Would you rather be nuked or globally warmed?

Posted On: Saturday - March 12th 2022 10:32PM MST
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Yes, this one comes straight from Steve Sailer, who snarkily asked last week "Wouldn't Nuclear Winter Stymie Global Warming?" in reply to some tweeting idiot.

Really that Carl Sagan "Nuclear Winter" thing was seen to be the results of some worthless mathematical modeling as bad as the Global Climate Disruption™ , errr, Climate! Crisis ones, but that "Choose Life" thing of his had some legs, man. Billions and billions of T-shirts said that, or else, some of the time "Choose Beer".

Here are your options:

Calm down, man! They're only TACTICAL nukes.


The latest coral reef bleaching alert map is out!

Hey, I'd love to someday do some scuba diving on a reef and maybe swim with the dolphins, but I mean, we've got bigger fish to fry ... . OK, let's just take a poll. I've been polled before, so now Peak Stupidity will get in on the other end of that action.

Would you say you Agree, Somewhat Agree, Have No Preference, Somewhat Disagree, or Strongly Disagree, with the following statement?

I’d rather wake up tomorrow to searing heat, a blast wave, a poisonous radiation dose, and long term cancer-causing nuclear fall-out rather than the Climate! Crisis!.


Pick from the following. Multiple answers are allowed:

[ ] Seas will rise! Tornadoes will wash up on the beaches! Insects will devour our iPhones!

[ ] I love Greta so much, but I just wish she would just smile more, like Marsha Brady.

[ ] I drive a Prius with a nucular-hardened electronic control panel, permanently tuned to NPR.

[ ] It’s the Kung Flu I’m worried about. Omega is coming. We need more floor stickers, NOW!!

[ ] We’ve got 2 tons of beans in #10 cans. We need more desiccant. It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity!

[ ] What was the middle one, again? I can’t get good internet down here in the bunker.
Remember that old "Doomsday Clock" that was just a few minutes or seconds from midnight a number of times during the Cold War? Well, that site says 100 seconds right now. I really think that thing should have been recalibrated long ago. Aren't these guys atomic scientists? They should be able to read that atomic clock then, and set this thing back to 11:30 or 11:45 - it takes time for those ballistic missiles to make it across the old DEW line.

We've had 3 decades, since the end of the Cold War, during which the Doomsday Clock was put away and left to run out its batteries. Now with the Deep State having aggressively pissed off Russia for that whole time and with things getting a little heated, people have pulled it back out. Only thing is, nobody knows how to work on it anymore. The H-1B visa atomic lab scientists are Chinese or Indian and don't know how to turn a screwdriver.

In comparison, I notice that there's no Doomsday Clock for the Climate! Crisis!. It's hard to figure an accurate timetable when you don't have a working mathematical model!

OK, well, to bring back Cold War memories, let's feature this old Dead song about The Day After, called (Walk me out in the) Morning Dew. This one was not an original, having been written by Canadian Folk singer/songwriter Bonnie Dobson back in 1962 - 3 years before the Dead was the Dead. That's the case with lots of Grateful Dead songs, but don't they always play it better?

This one is from their concert in the Winterland Ballroom (San Francisco) on October 18th of 1974, but if Mr. Ganderson can recommend his favorite, I'll switch them out.

Do they got any Global Warming Global Climate Disruption™ Climate! Crisis! songs this good?

Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone! Peak Stupidity will resume on a lighter note early next bidness week. How can you get any heavier, man?

Wednesday - March 16th 2022 5:39AM MST
PS: See, Mr. Hail, I still scan through to look for new comments, at least. (Plus I have access to the dBase directly, haha!)

Thank you for that history of TUR. Yes, Mr. Unz's work on the college admission data and story is the type of thing I think he's best at. If you think about it, it is somewhat along the vein of his best (actual, politica) work, getting rid of bi-lingual education in California.*

My opinion is close to yours. Mr. Unz tends to go down some rabbit holes while ignoring the rest of what's going on outside. Yes, he thinks China is the cat's Mao, and never wanted to listen to what I (been there 11 times) had to say about it. His big probem on the Kung Flu has been his fixation with "who done it?", with his, IMO, blame America first attitude, and again, pro-China** mind-set, rather than seeing ALL AROUND HIM the media and governments supporting and implementing, respectively, the Totalitarian efforts of the PanicFest.

More on TUR: Did it have the syndicated columnists all along, Mr. Hail? I mean, how about Pat Buchanan and such? (I know Michelle Malkin came only 2 years back, near the start of the PanicFest - haha, what timing! She's great on all issues I've ever read her write about.) How about Ron Paul?

