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Posted On: Saturday - March 12th 2022 7:43AM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

A week ago Peak Stupidity asked the question "Is the Russia/Ukraine War another piece of Infotainment?" in the affirmative. Mr. E.H. Hail, of the Hail to You blog agrees - if you haven't already, check out his latest post - In search of a “Ukraine-War-Panic”–“Corona-Panic” Venn diagram*. It's not nearly the same issue and likely a somewhat more serious issue for the world, but for Americans it has become the next piece of Infotainment.

It's kind of nice how they segued from the Kung Flu PanicFest to the next one so smoothly. What's nice for me is that, simply put, I don't care that much what Vladimir Putin and the Russians do in the Ukraine**, and, at the same time, people are lightening the heck up about all the Covid nonsense here. That latter is the case at the government and Big Biz levels too, in addition to the (formerly?) normal people.

However, that doesn't mean the stupidity doesn't stick around for a while (on doorknobs, exercise machines, our hands, you name it). After that introduction let me get to the anecdotes. What was nice is that this was all in one morning. Want to start a blog about stupidity, readers? Get outside for a few hours.

I will have to get my first Covid-19 test of any kind. I have not been worried about the Kung Flu for myself*** and had no reason to do this before. It's required for something I've got to do at the doctor's. It was pleasant to talk to the nice cute white pharmacist girl, who must be new to that store. I knew I could have an actual conversation, and she gave me all the info. I had one more question though: "Oh, how much does it cost?" "It's free." "Really, how's that?" "It's covered." Well, OK, "Covered by who? Oh, OK, the taxpayers. Cool." No use getting into a rant, but I've heard of this "free" testing before. Incentives, anyone? More tests = more "cases".

Next, to the haircut place. After going through the usual stressful rigamarole about "Are you in the computer?" "No, I'm here for a haircut." "We've got to put something in the computer.", and my thinking "I know what you can put into that computer.", we got going, and I finally noticed that nobody told me to put a face mask on. This is pretty new. The girls in there still all wore them.

That leads into the check-out girl at the grocery store, a little bit later. She was new too, and also fairly cute, hence the reason I ended up in that line - just a habit. She had no face mask on. That was DEFINITELY a brand new thing. This store has been overboard with the Panicking since early on. I even wore a face mask in there some of the time for a couple of months back in early summer of '20, as I thought they WOULD kick me out for sure otherwise. Then, I didn't, anymore and they gave up trying to hand me one at the entrance.

I asked this young lady about it. "Oh, they finally don't require these face masks anymore? That's got to be nice." "No, they aren't required." She was obviously new, as I find it hard to believe that every single employee for the last 2 years had been wearing one on his own. "Well, it seemed everyone had to have one till now." "No, you don't have to have one on, but anyone can wear one if they want." You don't say! "Well, yeah, sure you can wear whatever you want." What the heck ...?****

It'd be a hell of a thing for businesses to start banning these masks right now. It'd be kind of fun to do so for one's own business, but it'd sure look stupid for this particular grocery store. Discussion about the banning of mask wearing was in the comments here under our recent post Covid Conversations. As a serious Libertarian, I think private businesses have every right to ban them (especially banks), but I don't agree with laws banning face masks. Though it's unfortunately been the left, in particular, doing this before the PanicFest, to me wearing face masks can be a small impediment to the continued implementation of the Orwellian Police State - see The masks of the Antifa - a question of anonymity.

Let me go back about 5 minutes from this 3rd anecdote to the store itself. Mask wearing was down. I'd say it went from 85-90% last week to under 50%. As I've noted in posts such as Menstruation Nation, this seems to go in cycles. The moon is a waxing gibbous right now. Give it a few days.

I hope these face diaper cycles will end soon. Are we approaching mask-o-pause?

PS: Yes, the site is loading very slowly today. Please accept my apologies. I have no idea why.

* From his title, one can see that Mr. Hail is interested in analyzing the people who have been sucked in (or not) by this latest 24/7 mediafest.

** Though I can see the next Cold War coming, brought on almost solely by the American Deep State. Do we have the money this time? (Quick answer - NFW!)

