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Posted On: Tuesday - March 8th 2022 8:33PM MST
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(Covidiot wearer removed per Peak Stupidity legal team advise.)

Now that the newest Infotainment*, the 24/7 Ukraine/Russia war, is in full swing, the Kung Fu PanicFest seems to have lost momentum. Yes, as Yogi Fauci would probably retort, "it's not over till it's over."** Theres's still a whole lot of stupidity out there.

I was waiting for the elevator in a hotel to go downstairs for breakfast. This guy comes up to the elevator wearing one of those thick black cloth masks. I suppose I started this because, when the guy said "good morning" back to me, it was almost unintelligible. It's ridiculous. Since I knew who the guy worked for (there were a lot of them staying), I asked "Are they still making y'all wear those face diapers?"

"Isn't it still illegal in the State of REDACTED to not wear them?" the guy said, muffledly. Man, that just set me off. "It shouldn't be illegal in ANY State to not cover your face with one of those!" I told him how I only wore one in the certain places I absolutely have to for my job without getting fired and that the whole thing was stupid.

A young (nicely mask-less, but unfortunately not bra-less) woman got on at the next stop, and at the ground floor (pretty fast elevator) the guy gets off while saying "Then you've never had COVID!" Well, not that I know of, I haven't, but I've never been tested and I haven't been sick in a long time, but then I've been around all kinds of people for the last 2 years wearing the face mask only those times when required. I looked at the girl, saying "I would have gotten it by now. I'm not worried." "I had it", she told me and "It was like the flu" in answer to my "How was it?"

It occurred to me after the guy went around the corner, and I noted to the girl "then why is he so worried?" I mean, even if it had been terrible for him, wouldn't he be pretty immune? Is he going to wear it the rest of his natural-born life? She didn't know either. It was nice to converse with a normal person.

There was the guy and one of his colleagues eating his breakfast, without masks, of course, but 3 ft. apart. We'd been in the elevator 3 ft. apart. (Hey, what can I do? They pulled up all the stickers!)

The guy didn't like my non-compliant attitude very much. Oh, did I mention that the outfit this group at the hotel works for is part of the US Government?

Ever since this conversation with a Covidiot, and I thought about this post, I've had this great Atlanta Rhythm Section song on and off in my head. It's from their 1973 studio album Back up against the Wall, but I really, really like their live Are you Ready? album***, so here's Conversation from that album.

getting so hard to make.
I try to communicate,
but I can't get through.

And I don't really know how it happened.
I have tried, but I don't understand
how we ever let it get so out of hand.

I've got the Southern Rock topic key here, as they were a Southern Rock band. This is not so much rock music as a ballad, but it's still got that certain sound.

* I'm not saying it's not serious, but for Americans, it's still infotainment.

** I think it's over in terms of most of the population's mindset. However, the precedents of Totalitarianism have been set, and won't they be easier to implement again next PAN-DAMN-DEMIC?

*** Peak Stupidity has featured at least 2 others, those being Sky High from this post about inflation and Playin' that Georgia Rhythm.

Friday - March 11th 2022 11:27AM MST
PS: "Of course it makes it very easy for the rest of us to identify the 'tards in our midst.'" Sounds like a movie, made by one of those Jane Goodall types.
Friday - March 11th 2022 11:26AM MST
PS: Bill, here's what I thought he thinks (though I could have gone up to ask him at the breakfast place but didn't want things to get out of hand):

"You haven't gotten COVID, so you don't know how terrible it is. I do, so I'm wearing a mask! Why? Because ..." See now here's where it loses me and gets a little closer to your take, as in not making sense.
Friday - March 11th 2022 9:11AM MST
PS Trust me, there will be a decent sized cohort of covidiots who will never give up the mask no matter what. Of course it makes it very easy for the rest of us to identify the tards in our midst.
Bill H
Friday - March 11th 2022 8:46AM MST
PS That masked man is weird. Perhaps stupid. He's wearing a mask because he HAS had Covid, and assumes that because you are NOT wearing a mask that you have NOT had Covid. That would seem to mean that he thinks one of two things.

1. Wearing masks causes Covid
2. Not wearing masks prevents Covid.

Neither one of these assumptions is consistent with the message promoted by government, and either one of them will get him cancelled by Facebook.
Adam Smith
Thursday - March 10th 2022 8:48AM MST
PS: Good morning, Mr. Hail,

We had no so called “lockdowns” here where I live, so I tend to overlook them. But, yes, I agree.
The “lockdown” nonsense might have been enough catalyst all by itself to ignite the race riots of 2020.

Months of CoronaPanic + “Lockdowns” + FaceDiapers + what's-his-name + media/regime incitement = Well, you know the thing.

Thursday - March 10th 2022 5:43AM MST

Adam Smith wrote: "The race riots of 2020 would not have happened without masks and, especially, without regime and media encouragement."

I would add, the most important element of all for why the riots happened when they did, as they did, and with such intensity, was the lockdowns. Even absent masks, locking people down in the way they did was bound to rile people up.

