornography.

Here's the strike out:
In her favor, KBJ is at least a Generational African American (GAA), i.e., Descendant of American Slaves (DOAS)—unlike Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Joy Ann Reid and approximately 90% of the “African Americans” in Harvard’s entering class this year, according to the Harvard Crimson.

Perhaps, there’s hope that, someday, the high court will acknowledge that affirmative action is intended to make up for the legacy of slavery and should be available exclusively to GAAs, as opposed to what it is now, which is affirmative action, set-asides, “plus” factors, and do-nothing diversity jobs for everyone except white Americans.
As the man said, "Holy Cow!!" Man, that US Feral Government was throwing some smoke!

Now, it's not like I didn't know that Ann Coulter had this small piece of stupidity still ingrained in her, support for the Affirmative Action ball*. We have a couple of dozen posts here on Ann Coulter (all can be found with the Pundits topic key). A number of them mention this weak spot of hers. I don't have time to fully argue with this crap, but I'll pitch 4 of them:

1) There's evidence all around us, from the continent level, country level, and city level that black dysfunction has been around a long time, and is slavery and white people independent. Hell, Ann Coulter KNOWS THIS. We praised her recently in Part 1 and Part 2 of Ann Coulter - keeping it real for her realist views on race.

Being a descendant of slaves is a stupid, lame-ass excuse for needing discrimination against White people. Now, if you were indeed a slave, or a slave owner, for that matter, YOURSELF, Peak Stupidity's reparations plan has got you covered. (Here's a song to go with it.)

2) AA is unConstitutional as all hell. Seeing as Ann Coulter's column was about a SCROTUS nominee, how'd she miss this one?

3) With all her concern for White people, how could Ann Coulter not see the unfairness of White Men (men, especially) being screwed out of better careers and better pay for the last half century, as dictated by the Feral Government? Is it because there's no AA in her career of Punditry?

4) Miss Coulter is a Libertarian, as I wrote. Even if there was some penumbra there, to be seen by holding the Constitution under the right light source ALLOWING AA somehow, any Libertarian worth his salt would be against it. Talk about government interfering in the markets!

Well, you only need 3 strikes to strike out, but #3 was a foul ball. Ann had another bad swing, hit the ball though, but sliced it, keeping her point out of fair territory. Wish I'd gone to the game with my glove and snagged that one. I could have gone down to the dugout after that strike out and gotten Ann to sign her name above my "Welcome to Mudville!"

Oh, somewhere in this favored land
the sun is shining bright.
The band is playing somewhere,
and somewhere hearts are light.
And somewhere men are laughing,
and somewhere children shout.
But there is no joy in Peakville.
Mighty Coulter has struck out.

Yeah, I'm no Steve Sailer, but I do kinda like the national pastime.

* Like a change-up, but it's race-dependent.

Friday - April 1st 2022 7:13PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, Thanks for the info. Perhaps no-one around here uses them. They are very handy for protecting small bowls of left-overs --- either for the dog, or for snacks.
Adam Smith
Friday - April 1st 2022 3:42PM MST
PS: Good evening, Robert,

Just got back from the store and I am happy to report that walmart did indeed have these in stock...

A little hard to find amongst all the zipper bags, but they were there.

Adam Smith
Friday - April 1st 2022 2:12PM MST
PS: Hello, Robert,

I haven't seen any fold top bags in years. (Haven't looked for them.) (We use zipper bags for storing meat in the freezer, marinating, storing bread and crackers and other such things.)

I'll see if they have them next time I go to the store.

Friday - April 1st 2022 1:46PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, Both the local, and the semi-local Walmarts do list them as being in aisle no. whatever, but they are not there.
Clown Shoes Point South
Friday - April 1st 2022 1:01PM MST
PS Did she really go out with Jimmy "Dyno-Mite" Walker?
The United States of South Africa won't end well but at least we'll all be equal.

‘Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal .’

Friedrich Nietzsche

Adam Smith
Friday - April 1st 2022 10:40AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Robert,

Fold top sandwich bags...

Friday - April 1st 2022 10:35AM MST
PS: Robert, I never liked those top-fold ones once the zip-locks came along. I have some, but I haven't noticed at the store. I'll try to keep a mental reminder to check next time I'm at Target (always good to stock up on ANYTHING with a good shelf-life now, the way inflation is).

One thing I've noticed over the last 10 years is this: When you see something you like has been gone, you don't see it in ANY store. It seems like whatever source(s) in Chinas have been making them change over to something else, and you won't see them ever again. This is what I noticed with white athletic socks. You've got to get the new kind, as if it's the Soviet Commissary. White athletic socks. That would be THESE, period. (At least you can still get most things, though...)
Friday - April 1st 2022 10:30AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, your interpretation is the same as mine. She is trying to narrow it down and has said "these people are Americans". Well, that is true. However, all the hand-outs have done is made their society that much worse, but as far as Miss Coulter goes, you would think her principles would stand - see her strikes 2 and 3 (strike 3 being point 4, that is). Maybe after 55 years it's ingrained in us, but that don't make it right, as they say.
Friday - April 1st 2022 10:28AM MST
PS: OT, but ---

Are regular baggies a thing of the past? You know, the fold-top sandwich bags. None of the grocery stores or Dollar Generals around here have them any more. It's everything ziploc now. (Although the old-fashioned paper sandwich bags are still findable.)