*** I've been exposed to everybody and every thing for 2 years. I don't take ANY of those extra hand-wringing hand-washing precautions that my wife sucked me into for a while near the beginning anymore. If this thing will still infect me, let me tell you, it's not much more contagious than ingrown toenails. (Or, I got infected, and it didn't do squat - more likely, I'd say.)

**** A [sic] tag should be next to that "their" for 3rd-person singular, but I was trying not to interrupt.

Adam Smith
Sunday - March 13th 2022 12:21PM MST
PS: Good afternoon,

Thanks for the news, Night of the Box Wine Aunties.


“Iran has confirmed it fired 12 missiles from its territory that fell near the newly-constructed US consulate in Erbil in northwestern Iraq on Saturday night.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) claimed responsibility for the attack on Sunday morning, and said it was a response to the “recent crimes of the fake Zionist regime.”

“Following the recent crimes of the fake Zionist regime and the previous announcement that the crimes and evils of this infamous regime will not go unanswered; the ‘Strategic Center of Conspiracy and Evil of the Zionists’ was targeted last night by powerful and point-to-point missiles of the IRGC,” said its statement.”


“Iran has claimed responsibility for a missile barrage that struck early on Sunday near a sprawling US consulate complex in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil, saying it was retaliation for an Israeli strike in Syria that killed two of its Revolutionary Guards.”

“You make me wonder what would happen if I put out a Russian flag at the house. I don't even know what a modern one looks like.” - Achmed


Sunday - March 13th 2022 8:44AM MST
PS: NofBWA, I don't keep up with all that. You make me wonder what would happen if I put out a Russian flag at the house. I don't even know what a modern one looks like. I guess the local Commies would have no problem with the old hammer and sickle though... I do appreciate your info and your take on the matter. It's all so tiresome, as the Chinaman said... (who was that, Confucius?)
Sunday - March 13th 2022 8:41AM MST
PS: I think you are right that the spontaneous (at least the way it grew) Canadian trucker protest scared some of the elites, Mr. Hail. Besides backing down on the Kung Flu Totalitarianism (never fully, as the infrastructure is still in place*), I really suspect that this is why the Lyin' Press narrative segued swiftly and smoothly into the Ukraine/Russia BIG STORY.

The American convoy could have a been a big thing, but the media I've seen have refused to report on it. I looked through the yahoo headlines, as much as that pains me, and through over 50 of them, not a peep. If it's not in the news, it's not happening, for most people.

* I.e, masking on airplanes, due to end April 18th, could come back any time someone flips the switch.
Sunday - March 13th 2022 8:34AM MST
PS: "I did see that Dementia Joe extended the mandate on airplanes for another month." Yep, Mr. Ganderson, via the TSA, everyone's favorite part of the airline travel experience.

I'm also glad to hear from you that they are calming TF down over there.
Night of the Box Wine Aunties
Saturday - March 12th 2022 9:42PM MST
PS The Kraine colors are now associated with the COV-LARP and an astute commenter noted that the No Fans Left league L.A. Rams also have the Kraine color scheme.
Cold-the Rona plandemic.
Hot-WWIII for the Ukraine CPUSA cookie jar.
Did you hear abut missiles from Iran striking the U.S. Consulate in Erbil Iraq earlier tonight, about several hours ago give or take?
At least we won't have any mean orange tweets under the 7500 degree mushroom cloud.
Saturday - March 12th 2022 5:48PM MST

The Corona-managed-deescalation, in retrospect, was in effect by LATE January 2022 and held throughout February 2022, though I don't think it was all generally clear to the median person in the West until weeks into what was going on.

I again can't help but give a lot of credit to the heroes up in Canada. They may not have caused it, but they put just enough pressure at just the right time to cause a rotted-out barn door to cave in fast.

If the deescalation holds throughout March, it'll be a big win. Because they're not going to bring these things back in (northern hemisphere) high spring, or summer, or even early fall, and by then it'll be near nine months of life lived in the Panic-deescalation period (early 2022) or in an outright non-Panic period (spring, summer, early fall 2022). It'll be much harder to bring these things back, especially ahead of US elections in Nov 2023. But the culture will also have changed.

