In Memoriam of the 2 Year Kung Flu PanicFest

Posted On: Wednesday - March 16th 2022 1:22PM MST
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Remember those SCARY orange circles?

Peak Stupidity included this image in our June 1, '20 post I miss my Kung Flu TV. In that post we really thought the PanicFest was over (due to the new Infotainment of the BLM/antifa Commie rioting). Ha! Can we pick 'em, or what? Yeah, "what"!

Beware the Ides of March! This date is highly arguable, but I pick the middle of March of 2020 as the beginning of the Kung Flu PanicFest for a reason. Mr. E.H. Hail, he of the Hail to You blog that has covered this PanicFest so well, will differ. He has lots of evidence on this too. Other would too.

Peak Stupidity chose this middle of March '20 date because that is the date when the PanicFest affected our family, as school kids were sent home. See our post from 2 years ago day before yesterday - School's Out For Ever!* I didn't take that as a bad thing, really a silver-lining as a big promotion of homeschooling, in fact, but it meant that these Panickers were intent on changing our lives based on this hysteria.

Other Totalitarian measures were starting to be put in place in my locale, though they never got as bad as what I've read from elsewhere. Yet Anthony Fauci is an honorable man. The LOCKDOWNs of businesses coming were the worst, ravaging the local service economy, which is most of what's left of ANY economy. I don't thing they were in full effect yet by this date 2 years ago. (None of the 6 posts Peak Stupidity posts on the Kung Flu had that capital LOCKDOWN in it yet.) The masking was half-assed, enforcement-wise, but taken seriously by most. Yet, Anthony Fauci is an honorable man. There was all that hand wringing and hand waving over hand washing starting too, as contagion from surfaces was BIG.

Yes, it had already gotten stupid by 2 years ago. However, it became real right then, on the Ides of March, as the local school board either freaked out like every other branch of government or covered their asses like the rest, with the same resulting effect. The kids went home, and we learned a whole lot more, including what a PanicFest is like. It was at this time that our "leaders" cried havoc and let slip the dogs of Panic. Yet Anthony Fauci is an honorable man.

2 days and 2 Kung Flu posts later, Peak Stupidity picked** our favorite term for this Covid-19 thing in Beware the Kung Flu!.*** A day after that, on March 19th we posted The Kung Flu - SHTF or Infotainment Panic-Fest?. We answered our question at the bottom of the post with "BOTH", but not due to fear of the newly termed Kung Flu. We put it this was due to our worries about the damage to the economy:
The Kung Flu Infotainment Panic-Fest has triggered a financial crisis, bound to happen someday anyway, that may lead to a SHTF situation, if the media and governments keep pressing their luck and don't leave the people the hell along for a while to get things done.
Then, to fit in with the theme here, there was the March 24th post Et tu, Tyler?. That was a reference to ZeroHedge, supposedly the Fight Club,with articles by "Tyler Durden". Peak Stupidity noted therein that Tyler Durden was in fact a pussy.

On this latest Ides of March, the situation is being reversed. The kids have had their first couple of days without face masks and plexiglas germie shields on the desks. Oh, the same teacher who was breaking balls of the kids about putting those masks on all the way so as to not get people sick, has opted not to wear one.

This change was brought about by the PTO (aka, PTA, also mentioned in that 2-year-ago post School's Out for Ever!) For a minute, I felt bad about not having been a part of this, but I recall what it was like at the only PTO meeting I ever attended - a real estrogen fest. As with the other masking on a monthly cycle, there is a tide in the affairs of these women. At some point, mask-o-pause puts an end to those.

The women of the PTO wouldn't have listened to me 6 months or a year ago anyway. I did my part by not taking part of any of the stupidity at the school and showing my disdain for the whole thing for the last 2 whole years of our lives. The fault, dear readers, is not in ourselves, but in our stupid people, for whom we are underlings ... for now...

Precedents in Totalitarianism have been set, though. The evil that stupid men do lives after them. More of this could come back - I'm hearing of some combination of Delta and Omicron - the Demi-Chron? This post, however, we call a Memoriam. I come to bury Kung Flu Stupidity, not to praise it.

* Yes, of course it has the Alice Cooper song embedded.

** That is, I picked it from terms we'd seen on-line. I didn't make it up.

*** Though we've since regretted not going with "Flu Manchu", one I learned of less than a year ago, maybe 1/2 a year ago, from VDare writer Allan Wall.

