From E.H. Hail - Overlap of followers of the Kung Flu vs. anti-Russia narratives

Posted On: Monday - March 28th 2022 9:30PM MST
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The poll data in this post is from Canada, not America.

In this one of Mr. Hail's comments on his most recent blog post, In search of a “Ukraine-War-Panic”–“Corona-Panic” Venn diagram on his Hail to You blog, he embedded the two graphics we show below. They are from poll data, so you know how that goes, but let's just assume that the questions weren't stupid for a change.

I note here, centered and bolded at the top, that this data is from Canada, a poll of Canadian views, not that of Americans. Would it differ by much? My opinion is that Canada has always been ahead of Political Correctness and now it's more lethal cousin Wokeness, by 10 to 20 years. Other than the English-speaking Quebeckers, the Canadian people have had it very good with such a unified population until very recently. As with those Snowfllakes in the upper Midwestern US, they have not had enough diversity to understand what this is all about. Americans have had a more independent and liberty-loving streak since the get-go. I can't say that has held up much since the early 1990s here though. We can't be sure, but maybe with just a shift of 5 or 10 percentage points toward freedom-loving, we'd have the results for Americans.

That said, Mr. Hail made a good find with this data that fits in well with what he was looking for in the discussion in his essay. I did not title this "Panic Overlap", as I don't see the Ukraine/Russian war American Infotainment-Fest as a panic (as the Kung Flu one was), rather than just the next BIG STORY. Yes, the war is serious, and, yes, we don't want nukes to fly.* However, my beef has been that Americans have caused this thing over the long term - 3 decades - via NATO and we have no business being involved now. Its on the news 24/7, because this is the new Infotainment - hate on the Russians.

It's uncanny how the Lyin' Press and Government narrative changed so swiftly and smoothly from the Kung Flu PanicFest to this one. The Lyin' Press really needed this new narrative, as people still were cutting cable, they got tired of watching urgent advise from EXPERT Dr. Fauci, and they were no longer clicking to the current CASES! glossy maps with the circles and arrows. The Lyin' Press needed more views, clicks and money.

Governments needed this new one because Americans were just sick and tired of the COVID-19 advisories, LOCKDOWNs, stickers, and the changing of the storyline right from hand wringing and hand waving over hand washing to mask wearing to vaccination. People had quit complying with the latest milder effort, but there was unexpected resistance to a mandatory vaccination program. Who knew anyone would do things like arrange a big rig protest in Ottawa with support from all over the world? I think this last thing scared them into quickly arranging for the Ukraine/Russia war to be the new news. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if there were efforts to specifically goad President Putin into attacking on a certain week.

Geeze, finally to the data:

What an alignment! Look at the those large blue bars for all of those anti-Russian ideas from the vaccinated. Does this Kung Flu vaccination turn people into warmongers, because lots of those things align closely to events in history that caused big wars? Hell, it's got some bad side effects, but, nah, that's not it. There's no causation there. Both going full anti-Russia retard and having been freaked out by the Kung Flu PanicFest have the same root cause.

What is this root cause that turns people into Lyin' Press-following cheerleaders and believers in all that their government's tell them? The Kung Flu PanicFest worked on them, and this anti-Russia HateFest is also working very well on them too. What could that root cause be, a State-dependent compliant personality, perhaps?

I especially like that 52% "None of the above" orange bar for the unvaxxed. The unvaxxed just don't seen to be following ANY of the narratives. They don't care about getting involved in a war overseas that has nothing to do with America. What the hell, man?

Here's the 2nd poll graphic from Mr. Hail's blog:

This specific question about the no-fly zone does not give so much information, but it sure highlights those who really hate on Russia and think that it's worth it to push things toward a possible Russian/American war. I don't know how many of them remember the Cold War, but those ones are nut cases for sure.

One can see that we unvaxxed support that craziness only 18%, while those triple-vaxxed, the true believers of the Kung Flu Infotainment, are at 59% in support.

