The Hildabeast gets the Kung Flu

Posted On: Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 5:12PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has been back and forth on whether the Hildabeast is, in fact, the AntiChrist, either the AntiChrist or one of the 4 Horsepersons of the Apocalypse. We're leaning toward a negative answer to this important question, especially after learning that the Hildabeast has contracted the Kung Flu. What kind of AntiChrist worth his salt wouldn't be immune to minor stuff like this? One would think none would, especially if said AntiChrist wannabe had been inoculated with the latest and greatest experimental material out of the bowels of Big Pharma and the Globalist Deep State ... wait.

Anyway, that's what they're saying.
Hillary Clinton has tested positive for COVID-19, she tweeted Tuesday evening, adding that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has tested negative.
It may seem odd that her long-term spouse, the love of her life, has not contracted the Kung Flu, but rumors abound that these two lovebirds have been growing apart for a while now... since about this time:

You know, I wouldn't mind a female AntiChrist, if she'd just stay home baking cookies or something...

Saturday - March 26th 2022 11:59AM MST
PS: Jiminy, so the Hildabeast was an early adopter of the Kung Flu? They said it could reach into any orifice and last for years on frigid, errr, rigid surfaces.
Saturday - March 26th 2022 7:28AM MST
PS And Bill said in his slow southern drawl, “ this finger I pushed up so far, and when I pulled it out, what do you think it smelt like. It smelt like covid. That’s what.”
Friday - March 25th 2022 9:36AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I would say the majority of the people that have taken some of the vaccinations were doing it purely to keep their jobs, not make waves, and comply, comply, comply. As you wrote at the end of your comment, perhaps seeing family members, friends, and even themselves get health problems that are uncanny in timing with those shots, they will get truly mad at the governments, Lyin' Press, and healthcare establishment, for a big change.

As much as I'm no fan of lawyers, I would be glad to see lawsuits galore. I do keep in mind that any settlement of them would be on the taxpayer's, aka, my, dime! Small price to pay for truly awakened people?
Friday - March 25th 2022 9:33AM MST
PS: Got it, Dieter. With all that knowledge of American 1970s lyrics, are you sure you're not a Californian? You told us recently you are from somewhere different from Deutschland, am I remembering right? (I don't have quick access to the dBase right now.)
Friday - March 25th 2022 9:29AM MST
PS: Alarmist, thanks for your real "The Office" British version (with Ricky Gervais) style story. You blokes do sound more polite and polished than us American cube dwellers (well, when I was one) in your dialogue. I hope you did give them something to mull over.

Speaking of your telling them you've not been vaxxed, here's something related: The parents of our boy's friend are big-time vaxxers and panickers (at least the Mom - I think the Dad's along for the ride on that). That kid is even still wearing one - not 2 anymore - face mask at school, when it's no longer required. From one I've seen and heard, maybe one kid in 10 or 20 wears one. When we come over to their house, I have this assumption that they assume we are vaccinated, some of us being in healthcare and all...

Nobody ever asked though. If they were to ask and get the answer that might freak them out, well, that's not my problem. "We're all OK, aren't we?" That's less polite than your way, but then, I've never been in a country with this kind of stupidity before. I don't know howta act.
Friday - March 25th 2022 3:51AM MST

The Alarmist wrote: "many of the vaxxed have realised they’ve been had..."

Some like to wave around the term "cognitive dissonance." The imagery of snapping out of a manipulative religious-cult is helpful. People in manipulative religious-cults often have this 'snapping out' experience but see no way out and continue to drift along and go with the flow. To put it in a harsh way, most people are moral cowards. At times in our lives, all of us are. (I'd say most children can be described as "moral cowards," but they get a pass for being children, of course, and deserve out protection and understanding).

The way to help these people starts with understanding that they were deceived, that it was not their fault, that they caved in and made the wrong decision and went along with the Panic but not out of malice (in most cases).

The good news for the minimally vaxxed is: they can limit the damage by refusing further injections. And those who put enough moral courage together have the power to join the side of virtue and goodness by vowing to oppose further mandates or vaxx-campaigns.

Some data suggests the net-damage to the young, from the Corona-needles and the substances in them, jumps by many times on the second shot and many times more still on the third shot. It's not 100 units of danger in Shot-1, 200 units of danger after Shot-2, 300 units of danger after Shot-3, but rather 100-400-1200, something like that (off top of head).

