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Posted On: Saturday - February 26th 2022 6:26PM MST
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Ann Coulter on the Howie Carr show in April of '18:

(Still Peak Stupidity's favorite literary pundit.)

I had no idea until I read something a month or two back about the access a pundit like Ann Coulter could have to President Trump. The history of Donald Trump's rise to the presidency is a story of the importance of the existential issue of America's nearly 6-decade-running immigration invasion. This part I still am not sure about, but it is said that Mr. Trump read Miss Coulter's '15 book ¡Adios, America!.* I'm sure Donald Trump would had his own thoughts and anger about this issue before that book, as he does have his heart in the right place, but Miss Coulter's book could have really got him going about the issue.

During those whole four years of the Trump administration, I thought it would be enough of a nice thing if he even kept up with Ann Coulter's columns. I remember her high hopes for the guy, same as the rest of us had, on this issue and others, such as ending the American Warfare State**. I also recall these hopes being summarily dashed, and she gave him quite a bit of time and credit, more than I did. (The VDare folks are ALWAYS optimistic, but they did know a lot more under-the-radar details.) At some point, she'd had just about enough of his major failures on this issue, as I also remember, including some certain tweet VDare put up.

Here's what I had NO EARTHLY IDEA of: From a 4 year old Real Clear Politics article, I found out that Ann Coulter conversed with President Trump in person, at the White House! It could have been more times than the one, also. Sorry, I'm no Washington wonk, so maybe that sounds naive of me. Now that I read/hear about this, it just makes me see this as such a bigger lost opportunity to have saved the nation.

It was something about a "shouting match" between the President and Pundit that made me wonder, "what, in person? When?" The article I read, Coulter On "Obscenity-Laced" Oval Office Shouting Match With Trump: "Total Betrayal" On The Wall gave me the affirmative answer. There's a video in the article (at the bottom of this post too) that shows Miss Coulter talking with Howie Carr, commenter Ganderson's favorite radio(?) guy. I will use short parts of the Real Clear Politics article, with their transcription excerpts:
Coulter also talked about a very heated conversation she had with President Trump in the Oval Office that devolved into an obscenity-filled argument over his lack of action on NAFTA, deportations, and other agenda items.

"It came out about 6 weeks after it happened," she said of the event.

"And he swore first!" Coulter wanted to make clear.

"Are these reports true or are they fake news that you got in an obscenity-laced screaming match with him?" Carr asked.

"I said you're not doing what you promised to do," she said of the meeting.

"Where's the end of NAFTA? Where's the wall? Where are the deportations? What are you doing talking about the DREAMers?" are some of the questions Coulter said she asked.
Man, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one! A fly with an iPhone, of course ... working as a stringer for Peak Stupidity.
And I said that doesn't count. Jeb, exclamation point, would have done that. Rubio would have done that. How is your presidency different than from Rubio would have done?
Howie Carr asked her when President Trump started swearing. That was after Ann Coulter compared him to ¡Jeb! Bush. Note that Miss Coulter swore that Trump swore first. Yeah, but is "¡Jeb!" or "Bush" not a swear word? Tough call, Ann. That's one for the courts.

The fact that Ann Coulter with her great knowledge of the immigration problem, was actually conversing with President Trump on the issue has me even more sorry for the lost opportunity of his Presidency. There is no doubt that this favorite pundit of ours reads one of our favorite websites, VDare (she wrote as much very recently regarding their lawsuits), and VDare is THE ORGANIZATION, with THE EXPERTISE on the issue above any other.

If we could have just had a President who strategized with the great knowledge of the problem from REAL experts, instead of a bullshitter with his heart in the right place who relied on Javanka, it all could have gone much differently. I'm positive we wouldn't now have the Human Trafficker-in-Chief in office, doing evil destruction of America.*** (Subtitle of Ann Coulter's book that I and maybe Donald Trump read: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole. Yep.)

Finally, Ann Coulter ¡REALLY ! ¡LIKES! the upside-down exclamation points¡ I'm down with that, as ridiculing these people can't hurt our cause¡

Here's the audio of Ann and Howie Carr on youtube. It's under 15 minutes, and Ann Coulter is always worth the time!