One thing to keep in mind that there are people who had to get vaccinated to keep their jobs or wanted to for travel. Therefore, if some of those are in the "3 or more shot" category in the 1st graphic, or the "3" or "2 or more" categories in the 2nd, and they were against the Russia HateFest, then that'd make the Kung Flu true believers have even higher anti-Russia numbers. Those blue bars in the 1st one would be even bigger, and the 2nd one would be even more skewed if the "had no choice, but to get shots" were lumped in with the refuseniks , errr, "refusers".

Finally, let me mention something about the "Don't know"s and "No response"s. Those aren't necessarily people who are unaware of what's going on in the world. From my experience, written up in I've been Polled!, these answers could have meant something more like "that's a stupid question!"** or "This is Infotainment. I'm not participating."

To help answer the question "what's the root cause of this set of people who follow both these narratives, it'd have probably been very helpful if the pollsters had asked the same Canadians "Watch a lot of TV, eh?"

Thanks you, again, E.H. Hail, for digging these up and for your whole post too.

* Any of the Peak Stupidity readers that were aware during the Cold War know enough about this.

** I probably should have given them more of those answers, but I kept feeling like I wanted to give information to help our cause, if at all possible.

Wednesday - March 30th 2022 5:46AM MST
Robert, notice I said “Birkenstocks”. Orwell was right, as he was about so many things, and I’d spent nearly 60 years making fun of male sandal wearers. However, I was having back problems a few years ago, and someone recommended Ecco sandals- they remain the most comfortable footwear I own.

So I’m a hypocrite. I don’t drive a hybrid or a Tesla though, as amazingly common as they are around here; in fact I still have a manual transmission! Nor do I have a scullet ( bald on top with a pony tail).

As an aside, I’d guess college towns have the most lopsided ratio of money to terrible dressers in the US. A tenure type academic job generally lands one in the top 10-15 %, but look around here in college town (I go back and forth on the issue of who is worse, the men or the women- I vote for the women, because in my mind they should know better) terrible hairstyles scruffy beards, attempts to look way younger than one is- for example exceptionally long hair on old women, just to point out a few. Why do I live here? Not enough time to answer….
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 7:49PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I meant to thank you for collecting those links about graphene in vaccines. I agree with idea of not introducing novel such things into ones body, especially into the bloodstream. I've swallowed worse, I'm sure - I never remember defecating out that magnet I swallowed at 9 years old, come to think of it ...

Mr. Ganderson, no, I've not delete but one comment on purpose, and that was long ago. (I felt bad about it afterwards, as per another commenter, I think I misunderstood the guy anyway.) When I had the spam-bots, I accidentally deleted a couple of regular comments - also long ago. I suppose a nice Tiny Duck type on here could be appreciated. He'd have to do it up right though.

Thank you Robert for the compliment on behalf of all of us, I guess. No doubt Ron Unz' system is superior functionality- and format-wise. I do find reading the Steve Sailer threads entertaining too - some fo the people know a lot about all kinds of things. It's a pretty good crowd in general.
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 5:30PM MST
PS: Mr. Anderson, I probably commented here about Orwell's opinion of sandal-wearers before, but this seems apropos:

”that dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal-wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers who come flocking towards the smell of ‘progress’ like bluebottles to a dead cat.”
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 4:29PM MST

It’s not so much the plus sized black ladies who are all masked up here, it’s the Prius (or Tesla) drivin’ bald on top with a pony tail, Birkenstock wearing, single braid down to the butt people sporting the face diapers.. Way more women than men, I must say.

And, speaking of our PS commentariat, why aren’t there any “Tiny Ducks?” They get moderated out?
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 3:35PM MST
PS: Thanks to all for the post and the comments.

There are other sites with more commenters, and even one that some say to has a better commenting system, but this is by far my favorite.

Thanks again.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 3:21PM MST

This is one strange bit of Urkaine commentary by Paul-Craig Roberts on the Unz Review:

"Another big development is that apparently Ukraine has agreed to be a neutral country, no NATO, no foreign bases, no nuclear weapons, and accepts eastern Ukraine going its own way. We will see if US puppet Zelensky is permitted to sign what Ukraine has agreed. Meanwhile, Russia has stopped its assault on Kiev, and is focused on clearing the remaining Nazi militias out of the Donbass region. I think the low-intelligence governments in Poland and Romania will get the message, and the US missile bases in those countries will be closed before too long."
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 2:21PM MST
Remember that even Bill Gates is through with vaccines after Omicron is working so well to really immunize people. I liked that a lot.
Last week he was a bit creepy again though saying that people should switch to synthetic meat to stop climate change.