I suspect some of the people who realize they've been "had" will make a moral promise to themselves, to others, to God or the universe, that they will never let it happen again, that they will refuse further injections of this kind. It takes only a certain threshold of this kind of person to give major headache to a government aiming to do what they did in the anni horribili 2020-2021...
The Alarmist
Friday - March 25th 2022 3:19AM MST

@Moderator, about that Vaxxed fearing the unvaxxed thingy...

Yesterday our teams all decided to get together to do the Christmas dinner we were required to cancel due to the WuFlu. We’re still only 50% in the office, but everyone showed at the restaurant, dutifully masked until reaching their seats, where the invisible restaurant shield against WuFlu works its magic.

My colleagues in the office, all fully vaxxed and boosted, have mostly suffered one, and in a couple cases two bouts of WuFlu. Yay, effective!

Earlier in the day, my secretary asked for volunteers to drive those who rely on bikes or public transport, which I ignored because I figured they wouldn’t want to ride with the unwashed. Anyway, as we head out to go to the restaurant, three of them follow me to my car, so I ask them how they are going, and they say, “We thought we could ride with you.”

So I say, “Do I get a say in this? You know I’m unvaxxed, right?”

Them: “Oh, we’re Ok with that.”

Me: “I’m not. You all keep getting sick, so you’re a bigger risk to me than I am to you. [sad faces ... it’s no fun when you become the dirty jew] ... Oh, alright, get in.”

So we climb in the car, me unmasked, they masked ... after about two minutes, I have to remind them I operate in a DMZ (de-masked zone), and tell them to unmask ... to which one of them says, “I wasn’t sure what politeness required of me.” So, anyway, there’s still that.

I think many of the vaxxed have realised they’ve been had in terms of vaxxes preventing WuFlu, but many cling to fiction that the vaxxes still prevent serious illness to deal with their cognitive dissonance. My colleagues are mostly in their late twenties and thirties, so serious illness was likely never in the cards for them. The problem is that they have been so thoroughly conditioned that the only way to break them out of the current WuFlu paradigm stupidity is to give them orders with authority, reinforced with practical re-education.

I can only liken what our lords and masters have done to us to the kind of enhanced interrogation techniques for which I got training in SERE (R is for Resistance) ... I was shown how I might be coerced into being broken and made compliant to my captors’ wishes, which is probably why I continue to resist while most around me just go along to get along.

There’s a lot to be said about cognitive dissonance, which many try to mask with further rationalisations, like, “Well, at least the vaxxes prevent serious illness and death.” My comment to that is, “Last time I looked, nobody has found a cure for death.”

So as we drive along, we start talking our current views of the world, and I mention my vaxx death/injury theme, with funeral home business booming and life insurers bleeding cash on unexpected non-WuFlu increases in all-cause mortality in several countries that I cover. This is how you reprogramme people who know they should follow the money rather than the religious dogma preached at them by globalist Satanists. Fight Satan with Satan, so to say.

Let’s just hope my fully-vaxxed and boosted colleagues didn’t infect me. I’ve got Vitamin-I and a Z-pack in the cabinet if they did. Trust the science that is actually known to be safe, even if it isn’t proven to be effective. It’s a safer strategy than trusting the science conflicted officials tell you, based on zero longitudinal studies of more than a few months, is what they have decided is Safe & Effective™️.


It’s a way of life.
The Alarmist
Friday - March 25th 2022 2:27AM MST

@Moderator, we’re well past Nero and headed into a repeat of our own Crisis of the Third Century.
Lysdexics Of the World Untie
Thursday - March 24th 2022 10:00PM MST
PS Test kit hecho en China?
Some attention and sympathy from the CPUSA mouthbreathers for the inevitable pantsuit princess?
Hussein the Immaculate (the One!) is supposed to be with the bat meat stew flu from Gain-Of-Function labs as well.
Nothing is real in Clown World just as comrade Karl Marx wanted it.
He didn't work on those "everlasting curses that will burn down the world" while his children starved to death for nothing.
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 24th 2022 2:27PM MST

Today’s moment of Zen ....
Dieter Kief
Thursday - March 24th 2022 4:10AM MST

Snowdrops - - - -Gavantus Nivalis

But as I said - the Black Forest ones (in the Wutach-gorge) are BIG this year - more than twice the size of the one in the video above. - Pssst: Don't tell anybody please. I would not want to see more people going to have a look a these beauties.**** - - - The world has become too small for this kind of - communal - - experiences - andthe humans much too many.

