An optimistic take of the Canadian trucker protest from Timur the Lame

Posted On: Friday - February 25th 2022 9:20AM MST
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(I'm pretty bad with this part of history, so I had to look up the handle of this Unz commenter to realize he was the 14th century Turkish/Mongolian conquerer of a bunch of western and central Asia - Tamerlane. Mr. TheLame or Timmy won't do.)

Even with a dozen posts or so on the front burner, I want to get to the slightly more current ones first. This post is a cut-and-paste job from this commenter who participated in a fairly civil (as much as can be had with some people) thread under the Ilana Mercer* column Good vs. Evil: Canada’s Truckers Battle Justine Trudeau for Us All

Tamerlane's comments are more optimistic than most views I've read of the results of the Canadian trucker protest. I can't insert all the comments, even just between Tamerlane and one PeterAUS (I assume, an Australian), as it'd be too long. I'll just put 3 of this best ones here, in order, and you'll have to go to that thread to read some context. This is verbatim:
I wrote a lengthy narrative as to the provenance of the convoy while many readers of this site were in mild confusion about what really was going on. You can access that through my comment stream if you are so inclined.

I will just state the Cliffs Notes version for my reply. They didn’t plan for the situation to evolve as it did. They are not revolutionaries and had no leadership structure because it was basically a joy ride to show their displeasure.

They were shocked by the grassroots support that they accumulated along the way as well as the international support that cascaded in. They stumbled into what a big brain scholar would call a “tide of history”. Then they were honour bound by this support to hold the line and get some basic results.

Being honest salt of the earth types, they then figured that having a meeting with the top SERVANT of the people or someone authorized to make a decision was in order, a little give and take and they will merrily turn around and go home.

They didn’t realize that they had tweaked a global monster’s face, and a monster is not human. And the rest is what we observe today. Faced with overwhelming odds, they still decided to defend. An American might compare it to the Alamo, a jew to Masada.

Either way, their honour is intact.

Yes, I agree with your points and fair commentary and so will try to respond as I see it without the box method. Well first of all, your question about did all who support the Truckers join the protest is an unfair observation because of among other things there are obvious geographical limitations. I think that they even got support from Tibet.

But if you looked at the donation explosion and considered that to be a form of joining the movement, well then yes. As one of the eventual leaders explained in an interview, they set up the GoFuckMe account expecting maybe $40-50K in total to offset costs for fuel and repairs and within a couple of days they had $150K and realized that this was getting serious. Of course you know that in 2 weeks they had $10 million, got screwed and the GiveSendGo collected same that amount in a few days. I consider sending money to be joining. Of course being Doxxed makes it official-ha!

Now about honour not being enough in a fight I disagree. There are many problems someone would have to take that stance. The most obvious would be that then only winners are honourable. A purposely poor example I will give is if a drunken brute husband pummels his long suffering wife, is he the honourable one? Actually that might even work as a metaphor.

To answer your last query, yes they will fully support everyone incarcerated and reimburse everyone involved for lost wages, costs etc… $10 million will easily cover it. It is in the lawyering stage right now and if there was a single tiny shred of humanity in the system it could be resolved in a humane fashion now that the Golem got his way. But evil people don’t roll that way. They enjoy inflicting suffering and wallowing in ghoulish vengeance. So we will see.

I personally think that they won great victories though they may not even realize it themselves. A lot of normies now realize that the (child) Emperor has no clothes. The useless media moved closer to total irrelevance. The goons will see looks of contempt coming at them from even kindly old ladies. Oh, and it may not even be over yet!

And, lastly:
All right, I see that am in the proverbial “a fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer” scenario so let me just make an observation. You seem to frame everything into a military context of tactics, supply procedures etc.. added to a supposed real life example in your own environment so I don’t know if you are ex-military or just a Warcraft nerd projecting real life.

First off, I thought that we agreed that this was not a planned insurrection let alone an armed one so all your useless questions about logistical contingencies are moot. Totally.