I think it'd be so great if Ron Paul would read the comments, but I serously doubt it. I doubt he would ever remember he is even on TUR. I don't say this because he is old but just because he's a busy man. Would Pat Buchanan? Nah, his column probably appears in thousands of places, with many of them having their own comments section. Same thing, he probably doesn't even recall he's on TUR, and, I gotta say, Pat is probably too civil a guy to think he should associate with Ron Unz. He (Mr. Buchanan), bless his heart, still thinks it's 1985 out there.

Michelle Malkin does write comment in occasionally. Sometimes, she's pretty slow with the moderation thing. I figure that Dr. Paul and Pat B just set their moderation on a quick auto-timer. Same with Fred Reed, who I'm glad to have not heard from. (The problem for me is that I want to comment there with links, as he does get LOTS of reads. I know this, because when I used to check, I'd see that many views would come from links I'd put under his posts. Otherwise, I'd skip the guy entirely. He used to be very good.)

Finally about that Raches guy, Ron Unz is a really poor judge of people. I've seen him get on a whole kick about some Kung Flu stuff based on one anonymous commenter! ( I mean the guy had a handle, but it's not his name.) The guy may indeed have known his stuff - he sounded like it - but damn, Unz's mind is maybe TOO open. Back to Mr. Unz picking Raches. The guy writes like a literature professor. It was pretty amazing, and Mr. Unz got sucked in just due to the guy's style, that's all.

As for me, well, I argued with the guy, and it turned out we weren't far off of being in complete agreement on the Kung Flu, but he was just SUCH A DICK that I couldn't stand him. I'm pretty sure that's why he didn't last, as otherwise, he was a smart guy. I checked a couple of his posts/threads for fun, and half the stuff was explaining why he was removing comments or mad at this guy, etc. Who wants to hang out there?

* That was then. As I've hinted at to him once, and will say again if he gets into more of his "the Hispanic invasion is just fine" and "the 1965 Act" was about LEGAL immigration!" (I know if freaking was, Ron, but the thing is the illegal immigration from the south only started in earnest in the late 1970s. Only Hispanics I ever remember as a kid were on a farm.)... where was I ... I'll tell him "Hey, Mr. Unz, California will never have bi-lingual education due to your efforts. Pretty soon, everyone will be speaking Spanish and won't need it. No, they are not going to pay for White people and Orientals to learn it."

** Got a post coming on this. Hilarously, it is said that Shanghai is on LOCKDOWN now. Yes, they've defeating something there... the people, maybe?
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 8:40PM MST

A little more on the Audacious Epigone, Steve Sailer, and the Unz Review and their histories over the past ten or so years:

In its earliest years (pre-Steve Sailer, early 2010s), The Unz Review just re-posted articles by others. I don't think even Ron Unz's own works were originally published there.

Ron Unz's long 2012 expose on US college admissions, which walked up and dashed across the the 'line' in a way only a Jew could.

Although on surface level that investigative study was about the 'Asian' controversy, which remains ongoing, Unz looked at the issue over the past century rather than pretending history happened the day any given Tiger Mother in question stepped off an airplane for the first time onto US soil, be it ten or twenty or thirty years ago, all walking into an already-developed system. This was Unz at his best.

In that article, he shows there is clear evidence of systematic discrimination against White-Christians, who are under-represented at the 'Ivies,' and clear evidence of over-representation by Jews, even above what their considerable natural talents (IQ) would suggest, much less anything about their population-level overrepresentation. (This kind of argument would later become a stock-in-trade of Unz's writing, except that for some reason he came to drift in directions including pro-China, the Moon Landing, and that one guy who claims to be a whistleblower from the US Navy about CIA collusion with UFOs or however that went.)

In any case, that 2012 college admissions piece appeared in a late-2012 edition of the print magazine The American Conservative, once run by Pat Buchanan and which Steve Sailer sometimes published in, I think (e.g.) it being the original printed source of the term "hate hoax." A few years alter, all such writings by Ron Unz appeared originally at The Unz Review. (I think the Unz Review is in some ways worse for the lack of editorial oversight, but am willing to be convinced otherwise.)

Jumping to the late 2010s, there were multiple people writing for UR as their main venue, including people who originally were independent operations including Audacious Epigone and the "Russia booster" Anatoly Karlin, all I think paid some money by Unz to stick around. Others, who had 'columnist' slots, clearly paid attention to the thousands of readers they got through the UR funnel.

I believe Ron Unz may have gone overboard with adding too many regulars, and with potentially going in the direction of "fringe for fringe's sake" (= for shock value's sake?) rather than a better mission of "fringe but with something good to add."