A big question is how long vaccine mandates or remnants of the QR-code scanning systems will last (i.e., Chinese-style surveillance-control-"social credit" system infrastructures).

The free market is already at work: it is said that tourism to COSTA RICA has boomed the past six months, well exceeding its own 2019 levels: they have been one of the places with strictly no b.s., no vaccine mandates, no tests, no quarantines, nothing except a trivial health-insurance fee (which will likely soon also be axed).

I've been often wrong about Corona-predictions, but this time it seems more durable than previous deescalations.

The Panic always seemed to have the some hidden source of wind to push into its sails after a period of looking possible adrift, but it may finally have hit a doldrums out of which it will not escape and torment us again, at least in exactly this form (the remnants of the spring 2020 Wuhan Apocalypse Cult).
Saturday - March 12th 2022 5:28PM MST

It's now clear there was a managed deescalation of the Corona-Panic in January and February 2022, international in scope and comprehensive in scale. A pretty full-on retreat by the remaining Corona-fanatics, Corona-enforcers, the shrinking pool of Corona-demagogues, the Great Resetters, and other hangers-on.

I assume there are still lots of individual bands of Coronapanickers out there. But without "Regime" backing and without media backing, it cannot be maintained. The US media shows appears to show almost no interest at all anymore in any part of the once-mighty Corona-Panic starting Feb 24, 2022 (Russia-Ukraine war day).
Saturday - March 12th 2022 3:14PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I was off the NET. Just now, I thought "11 comments in a coupla hours! I'm the next Steve Sailer, OK, Godfree Roberts?" I'll take 'em off in a few minutes.

The site was very slow earlier today, as per my PS on the post. I did the same myself earlier. No problemo.
Saturday - March 12th 2022 3:13PM MST
PS Ganderson: Thanks for the report from the Belly of the Beast (Chicago is no better). Sorry to hear about the airline mandate. Mme and I and the cat are flying back to winter in about a week. I was hoping that the flight would be “diaper of obedience”* free.

* Good one. I’ll be using it.
Saturday - March 12th 2022 3:10PM MST
PS MOD: Sorry about that. I was getting no indication that the item was being posted, so I kept trying. Please eliminate duplicates.
Saturday - March 12th 2022 2:28PM MST
PS We get the point, Mr. Blanc. 😀

Here in mask central a miracle has happened- the town has ended its mask mandate. Still many wearing masks this morning on my trip downtown- the woman in the bagel place said the company is still making them wear the diaper of obedience. And no masks at the hockey game tonight!

Most of the masks were worn by moonbat women and Asians- I got the stink eye from one woman in the bagel store, but she didn’t say anything.

I did see that Dementia Joe extended the mandate on airplanes for another month.
Saturday - March 12th 2022 1:05PM MST
PS It looks as if it’s just about over. I wouldn’t put it past Totally Legit Joe and His Merry Pranksters to try it on again when the Ukraine brouhaha quietens down, if they haven’t come up with some new wheeze*, but that could blow up in their faces. Even Normie seems tired of it.

* Maybe the public executions of the JAN 6 insurrectionists?
Saturday - March 12th 2022 9:56AM MST
PS: I suppose they'll wear them until only a certain threshold of people are wearing them. Below that, they will feel left out and will find something else to bitch about on nextdoor, like our fireplace putting out, like, smoke ...

That's a good point though. Some older people may be genuinely still worried, with good reason or not. For an otherwise healthy young person, yeah, it'll be a signal to me. I can't believe how many people at the HEALTH FOOD STORE have them on. "Hey people, we're all healthy in here! Take them off."

(Way back a year ago, when they finally re-opened, the one health food store force me to either wear a mask to check out or leave my stuff. They would have eaten it, money wise, that bulk food, but I didn't know where else I could get it.)
Saturday - March 12th 2022 8:28AM MST
PS Can you imagine the covidian carens dealing with a mandate-less mask world?? Now, they'll only be able to b**** about it to their fellow psychos on nextdoor. Unfortunately, it'll most likely be mask optional, so they can still feel safe. However, as I mentioned in an earlier post, they'll also be self identifying as the tards in our midst.
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