Is Bill Gates now against Putin? I dunno. Maybe, becausePutin is ferociously pro rising temperatures. He says that that'd be good for Russia. The funy thing is that I am against Putin because he does not allow free speech. And that is the same reason I am against Bill Gates - but not the Omicron Bill Gates. - I don't know if I would take a vaccine against such cognitive conundrums. I'd rather go with old style - thinking, if I had the choice. To differentiate is good too.
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 2:18PM MST
PS Alarmist et al.: I’ll stick up for John Dewey, whom I studied a bit when I was an undergrad philosophy major. Dewey was deservedly the most prominent American philosopher of the first half of the 20th century. He was the final flowering of the American philosophical movement known as pragmatism. Dewey was an empiricist and the key idea of his philosophy was “experience”. Several of his book titles contain the word “Experience”. He was certainly part of the Progressive movement, which shares little more than the name with modern soi-disant progressives. He was not an ideologue. I have no idea how he voted, but I’m pretty sure he’d not understand contemporary Democrats, to say nothing of supporting them. He’d likely be aghast at what liberalism has morphed into in the West.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 1:12PM MST

I was kind of joking about the mind control thingy, but DARPA is on it, so it might already be possible. Let’s just say that the fact that they want every prole on the planet jabbed suggests there is something bigger at play than a virus that is a not-so-distant cousin to one of the strains of common cold.

I studied french in school because the teacher was a hottie, but she was Québécois, so when I started working and living in France and stumbling through french with actual french persons, I was once confronted with a colleague who asked something to the effect of whether I had learned my french on a farm or in Québec. Québecois is the hillbilly of French.

It was John Dewey. Thomas was the one who was trumpeted in a famous newspaper headline as beating Truman in the 1948 Presidential election. John’s work started a multi-generational effort to ensure a Republican would never win again. 2020 was a first example that they might have actually succeeded to that end.

Tuesday - March 29th 2022 12:16PM MST
PS: Duly noted and changed to "Quebeckers", Mr. Ganderson. I don't like being wrong either, but I was. (I didn't know how to spell even "Quebeckers", so I did a search and got the French one.)

Mr. Ganderson, a big black lady at the food joint had one on, while the others didn't. I asked her if there was no more rule about face masks there. She told me "nah, no rule, but just to be on the safe side..." Who am I to tell her what to do, but that doesn't sound religious either. (In general, those types are not the starry-eyed cultists like the White lefties.) Maybe she realized that being obese was a confounding factor for her, who knows?

Enjoy the hockey no matter who wins. You can your sports ba ... errr, sportspuck, haha!
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 12:04PM MST
PS: Who was it, Thomas Dewey/John Dewey, or some such, who after realizing he was not cut out for teaching in primary/secondary school, went on to found the U of Chicago's Lab Schools (grade and high school) to teach other how to teach/indoctrinate students to better form 'good' citizens for our wonderful democracy, as opposed to the older one-room school house where the three R's were the main focus?

Good citizens rather than good thinkers is certainly the aim of our current regime. Perhaps that is the real division.

(Because, of course, we here are all good thinkers. Right?)

Tuesday - March 29th 2022 10:16AM MST
PS Everything is political these days. The two sides have been there since the beginning of the Republic, with some shifts in orientation. The borders have hardened and the enmity has really increased since about 1960, with a further intensification in 1992 and another one in 2016, when the Left, as I designate one of the sides, lost a presidential election that they were sure they were going to win. They, the Left, are seeking vengeance on their opponents, who I imagine we should call the Right, although most of them are simply Normies. Every social and economic issue is a battleground in this struggle (although it is mainly the Left who are struggling). It is not surprising, therefore, that we find this sort of coincidence of attitudes. The Left agree about everything, on pain of excommunication, and everyone else mostly agree about most things.
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 9:12AM MST

Notes on related stuff:

Just to be pedantic, Mr. Moderator, “Quebecois” are by definition Francophone. Native English-speakers in la belle province are Quebeckers.