* I read the book shortly after it came out. It was well written and enjoyable, but for me, just "preaching to the choir".

** Yes, Miss Coulter had really come across lately as a great Libertarian, and her latest column, Republicans Need To Stop Talking About UKRAINE's Borders, Start Defending America's!, shows that she could be a younger, pretty, fraternal twin of Ron Paul. (OK, no that doesn't work!)

*** It'll be another post, but VDare had something today that is just amazingly, sickeningly evil.

Sunday - February 27th 2022 12:24PM MST
PS: Thank you for the digital book, Adam, on behalf of others. As I wrote, I not only read it already, but even in '15, it was old news to me. I was just very glad it was out there. It's good to hear from you. (I didn't forget your newspaper spoof, BTW.)
Sunday - February 27th 2022 12:22PM MST
PS: Ryan Air does not resemble the glamorous flying age that went into the 1980's (IMO), does it? I recently sat in a window seat that had no window. Well, that was still a nicer spot, but the engines of the 717 are back there - that would be OK in and of itself if just SOMEBODY nearby would have his shade open. I HATE not knowing where we are on the field, and we are are, period!

If they bitch about Putin letting the Covid germies fly, than Joe Biden's human trafficking in both people AND Covid germies should get him thrown in prison... in a serious country.

Mr. Hail and Mr. Ganderson, thanks for the info on Ann Coulter's TV/radio exposure. I think because her name has been out there so long in the media world she still is known by so many - maybe those over 40 or 45 ...

Mr. Hail, I was thinking of Lou Dobbs even before I got to your mention of him in your comment. He was on *CNN* even, right? That was up to 10-15 years ago by my recollection, and he was, amazingly (or it'd be amazing now( CNN's go-to anti-immigration invasion guy. I guess they (are told) they don't need anyone like that on their network anymore.

I thought he'd dropped out of the whole TV scene after that, or at least bent over, as far as his immigration stance. Then again, I haven't watched any of it in many years.

Sunday - February 27th 2022 11:25AM MST
PS Carrots and sticks are a negotiating tool and have their place. But sometimes you have to fight, even if the odds of winning are small. Losses now can pave the way for victories later. Fights over immigration would have kept the issue front and center, and have shown people that it was at the top of his agenda. But he considered recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and record high employment for Negroes to be the issues at the top of his agenda. And any good work that he did under the radar was undone on day one by Totally Legit Joe.
Adam Smith
Sunday - February 27th 2022 10:34AM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

¡Adios, America!

For anyone who might like to read a digicopy.

Sunday - February 27th 2022 9:30AM MST
I think there may have been some kind of falling out between Ann Coulter and Howie Carr. She used to appear once a week on his show, and I have not heard her for a long time now, probably about a year.

In Massachusetts coronavirus news, the state wide mask mandate is set to end tomorrow; however here in the peoples Republic of Amherst there is no sign of backing down from corona monomania.
The Alarmist
Sunday - February 27th 2022 7:57AM MST

BTW, I know Ryan Air doesn’t fly to LHR ... that would indeed be hellish.
The Alarmist
Sunday - February 27th 2022 7:51AM MST

@MrModerator, your comments tend to be loquacious, but not as much as Mr. Hail’s ;)

Was Ms. Coulter shadow banned for dissing Mr. Trump, or for daring to continue to point to underlying truths rather than the distraction of the week. Tucker is getting into some of the distraction (how can any Western MSM not?), but he still wanders back to the US border or US COVID inanity from time to time.

