Inflation indexed to the Rockford/Davenport basket of goods

Posted On: Wednesday - March 9th 2022 7:57PM MST
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(Not quite the scene I watched, but good enough to bring back memories.)

If you've read either this or this Peak Stupidity post, or both, you will know we are on a Jim Rockford (The Rockford Files) kick, which brings us back nearly half a century. There is also one portion of the recent post President's Day and other PS tidbits in which we mention this show in the context of inflation.

In that discussion of the show I brought up a scene involving hot dogs. It was 2 gourmet hot dogs, mind you, bought inside a fancy financial center office building, and we noted that Jim was stuck with the bill of gasp, $6.36! That gave us a long-term compounded inflation rate of 2.6%, but the problem was that it's hard for me to get an apples-to-apples comparison to those gourmet hot dogs.

The show had a running gag of Jim Rockford not only not getting paid, but getting stuck with the tabs too. In the 4th-to-last episode of Season 1, where I stand now in my viewing (OK, I lay back on the couch, actually), there's a scene with Jim's lawyer Beth Davenport. (The actress is Gretchen Corbett - pretty and 1970's-ish). In this case, the tables were turned for a bit, as she got stuck with the bill while Jim ended up eating BOTH hot dogs. Then, she complained and Jim paid her most of it.

I got a good view of the hot dogs*, so I can do an estimate here. Two regular hot dogs and 2 coffees, bought at an outside stand, were a dollar forty. First of all, who the hell has coffee with hot dogs? I'll let that slide for now because I'm trying to do accounting here, not social commentary. The shows I'm watching are from Spring 1975. I would guess those 2 dogs and 2 coffees at some place with no atmosphere but our generic atmosphere would be (2 x $3.50) + (2 x $2.00) = $11 nowadays. I'm not sure on the coffee. I'm no a coffee drinker, especially not with freakin' hot dogs!!

Here come's Money Chimp. He says 4.5% inflation with compounding. Does that not go along with the numbers Peak Stupidity has come up with in many of our other posts on Inflation?

As we all can see, that is changing for the much worse now. We should all be stocking up. What's the shelf life on hot dogs and coffee? How about Beth Davenports? Without her, it wouldn't be the same anyway.

* Jim seems to eat hot dogs or tacos mostly, so I don't get as hungry watching The Rockford Files, as I do watching The Sopranos with that great Italian cooking - at least Tony thinks so, and who am I to argue?

Saturday - March 12th 2022 10:58PM MST
PS: Thanks Anti-Gnostic!
Saturday - March 12th 2022 1:51PM MST

Before he retired from the Internet, the great Bumbling American (MPC and Twitter) said if white people had a theme song, it would be the intro from The Rockford Files.

Greatly enjoyed the last 3 posts Mr. Achmed. Nothing to add.
Adam Smith
Saturday - March 12th 2022 12:43PM MST
PS: Lemon Coke?

Adam Smith
Saturday - March 12th 2022 12:00PM MST
PS: More Coke, Pop, Soda, Fizzy Drink...

Mr. Blanc asked, “Does anyone know what the regional breakdown of “gym shoes” vs “sneakers” is?”

I have never heard of “gym shoes”.

Friday - March 11th 2022 10:16PM MST
PS: Robert, there used to be a number of different grades of Avgas, each color-coded. Now, there is just the 100LL (100 Octane and Low Lead, as Alarmist mentioned). It's the blue stuff. If you want to keep gas in an old car and not have it gum up stuff after a while like gasoline does, buy some of that - you'll be happy to pay $5/G right now. It's really clean, free of all kinds of additives, as opposed to gasoline, so very stable. (That makes it smell much better too.)

HOWEVER, don't put this in cars with catalytic converters. It'll gum them up in no time from the lead.
Friday - March 11th 2022 6:43PM MST
PS: Mr. Alarmist, about forty years ago, there was a gas station out by (Chicago) Midway Field where one could buy (supposedly) aviation (presumably leaded) fuel. I believe that the usual was 110 or 115 octane. Quite expensive, but the guy running it said that the cops got more of the money than he did --- such sales (directly into a car's gas tank) being illegal (?).

One also had to re-tune one's car. But, boy could the big, old V8 fly with that stuff.

The Alarmist
Friday - March 11th 2022 3:42PM MST

Ethyl was tetraethyl lead, added to prevent knocking, and which gave much better performance and economy. It wasn’t very good for people and the environment, so it had to go.

There is still some amount of tetraethyl lead in AvGas, because the last thing you want at altitude is an engine knocking itself to rapid unplanned disassembly.
Friday - March 11th 2022 12:46PM MST

My favorite Rockford line: “save your ‘I’m sorries’ for Brenda Lee, Jimmy!”

Ethyl was probably the octane level- almost all gas was leaded then.
The Alarmist
Friday - March 11th 2022 12:42PM MST

Thanks for the link, @Mr. Smith. Of course it would be Coke in the Peach State. In the old days, the Welcome Centers at the state borders offered free Cokes.