Adam Smith
Friday - March 18th 2022 8:14AM MST
PS: Good morning, Robert, Mr. Moderator,

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman


Epub (with images)...

The BBQ dog meat looks a bit like BBQ pork. (Looks kinda greasy.)
Might be pretty good with the right seasoning and sauce.(?)

Friday - March 18th 2022 2:28AM MST
PS: Nah, Robert, you've eaten more wild animals than me. (And, I've never had dog meat either). The way this economy is going, stringy squirrel meat is the new prime rib.

Thanks for your reply with the source of that quote
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 17th 2022 9:45PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Krug,

I hope this message finds you well...

I have not yet enjoyed any of the meats you mentioned...
I hear the squirrels around here taste like pine nuts.(?)
Don't know if this is true.

I don't want to eat crow either..

I hope you have a great evening...

Thursday - March 17th 2022 6:21PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, Mr. Smith, I have never had dog meat. Is it any good? Does anybody eat cats?

I've had Horse, Squirrel, and Rabbit; all good, but the squirrel was a little stringy.

P.S. I just noticed that there is a crow season here in Kentucky. I don't think I would want to eat crow.
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 17th 2022 11:59AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Moderator,

Dog, the other red meat...

Adam Smith
Thursday - March 17th 2022 11:43AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Authorities and pet lovers in Hong Kong are locked in a game of cat and mouse, with citizens mounting a clandestine rescue operation for hamsters condemned to be euthanised over fears they could transmit Covid-19.

Meanwhile, in India...

Thursday - March 17th 2022 10:05AM MST
PS MOD: There are actually wineries in Illinois. There’s one down in Mt. Vernon that I know of. We’ve never bothered to try the wine. There’s one winery in NE Illinois whose products we (i.e., Mme B) consume: The Lynfred Winery (I’m guessing that the proprietors are named Lyn(n) and Fred). They make fruit wines: Strawberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Peach, etc. But, no, the wineries that we were at yesterday were in a much sunnier and warmer clime. With actual grape wines, some of them quite tasty.
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 17th 2022 9:29AM MST

“I feel happy !”
Thursday - March 17th 2022 8:37AM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, that was the opening chapter of 'The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy'. A very strange novel from around 1750.
Thursday - March 17th 2022 6:53AM MST
PS: "IOW, the doom porn the MSM was showing us from India could very well have been just another Wednesday." Oh, Wednesday is when they do pick-up in India? In Olde England, it was Thursday. Here's where I wish I could insert (at least) Monty Python videos.

That "Bring outcher dead" one was what I used many times to try to get people to see the light, in a light-hearted way.
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 17th 2022 6:26AM MST

Speaking of doom porn, I once commented that I’d believe COVID was a serious problem when they started burning large piles of bodies. So that never happened until ...

When COVID came to India, the MSM went wall to wall with video of multiple funeral pyres in India, which anyone who knows India, a country with over 1.3 billion people, might find that it’s 38k deaths per day might require multiple funeral pyres on any given day in any of the larger population centres.

IOW, the doom porn the MSM was showing us from India could very well have been just another Wednesday.

AFAIK, still no mass burnings or mass burials in the USA.

Total psyop.

Same goes for those Heros of [censored to spare PS grief].
Thursday - March 17th 2022 5:13AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, that failure to "defeat" the Flu Manchu is the subject of a post I'll write later today. Yeah, the guys in the video are Chinese. I just learned about some of this the day before yesterday, via Instapundit. Now, they're after the dogs. When you lose the dog lovers ... actually maybe they haven't lost the Chinese dog lovers. I mean, you don't have to throw out all that good meat, right?
Thursday - March 17th 2022 3:55AM MST

It seems China is remixing different tracks from the Corona-Panic studio version. Some of the oldie-but-goodie storylines are crisscrossing. It's hard to know what to make of it.

The latest: teams of hazmat-suited bozos prancing around (presumably Chinese, but you can't tell much about a hazmat-suit bozo from the looking), exterminating suspected-Covid-infected dogs. Or maybe it's just all stray dogs. In the latest LOCKDOWN zone, I presume. On suspicion of infection. Or so the poorly sourced videos have it.

Video circulating on social media of a team of scary-looking hazmat-suited bozos scooping up dog carcasses and putting them in Corona-bags.