**** yesterday there were maybe five of us (plus three dogs). That is ok.
"Maybe 'I'll go back there tomorow / Just for the work I've taken on /As part of the snowdrop-admirer community /Caught in a popular song"****

****a tranformation of lines of Joni Mitchell's Free man in Paris into a Snow-Drop-A-Wop-Bop!
Thursday - March 24th 2022 2:51AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, firstly, thanks for the quick discussion of Seneca, advisor to Nero - I know almost nil about that history, though it is said we are paralleling the course of that empire.

About Bill Gates and autism - perhaps so, but then, unlike lots of the internet commenters who chalk up those less people-friendly guys (especially) as having some type of mental problem, some guys just like stuff more than people - nothing at all wrong with that. That's not to say Bill Gates has not moved to the evil side from his DOS-borrowing self of 4 decades ago. "... and absolute power corrupts absolutely" - can one say that about the power inherent in have so much money, as he has?

I don't follow enough about Omicron being the natural vaccine, not because I don't agree, but because I have never followed all the medical details, once my perspective told me by the end of March '20 that this whole thing was greatly overblown.

I just am not worried about the disease itself. I was not worried about the vaccine either (take it or leave it) other than the mandatory aspect of it, until very many personal anecdotes about it I've gathered over the last 1/2 to 3/4 year. However, for children? Even if it were as safe as the flu vaccine (MAY be), which I hardly ever get, there was never anything but a negative pay-off for the kids, IMO.

Is the Hildabeast pushing it for the children? I know about California and feel sorry for the good people there, but where I live there will never be any of that. I think they've blew their wad on this, countrywide, anyway and moved on to trying to support a way to get nuclear war going.

As for "snowdrops", I gotta assume that these are some variation of what we call snowflakes. Or do you have a different sort of precipitation there that we never get to see, such as oobleck? Enjoy!
Thursday - March 24th 2022 2:37AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I don't know enough about that topic to write anything. I do tend to believe the regular people over government recommendations. I am glad more people are not just more aware of the issue now but more emboldened to not feel like outcasts* and avoid vaccines if they are worried about them.

I always wondered why the vaccinated (for ANYTHING) are so damn worried about those who are not. After all, you can't GET the disease anyway, right? (Oops, or was that just with the old definition of vaccine.

* It's not like they SHOULD worry about this, but may DO.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - March 24th 2022 12:24AM MST

Bill Gates is arguing against Corona vaccination in the light of Omicron.Is this because Bill Gates' parents and he himself as a kid all were vaccinated and thus made little Bill into something that at times looks a bit autistic? (I kind of muse with Mr. Hail here.)

For example a person who - other than his ex Melinda - doesn't get even on the fiftieth or so sight that there's something rather Luciferiuous about the Maxwell/Epsteins (both autististic and/or severely spoiled for sure)?

I mean, could all have been that way. Melinda spotted right away that this Maxwell/Epstein couple were deeply spoiled Friends of the Devil she recently said on TV. But then: Melinda is a Catholic too, she might be used to looking at things from that perspective. - That could be true, mind you. So - we would have to be careful with what Mr. Bill says about the outdatedness of the Corona-vaccine by now (= after Omicron).

We have to be careful not only because heand his parents might have been vaccinated to the maxx, but also because what he says about the outdated Corona vaccines comes not only from somebody who obviously has been on that love-island of the Maxwell/Epstein's quite some time and thus might have done bad things to girls/ tennagers. But also because what he says might be caused by the vaccination status of his parents - or of himself as a kid with that resulting in the Antichrist's triumph over his bad soul and ability to come forward with correct, reasonable and decent statements about the necessity of the Covid vaccine. Seen from that angle, how do we get out of all of this convoluted madness and stupidity? -

- Could well be by deeply immersing our souls in the revelation about the Antichrist's crooked ways which RESULT .n.o.t. necessarily in bad outcomes. See GWF Hegel and Geothe's Faust and - Paraclesus and - Lenin and Stalin (Putin...)... -

- Scholars of high worth and dignity have done that scholarly purge of their souls by looking at the fact that Seneca, who - ah, I'll leave the incredibly rich Seneca, for decades the advisor of one of the most Luciferian emperors of world history, abuser of children by the hundreds and abuser of the citizens of Rome and the - earth - - in some respects (urbi et orbi) Nero - ahh, since I don't know much about the lead dosis Seneca and Nero have ingested and thus can't be too sure whether or not they might have suffered from autism - so: I'll just leave it at that: Seneca was not only giving good advice about the soul of men being in the need of - inner distancing, in order to achieve sanity in a world gone severely mad (= this too is a part of the history of philosophy and/or the history of the art of composure and imperturbability (désinvolture (see Ernst Jünger and Carl Schmitt), that is also cultivated on this site here in oh so many ways (= no TV etc. ....).