Several months of disruptions and panic forced on people, shutdowns and lockdowns and school closures and isolation. These were all in force almost continuously at that time, for 11 weeks straight on the Big Blue people when they turned to good-old riot-and-mayhem fun, soon after they heard that what's-his-name died at the hands of police (or whatever it was; "You know, the THING, the guy with the thing," as Old Joe might put it...).
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 9:18PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Hail,

I believe mask wearing lowers people inhibitions, making them more likely to riot or commit crime. Face masks make people suggestible; they make people more likely to follow someone else’s direction and do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

“A review of the literature shows that the wearing of a mask has been hypothesised to bring about four main psychological effects: disinhibition, transformation, facilitation of the expression of aspects of the wearer’s Self, and various psycho-somatic changes”...

Masking has also traditionally played an important role in occult rituals. Among other things, the wearing of the mask over one’s mouth is a token of submission, a gesture of your willingness to be subject to others. Another point of occult ritual mask-wearing is to hammer into the wearer's subconsciousness the idea that things are no longer the same, and will never be the same again.

Like Achmed, I don't believe in law's prohibiting the wearing of masks in public and I can see how masks can be useful in avoiding BigBrother's surveillance systems, but from a public safety/crime angle I can see why so many states have “thou shalt not wear a mask in public” laws.

The race riots of 2020 would not have happened without masks and, especially, without regime and media encouragement. The TV is quite hypnotic to suggestible people. They told them to mask up and riot and that's exactly what they did.

I hope you have a great evening, Mr. Hail.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 8:33PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,


One episode of 1883 had a Trans sheriff who had the local blacksmith whack of his... Just Kidding.

I've watched maybe half of yellowstone and the second half(ish) of 1883 and I didn't notice much wokeness. Yellowstone is a ranching/cowboy/rodeo type show set in modern day Montana and 1883 is and Oregon Trail/pioneering show set in the lands of the Louisiana Purchase. Not a lot room for wokeness.

I gave a quick internet search and it seems some people thought yellowstone went kinda woke with some sort of “vegans protesting cattle ranching” scene, but I wasn't really paying attention through that part. I do remember one of the protesters going to trial for some sort of ecoterrorism/vandalism or something. I think anyone complaining about wokeness in these shows is probably being oversensitive. But, I've only watched a small half so I might of missed the really woke stuff.(?)

1883 has Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) as the narrator and main character. She plays a strong female character (She learns how to steal horses, learns how to hunt bison and at one point identifies as a warrior = Girl Power!) but I didn't notice any other wokeness per say. (Elsa's not hard on the eyes, so maybe I was distracted.)

1883 is a prequel to Yellowstone. If you follow the story line Elsa Dutton is John Dutton's (Kevin Costner's Character on Yellowstone) Great Aunt. Her parents (Played by Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill) are Jon Dutton's (Costner, Yellowstone) great grand parents. Their son John Dutton Sr. is about 5 years old on the show (1883), Elsa's little brother. He is John Dutton's (Costner) grandfather. But being a child he plays a pretty small role. (Maybe he'll play a bigger role in season 2?)

They are making more seasons, so I guess they could still sneak in some more wokeness, but it's kinda hard to do when everyone is ranching and riding horses and getting attacked by Lakota and such. Come to think of it there is a bit of “white man bad” (for conquering the west) in the interaction with some of the indians in 1883, but it's not too in your face. Lots of horses, cattle and scenery. Lots of gun fights. There's a scene where a Comanche breaks a wild stallion (in a way I wouldn't have thought of but would probably work really well). 1883 is more of a traditional western than Yellowstone. Yellowstone is more like, well, imagine you inherited a 300,000 acre ranch that had been in your family for four generations. You and your kids have always lived here. There is a lot of work to do to keep a working cattle ranch that size. But there is also a bunch of drama because it's made for TV.

1883 seemed a bit darker to me than Yellowstone (more tragedy along the Oregon Trail than a modern cattle ranch in today's Montana), while Yellowstone seemed a little more upbeat (mostly). (Trying not to give away much of either story.)

I did enjoy watching them.

Wednesday - March 9th 2022 8:14PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I like that Patrick Fagan line, mind you, a lot, but this is one issue I didn't agree with Steve Sailer on either. That was well before the PanicFest, and I even have a post about this issue.

The post is:

"The masks of the Antifa - a question of anonymity"

I hate the antifa Commies, as any reader would know, but I don't think face masks should be illegal to wear for Libertarian reasons. It's obvious the surveillance technology is ready to track us all, and face masks can help us stay away from the eyes of Big Brother just a bit (not if one carries a smart phone, of course). Those original liberty-loving Boston Tea Party boys wore their Indian costumes for anonymity.

It as pretty ironic that Steve Sailer was arguing for face mask requirements for the Kung Flu, actually. My arguing against them was only against the laws and edicts forcing people, and then about the general stupidity of doing so anyway.