You've got China; you've got garden-variety mass-hysteria, now in weird, institutionalized, on-off switch form; you've got poorly sourced social-media shock-videos (to what purpose?); and you've got the same hazmat-suited goons as before; and now, you've got the "deadly Fauci virus experiments on dogs" theme layer added in for extra spice.

Here is one of the appearances on social media:

Aaron Ginn

China is under lockdown again. As part of that, they are killing pets in the thousands. There is no evidence of any transmission risk from a dog, but the CCP doesn’t care. All of this was never about preventing COVID anyways.

(Video included)
Thursday - March 17th 2022 3:45AM MST


Homer's Phobia, 1998
Thursday - March 17th 2022 3:40AM MST
PS: I wrote that facetiously about Chicago, Mr. Blanc, as I did read about your wintering elsewhere. I could guess California, but there are vineyards in lots of States. I remember in south Alabama there was a winery north of Fairhope where they made (or still make) (in French) "Red Neck Rose".
Thursday - March 17th 2022 12:32AM MST
PS: Ha, "Stomp the Sombrero"! Thanks, Alarmist. In my first post, on curmudgeonry, I wondered if it were just me or society that's changed too much. I'm going with the latter.
Thursday - March 17th 2022 12:31AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I meant to include the link to "Gain a function, lose a function":

You hit a sore spot in noting that even on my favorite blog, I had to throw up my hands in exasperation at the panic. Along with what you wrote here, I also remember everyone with that attitude of "better safe than sorry". Really? Trashing the economy, instituting further Totalitarianism, and ruining ives for 2 years is the "better safe" part of the deal? We tried to get through to Steve Sailer, we really did.

Robert, what is that quote from?

Mr. Blanc, you and the missus sure get around. That winery is nowhere near Chicagoland, is it?
Thursday - March 17th 2022 12:23AM MST
PS; I do remember that Chinese phase of the PanicFest, back when it scared lots of people here vicariously, I guess, and I was may have got sucked in, in the beginning.

The paper by that finance guy from Luxembourg was sure some muddled nonsense, IMO - maybe I can blame that on the translation.

I watched all 4 Chinese "Disinfection Army" videos, Mr. Smith. Thank you for those. They will have to be part of a post coming, with of course the REM music you would expect. "We are agents of the free, I'm comin' in fast, I've got my Orange Crush." That surely is the Chinese way, a continuation of the old hard-core Commie era, when, no matter how stupid it is, you GO BIG! (Love those big green disinfectant cannons. I hope the paint on those cars in the parking lots fared OK.)

I will check out the rest of your links shortly, Mr. Smith.

Back to your Jeffrey Tucker quote, Mr. Hail, I hear about all kinds of events that practice runs were done much earlier. Are they really plans, or were they just "being prepared", with their being so happy to use that preparedness later when "they got lucky" and it really happened? It's the gain-of-function research that really has me scratching my head "is there really a point to this, other than to push our chances of trouble?"
Thursday - March 17th 2022 12:12AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, i agree with you on the modern PC way in which we are to deal with China. Seeing as they are economically kicking our asses, we must kiss theirs now.

I wrote you back under that previous post with a little big of my opinion on Ron Unz. One of his minor failings was his falling for this stupid shit of Americans being told we can't use those terms, which, as per here on PS, are used pretty much in fun. I mean, except for Ron Unz, we are pretty sure the virus came from China (even with American labs being quite involved, and even running, "gain-of-function" research).

Mr. Unz wrote to me personally on one of the threads claiming that it's that vilification of China via the use of these terms that has those black guys beating up on old Chinamen. Do you see why I've written multiple times (to him directly too) that Ron Unz doesn't get out much?! He has no clue about the motivations of people. Those black thugs don't give a crap where the virus came from, and they were less prone to the panic than the rest of us, I gotta say. No, that black guy beat up on that Chinaman, or old Chinese women, more likely, because she has a better chance of holding a very decent sum of cash on her person and can not fight back as easily (or so they think ...)

"T*iwan, T*bt, or T*ananmen '89." Oh, yeah, you can't say ANYTHING*. They are a sensitive lot over there, now that they've got the upper hand.

I have never met anybody here in America that took these terms "Kung Flu", "Flu Manchu", "Wuhan Willies" (that one I did make up, but it never got anywhere ... alas), etc., as anything but said in fun. Even the biggest of panickers didn't seem to be mad at the Chinese people - why the hell would you? I think subconsciously, even the most panicky of them had this understanding that these kinds of bad bugs come out of the Orient every once in a while, and that's just the way it is.

