MMA Fighter/Pundit Bryce Mitchell with patriotic common sense

Posted On: Tuesday - March 22nd 2022 5:28PM MST
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I'd never heard of this guy until a few days ago when a commenter embedded the 1st of these 2 clips on The Unz Review. You don't need to be a TV talking head to know what's going on in the world. In fact, with the exception of Tucker Carlson*, it seems to hurt. This Bryce Mitchell, a big shot apparently in MMA fighting, has an Arkansas hick accent, but I have no problem with that.

I follow almost no sports anymore, and Mixed Martial Arts has never been one of them. I can understand the views of some of they youtube commenters that are in the same vein as the "shut up and sing" thing that I agree with with respect to the actors and musicians. However, since I'm not a fan of MMA and the UFC anyway, I could just enjoy the opinions of this guy. He talks about the Ukraine/Russia conflict in the same way as Peak Stupidity, as an AMERICAN patriot. Next, he gets on the Federal Reserve.

This is great stuff. Note even the bit about real money the end! (~ 3:20 in)

As I perused the selection of video results from my search on youtube, I came across the great face mask rant by Mr. Mitchell. This should have been in one of the Kung Flu Stupidity posts, dang it!

How many real Americans like this do we have left?

* Who had Mr. Mitchell on his show, after the time of the first clip shown here.

Adam Smith
Friday - March 25th 2022 4:47PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Anti-Gnostic,

Sorry to hear your laptop imploded.
Do you still have the hard drive?
Unless you had a catastrophic hard drive failure you can probably rescue your data.

You could install the drive in a 2.5" usb hard drive enclosure to access your files.

Friday - March 25th 2022 3:48PM MST

I took it down. I had it saved. Then my laptop imploded. Aaagh!

Any way, I could fire it up again and in 3 months I'd be noticing how I was repeating myself on the same unending torrent of stupid shit.
Friday - March 25th 2022 8:33AM MST
PS: Anti-Gnostic, it can get boring and seem a worthless endeavor, I suppose if, like Paul Kersey, you stick just to one issue (a BIG ONE, no doubt) that is not in any way getting fixed. I still read his blog about 1/2 time (post-wise), but without the comments, it'd be enough same-old-same-old for me to ignore it. However, he's on a mission, and I respect that.

I hope to keep skipping around on the various "flavors of stupidity" to keep readers, and myself too, interested. Then there's just the fun ones, which are more fun to write anyway. It helps to not count on changing the world with one's writing. Even the case of VDare greatly influencing Ann Coulter, who greatly influenced Donald Trump didn't pan out. Goes to show you, don't depend on one fucking guy.

I remember your telling me about your blog before. Is it still up, as I can't remember the URL or if you gave it.
Thursday - March 24th 2022 2:58PM MST
PS "In my mind, I will never run out of posts now, something I wasn't sure about till about the 4th year or so."

I've mentioned this before, Mr. Achmed. I stopped blogging for several reasons, mainly, I realized I was just recycling commentary on the same stupid shit, over and over.

From the "30,000-feet perspective" of surveying the passing scene every week to find things to write about, it just got depressing. I'm sure you've noticed this phenomenon already. We never learn. Blacks just need Head Start, or strict Catholic school, or more policing, or less policing. Or weed (dear God). The homeless problem is a housing problem (no it's not). Education generates intelligence (no it doesn't).

On and on. Until PEAK STUPIDITY.
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 5:57PM MST
PS: I did notice that, Mr. Smith, and thank you. In my mind, I will never run out of posts now, something I wasn't sure about till about the 4th year or so.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 5:25PM MST
PS: Happy post 2222, Mr. Moderator. ☮
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 10:00AM MST
PS I do hope that this chap’s message is getting out to the sort of young men who used to be keen to fight Globohomo’s wars for them out of patriotism.
Bill H
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 8:00AM MST
PS In other words, they want to come here because this is the only place we aren't blowing them up.

If they stay there (that is, any place except here) we blow them up, if they come here we give them free lunch.
Wednesday - March 23rd 2022 1:12AM MST
PS: If you mean the Moslems, Alarmist, we have been inviting them over here in greater numbers after 9/11 than before. Don't want to profile or nothin'... However, if we didn't fight them over there, we'd have fewer excuses to invite them over here, some with legitimate grudges (often just against other groups of foreigners that we've invited over here).

The way this country is going, there may be no motivation for anyone to get over here. There will be an equilibrium of stupidity throughout the world.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 22nd 2022 6:40PM MST

To fight them over here, they have to be motivated to get over here. We’ve assumed since 9/11 that they were actually motivated to fight over here.

What if they aren’t?
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