Back to AE, a final thought or two:

AE's original site is now long gone, either deleted by Blogspot or deleted by himself. He also deactivated his own Twitter.... It's a shame to see losses of this kind. Is his entire corpus of work over fifteen years really dependent on the Unz Review (1) staying online, and (2) staying accessible (not shadow-banned or blocked by ISP etc)?

What happened to AE's replacement, Raches?

I briefly read one or two posts by Raches. His style was not to my liking, which is to say that basically I didn't understand what he was saying or what he was getting it. Raches' writing seemed performative. In real ways, a downgrade from AE, unless you are there to see that kind of 'performative' writing...
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 8:21PM MST
PS: OK, I got it now, Mr. Hail. Thanks.
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 8:14PM MST


I previously wrote: "Audacious Epigone originally began blogging on the old Blogspot in the mid-2000s, I think, the same place that hosted Steve Sailer (circa mid-2006 to mid-2014; in 2014, Ron Unz paid him to move to the then-new Unz Review)."

The part "in 2014, Ron Unz paid him to move to the then-new Unz Review" refers to Steve Sailer, not AE.

I think there were no other major writers on the Unz Review in when Steve Sailer moved over in June 2014, abandoning his old isteve.blogspot.com, a move which immediately injected a lot of pairs of eyeballs to the previously quiet site. I was among them.
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 6:36AM MST
PS: Alarmist, also, on the EMP from nukes, the preppers here keep something like that in mind, whether from nature or nukes. Additionally some of them (OK, US) don't count on that EMP not being a weapon used by our own government. One prepper novel I reviewed, "One Second After" is about an EMP scenario - it never really gets into the source, as I recall. I wrote what I call a "belated" book review, it's about one second after but written at least 5 YEARS after reading the book


Dieter and Mr. Hail, my impression of Antony Karlin was that, though he had lots of inside political information on what goes on in Russia, which I never could give a rat's ass about, but understood others would, he was also just a Russia booster. No, that's not nearly in the insane way Godfree Roberts is for China, of course. On this war prediction, was that why he made that prediction number 2, thinking the Russian military is the be-all-to-end-all.

That brings up the UR commenter named "FB" who I got into a long argument about the 737-MAX with. I've read lots of his other comments. He's a smart guy - maybe an aero engineer, I tend to think so, but he's one rude arrogant asshole and also believes Russia is the be-all-to-end-all. I've got nothing at all against the modern State of Russia (in both senses of "state"), but what goes on there is not my concern, and there's too much going on here for me to care about ANY of it.
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 6:22AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I am glad to get that more info about Audacious Epigone. My recollection comes only from getting onto the unz site at the very end of '16. He was not on there then, and it seemed a few years before his blog appeared, so we are in conflict on the details here. I do remember, of course, his leaving - with that last thread still on there.

I'd heard of him in a good light from Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire, as they must have read his blog somewhere else. This was before he was on unz, Additionally, possibly before, and definitely after, his blog was on unz, VDare would have an occasional (maybe once every couple of months) post by him on their site - which would have the usual like to TUR for comments.

To me everyone wrote about him as a good data guy. He would use that one HUGE social survey (started with "GS"-something?) for lots of posts. Was this already in his "phoning it in" time?

To me, AE's blog was pretty much the sanest on the site, especially as compared to some of the whacky stuff, that Mr. Unz publishes - well, note the masthead, so no complaints on all that, BTW. Anyway, on the Corona Panic, maybe he didn't come out forcefully against it, but in his posts and his comments (and he wrote back a lot, in a very respectful manner) I got the feeling the whole time that he thought this Kung Flu panic was nonsense. I noted in some of my comments a year or more ago (on TUR) that it was Ron Paul, AE, John Derbyshire, Michelle Malkin and the other 2 - Mike Whitney and C.J. Hopkins - were the voices of sanity on this PanicFest. That was as opposed to Steve Sailer (at least for 3-4 months) and especially Ron Unz himself.

Tuesday - March 15th 2022 6:09AM MST
PS: Alarmist, re Nuclear Winter: Because he got much more famous that the average Astrophysicist, Carl Sagan let the fame get to his head, IMO. I'm sure he was a smart guy, and maybe he didn't claim that nuclear winter was an absolute certainty (of course, it would depend on how many nukes are exploded along with whatever his model of the dust/ash cloud that supposedly was going to block enough sunlight to cause a catastrophe). However, he touted that nuclear winter idea all over - perhaps the Lyin' Press at the time encouraged him, or took that ball and ran with it past where Mr. Sagan wanted to go. I do remember the T-shirts too.