* I'll have to include that quick scene from my favorite show "The Office" some time - it has 2 totally different meanings based on inflection of "anything".
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 8:18PM MST

Thanks, Mr Smith, yes, I meant to write Feb 24, 2022 re: the Coronapanicker Belinda Luscombe's tweets.

Feb 24, 2022: the day some people did something and interest in the never-seen-anything-like-it, catastrophic Wuhan Terror Virus receded, with a whimper.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 7:22PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

“Checking back in two years later, Ms Luscombe has seven tweets up in the three-week period since Feb 24, 2020. Guess what all 7 of 7 of them relate to? It's not the Wuhan Apocalypse Virus. I'll give you one guess.”

Did you mean Feb 24, 2022? If so, I'm pretty sure I can guess what the 7 tweets are about.

Wednesday - March 16th 2022 7:07PM MST
PS: OK. I have nothing to add. But! I am sick of this stuff; time for some humor.


I WISH either my father or my mother, or indeed both of them, as they were in duty both equally bound to it, had minded what they were about when they begot me; had they duly consider’d how much depended upon what they were then doing;—that not only the production of a rational Being was concerned in it, but that possibly the happy formation and temperature of his body, perhaps his genius and the very cast of his mind;—and, for aught they knew to the contrary, even the fortunes of his whole house might take their turn from the humours and dispositions which were then uppermost;—Had they duly weighed and considered all this, and proceeded accordingly,—I am verily persuaded I should have made a quite different figure in the world, from that in which the reader is likely to see me.—Believe me, good folks, this is not so inconsiderable a thing as many of you may think it;—you have all, I dare say, heard of the animal spirits, as how they are transfused from father to son, &c. &c.—and a great deal to that purpose:—Well, you may take my word, that nine parts in ten of a man’s sense or his nonsense, his successes and miscarriages in this world depend upon their motions and activity, and the different tracks and trains you put them into, so that when they are once set a-going, whether right or wrong, ’tis not a half-penny matter,—away they go cluttering like hey-go mad; and by treading the same steps over and over again, they presently make a road of it, as plain and as smooth as a garden-walk, which, when they are once used to, the Devil himself sometimes shall not be able to drive them off it.

Pray my Dear, quoth my mother, have you not forgot to wind up the clock?—Good G—! cried my father, making an exclamation, but taking care to moderate his voice at the same time,——Did ever woman, since the creation of the world, interrupt a man with such a silly question? Pray, what was your father saying?————Nothing.
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 6:54PM MST

Re: Mr Smith on the "Panic is good" genre that entered Serious People commentary for a time in 2020.

I wish I could remember or had written down, more specifically, some of the long string of articles embracing and promoting the Panic in March 2020. There were so many literally arguing that mass panic as a positive good. These set the tone for much of the next two dreary years, the long fallout period of disruptions and etc from what the maniacs did.

If you consumed any form of media, it was impossible to avoid that kinds of piece---Steve Sailer converted his entire blog to that mission. Even if you were a lowest-of-info people, you'd absorb the same by osmosis.

The articles I mean were variations on this kind of message: "Panic is good"; "Don't listen to the crazy, delusional, and dangerous 'Just the Flu' people"; "Hey, idiot, you'd better hurry up panic NOW, before it's too late. What's wrong with you? Stop reading this, drop everything you're doing, and start Coronapanicking, NOW. Yes, you."

Here is one:


"Why Overreacting to the Threat of the Coronavirus May Be Rational"

MARCH 11, 2020

("Luscombe is an editor-at-large at TIME and the author of Marriageology: The Art and Science of Staying Together.")


Checking back in two years later, Ms Luscombe has seven tweets up in the three-week period since Feb 24, 2020. Guess what all 7 of 7 of them relate to? It's not the Wuhan Apocalypse Virus. I'll give you one guess.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 6:39PM MST
PS: About that fear propaganda...

Remember all the disinfecting and the spray trucks?

One of my favorites...
China SWAT Team Practices Taking Down Uncooperative Driver At Coronavirus Checkpoint

There was a whole lot of fear propaganda coming out of China even in January, but certainly by February of 2020...

Remember the mass grave in NYC?

And all those refrigerator trucks to store the dead bodies...