It's a shame that the antifa gave Guy Fawkes a bad name - I hate to see those masks on them. It does seem to be the case that only the other side plays by that set of rules, and the patriots are out in the wide open, other than when on-line.

See what you think of that old post of mine. It's from just about a year before the Corona-panic started.
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 7:14PM MST

How much stock do you put in the idea that some of the crime spike that followed the lockdowns and the near-total victory by the Panic-pushers of 2020, that some of that crime spike is attributable to masks? As some have speculated.

Some part of the riots of mid-2020 can be traced to masks. Masks and mass-masking must have given a lot of marginals that extra dose of courage to participate in a the (Regime-approved) riots. As for general crime: all aspects of the Corona-Panic contributed to the crime rise.


"There is a reason masks are worn chiefly by anarchists, criminals, and perverts." -- Patrick Fagan (anti-CoronaPanic academic), Aug. 2020, from essay "The Lockdown Lobotomy," published in The Critic magazine [UK].
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 6:30PM MST
PS: That was this week, Mr. Hail. As I wrote, I WAS the one who started it, but I wouldn't have expect that out of anybody? "Isn't it illegal not to?" WTH?!

Regarding your 2nd comment, I could see that being a good policy for banks. However, I'm all for "if you are worried, or just want to look like an idiot, knock yourself out!"

This leads into one anecdote of a multiple-short-anecdote post coming up later in the week.
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 6:27PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, thank you for the good reading material. I see that "Yellowstone" is a series too. They both look good from imdb. However, can't they put some wokeness even into these ones, or not?

Mr. Blanc, I don't carry that one around in my pocket anymore either. Want me to wear one (for a second)? Give me one, if I'm even going to continue going into your business. If so, on the way out, I throw it in the trash. I hope they are cheap...
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 6:00PM MST

The new battle line:

"You have NO right to enter a public accommodation with a mask on. It’s up to the owner as to whether they’re comfortable with unidentifiable, masked strangers entering the premises."

Said this week by Mark Changizi, health policy expert and anti-Corona-Panic veteran, in a call for business owners to proactively ban mask-wearing.
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 5:59PM MST

Did this anecdote happen very recently (March 2022)?

That is really late in the game for someone to act that way about masks.

It depends on the place and setting, maybe, but most of all on the personality type of the individual.
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 12:01PM MST
PS Mme B and I went out to dinner last night with some friends. Very trendy Lefty friends, which is a bit odd regarding him, because he’s ex-military. As we enter the restaurant, the other couple slap their diapers on. I suspect that Mme B would have done so also, except I didn’t. I’ve pretty much given them up. I don’t even bother to take one with me any more, and haven’t encountered any difficulties. You’re right, I think, that most people (75%?) have decided that the silliness is over. You’re also right, unfortunately, that Those Who Rule Us have discovered just what pushovers we are.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 10:47AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Gentlemen,

Has anyone else watched Yellowstone or 1883 yet?

I watched the last 4 or 5 episodes of 1883 with Mrs. Smith last night. It was pretty good.
(I might even watch it from the beginning.)

Wednesday - March 9th 2022 5:58AM MST
PS: Actually, I just put that in to go along with "mask-less", Alarmist. She was not a hottie, per se, with kind of a weird hair style that would go along with tattoos (she didn't have much bare skin to see), but she was cute in her own way, which was only noticeable because she DIDN'T have a face diaper on.

That's a funny conversation indeed, with your wife. Sometimes you've just got to change the subject, quickly, haha.

Yeah, I'm not so quick on the draw - back to this Fed soi-boy - as I didn't even get off "then, what are YOU worried about?" except as I said to the girl after he'd walked off. As I wrote, it was a fast elevator.

I have also found that when it's not already argumentative like that in the post, almost everyone will pull his mask down if I say "I can't understand you. Can you take your mask off and say it?" IMO, not many people are really worried about the virus spreading to them this way, or period. They are just following orders.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - March 9th 2022 5:39AM MST

Since you noticed the bra and hoped for the lack of one, I’m surprised you didn’t go with “Imaginary Lover.”

Mrs. Alarmist and I had an interesting exchange yesterday. I commented on the body suit a female TV news presenter was wearing making her look like Seven on Nine on Star Trek Voyager, a reference completely lost on Mrs. Alarmist, but she commented, “She would look better if she was wearing a bra.” I replied, “They look like their hanging well to me,” and she asked,”Do you like it when I go braless?” Then it got funny [censored]…

My reply to Soy-Mask-Boy would be, “What makes you think I didn’t? If I had COVID, I’d probably have enough natural immunity to make masks completely pointless.”

I laugh at my young triple-vaxxed colleages all masking up when they get up from their seats to talk at the desk of another. When they come to my office, I have to do a Ron Desantis and berate them into taking the masks off, and despite it being company policy, they do remove them. I think most people shuffle through life following the orders of anyone who gives them with enough authority.
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