(The Lyin' Press had a nice fore-taste of how much Infotainment they could get out of Global Warming/Climate Change/etc.)
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 6:02AM MST

The Alarmist wrote: "several Bundesländer did try to go their own way in the early days, which is why Berlin had to clamp down to prevent any hope of success..."

If that's so, the Wuhan Failed Apocalypse proves once and for all that the supposed "federal" nature of Germany is a lie.

("Federal" is a word I've long noticed is misused, misunderstood especially in the US, or simply attached to country names in some ceremonial way.)
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 5:34AM MST

@Dieter, stock up on Sonnenblumenöl if you use it ... if you can find it.

@Hail, several Bundesländer did try to go their own way in the early days, which is why Berlin had to clamp down to prevent any hope of success. In fact, the biggest theme of Corona-chan, aside from totalitarian control, has been elimination of any comparator or control group possibilities. As I’ve said before, Frau Merkel was an Ossivergeltungswaffe, and her successors are carrying even more WEF water than she ever did. Did we ever expect that the Germans themselves would implement the Morganthau Plan? And yet, here we are.
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 5:10AM MST

Re: Mr Kief

on Austria vs Switzerland

An observation many were making early on, and it seems it held throughout, was that the experts who openly flew the Anti-Panic banner (= in spring 2020, the heretics) were disproportionately drawn from Northwest Europe, and especially Germanic countries, and more often Protestant-origin than Catholic-origin.

The biggest example that goes against that general model of Coronapanicking may be the Berlin government. Even now it remains one of the few holdouts loyally pushing mandates, as far as I know.

A strange entity it is, the Berlin government. The Bundesrepublik, as a political entity (a critical observer might say) is NOT reflective of its own people or traditions, and so in spring 2020 eventually fell on its long-practiced instinct to follow what it saw as the good people's international consensus, and especially the agenda set by Washington and the transatlantic elite. All else equal, a German government might have stuck to the Anti-Panic side all along. Or maybe large-country German political leaderships always end up this way (which is what American-in-Berlin C. J. Hopkins says, when he lazily calls Germany "Nazis" over the monstrous Covid regime).

If the Bundesrepublik were ten small countries instead of one large country, I am guessing seven or eight or nine would have looked more like Sweden than like Austria, maybe a few would have exactly followed the Sweden model. If such small countries (
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 4:52AM MST

Anatoly Karlin predicted two things on Feb 23,2022, one day before the Russian invasion or "regime-change operation" began.

Karlin predicted:

(1) There is now a 70% chance of an invasion in the coming days (before March 1);

(2) If such an invasion happens, the last Ukrainian resistance of any importance will end within seven days, 90% chance

The first prediction was right...

...But the second prediction seems both wrong and boldly wrong.

With perfect hindsight, we can see it was overconfidence, even classic hubris seen so often in the annals of history. Really the same comment they are making of Putin himself. Putin (the common refrain goes) thought the whole barn would collapse once you kick in its rotten front door. That has not happened, instead galvanizing the Ukrainians---as well as triggering what seems a crazed overreaction from the West.

The remaining 10% of Karlin's prediction-number-two (end of Ukrainian Army resistance before Day 7) must include some % that final Ukrainian resistance would wind down between Day 7 and Day 14, and some more % that it would wind down between Day 14 and Day 21. So the implied chance there would still be active fighting at Day 21 would be around ***20:1 odds against***, per Karlin.

It is now Day 19...

Yes, Karlin miscalculated on the Ukraine War.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 4:36AM MST
PS Alarmist - Anatoly Karlin discussed the nuclear winter concept in some depth some time ago and came to the conclusion that it'd NOT be a thing. I'd really like to know who else - knows this and - what they (= certain government people?) think about that stuff.
Sitting in cold living rooms with TV, internet and playstation dead might be even harder for Westerners than to live on without Hermes handbags and Gucci dresses and Bally shoes for the Russian happy few.
So far the economy here is doing quite well. Wall St. fine as so often. Gold up a bit, but not much... - Business as usual, almost. Huh?
The Alarmist
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 3:45AM MST

I occasionally tune into 8992khz to see if the tempo of EAM traffic has picked up. It hasn’t been particularly alarming lately, but who knows.

