It's baaaacck! The Kung Flu in China.

Posted On: Thursday - March 17th 2022 7:35PM MST
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Bring outcher dogs! (OK, that was pretty low.)

I've used this as the title before, at least once, so let's just do it here: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

The newest 1960s vintage chants being heard from teensy-weensy little viral voices this week in China go : Vaxxed, and treated, we'll never be defeated!

It's like the common freakin' cold now, man. Is your country really going to defeat it? All the big China-Lockdown-Enviers have told us over the last two years that China DEFEATED the virus! It was supposed to be like St. Patrick and those snakes. Get 'em out, and don't let any more in. Yeah, but viruses are not snakes, see? And now, you come to me, asking for favors, such as tank cars full of disinfectant, this, on the day of my daughter's wedding drunken stupor.

Even this lowly Peak Stupidity Assistant Chief Blogger [Assistant TO the Chief Blogger - Ed.], a non-virologist, could have told President-for-Life Winnie-the-Jinping that China would not defeat the Kung Flu. Did the Dear Leader over there really think that would happen? Plenty of Americans over here with that same Totalitarian bent flat-out expressed their envy of China for having been able to quickly implement measures and make every Chinaman do exactly WTF the EXPERTS wanted them to do.

Never mind food water, and utilities, you lock people down where they stand, you get out those HazMat suits and spray like the wind, you stick people with whatever they tell ya', and bada-bing, bada-boom, no virus, capiche? That was the deal. Lots of people with no knowledge of the place thought, yeah, well, it's tough, but you gotta be tough. Quit complaining and put on your face diaper, you spoiled people. People in China are starving breathing in their own carbon dioxide!

Peak Stupidity says that is wrong, no matter if you DID defeat the virus. However, they haven't. I'm not gloating about a few more people getting sick over there, but I am gloating about their Totalitarian and Orwellian policies backfiring. For example, about all that Health Score app crap? I could see some hacker causing a whole bunch of red on the screens of Chinamen, wreaking havoc like this. Maybe it was a bug or a virus, no puns intended ... at first.

It's hard to get accurate news out of China.. You don't hear much about it, and then you see videos like those Mr. Adam Smith linked to in the comments about that post written when I thought I was out. (That was yesterday.) Mr. E.H. Hail also wrote more about this, getting me going posting this one.

A few days back I'd read this PJ Media* article about LOCKDOWNs in Shanghai. The writer Stephen Green** comes at this with the worry about supply chain problems, but we could use a LOT less Chinese trade, and he also is pro-vaccine for the oldest of China's aging population. I don't care about all that. A quick blurb:
Communist China is dealing with another severe COVID-19 outbreak despite the country’s “zero tolerance” policy towards the virus.

I guess nobody told the virus.

Already in 2022, the Communist country has suffered more COVID cases than in all of 2021.
In Jilin Province and the cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan have been shut down to stop the spread, Russia Today discussed the new hysteria and measures being taken up in Manchuria and in the highly industrial southeastern province Guangdong. I checked in with Yahoo News even and I see that China orders 51 million into lockdown as COVID surges. That's only 3 1/2 % of China's population, but it's not cool for those 51 million.
On Sunday, China ordered all of Shenzhen’s 17.5 million residents into a seven-day lockdown, with three rounds of testing. All public transport is halted and all businesses, except essential services, will be closed until March 20.
Just a 7 day LOCKDOWN, probably won't run out of food and miss too much work, that's all, one week ... this time. See what I've been warning about for America? Just like a TSA code orange day, they can pull this out anytime. Here's the funny part from that story, with the stupidity in bold:
China, the last major country to relentlessly pursue a Covid-zero policy, reported 1,437 cases across dozens of cities on Monday. That’s a fourfold jump in a week.

Although record case numbers are testing the resilience of China’s no-tolerance approach, there is no sign the country is willing to pivot to "living with the virus."
Yes, Covid~zero, tastes just like regular Covid~Classic, but without all the calories. The Chinese don't want to live with this virus, but the virus wants to live with the Chinese. What to do now? Will they do the same as they did 2 years ago, bring out the big guns? Make 'em an offer they no canna' refuse? I thank Adam Smith for the multiple videos he sent, along with the links from both he and Mr. Hail. I'll include this one, with the big green disinfectant cannon from 2 years back in Wuhan.

As Peak Stupidity has noted, China is a can-do country. However, I gotta say, "can-do" can sometimes conflict with "oughta-do".

This "zero-tolerance" policy for the suspected Kung Flu germs can get worse even than other zero tolerance policies of various sorts have been in America. They are killing dogs on the mainland and trying to kill all the hamsters down in Hong Kong, just on suspicion of infection. Finally from the 2nd article, I do like the attitude of this Hong Konger - wonder how much you hear the same in Big China:
Jessica said she was not worried about the government threats. “I don’t care about that, the police. Fuck them. They arrest people anyway for doing nothing,” she said.​
Yup. Same here. I feel your pain, Jessica.