Sure, the Science™️ is settled ... if you live in Flyover Country, your thoughts, opinions and mannerisms don’t count.
Friday - March 11th 2022 12:35PM MST
PS Thank you gentlemen for weighing in on the pop/soda/(and, I guess)coke question. And, ganderson, for the linguistic geography map. I will say that if I ask for a Dr Pepper or a grape pop and someone brings me a Pepsi-Cola, there will be words exchanged. Does anyone know what the regional breakdown of “gym shoes” vs “sneakers” is?
Friday - March 11th 2022 11:18AM MST
PS: I LUV the thematic maps, of course, such as that BBQ sauce on a professor in either North or South Carolina made.

Per Adam Smith's link regarding the Pop Soca Coke, THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED though. They really don't want any diversity in this country other than of people who can't get along.
Friday - March 11th 2022 11:16AM MST
PS: "Hogan's Heroes", from about a decade earlier, was about a decade earlier, much more unrealistic than "The Rockford Files", but still one of my favorites, Mr. Ganderson. My brother went on a watching binge.

"The Rockford Files" doesn't usually have just direct jokes in it (like "Hogan's Heroes" does), it being humorous just from the usually all somewhat sleazy (realistic?) characters. However, in the last one I watched there were 2: One was when Jim told the guy to fill up his Firebird, he added "Ethyl"*, and the gas station kid said "my name's not Ethyl." Oh, man, the other joke, just before this, escapes me right now, but I'll write in when it comes back (maybe I'll even skip back into the show, if this keeps irking me.)

You guys are really making me hungry now with all that hot dog talk, but I've got a salad to eat, dammit.

* Someone help me out here - that just meant leaded gas, right? I barely, barely remember this term.
Adam Smith
Friday - March 11th 2022 9:50AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Alarmist,

“I’ll see what I can do about finding the Rockford Files.”

Adam Smith
Friday - March 11th 2022 9:44AM MST
PS: Coke, Pop, Soda, Fizzy Drink...

Thanks for the helpful map, Mr. Ganderson,

Where I grew up (Western NY) it's pop.
Here in Georgia it's coke.
Mrs. Smith lived in Wyoming for a while. It's pop there.
In South Carolina, it's coke.
I hear it's called either soft-drink or fizzy-drink in Australia, but I have no way to know this.

According to this site...

47% of Americans call it soda. (But you can't believe everything you read on the interwebs.)

Personally, I don't drink the stuff. Too sweet.
I'm one of those weirdos who drinks water.

The Alarmist
Friday - March 11th 2022 9:44AM MST

@Mr. Ganderson, I’ll see what I can do about finding the Rockford Files. As for Hogan’s Heros, the last time I saw it was on a German channel, dubbed in German. I hate dubbing. UWS, eh? I didn’t go to the West Side often, but my dentist was over there, just across the street from The Dakota. Once, after leaving me on laipughing gas for a while, he asked me how I felt, and I replied, “Like singing Strawberry Fields Forever, man.” Otherwise, the closest I got to the UWS on any given day was my jog around the Reservoir.

@Mr. Moderator, The moment I saw your comment to call it Coke, I thought, “North of I-10.” Yep.
Friday - March 11th 2022 9:28AM MST
PS: Mr. 46 and others --- I almost got in trouble, shortly after moving to Texas, when I said, 'I'll be right back. I left my pop in my room.' (I had very long hair at the time.)

I did not know know to answer 'What flavor Coke do you want with that?' the first time I heard it.
Friday - March 11th 2022 9:25AM MST
PS When I was a kid, we referred to soft drinks in general as "coke". Of course there weren't all that many alternatives back in the old days. Now days, I just stick to adult beverages...
Friday - March 11th 2022 8:35AM MST
Here''s a "pop, soda, Coke" map:

And Mr. Snake Plissken- we let in the same number of Ukrainians as we do Afrikaners- a number that's not measurable.

Oh, and those sandwiches that are sometimes call subs or hoagies? Here in the 413 they're called "grinders". Dunno why. Might be a Polish or French Canadian derived moniker.
Friday - March 11th 2022 8:30AM MST
PS A number of points to be made here:

Mr. Alarmist- you should be ASHAMED for not having ever seen an episode of Rockford- get that fixed, will ya? Great theme song, too. Supposedly Garner did all his own driving in that Firebird.

And Re: hot dogs- the Costco dog is pretty tasty, and the price is right.
When I lived and worked in NYC I was a habitué of Gray's Papaya on 72nd and Amsterdam; so often that one of my pals used to call it "Gregg's Papaya"; last time I was there dogs were $.60, but that was a while ago. I had heard that it had been closed, but my google maps shows it's still there- anyone know for sure? It's interesting- NYC was horrible in so many ways in the late 80's and early 90's, but I was having the time of my life!