@Yuri, I gave the decadent West a sell-by date of 2033, but the MFsIC have decided to step up the ops tempo of decline. The Russkies are fortunate in that previous sanctions and shunning forced them to be more self-reliant. “Boo hoo, poor Russians can’t buy Louis Vuitton handbags or Bally Shoes” ... yeah, that really hurts them. AFAIK, the price of apples in RUB is probably not much different from where it was last year, and Russia is sitting on a lot of fertiliser that the West would have bought this year but now can’t. We in Europe are going to be broker and hungrier this summer and likely sitting in cold, dark houses next winter. Yay Ukraine! As far as I am concerned, if the Comedian of Kiev wants a no-fly zone, he can send the Ukie Air Force up to enforce it ... oh, they’re out of aircraft and fuel? As for that joker in Estonia, the no-fly zone he might end up getting is over his own country. Interesting times indeed.

BTW, @Moderator, Nuclear Winter is a hypothesis... we have no idea whether it would pan out or not with the 1980s inventory. Today’s nuke inventory is a fraction of that of the ‘80s, so the hypothesis is even less likely to pan out if we go all DEFON 1 on each other. In any case, the more likely scenario would be a few EMP bursts that leave a few hundred millions in CONUS and ETO sitting in dark houses with iToys that can only be used as paperweights. Would that be something worth full SIOP retaliation, which would certainly be justifiable for a counter-force strike on the weapons systems or a counter-value strike vapourise the cities? Who knows, but my money is on the Neocons grabbing any opportunity to let the missiles fly. Was 1914 really an accident?

@Dieter, Austria has been the epicentre of disaster for the German-Speaking peoples for a couple centuries. The real crime is that a lot of bad things come out of Austria, but the poor Germans end up getting all the blame.

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - March 15th 2022 2:22AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail wrote something I find too strange almost to disagree*****:"In all The Corona-Panic I still feel is the worst of them all. A world of constant Corona-Panic conditions seems like it would be even worse than some kind of limited nuclear war."
***** since a few days, I'm in Vienna mode. Vienna 125 ff. that is. In those days, the tirelessly press- and society- and Government-critic Karl Kraus was the most famous public intellectual. What he wrote was very close to a blog, only that he did publicise his posts in monthly collections in his periodical Die Fackel, which in the end added up to something like 25 000 pages - 90+% written by Kraus himself. He did public readings too and drew large crowds. He was a celebrity for intellectual reasons - maybe the first in world history. Nobel prize laureate Elias Canetti's autobiography consists of three books, and one of them has Karl Kraus in the title: The Torch in the Ear - The Torch = Die Fackel - so: You could almost say, that the most important individual in Elias Canetti's autobiography is not Canetti, but - the ever so crass/cool/ - critical/hysterical...Karl Kraus...
But in the end, it turned out, that Karl Kraus (and Catholic Austria in total) lost the Roaring Twenties and Desperate Thirties intellectual competition with neighboring Switzerland, even though in Vienna everything looked more inspired and - intellectually and artistically (the Secession, I've mentioned before, the Vienna Circle of the famous philosophers / logicians, the scientists - the classical musicians the popular song, the theatre. everything looked more spectacular and so much more attractive, but in the end, one would conclude, while looking back, that the evangelical Zürich / Swiss society with its much more humble ways in almost all regards did find the much more fruitful path out of the everyday confusions of the first third of the Twentieth century. The churches did play a big part in this outcome as did  the Swiss media (very much restricted in tone, very accurate - and the sound state of the (direct) democracy there).Strangely enough that pattern resurfaced in the Corona panic times. Switzerland is among the countries that did best, Austria among those which did not do so well in Europe, Corona-wise. Swiss hospitals worked just fine throughout, excess Excess mortality in Switzerland seems to have been much lower in Switzerland (the methodology is crucial here. I skip that. But it is definitely the case that Switzerland was much less hysterical and confused and repressive than Austria and saw much more accurate public debates too. Vaccine-necessity in Asutia - vaccine liberty in Switzerland. Whether you took the vaccine or not was by and large up to you in Switzerland. Vaccination rate for the healthy under 60 was much lower than in Austria. Swiss public communication about Corona was less dramatic and less (much less!) restricted/manipulative than the Austrian one (and the Austrian one was less restricted/manipulative than the German one...). Aha: Too strange to disagree is the Austrian laid-back attitude that resurfaces in lots of ways. This is part of the Austrian (catholic, playful, ironic, death-adoring mentality. - A very popular song in Austria is wolfgang ambros' Es lebe der Zentralfriedhof - - - - Zentralfriedhof. The Vienna Central Cemetery: One of the most revered public spaces in all of Austria. The song's title in translation: Long Live the Zentral Cemetery (Subtitle, kinda: And Long live All its Deaths!! The song is performed in a melancholically-jubilant way (I love to sing it myself a lot).


So - this is the Austrian equivalent to the Grateful Dead's mindset, heheh!