So - I want to end with this question: Is Peak Stupidity deceiving its readers about the Devilishness of itself and/or the vacccine-resistance of Bill the sexual autist Gates? - We might want to ask the obvipusly humiliated Melinda about this stuff. She seems to know quite a bit about it. - And why not? - We might find out, that she agrees with Bill all the while about Omicron as The Natural Vaccine? - But I could not tell into which dark fields that would lead me. So. I think I have to just leave that all too slippery slope alone for a moment and tell you with the Gateses to rest assured: The Hildabeast has is not necessarily 100% absolutely right about the Covid vaccine right now.

I'd say with Mr. Hail, that after Omicron at least she is definitely wrong in this regard for everybody but the highly vulnerable - and she is the wrongest with regard to Covid vaccines for the kids.

Springtime is overwhelmingly beautiful around here by now! (Been roaming the Black Forst yesterday. Snowdrops by the thousands. And huge this year. Giant snowdrop's spring!)

Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 9:01PM MST

Q. What is the Peak Stupidity policy position on possible autism causes?
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 8:38PM MST
PS: Yeah, the part about the Hildaeast pushing the vax was next, but I didn't want to make this a long post, Mr. Hail. My wife noted today that all of these pols are showing off how they got sick of COVID-19, but it wasn't too bad, and BOY am I glad I got vaccinated!* However, are most people listening by this point?

That Ukraine/Russia story has become THE story now. As you show in your comments under your latest post, the Lyin' Press seems to have dropped the whole thing. We'll see about the vax part of it.

Also, I agree with you that this Covid thing has gotten lots of people more aware of averse side-effects of vaccinations. They are not all coo-coo, these people (just like the homeschoolers now). Silver linings ...

* And that required changing the definition of what a vaccination is.
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 6:17PM MST

Covid-Vaccine opponent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was recently interviewed at length by Megyn Kelly. She is a media person who was fired (?) from NBC over some racial thing. After her firing, she has developed what is said to be one of the USA's top political radio show / podcasts. She ropes in top guests for it. It's amazing that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (the introduction to whose book Ron Unz republished) is getting that kind of play for his anti-vaccine crusade. She conducted a semi-hostile interview, but still he was able to land a lot of punches despite his voice problem.

One inevitable result of the overplayed hand of Corona-Mania and the Corona-Panic write large is enormous jolt to the anti-vaccination movement. The theory that stuffing children too many vaccines with certain chemicals is what causes autism, seemed tin-foil-hat territory in 2019, but now I imagine 5x 10x more believe it and many tens of times more are willing to entertain the idea or find it plausible on its face (rather than, previously, ignoring it or finding it highly implausible on its face)...
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 6:14PM MST

In her unveiling of her health-status vis-a-vis this one holy flu virus, Hillary added something else. A final moralizing message. If you don't know what it is, guess what it was before reading my next line. ---------- Did you guess it? Probably so.

Her final moralizing message was a general appeal to ALL to submit to the Corona-needle (a.k.a. vaccine)...(subtext: because if even someone smart and sophisticated like her can be stricken with the Wuhan Apocalypse Virus, even lesser people can, and the Vaccine is salvation).

It's the latter part of March 2022; that vaccination campaign thing was "so 2021."
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 5:55PM MST
PS: Bill tried to help his long-estranged spouse win that election, but, as I recall, she wouldn't take his advice. Good thing, too. He is a bad person but a very good politician.

"Man, this tomato sauce is the best. The best, Jerry!"

The Alarmist
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 5:25PM MST

The Hildabeast is alleged to get the WuFlu.

Remember 2016, when some thought Bill’s days were numbered, as his death would get her the sympathy vote? Bill is obviously the likable brains of the duo, so they couldn’t kill him off.

Maybe the alledged contraction of the WuFlu is a way to get the sympathy vote without killing off Bill. BTW, where do you suppose they are getting the young, virginal blood that keeps these two going? What was the name of that pizza place again?
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