At least I believe that to be correct. I’d be happy to be proven wrong. Actually, I wouldn’t be happy to be corrected, but…..

Any guesses as to why the most virulently anti Russian voices these days were, back in the Cold War- duck-and-cover-under -your -desk days, if not pro Russian, at least anti anti Russian?

And, while being opposed to whatever the Putster is up to is not an unreasonable position, why does Russia being in the wrong make Zelensky and the Ukrainians the good guys, paragons of democracy, etc? I call it the George Floyd (or Michael Brown, of Trayvon Martin, or Rodney King…) effect.

“Zelensky and the Ukrainians”: possibly a name for his band when Zelensky begins his new career playing in clubs around the Los Angeles basin?

And while even here in Western Mass the Covid restrictions are mostly, except in medical facilities, gone, mask wearing is still shockingly common, even outside. Evidence continues to accumulate backing up Mr. Hail’s “Corona as a religion” thesis.

And sadly, UMASS hockey lost to Minnesota in OT in the first round of the NCAA hockey tournament, the Gophers moving on to the Frozen Four. Very weird watching my favorite (UMASS) and second favorite teams squaring off in a big game! On to Boston for the Golden Gophers!

Adam Smith
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 9:00AM MST
PS: Good morning y'all...

Do the vaxxes make people rabid or are rabid people more likely to receive the sacramental vaxx?

I tend to agree with Achmed that there is a certain level of stupidity and/or conformity in much of the herd. They'll do almost anything when told to do so by someone in a perceived position of “authority”. (Ya know, like someone on the TeeVee.) It seems to me there is always about 1/3 of the population ready and eager to join the cause, and sometimes more depending on the messaging and politics involved. Often they can convince about 2/3 of the herd to follow orders no matter how ridiculous, detrimental or immoral.

I haven't really gotten into the graphene/covivaxx/5g thing, but a few simple searches turn up some interesting things...

These are in no particular order, and I haven't read all of them in their entirety. Just a quick sample of some papers studying graphene for drug delivery and other biomedical applications.

I've tinkered with graphene a little when making homemade capacitors and batteries. It's pretty great stuff.

I really don't want any in my body and especially my brain.

I don't know enough about whether or not there is (or not) graphene in the clot shots, but truth is often stranger than fiction.

Mr. Alarmist might be right about the use of weaponized covivaxx graphene for mind control and other purposes.(?)

If so, Big Evil is a bigger problem than we realize.

I hope you guys have a great day.

Tuesday - March 29th 2022 6:59AM MST
PS: That these nanotubes in the vaxxes are 5G antennae and so forth is something my wife has been reading about. NOT because it's SHE that has been reading about it, by any means, but I still think it's far fetched. What would the receiver be? I don't know, BIG EVIL could be smarter than I'd thought...

However, I'll go with the reverse cause/effect, that it's the mindless stupidity in these people that got them to just get jabbed because, "Black Death 2.0" and support the Ukraine with flags on their freakin' porches* because Commie Imperialist Bastids! - "wait, I thought that was stupid in 1985". It's a common stupidity root.

They did seem to be pushing the vaccine so hard considering it was SO GOOD that they shouldn't have had anything to be worried about sickness wise. I mean, you still got sick, but ...

* Holy crap, and one with that flag is a lesbian neighbor who is, needless to say, a FAR LEFTIE**. She would freak out if I had a rebel flag or Gadsden flag up. I checked on-line for a Russian flag - only 7 bucks. I'm thinking about it...

** I may have mentioned that she's the one who will have these yard signs out for candidates in local elections I (through my own apathy) never heard about, and I will vote against said candidate SOLELY based on the sign.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 29th 2022 5:13AM MST

So the vaxxes make people rabid?

This seems to be evidence, albeit circumstantial, that the graphene oxide nanotubes in the vaxxes are 5G antennae for the purposes of mind control or simply turning people off.

This is why they won’t stop until every Untermensch on Earth receives the holy sacrament of the vaxx into their heart and mind.
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