PS - thx Adam - tiny url works fine!
Demoralization by Yuri Bezmenov
Monday - March 14th 2022 10:45PM MST
PS People have no idea what Russia has built up while an internal fifth column in the former USA was burning it all down better.
A rude shock is coming for a delusional peak stupidity society and it probably will be put out of its misery.
In Ukraine they are using old tanks and not the Armada.
The Sukhoi PAK-FA and SU-27 Flanker are not no go showboats and they would blast obsolete MIG 29's right out of the sky.
After the Chinese stocks drop earlier they are now open to helping Putin and India is open to buying oil from Russia at reduced rates.
Monday - March 14th 2022 8:19PM MST

Audacious Epigone originally began blogging on the old Blogspot in the mid-2000s, I think, the same place that hosted Steve Sailer (circa mid-2006 to mid-2014; in 2014, Ron Unz paid him to move to the then-new Unz Review).

My understanding is Audacious Epigone was born in the early or mid 1980s, got married in the mid-2010s or so, and by about 2019 his wife had had about two children. By 2018, the new family obligations or maybe time-requests from his wife pushed him to start taking less time on what he did, and he was on course to winding down.

I also think AE basically steered a Neutralist course on the Corona Question in 2020 and 2021. In doing so, I think he failed to identify the biggest crisis of our time by failing to identify the Corona-Panic phenomenon for what it was. That, or he lacked the courage or will to stand out on it. At the same time, he did NOT dump slimy buckets of Panic on his readers and regulars as so many did in the critical period, much less censor or ban Anti-Panickers in his own commentariat (this is what The Saker did; he instituted a full ban on really ANY comments critical of the Panic in really any way, in place still as of 2021 when I last checked).

AE seemed to be heading for blogging-retirement for some time before he hung it up in mid-2021. He had briefly retired a year or two earlier, citing a family health emergency, but then returned when the emergency resolved for the better.

He may have kept writing to mid-2021 only out of a financial obligation to Unz, who I think pays all his top writers and if money changes hands there must be a contract involved, which AE fulfilled and then hit the old dusty trail.

AE kept making his famous graphs until the end, but IMO there was a "phoning it in" quality to some of his later output, before he announced his blogging-retirement, which is a good sign to take time off or retire or take time off or shift resources somehow. I recall Anti-Gnostic once said this of his own blog, that he (Anti-Gnostic) felt he ran out of things to say, and he seemed to prefer the medium of participating as part of the commentariat of other writers, and his Steve Sailer comments are excellent. There are many others of this type. Intelligent Dasein comes to mind.

I assume AE will be back at some point. It's not yet been a year. Check back in 2025.

I think I first read AE in about 2009. I am glad I did. I appreciate all his efforts through the years. You are not forgotten, Mr Epigone.
Monday - March 14th 2022 7:44PM MST
PS: Well, you know that was in fun, Mr. Hail, and your answers are what I'd like to give on a lot of the questions they are polling on. My experience with the Gallup people for 30 to 45 minutes caused me to lose all confidence in that kind of thing.

Regarding most of the rest of your comment, I will say that Steve Sailer is pretty astute with his reasons for the hysteria (as much as he was sucked into one of those deals himself). People talk about the Social Media, but Mr. Sailer gets into the details and psychology of the people on there occasionally. It's like 14 y/o girls trying to run the world with all this. I don't hear too many solutions out of him or others on how to solve this. I've got plenty - they involve shutting down big parts of governments that take parental involvement away or interfere with it.

Many people understand the problems but are not actually Conservative enough to understand the solutions.

For readers who wouldn't know, "AE" is Audacious Epigone, who had his own blog but was then given space for a blog (with the great commenting system) on The Unz Review. His tone was very civil, with short to-the-point posts, and he engaged more with the commenters than ANY of the bloggers I've read on that site. He quit for his own personal reasons after a couple of years (?)

Because of what I know about polling, I sometimes threw my hands up at all his analysis of the graphs (usually bar graphs, and nicely color-coded with the CORRECT colors!) When you've got garbage in, you're wasting your time. It still was good discussion. Most especially, I liked AE's occasional posts about financial topics. I had no argument on that stuff - he sounded as if he'd read Zerohedge for a few years, with a side of Ron Paul. Good stuff!
Monday - March 14th 2022 7:27PM MST

"Mr. Hail, what is/are your answer(s) to the 2nd poll question?"

I would be a "Refuse" on that one because all the answers are bad.