Yeah, China sure defeated this thing... and I got a date tonight with a Pangolin.

* An organization of which Instapundit Glenn Reynolds was a part of founding.

** He's one of the most prolific bloggers on Instapundit.

Monday - March 21st 2022 5:06AM MST

"I suppose the Chinese CCP had their own reasons to strike up the PanicFest too."

Yes, and given all that happened we can forget they stood at the start of the chain.

Given the huge number of western Panickers, and Panic-backers, and the whole political clown-car full of Panic-enforcers, and the gaggle of media screechers with their rolling death counts always on screens (what would a world look like in which the media ran rolling death counts of people killed directly and indirectly by immigrants?), it's easy to forget that PRC-China was the original government that embraced Corona-Panic-pushing.
Monday - March 21st 2022 5:01AM MST

Having said the above (or rather, "the below," as the Peak Stupidity comment system sorts the Comments),

It does make me suspect the "dog dumping" video, and any future such content that starts swishing around social media, is the same (sort of) psy-op as the disinfo videos of early 2020.

To what end?


East Asians operate at a comparative advantage vis-a-vis Whites for several reasons, but one is cultural expectation of lying. To phrase is simply: we tell the truth as a matter of course and expect others to do so; they don't, and don't expect others are doing so. There's this giant dance of dishonesty that goes on, almost ritualistic. Among them, straight-on and unadulterated statements of fact are relatively rare.

NW-European-Christian-origin Whites don't understand how much deception is really involved in some of these cultures. By instinct I believe most of us refuse to believe it. this means we get easily taken in by deceptions, large and small, malicious and non-malicious, but we operate on a frequency which seems to them, I suppose, like that of a child, easy pickings. This clashes with the things they generally admire (envy?) about Western culture, and the whole doesn't resolve gracefully at all times; what they have a hard time understanding is so much of our success is based on a deep, brutal, and unwavering commitment to truth-telling regardless of cost. (Some individuals lie, but there is a deep cultural expectation of truth as a baseline.)

The "lying/deception" thing is so deep a part of Eastern cultures that to make a core-area Western-Christian understand it, you have to go a little extreme on the language, and even then I don't think it'll work unless they trust you over their own sensory experiences. "Every Chinese KNOWS every other Chinese is lying to him all the time" (to slightly hyperbolize), but we don't know it and we tend to assume the opposite because it's how things work among us.

As for the Corona-Panic phenomenon specifically, East Asians despite knowing this deep cultural principle of constant lying, they were not at all immune from the Panic, for other sets of reasons I am sure someone has written about. Throughout the Panic, it was one of the easiest, confirmable facts that East Asians wore masks at the highest rate, started the practice earliest on, will drop the practice latest...

I believe part of the Corona-Panic (not all of it, by any means) can be explained by this kind of deception and cross-cultural misunderstanding. Seeing things coming out of China, Westerners tended to believe it.
Monday - March 21st 2022 4:52AM MST
PS: I also don't know those details, of course, Mr. Hail, but I do know this: All that video shown to people (the ones with TV on all the time) about China in January '20, with this type of fumigation out of cannons, the people lying dead (supposedly) on the streets, the cops coming out in full force putting chains with padlocks around apartment building doors, etc, was a fundamental part of the build-up of the PanicFest.

If this was all planned out, then someone was either in cahoots with the Chinese media on this or doing a hell of a lot of creative journalism. I suppose the Chinese CCP had their own reasons to strike up the PanicFest too.
Monday - March 21st 2022 4:45AM MST

Does anyone know exact dates of WHEN the first of the Chinese disinfo videos began circulating on social media in January 2020? (the infamous ones of people dropping dead in front of hospitals, of teams of hazmat-bozos desparetly fighting the virus all over, of said hazmat-bozos picking up the dead and secretly dumping the bodies in piles for disposal)?

There's always a certain flow of such things. We are interested in when they passed a certain threshold which we cannot define with certainty, so this task would be hard. But tracking the origin of one single video might be of use, if it can be done.

Have now read through Jeffrey Tucker's collection of largely unedited essays he put out as a book in late 2020 and learned a few things of interest to timing in how the Corona-Panic disaster happened. A little "who, what, when, where" style reporting can go a long way.

But as for the Chinese disinfo videos, still today I've never seen anyone track down WHERE they came from. I feel quite sure now that they were someone's psy-op.
Friday - March 18th 2022 1:59PM MST
PS: Will that be worth it, just to show the world that the Chinese don't completely have their shit together? I'll still not be participating.

I don't know if Pooh Bear really wants this to get out that they have not defeated the Kung Flu after all - that's called losing face, and those guys take that very seriously of there. "I dare say it looks like you might be mistaken." "Them's fightin' words!"
The Alarmist
Friday - March 18th 2022 3:44AM MST

Ah, the Poo Bear is just putting on a show to keep starch in the backbones of his adherents in Oz, NZ, and Canada. It looks like BoJo might have left the reservation, and some in the EU are losing their resolve, but China might just drag the world back down again by pretending that this is really serious.
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