Support within 60 km? Did you perhaps read about the numerous blockages along the span of 3000 km that took place and are still taking place at this time? Did you see people hanging off bridges all through their route? Did you see the non trucker protesters marching through Toronto yesterday? It is called an organic insurrection. It is people who haven’t heard of , let alone read Bukhanin, Bukharin, Lenin, Rousseau, Hobbes or even the idiot Unabomber but know when they have been fucked over and decided to act, tragically as it turned out thinking that they had a responsible government.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head over the legalities, there will be a tsunami of civil suits. With all the video, supported by witnesses and iron-clad chapters from the Charter a lot of them will be successful. The Fed’s lawyers will throw in terms so as to not disclose the details and thereby contain the outrage. The media of course could miss the stories entirely.

The Trucker’s legal entity is filing Federal Charter suits as we speak. This could have very important consequences for the system.Very important if it eventually proves that we are not sovereign citizens. At this point it is the law arguing against the law. No room for nefarious influence.

So you see friend, pending the eventual outcome, the Truckers could have theoretically won the biggest battle for citizen’s rights in Canadian history!

These comments are anything but lame. It is a pretty optimistic take, though, with the assumption that Canadian governments still feel a compunction to obey courts of law and such. I hope Tamerlane is right. If so, this is very encouraging. The American trucker convoy gathered for the start in Barstow California a couple of days back and is heading east, to meet up with more convoys coming from other directions. Give your support any way you can... well without getting your money ripped off by the government.**

I attended the huge pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia in January of '20, and Mr. E.H. Hail attended the anti-mandatory-vax rally in Washington, FS, just a month ago. Yeah, we perhaps both got lucky to go to events that had no agent provocateurs and weren't picked on as "examples to discourage the others" by the Feral Police State. There is something really exhilarating about participating in something big, after spending time reading and writing about all the grief. It must be a great feeling to be in one of those big rigs headed east!

* I used to read her writing regularly, but she has turned me off as of a couple of years back. She seems to be one of those all-too-typical Libertarians who are not Conservatives, in particular by having no clue on racial matters.

** That's the subject that Alarmist brought up in comments, resulting in a post to come shorty.

Saturday - February 26th 2022 8:09AM MST
PS: "Genius", dammit, and I meant "... *his* comments in verbatim..."
Saturday - February 26th 2022 8:07AM MST
PS: Thanks for the great comments, as usual. I told Timur the Lame that I would put comments in verbatim, with only an intro and conclusion.

I just noticed one thing I don't completely agree with. That was "idiot Unabomber". I don't condone that guy's actions at all. (I even indirectly know a guy whose hand was badly damaged.) I don't think he was an idiot. Ted Kaczynski was some sort of genious. That he saw what was coming when he did all this back in the 1980s is amazing to me now. How he handled his worries about it, no, that was stupid.

Really, were you going to shut down society by mailing some small bombs to professors? Yeah, I guess that's the idiotic part. There are plenty of people like that - they can see very far and deeply, but they can't do details very well.
Brimful Of Asha
Friday - February 25th 2022 6:53PM MST
PS Besides the boot to the face forever of Covid-1984 world Turdeau accidentally revealed the CCP style social credit score of the Schwab-SPECTRE Great Reset Leap Forward.
They don't make dictators like they used to and Ol' Scratch is scraping the bottom of the barrel with this batch of Long Marchers.
They must move quickly before their own stupidity does them in.
Friday - February 25th 2022 5:28PM MST

In setting out-to plant as a flag in the sands of time about the Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington of last month (Jan 2022), I found myself unable to resist writing a lot about the Canada Freedom Convoy movement.

In principle I should not have done that because it's outside the scope of an essay purporting to be "scenes from the Defeat the Mandates rally." But it was on the likely ties the Washington rally had to the Freedom Convoy in Canada, which seem to shout out that they exist because of US-Canada discourse overlap and the tightly aligned chronology, and fitting within what is predicted by social-movement theory.