Climate Change vs. Corona-Panic vs. Russia-Panic (or Ukraine-War-Panic) vs. old-tyme nuclear war fears, and then the transient but politically important shorter-duration frenzies like Kavanaugh (late 2018), to Black Lives Matter's patriotic riots against whites police or all white-christian oppressors (several cycles but destructive and in psychotic-break-with-reality territory in mid-2020 for a few weeks), to a similar desire to suppress a fantasy "insurrection" in early 2021, to the whole several-years-long cycle of pushing Transgendered Rights that emerged seemingly out of a lunatic-fringe in the mid-2010s, to probably more events I'm not thinking of.

The real problem is none of the named problems or events (social phenomena) The real problem is something has snapped into place in our time that is tantamount to a doomsday device locked in our civilizational consciousness. Cycles of hysterias now set the tone. The more I think about it, the worse it seems. The Corona-Panic I still feel is the worst of them all. A world of constant Corona-Panic conditions seems like it would be even worse than some kind of limited nuclear war.

If spirit inspired me to start talking like the above, to the Stupidity Inc Public Opinion pollster, he'd have long since hung up. And when Audacious Epigone made a graph of the results, AE would exclude the data portion which includes me because AE always excludes the "I Don't Know's" and the "Refuse/Other" responses.

(Good luck to you, AE, wherever you are; I hope in time you might resurface.)
Sunday - March 13th 2022 5:39PM MST

Mr. Moderator, you have picked my fave. The one on Europe ‘72 is quite nice as well.

Dead and Co have it in their rotation.
lThe Alarmist
Sunday - March 13th 2022 5:24PM MST

Plan A for my eventual need to flee the EU is to steal a Gulfstream 5, if one can be found. I’m willing to take an A-330 or 747, but neither of those is stealthy or suited to nap of the earth flying.

Plab B is to sail away, but I also haven’t done much saling since my younger days. I did once join as crew on a 13 meter boat to cross the Atlantic. I don’t relish the prospect of doing it as a two-person crew. I have better ods with the 747.
Sunday - March 13th 2022 4:59PM MST

Achmed - I would liked to have added sailing to my repertoire, but that's well above my pay-grade at this point.
Sunday - March 13th 2022 4:54PM MST
PS: Alarmist, thank you for reminding me of that joke. I will try to remember it for longer this time, as it's a good one.

A-G, you are an avid sailor, I presume? I sailed some long ago, but then I got into faster forms of transportation. Do I need to put more Parrothead music here on the site? (I am a fan.)
Sunday - March 13th 2022 4:52PM MST
PS: Yeah, but get Marcia (excuse my spelling, Alarmist - you are right) out in the North Atlantic without any conditioner, and let's see how SHE looks! OK, yeah, who am I kidding? It's always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Mr. Smith, of course I read that VDare article as I do ALL of them (but probably an occasional 1% of them I miss). They niece Le Pan is supporting the more CONservative, aka, less CUCKservative candidate, and she is also a hottie.

Well, I watched the 21 minute one, because I couldn't believe someone would spend that 3-4 hours of craftsmanship (even after knowing what he was going to do and screwing around for a half day beforehand), with that mesmerizing music to make a perpetual motion machine fake-out video. If nothing else, he'll help a lot of guys get better with tools. Fun, though.
Sunday - March 13th 2022 3:40PM MST


Mr. Smith - I'd be smiling too.

If I were on my fully crewed, state-of-the-art, ocean-rated catamaran wearing custom gear I didn't have to pay for, I'd be grinning from ear to goddam ear.

Brother, you could not BEAT the shit-eating grin off my face as I raced along the waves thinking about all the miserable proles stuck cheek-to-jowl in flying buses with other proles, instead of on my state-of-the-art oceangoing yacht.

"Fuck you right in your prole exhaust pipes stupid proles!," I'd yell, from my widely-smiling face.
The Alarmist
Sunday - March 13th 2022 1:45PM MST

First, Greta will never be a Marcia ... she will, at best, be a Jan.

I used to say that I wanted to go like Nelson Rockefeller, in a Manhattan townhouse and under my 22 y.o. blonde secretary. But since then, I’ve married and matured.

Nowadays, I want to go like my grandfather, peacefully in his sleep, and not like the three screaming passengers in the car he was driving.
Adam Smith
Sunday - March 13th 2022 12:35PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Blanc,


Sunday - March 13th 2022 12:22PM MST
PS So, what you’re saying is, “Do not bend, fold, or mutilate”. (If anyone else here is old enough to remember that.)
Adam Smith
Sunday - March 13th 2022 11:12AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

I agree with Messrs. Alarmist and Hail...
No thanks on the blast waves and radiation.
Yes please on more trees and yummy cattle.