This whole thing has been the largest psyop in history.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 6:24PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Hail,

Why Panic is a good thing
Luxembourg, March 16th, 2020

Wednesday - March 16th 2022 6:06PM MST

Jeffrey Tucker has been saying the key period in what became the Corona-Panic of 2020, the intellectual roots of Lockdownism of flu viruses, was not anything in early 2020 itself, and predates even the 2010s (when several nearly-as-bad flu years were ignored; a Covid Denier conspiracy, no doubt). The key period, he says, was the 2000s.

A few things happened in the 2000s that led to the doomsday machinery of Lockdowns. The full version is interesting to consider, but the key single event, he says, is when a few extreme and fringe renegades published a Lockdown paper. The sordid tale includes a starring role by some bozo's fourteen-year-old daughter who made a social-distancing science experiment to stop flu, proving Lockdowns Works.

Jeffrey Tucker: "Ideas have consequences, as they say. Dream up an idea for a virus-controlling totalitarian society, one without an endgame and eschewing any experience-based evidence that it would achieve its goal, and you might see it implemented someday."
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 6:00PM MST

The question "When did 'Covid' begin?"

Definitely, mid-March 2020 was the point at which the political bench-warmers, the low-info people, the Corona-Neutralists, and those who hoped the brief foreshadowings of mass-hysteria would fade like a morning fog, by mid-March 2020 they could no longer ignore or hope it away. The social monster had grown to gargantuan size, had developed legs, and was on the loose to stalk the land and terrorize the peasantry.

The sacred principle of global-scale, mass lockdowns, that dates to mid-March 2020 after a few-week build-up. The ending of the evil, Covid Denier principles like individual liberty of conscience and freedom to make one's own decisions, the tide was turned against those evil ideas in mid-March 2020. The process of righteously lynching Covid Deniers or non-Panickers, the same. (actual articles appeared all over the prestige press declaring "Why Panic is a Good Thing").

The the two big coalitions (for the Panic and against the Panic, with a a variety of thinking/motivations/dispositions behind both coalitions), they long predate mid-March 2020. The pro-Panic coalition was by far the more powerful at first; as early as mid-February, a hidden rubicon had been crossed.

The role of PRC intelligence-agency disinfo is one I'd love to see investigated more. Where did that flood of zombie-movie-scene-like, mysterious, grainy, unsourced videos of Chinese people flopping down dead on the streets before they could even reach the hospital doors originate? The videos that began saturating Western social media some time about very late January or February 2020?
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 5:08PM MST

"we've since regretted not going with 'Flu Manchu'..."

Besides being a reference requiring 20th-century literary knowledge (from the hold trope, actually based more in reality than early-21st-century sensibilities would want to admit, of an always-scheming oriental villain), haven't the Manchus been out for more than a century?

How many people in a hundred would get the reference than the word "Manchu" has a tie-in with China?

Then you've got the need to placate China, which is all the rage these past few decades of red-carpet treatment and relative kid-glove treatment (what would the world like if the USA/NATO bloc and their political cultures were 1/5th as hostile to China as to Russia?).

"China?!? Come on, man! They're not bad folks, folks! They're not 'competition' for us!" -- Joe Biden, May 2019, on the campaign trail, pre-basement days.

What I mean, specifically, in this case is: Don't the "folks" who run the PRC demand idiot-foreigners refrain from using the word "Manchuria"? This being of their lesser-known taboos, like a second-tier version of the famous "Three T's" taboo, by which no idiot-foreigner shall mention T*iwan, T*bt, or T*ananmen '89.

"Flu Manchu" is clever but fails to clear the bar on these multiple fronts; verdict: they'd never allow it.
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 3:58PM MST
PS We were at the winter Blanc House in early March 2020. Scheduled to fly home on the 14th, if memory serves. The Panic Fest really heated up while we were there. Mme B had the remnants of a nasty cold. She was concerned that they might not let her on the airplane. Fortunately, they did. What a difference two years makes. We were at a couple of wineries this afternoon, having lunch and tasting some wines. Hardly a mask in sight.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - March 16th 2022 2:41PM MST

As the now old joke goes:

Q: What’s the hardes part of “Two weeks to flatten the curve?”

A: The first 731 days.

BTW, I prefer the original “Stomp the Sombrero” to the rather bland “Flatten the curve,” but then I grew up in the ‘60s and ‘70s when we still could make movies like Blazing Saddles and Up in Smoke.

PPS ... the people who would lead the West into WW3 are the ones who waged the war on COVID ... It’s time for a real change of leadership.
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