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Posted On: Wednesday - March 30th 2022 5:56PM MST
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I'm just too pooped to go with one of the many posts in the queue today, but I'd seen this great take on the old All in the Family TV show theme song by and Unz Review commenter named Roonaldo. It was here under another good John Derbyshire column entitled Call A Deer A Horse—Call Lia Thomas A Woman—Call Ketanji Jackson A Judge. Political Power In Action!*.

If you remember the show, you'd remember this theme song anyway, but for those who don't, first watch this (the nice end-of-show piano music is at the end here too).

Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Conner) and Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton) were bemoaning the loss of their America from about 35 to 40 years back in time** from the first episodes of this famous TV show. Ha! They thought America was bad off then! As some musical artist from a later time and different genre said, They had another think coming! Long hair on men is the worst of it? Stifle yourself, Arch! You haven't seen genderbending.

That show and its theme song are from one half of a century ago. Here's Mr. Roonaldo's humorous comment:

Chanced upon a rerun of All in the Family–Archie and Edith were hilarious. Archie got a multi-colored Hawaiian shirt as a gift, saying “could be wallpaper for a fag bar.”

Suddenly, I was transported to the year 2052, with RJ and Sh’Naydith nostalgically at the piano singing the theme of Abolish the Family….
Oh, the way Hip Hoppers sang!
Songs that made you join a gang.
Abandoned kids with funny names.
Those were the days!

And we were so fluid then.
Men were girls and girls were men.
Yes Xir, we could use a trans-woman
like Michelle Obama again.

Had the perfect welfare state.
Full of hate for the white race.
Gee, our pimp-mobile ran great.
Those were the days!


I did change one teensy thing there. I just couldn't help but add that "Yes Xir" there where Roonaldo had missed the original song's "Mister, we could use a man ..." Speaking of the original song, written by Lee Adams (lyrics) and Charles Strouse (music), I had no idea until now there was another few verses:
"People seemed to be content.
Fifty dollars paid the rent.
Freaks were in a circus tent.
Those were the days.
Take a little Sunday spin,
Go to watch the Dodgers win.
Have yourself a dandy day
That cost you under a fin.
Hair was short and skirts were long.
Kate Smith really sold a song.
I don't know just what went wrong.
Those Were the Days."

Anyway, nice job, Roonaldo! Thank you.

* A big student of Chinese history, language, and culture, Mr. Derbyshire's title relates the genderbending stupidity going on now with an old tale from ancient China.

** That's from my smearing together the years of the GM-Cadillac- built LaSalle automobile (44-31 years back, then), the Presidency of Herbert Hoover (38-42 years back), and the heyday of Glenn Miller of that Big Band Swing music era (30-35 years back).

The Alarmist
Thursday - March 31st 2022 5:41PM MST

Adrienne Barbeau had big tits? My mother raised me right ... I never noticed.
Thursday - March 31st 2022 2:12PM MST
PS: Dieter, I guess you didn't want to take a chance with a link, and I don't blame you.

This can't be the entire review, can it? (I can't get any farther on the page.)


Abolishing the nuclear family is the Holy Grail of the Communists. Feminism is just one of the tools in their toolbox for this work.
Thursday - March 31st 2022 2:04PM MST
PS: To keep the post fairly short, I didn't include the discussion as UsNThem and Mr. Ganderson have got here. Yes, the plan kind of backfired, didn't it. Even though occasional Archie got what the young-uns stupidity call "cringe"*, our family was completely on the side of Archie, and quite often, George Jefferson. And then, yeah, there was Maude. I think that nobody would have ever known who Maude was, and she'd have never made it to her Golden Girl years, were it not for her show daughter with the big tits.

* I have no problem with the adjective "cringey" (whether its a word or not) or the verb. It's just not a freakin' now.
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 31st 2022 8:53AM MST
PS: Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility!

International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual Holy Day dedicated to celebrating Transgender people and their many wonderful contributions to society.




Dieter Kief
Thursday - March 31st 2022 8:31AM MST
This reminds me of this:


From Kirkus Review - just to give an impression:

"Cooper carries on in a vein most commonly identified with his sometime collaborator R. D. Laing (they coedited Reason and Violence, 1965). The reevaluation of madness and critique of socially defined health are familiar, but appear here in extreme, unqualified form: madness is not only a defensible response to the pressures of pathological institutions, but a value in itself and the basis of what Cooper conceives as a new political consciousness. The significance of the family is that it stands as a kind of depot between self and society. It is not only the model for a full-scale repressive system, but its restrictive presence in the minds of its members is essential to the system's workings. Thus radical psychoanalysis and radical politics can, at least theoretically, meet in an effective confrontation of the family; and ""madness"" -- unreserved allegiance to one's own fully acknowledged capacities and desires, and paranoia re the curtailment of one's impulses -- is the proposed tactic. Psychologically this means the ouster of the internalized family; socially it means personal withdrawals and disruptions, and centers of free communal experiment and guerrilla activity. Cooper's orientation is existential, his argument highly mobile and visionary. On the negative side, and it's a serious liability, he leaps freely between informed psychological generalizations and a largely intuitive, holistic conception of politics and can be startlingly simplistic in transit (as when he asserts that the psychic liberation of the First World and the political emergence of the Third are like phenomena)."

That sounds a lot like a successful strategy with reagrd to the woke worldview, doesn't it?
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 31st 2022 6:52AM MST

And then there’s Maude.
Thursday - March 31st 2022 6:10AM MST
The creators of the show , Norman Lear, et al, and Carroll O’Connor, too, wanted Archie to be a figure of ridicule- they were stunned at his popularity among what were then called Joe Sixpacks.

The LaSalle was second, after Cadillac, in the GM cursus honorum. I think the order was Cadillac, LaSalle, Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Chevy. I may have Olds and Pontiac reversed.

I’d love to have an early 60’s “deuce and a quarter” (Buick Electra 225)

Boss wheels, as we used to say….
Wednesday - March 30th 2022 7:53PM MST
I watched this show back in the day and it was pretty funny - but I was too young to get the "real" drift. I've read in later years that Lear, Reiner and even O'Conner wanted to portray the regular working class White guy as a blue collar, idiot bigot - that was pretty much the sole intent. As such, even though it's available on prime among others, I'll never watch it again. F 'em.
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