And especially Mr. Blanc...
“Dies peacefully in bed, surrounded by friends and family” = Definitely Yes! Please!

“We need more desiccant. It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity!”
Are you saying stupidity thrives in humidity?

Note to self... Run fiber to the bunker...
'twould be no fun waiting for the fallout to clear with no interwebs.
(Assuming they keep the data centers running.)

Thinking about building one of these for the bunker...

□ Proof of concept?

□ Hoax?

And so Achmed can get paid...

☑ I love Greta so much, but I just wish she would just smile more, like Marsha Brady.


Sunday - March 13th 2022 10:39AM MST
PS: No, see, you don't get how polling works, Mr. Blanc. You can't just go making up answers, cause we have no place to enter them. Pick one of ours, so I can get paid, OK?

Sunday - March 13th 2022 10:04AM MST
PS My preference is, “Dies peacefully in bed, surrounded by friends and family”. May I have that?
Sunday - March 13th 2022 8:30AM MST
PS: The heat island effect is a big one, M. I don't think there was a way around that before cheap communication, solar power, and such on remote sensors. For instance one can now put little weather stations on buoys way out in the ocean and have them send in info continually.

I don't fault all the Climatologists that are in it to learn, but what happens is that it's very tempting to get more money and more fame by:
a) Working on the research that THEY want for the narrative..
b) Giving short shrift to results that don't match the narrative.
c) Putting in the worst of alarmist (sorry, man) conclusions in their papers, that being the only part that "science journalists" can read.

I could go on, but as I wrote to Alarmist, I do have a topic key - most of the stuff is going back 5 years.
Sunday - March 13th 2022 8:25AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, what is/are your answer(s) to the 2nd poll question?

BTW, regarding that weird "antblog" bug that I experienced twice on your site, I've seen the same sort of thing elsewhere. I was just pointing it out. Maybe it IS somehow on my end. (I don't think I ever was on that useless page it linked to either, except when I was checking the problem out.)

It will be interesting to see if that ever happens (with the same or different information filled in) on another computer. I wouldn't worry about it.
Sunday - March 13th 2022 8:20AM MST
PS: Well, Alarmist, I have agreed with everything you wrote there likely longer than you have. No, I don't know that, but I can remember talking to an engineer friend about this stuff more than 20 years ago. It was already getting too big and too stupid back then.

I have the Global Climate Disruption topic key here that I tagged to a bunch of posts early on in this blog. I figured I had said all I wanted to about it, and I really thought the whole thing would be left behind (first, it seemed it was fading out maybe 5-10 years ago and then the dreaded Kung Flu took up all of people's worry-energy).

What I hate is the deception that works on people who've never taken a lick of science, such as saying "carbon emissions" Carbon Dioxide is not Carbon, and emission have connotations of pollution, as in "don't breath that stuff!" It's purposefully deceptive, even if you did really think your models of the whole earth's climate are correct.
Sunday - March 13th 2022 6:30AM MST
"they keep putting up new thermometers around airports and in cities"

It's relatively cheap to get measurements from airport and urban thermometers.
Since the "climate scientists" live in cities, they don't want to have to drive too far to check or maintain them.
"But this makes the model less accurate!"
"We can compensate for that. We've done it for the existing ones after all."
Sunday - March 13th 2022 5:43AM MST

"I’d rather wake up tomorrow to searing heat, a blast wave, a poisonous radiation dose, and long term cancer-causing nuclear fall-out rather than the Climate! Crisis!."

Strongly Disagree
The Alarmist
Sunday - March 13th 2022 3:40AM MST

Considering they keep silencing all serious evidence that climate change is way overblown, including one Australian researcher’s evidence the Great Barrier Reef is doing OK, I’ll take my chances with global warming, thankyou.

It’s funny how they keep putting up new thermometers around airports and in cities, both notorious heat sinks; they’re also measuring temperatures in places where they have rarely, if ever, been measured before, and backfilling the data in some cases. Then they tell us we are hitting new records each year, but remote temperature sensing by satellite has been relatively flat over the last four decades.

BTW, most of the plant life on Earth evolved when atmospheric CO2 levels were close to 2,500 ppm, roughly six times what it is today. If anything, we need more CO2 in the atmosphere. The CO2 fanatics worry about sea level, but don’t care one white about turning the planet back into a snowball by starving all the plant life.

Don’t get me started on the “don’t eat meat scam,” suffice it to say that ruminants like cows eating grass is a far more sane and sustainable way to sequester and redirect carbon to the benefit of the planet than the nutcase efforts to pump it into Norwegian rocks.
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