I saw a cute blurb somewhere how the dirty scoundrel Russians don’t care about the COVID risk exposure they are forcing onto the poor Ukies by driving them underground without adequate masking and social distancing. Clearly Putin needs to roast in Hell, or at least in the immi line at Heathrow after having been delivered there on Ryan Air.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - February 27th 2022 1:35AM MST
Mod., we've been here before: Its worse now than it would have been with Trump: This claim is still true, I'd hold.
And maybe this sentence is right too: It was not so much his fault, that he now is not the President.*****

****Here I often think of all the baffled people who had contacted the FBI and tried to show them their voter-fraud insights/findings/testimony and were - irgnored.
Saturday - February 26th 2022 10:24PM MST

I think Ann Coulter was last on Fox News in 2018. And in 2017-18 she was on less than in years prior. She was such a regular in the mid-2010s and earlier (the situation as you describe) that this is puzzling, but of course few ever ask the question.

There was no publicly announced ban (of course), but she has not appeared on any cable network since. There was a time afaik when she was even on CNN or MSNBC or the like. Word is she is indefinitely blocked from them all, a collusion of network executives including Fox.

They do this regularly with other guests. There is a statistician blogger with a considerable following, William Briggs, who emerged as one of the major Anti-CoronaPanic voices and several times was contacted by Laura Ingraham Show producers to arrange appearances but each time the decision was vetoed by the network.

A more well-known personality to be life-banned by collusion of the cable channels is Pat Buchanan, actually 10 years ago this month. He had prior to that been a conservative commentator on MSNBC. He seems to have gotten a few invites onto Fox but his last few appearances seem also to be in 2017/18.

The alignment of timing with Coulter and Buchanan both silenced on this would-be Right-Wing Gatekeeper institution (Fox News) seems interesting...

(Possibly Coulter appeared on Lou Dobbs on "Fox Business Channel" after her unpersoning on all other parts of the Fox media empire. But not often, and only because of Loud Dobbs great star-power. Lou Dobbs, formerly long of CNN and then the most popular host in the history of "Fox Business Channel," was finally terminated a few weeks after the January 6, 2021, protest.)
Saturday - February 26th 2022 10:10PM MST
PS: I don't know, Mr. Blanc. In that link in this post to my post about "the good" of President Trump (on this issue and others), I noted a VDare article which pointed to a lot of things he did under the radar.

However, he did these things that he could order the Border Patrol, ICE, etc. to do, but he never made any serious effort at working with the Congress GOP members (which had the majority for the first 2 years) to put things into law. I know many were against them, but it's about offering carrots or sticks. One thing Trump had going for him was the support of 50 or 100 million Americans who would have gone to help impeach a judge or whatever move, based on one tweet from the guy. (As Mr. Hail wrote, the people put all their hopes in him.)

No, instead, he just wanted to run his mouth and write tweets to defend himself against the Lyin' Press. Why bother? Just get stuff done.
Saturday - February 26th 2022 10:04PM MST
PS:: Yeah, as I wrote recently, Mr. Hail, I spend WAY too much time on the site. A few people make cracks about that many comments, but it's enjoyable to get a word in on things. I do have a problem with not being able to resist getting in a wise crack.

BTW, that was 1,000,000 words from exactly 10,000 comments. I like round numbers.

Regarding your other comments, I didn't really know how much "on the outs" Ann Coulter was till reading your comment. Without a TV, it's hard to know. I know the Lyin' Press regulars must hate her, but I thought she was in demand enough to get on at least FOX regularly.

I tried to find out exactly when said shouting match occurred, but I am getting too many other post about other feuds between the two. It might be worth it looking through her columns, here:


to find out when she publicly had had enough of Trump. Yes, I do remember Trump "de-friending" Miss Coulter, as you brought up.

Saturday - February 26th 2022 9:41PM MST

On another topic, Mr. Moderator, I checked your profile at Unz and you are closing in on 2,000,000 words' worth of comments.

I remember in 2019, I think, when you posted a celebratory message marking that you'd hit your millionth word of comments and announced a period of non-posting to let the achievement stand, to let that flag wave in the shifting sands of the Internet even if just a day. Anything planned for the big 2-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh?
Saturday - February 26th 2022 9:05PM MST

Do we have an exact date of the "shouting match"?

From context it seems like it was either very late 2017, or early or mid January 2018.

That kind of pressure may have influenced the brief "federal government shutdown" of January 20-22, 2018. Long forgotten now, it preceded the longer one a year later (also I think mostly forgotten now, it compares as molehill to mountain to the what the maniacs did with the Corona-Panic).