And Mr. Blanc is correct, anyone who puts ketchup, or catsup for that matter, on a dog is not fit for polite society! Inspector Callahan summed it up best in "Sudden Impact":

It is called pop- (We don't know where mom is, but we've got pop on ice!), not just in Chicagoland, but in a band stretching from upstate and western New York almost to the Pacific Coast; much of Canada, too. In Suffolk, and parts of Norfolk, Middlesex, and Essex Counties, Massachusetts it's called 'tonic'.

And Mr. Moderator, as much as I appreciate the Rockford discussions; I feel there's entirely too little (that is to say none) Hogan's Heroes chatter on this blog!

Friday - March 11th 2022 7:11AM MST
PS: Alarmist, thanks for the BB link. I couldn't tell really what they think of Ron Paul to be honest. Did you watch the Army video? Dog tags with your pronouns on it, haha!
Friday - March 11th 2022 7:10AM MST
PS: Houska, yes, that was before air bags all over the place. You could actually SEE outside of that Firebird, and when you did Rockford J-turns there were no back-up cameras!

For Mr. Smith and the like, it's not Pop or Soda, it's Coke. Doesn't matter it's a Pepsi or a Fanta Orange. It's still a Coke.

Agreed, Plissken, and that was a nice car in Starsky and Hutch too.
The Alarmist
Friday - March 11th 2022 5:22AM MST

Yes, @Mr. Blanc, those wicked New Yorkers tried to beat the “pop” out of me. We reached an uneasy truce when I agreed to ask for “Soda Pop.” Then I switched to vodka because that what my Russian GF drank.

Your daily moment if Zen from the Bee:
SD Plissken
Friday - March 11th 2022 12:31AM MST
PS The Rockford Files and Starsky and Hutch!
Good times before the Long March to burn down the republic once and for all was complete.
Inflation? We all have to take a haircut for the Deep State billionaire WAR in the Kraine.
All comrades of the unity collective must sacrifice and you have no right to shirk, comrade.
After all we are all in this big happy patriotic family together so let's rally around the foam columns of muh democracy and enjoy some fweedom fwies while pouring out that evil Ivan vodka.
How many white immigrants will be taking in from Ukraine? Zero.
Thursday - March 10th 2022 6:56PM MST
PS Speaking of inflation: Look at the size of the roof pillars on the Firebird.
Thursday - March 10th 2022 6:18PM MST
PS Robert, you sound like a Chicagoan: No ketchup on the dog and you say “pop” not “soda”.
Thursday - March 10th 2022 5:03PM MST
PS: Back in the mid to late Nineties, if one knew what they were doing, it was easy to find a good and cheap Hotdog place. $1.25, maybe $1.50 for a Hotdog with everything (but NOT ketchup!), fries (maybe twice Micky-D's large fries), and a can of pop.
Thursday - March 10th 2022 11:14AM MST
PS Apparently Totally Legit Joe and His Merry Pranksters were of the opinion that they could traipse through the economy with ax handle and crowbar without consequences*. There is some reason to believe, however, that full-bore consequences are waiting in the wings, ready to make their appearance. The bill for Globohomo might be starting to come due. While some hope that these consequences will finally wake Normie up and herald the counter-revolution, it seems to me just as likely that it will be, say, 2024, the updated version of 1984. In either case, the good times that we have been enjoying, will be coming to an end.

* Those who visit Founding Questions will recognize the idea, often expressed there, that Those Who Rule Us don’t face the consequences of their actions, and don’t even grasp the concept of consequences.
The Alarmist
Thursday - March 10th 2022 4:47AM MST

I hate to admit it, but I have never seen an episode of the Rockford Files.

I think I used to get hot dogs with ‘kraut at Papya King (Third Ave. at 86th St.) for a buck-fifty each back in the ‘90s. Walters up the road in Mamaroneck were better but still only two bucks ... ditto for Rawleys in Connecticut.

There was a song in your grandparents’ day with the lyrics, “A cup of coffee, a sandwich, and you.” If you watched any Bugs Bunny, you probably heard the tune. The lasttime I heard it was Ivy Austin singing it at a performance of Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion in Brooklyn.
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 10th 2022 12:48AM MST
PS: ☮
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 10:10PM MST
PS: Trust me, Mr. Moderator, Ted's is not fancy...

Costco is probably breaking even on the hotdog/soda combo.
They make their money at the regular cash register, not the little snack shop.

Wednesday - March 9th 2022 9:54PM MST
PS: That Ted's is a little fancier of a place than I was envisioning for my comparison, fancier than the place in the show. Right at $3.59, but that's before tax. Maybe I overestimated a little bit. That Costco is another story- I wonder if the price will hold. Have pig's lips and assholes gone up much? Do we import any of that from Russia or the Ukraine? Those are the important questions Peak Stupidity often asks.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 9:37PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

At Ted's Hotdogs a regular is $3.49 and a footlong is $5.24.
At costco you can get an all beef hotdog and 20oz refillable drink for $1.50.

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