Do I have to go to Amazon (ugh) or EBay?
Friday - April 1st 2022 10:24AM MST
PS I’m not a big Ann fan, but I’d cut her some slack on this one. Read her sympathetically as saying that, If there’s going to be special benefits for American blacks, at least restrict it to actual American blacks.
Dan Coulter
Friday - April 1st 2022 10:07AM MST

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Friday - April 1st 2022 9:31AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, you were joking but prescient nonetheless. That DIGE program in Chicago is going to start pissing some White people off. It's one thing to try this stuff during good times, say 1999 during 1.0, when everyone though he's gonna be rich, and gas had been under a buck a gallon for over a decade.

Now, however, I hope they do this. Let's lay it out there. They want your equity, as Steve Sailer says.
Friday - April 1st 2022 6:46AM MST

Related (?):

I made a joke here, some weeks back, that in light of high fuel prices, someone would soon come up with a "Diversity, Inclusion, Gasoline, and Equity" (DIGE) program to give majorly discounted gas to Historically Oppressed Minorities, especially Blacks but to a limited extent also Hispanics and maybe others, but no White-Christians.

Today I read Chicago HAS just launched a limited-scale pilot DIGE program, to run in the low tens of millions of dollars...
Friday - April 1st 2022 6:43AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I would pick your number (2). There are lots of political wonks, pundits, etc, who have tried to do this for years. There was black lady congressman Barbara Jordan in the 1990s who brought up the ill effects of large-scale immigration on black people. VDare used to mention her - I think she has passed away.

The problem is that most black people don't want to think on a long-term scale like that. They vote for the guys that are going to get them the most money NOW, not help their families 10 or 20 years later. I don't know if Miss Coulter understands that and won't say, or like, Steve Sailer, just thinks people need a tad more convincing, that's all...

For Ann Coulter, maybe it's just one small way of hanging on to being in the "mainstream", by her fingernails.

Also, I'll knock out your dupe in a short while, Mr. Hail.
Friday - April 1st 2022 6:35AM MST

My interpretation, part-1: It's hard for public commentators to FULLY stay away from the gravitational pull of "implicit cultural Black Supremacy." I don't want to call it that, because it's a little vulgar sounding, but I find no better label readily available to use. It's the idea, so powerful ain US culture now that it is simply assumed in most situations, that Blacks are morally superior, at least definitely in the US and definitely vis-a-vis White-Christians.

So interpretation-part-one is that Ann Coulter gets sucked into this powerful force, because although she is kind of an in-system dissident, she IS still a product of US culture. I don't think she has lived abroad for any meaningful period of time, but correct me if I'm wrong. Even a dissident fish still swims in the same tank with the same water as the fish who obey what they're told.

My interpretation, part-2; Ann Coulter thinks its's a winning line to champion US Blacks because she knows full well of that cultural 'gravitational' force I mentioned. She thinks she can harness its powers to do one or two or three of these three things:

(1) drive a wedge between one kind of Black and another;

(2) Get the favored kind of Black to come around to immigration-restrictionism (this one inches close to the long tradition on the R team in our time, turbocharged by Defacto President Kushner in 2020, of "Always prioritize Nonwhites in US political campaigning");

(3) deflect criticisms by conspicuously making this statement of faith.

I don't think any of these three things have any evidence of working, and "Real Communism Has Never Been Tried"-type arguments ought not get a pass.

On the negative side, she undermines her own credibility a little of the persona and positioning she has developed in the past ten years or more, of a Soft (Moderate) White-Ethnonationalist. I think that's a fair appraisal of what she is. But this thing about pedestalizing US Slave-descendant Blacks undermines it.

Interpretation-1 and Interpretation-2 differ in that the first is unintentional and the second is intentional/strategic. Both can be true. With Ann Coulter, I generally assume something she says so consistently as with this must be based on international/strategic thinking, but in this case I also think the other (unintentional) explanation is powerful.
Friday - April 1st 2022 6:18AM MST
PS: I hope you don't mind, Mr. Hail, but instead of deleting your dupe, I'm appropriating it. It's actually 09:45 MST This is in reply to your comment below. I do know this is nothing new for Ann Coulter. I have one paragraph saying that. It still amazes me every time. It brings her average down - the only other thing I haven't agree with in YEARS has been something about "the pot".
Friday - April 1st 2022 6:18AM MST

There is nothing new here; Ann Coulter has said this for years.
Friday - April 1st 2022 5:09AM MST
PS: Alarmist, if she had ever written something like "it looks like we're stuck with it, but we should at least have it only for ADOS (or whatever)..." then, yes, what you write about her would be he case.

However, I have seen her support AA before, and this looks no different. Unlike Donald Trump, Ann Coulter is pretty principled. If she thought it's not right, she'd be against it period. Was it her black boyfriend?

BTW, I should have written something more on iSteve's recent post on this. He's over there quibbling over10% black or 5% fo AA, when he doesn't have the principles to be against the whole idea. In the meantime, White men have been screwed over by AA for 50-something years. I see Sailer as being a "goodwhite" on this one, uncaring about all the flyover-land guys who've been screwed over by it. He usually does care about them, but he has a blind spot here, like Ann Coulter.
The Alarmist
Friday - April 1st 2022 2:46AM MST

Actual descendants of African slaves in the US call it ADOS, so strike three.

I think Miss Coulter was acknowledging that AA will never fully go away, which it won’t. Like the Palestine/Israel thingy, AA and tacialism in the USA won’t end until one side is eliminatec, and it ain’t looking so good for YT when he won’t stand up and fight for his own survival. He doesn’t need to end AA, just fight back enough to make it irrelevant for most Americans.
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