Trump bungled both the 'shutdowns' of his mid-presidency. By the latter 'shutdown' drama (of Dec 2018 and Jan 2019), the non-emotionalistic smart-money was all on Trump as a failure. He was kept afloat only by the ancient principle of "hope springs eternal" for the rest of 2019 and 2020. Middle America White-Christians seemed to have no one else. He had became a cult figure, there is no doubt about that, and by his mid-to-late presidency even a "cargo cult"-like figure, among Middle America White-Christians, the people living under an enemy-occupation-like government for most of half a century or so.


Another sign of things NOT being as they seem when viewed through curated political-news ("MSM") is that by the very end of 2017 Coulter was ragingly angry against Trump for his bungling, failures, sluggishness, vanity over principle, laziness on all but constantly feuding with the media, and general moral UNseriousness, but she only began publicly criticizing him in a heavy and sustained way (I think) late in 2018. Trump 'unfollowed' her on Twitter in I think Dec 2018. This means the public-level knowledge for most active news-followers lagged the reality by around one year, in this case.
Saturday - February 26th 2022 8:47PM MST

What is for sure about the ADIOS AMERICA book is that the orange-haired demagogue used a lot of its talking points. It hardly matters if the demagogue himself read it, but it does matter that enough people around him read it and used its talking points that it influenced the entire direction of his campaign. After that he just turned on his well-practiced Reality TV mode and the rest was history.


The Steve Sailer commentariat likes doing a kind of 'kremlinology' when inside-the-gate(keeper)s commentators or figures seem to have used talking points, likely lifted directly from Sailer.

Since no one would cite Sailer, this necessary kremlinology-like analysis (Sailerology?) became a game of trying to guess where lines of influence ran and thus where real political dynamics might be, rather than the stage-managed show political-news presents.

The idea is there is unseen influence in a several-step process (1) from people with real ideas but on the outside, forged in the fires of dissident-commentary, (2) these ideas or memes or phrasings/slogans can slip past the gates by some mechanism or via unseen actors bringing them in, (3) the ideas/slogans enter into the curated worlds of those agenda-setting power. These people are influential and have major agenda-setting power beyond even their nominal audiences but to thinking people are usually boring in and of themselves, either being without ideas of their own, or being people who normally try to steer discourse towards an anodyne direction, or who are under somewhat tight editorial supervision to do the same, in other words acting in a way hard to distinguish from so-called "state media" in other contexts/countries (hence "regime media").

Sailerology, the guessing at influence-lines starting with Sailer, became common in the 2010s, but broke down in 2020 and faded to minimal levels with Sailer's Corona-mania meltdown (in which his voice became indistinguishable from the garden-variety, extreme Panic-pushers who somehow hijacked civilization for most of two years).

The same kind of analysis-game can be applied to Ann Coulter, of course. The interesting thing is she was, at one time, on the mainstream Respectable Right. As of 2015, Coulter was still granted considerable, lingering Respectable Right status and in-system privileges but already a lot less than in the 2000s. She got invitations onto agenda-setting cable political-news chat shows. She famously predicted Trump would win the election on the Bill Maher show and got laughed at loudly by everyone in the studio about that time.

What happened since then is Coulter was cast out as persona-non-grata in US political discourse, I think specifically because the Regime realized the influence her nationalist-populist and quasi-ethnonationalist rhetoric had on the Trump phenomenon, which worries the US regime (cultural-political agenda-setter class, broad and narrow elite alike, and the ruling political coalition). Imagine if "Trump" had occurred in the vessel of a more morally serious person than was Trump.
Saturday - February 26th 2022 7:14PM MST
PS Now that it’s all behind us, I think that we can say that Mr Trump was not a “lost opportunity”, but “never an opportunity” at all. He wanted to be president, and Steve Bannon, and perhaps Ann Coulter and others, showed him how he had a chance of becoming president. But, other than as an issue to run on, he wasn‘t really all that concerned about it.
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