Beans, Beaners, and Political Correctness

Posted On: Saturday - March 4th 2017 4:57PM MST
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I will put a disclaimer at the top of this post, just because I think this is the right post in which to, not for my conscience, as it does not run the show here. After having written quite a few posts on the Immigration Stupidity topic, I know I may have offended multiple individuals. That doesn't bother me a bit, as this site is a certified Equal Opportunity Offender by the US Dept. of De Of fense. This is really just about my thoughts of a few friends who may read this getting the wrong idea.

As often said on VDare, many people aren't particularly anti-immigrant though they may be totally against any (further) immigration, for lots of good reasons. I can't say this for all regions of the globe, but I have have and have had friends from many far-away place. I have good friends who came from the Far East - some long ago and some not, and way back some friends from Latin America and Eastern Europe. In some places where I was not a local, I fit in with them better than local Americans in fact. The people I am talking about fit into America, back when that was just the thing to do, except for the politically correct part, so that works out great for me. Yeah, I'm really not writing this to cover my ass - it's true and needed to be said. Anyhoo ...

Upon having a comment blocked from appearing on one of my favorite websites, I had to look back (it helps to save em) and see what was the problem with it. I don't begrudge anyone who runs a site from blocking stuff that may cause a problem in some way the the commenters possibly would not foresee. The comment was not particularly pertinent, but that hasn't stopped me before.

It turns out, from my testing, I had used the word "beaner" in reference to a particular Mexican guy that I can't stand, named George Ramos, or Jorge, if you will. I had only heard of this guy from viewing this video on youtube of Ann Coulter tearing him a new one back in '15 when she was promoting her Adios America book, subsequently allegedly read by Donald Trump - heck you know the rest.

(youtube came up with multiple videos, in case you didn't like that one: "Showing results for ann coulter tears jorge ramos a new one Search instead for ann coulter tears george ramos a new one". ;-)

What was the subject? Oh, beans, beaners and political correctness. We were in a phase in my household in which we ate a lot of beans for health reasons. I mean, 2 lb. of beans in the crockpot with a gallon or two of water, cook for 4 hours, and presto - protein city without the sat-fat. While at the best grocery store for beans - it had 1/2 of one side of a long aisle full, I contemplated the purchase of a new type of bean to make it 8-10 types in the mix. I cannot now remember which type, but upon not reaching the wife on the blower, I noticed a Mexican lady about 20 ft. away in the same aisle.

"Hey, you'd know about beans, right?" I asked. See, I knew that this lady wouldn't mind, because unfortunately, it's the damn Americans (and Euros, of course) who now are the Kings (and Queens, of course) of PC, not the foreigners. This Mexican lady not only told me these beans were pretty good, but she started giving me recipes! I really couldn't remember all of it, but I thanked her and put the beans in the buggy. Now, she might mind being called a beaner because that is just rude, but I doubt if an ordinary Mexican overheard the word he's going to have a cow about it. Most of the time, people are pretty mellow, or the ones without chips on their shoulders are.

Do you really want Political Incorrectness? I'll give you some. This is Wall of Voodoo from the early 1980's - watch it, you beaners, and tell me that this wasn't a great country still back then (even MTV didn't suck!)!

Hahaaa, I can't forget that image of the guy's face coming out of the pot of beans at the end. (ooops, spoiler alert!)

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