Without needing to burden ourselves with trying to pry under so many stones looking for some elusive golden nuggets of Causation, the US movement (symbolized perhaps by the Washington DC event better than any other single, tangible event of that period) and the Canada Freedom Convoy movement are clearly directly related. They are both successful examples of (what I have found it useful to refer to as) the "Anti-Panic" movement (vis-a-vis the "Corona-Panic").

There is simply no doubt about it that the Freedom Convoy was a successful social movement, as viewed from above. The only failure or disappointment being that these things DIDN'T swell into mass-movement levels (in North America) until nearly the two-year mark of the pre-CoronaPanic conventional wisdom might have had it, if presented a scenario as crazy-sounding as what the past two years have been.
Friday - February 25th 2022 5:24PM MST

There is much to be optimistic about the Canada Freedom Convoy movement. Maybe not if you follow the play-by-play and the short-term, but it feels like there is something that cannot be ignored in this in the medium- and long-term.

The boldest and most most successful popular-based social movement in Canada's living memory which was not only "without ties" to the regime but "against" the regime.

It's hard to imagine how NOT to be optimistic about it. All successful social movements end up having people at first suppressed by the system. But when the movement wins, they are heroes.

I recall the grainy photos of a young Victor Orban in late-1980s Hungary scuffling with communist police as he was again arrested for staging bold one of his anti-communist protests.
The Alarmist
Friday - February 25th 2022 4:23PM MST

When it became clear that they were not only be snubbed by their lords and masters, but also given the “January 6th” treatment, the protestors had three choices:

1) Stand their ground and suffer the punishment; think of the ending of Braveheart. There is no glory in being hanged, drawn and quartered. This was a total losing move.

2) The truckers could return, park their trucks, and call a general strike, leaving the denizens of Ottawa and other major cities (mostly pro-mandate elitists anyway) to go hungry and cold until the government relented. This would be considered a faurly traditional Canadian response in years past. It unfortunately would have left the totalitarians in positions in power to exact their revenge via a thousand cuts as time goes by.

3) Realising they were on the losing side of the stick, actually storm the Parliament building while Trudeau was there and effect a real coup with a revolutionary court and peoples’ justice. This would have been a truly un-Canadian move, so while they would have taken casualties, it is likely with the element of shock and surprise that they would have succeeded in removing the biggest thorns in their sides. Valuing order above all else, the lower-level police and military probably would have fallen in line once the upper levels were out of the picture. This is not a move for the timid, so it would never happen in Canada, but it is the scanario US politicos think will happen anytime a group of six or more bearded White mean assemble on the Mall in DC, which is why they call in 26k national guard and countless other Fed police forces to protect the sacred 550.
Dieter Kief
Friday - February 25th 2022 2:55PM MST
PS: Good and reasonable and - humane comments fom Timur the Lame. Thanks for reposting them, Mod.

The grassroots aspekt of this rally was impressive. One of the rather reasonable German papers - Die weLT nevertheless called it "The So-Called Freedom Convoy". When I read such a headline, I know what's up: The Anywheres International feels the heat. - Then I smile.

I appreciated a lot the online talks between JB Peterson and his friend,the late great Canadian journalist Rex Murphy.
JB Peterson also talked with Brian Peckford about the unconstitutional decisions of Justin Trudeau in the conflict and - about the lawsuit, Brian Peckford, the only still living author of the actual Canadian constitution has brought forward:

I Am Today Launching A Lawsuit Against The Federal Government of Canada | peckford42 (

Here is JB Peterson's profound talk with old school journalist Rex Murphy about the Freedom Convoy

The Catastrophe of Canada | Rex Murphy and Jordan B Peterson - YouTube

His message to the truckers after the shut down of the protests by Justin Trudeau: You did not lose - you won!
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