The smiling face of evil

Posted On: Thursday - February 24th 2022 6:22PM MST
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Tyler Stovall - Full of evil lies, but thankfully deceased:

"He looks like a nice guy.". (That's what they always say after some dude shoots a couple of people in the back - I've said it myself.) He doesn't look thuggish at all, like way too many black guys do. In fact, he was a university professor!

I'd have been glad to have never heard of Tyler Stovall. It's just that I spend (WAY!) too much time on the Steve Sailer blog site on The Unz Review. Mr. Sailer's best material seems to be the posts that display the stupidity of, and refute, material in the mainstream Lyin' Press print outlets. That would usually be either the New York Times (actually, that newspaper should sue Steve Sailer for commissions, finder's fees, something, as that provides half his material!), the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and a few others I also would be much too sickened by to click to them.

Right away, I want to explain that, by "stupidity", it's often more like evil, and, as for refuting material, that's not gonna change a soul's mind- it's the entertainment value he must be after. That's the thing about Mr. Sailer's best posts - they are both entertaining and enraging, out of him and the Lyin' Press, respectively.

I came upon Washington Post: [See?] the Ottawa Trucker Convoy Is Rooted in Canada’s Settler Colonial History the other day. As is often the case, Mr. Sailer doesn't really stand up for principles, such as freedom, etc., but his goal here was to point out the idiotic-sounding arguments of the reporters and their sources, which do relate to race, one of Mr. Sailer's biggest topics (and it's brave of him for writing about it).

This one part really got to me, though it's not the main topic of the post:
The notion of “freedom” was historically and remains intertwined with Whiteness, as historian Tyler Stovall has argued. The belief that one’s entitlement to freedom is a key component of White supremacy.
(There is a lot more stupidity on either side of this paragraph, if you want to get the context.)

"Freedom is intertwined with Whiteness", got that? This is not stupidity, but deliberate evil lying. It's not that the concept of freedom and liberty are things only the White man would want. It's just that only the White man has evolved to a level in which he can not only really understand and explain these concepts via reason and logic, but he has the integrity and willpower to uphold them. Others have been riding the coat-tails of all this in the Western World (most especially, the English-descendent world) for years.

There's a reason these people, both the Lyiin' Press reporter and "historian" Tyler Stovall, want to tie the two together. See, the Commies of old did not have it this easy. They could talk about class, but they didn't have a ready-made, Emmanuel Golsteinesque whole race of men who are simply the bad guys. This is the logic the Commies like Tyler Stovall want to get out there: Because “White supremacy” “It’s OK to be White”, or even no sign or slogans but just being or acting White are considered bad now, the linking of "White" to "freedom" helps them explain why "freedom is BAD, mmmkay?"

"You hate White things, right? Yeah, OK, well, freedom is one of them. You need to start hating freedom. We're way ahead of you on this, so let us help get you started. Vote for Totalitarianism - it's anti-White!"

Like they say, "he seems seemed like a nice guy - Tyler Stovall, renowned history professor and former humanities dean, dies at 67. From the article on the University of Santa Cruz website:
An insightful scholar and author dedicated to social justice and the advancement of minority scholars, Tyler touched the lives of countless students, faculty and staff in his nearly two decades on our campus,” Chancellor Cynthia Larive and Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Lori Kletzer said in a joint campus message. “We knew Tyler as a skilled educator and as a thoughtful, generous, and kind colleague. He will be missed tremendously.”
Mr. Stovall got lots of accolades, and he learned and then taught at many colleges. This guy was indeed a scholar, but I don't know how much of that is pure Affirmative Action.
His father was a child psychologist, and his mother directed the South Side Settlement House, a community center in Columbus, Ohio. Both of Stovall’s parents were active in the growing civil rights movement, with activists and guests of their local NAACP chapter visiting their home regularly. Their efforts inspired Stovall’s own political activism, including joining a Race Relations Club at his public high school and giving his first public speech against the war in Vietnam at age 18.
OK, we've got another red diaper scholar. Here's the last from him, as he went full Lyin' Commie:
His most recent book White Freedom: The Racial History of an Idea earned Stovall even more attention and acclaim. Numerous critics connected the book’s theme that, as Stovall writes, “at its most extreme freedom can be and historically has been a racist ideology,” with the January 6 attack on the U.S. capitol. “White Freedom has much to tell us… about how racism has been built into so many of our systems and institutions, and about how what we see as freedom isn’t really freedom at all,” wrote Brock Kingsley in a piece written for Chicago Review of Books.
Here's how a Long March through the Institutions works:
“For me, Tyler should be remembered as a scholar who firmly believed that the writing and teaching of history was a political act,” said Michael Vann, professor of history and Asian studies at California State University, Sacramento, who studied under Stovall for his PhD at UC Santa Cruz. “Throughout his long and vibrant career, Tyler used his path breaking research, critical analysis, and engaging lectures as weapons in the fight for social justice.
Sure, you didn't have to take the guy's courses, well unless they were required courses... but you didn't have to go to UC Santa Cruz to begin with, great surfing notwithstanding. We could all just avoid these lyin' sacks of shit, but then:

a) They are spreading their evil lies using our tax money.


b) Their "scholarly works" are what the other infiltrated Institutions of American society use as their guides.

Good riddance to this smiling face of evil, Tyler Stovall, and the like. Most of them won't just die off so easily in the future.

Al Corrupt
Friday - February 25th 2022 7:25PM MST

“Freedom is intertwined with Whiteness", got that? This is not stupidity, but deliberate evil lying. It's not that the concept of freedom and liberty are things only the White man would want.”

If this was actually the case, wouldn’t the African slaves have preferred to remain slaves?
Friday - February 25th 2022 11:41AM MST
PS It sort of is. Only a minuscule fraction of the Earth’s people have ever shown much interest in personal liberty. That fraction has historically resided in Northwestern Europe, and especially in the islands off Northwest Europe. And in the people from that part of Europe who settled the sparsely settled lands of the Americas and Australasia. Those folks tend to be the palest of the pale.
Friday - February 25th 2022 8:16AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief: I don't think Steve should do ANYTHING different*. I was trying to get across that his posts that quote the stupid and evil Lyin' Press articles are his best. His snarky comments are 2nd to none, even Ann Coulter, who, BTW, I think has some joke writers to help her**. Steve will relate the stupidity in the writings to things he's already noticed, or contradictions, and in just the most humorous fashion I can think of. (It's almost as if he's overused that "almost as if" bit, IMO, but that's small potatoes.)

Now, he writes plenty of more posts with stats about school admissions, etc, that, though good to set the record straight, are not as entertaining to me. My problem with them is that all that heavy thinking will have absolutely no effect on those who's policies he argues against though. Steve could have the best solution in the world for giving the maximum education to the most kids, but do you think the teacher's unions and the school boards want to hear it? They've got their agenda. They've got an infinite amount more power to set policy than Steve Sailer does.

What I will add is that occasionally Mr. Sailer's stuff gets read by pundits higher up on the food chain. That can be a help, but it's rare. I think there's no doubt that Ann Coulter reads at least some of his stuff and SHE'S ON TV! (What matters still to too many people.) Miss Coulter reads VDare too, so she got much more information there, but then iSteve is the most prolific writer (blogger, at least) on there.

Miss Coulter had President Trump's ear a whole lot more than I'd ever thought, which reminds me of a post here that I'd forgotten to write. So, there's a chain there, leading to what could have been great progress against the immigration invasion, but Trump was a screw-up with no strategy whatsoever, and we lost a huge opportunity.

Finally, Dieter about the "enraging" part. Steve's best posts IMO (again due to his humor and great "noticing" skills) quote these far-out lefties that are just so stupid and or evil sometimes that they get me pretty pissed off. I have to make myself think - as commenter Twinkie wrote in reply to someone who wrote that Orientals as a group are just such a leftie ungrateful bunch, when, hey, it's just the couple of nutcases that don't have real jobs so write for the Washington Post (or. whatever) - these are just a few far-out freaks. Only thing is, these are often the people that the Institutions support and make policies based on.

* I should make an exception for Libertarian/Constitutional principles, but that's a whole 'nother subject and one that I wouldn't expect any change in it - he's a pragmatist on that stuff. His acceptance of authority figures and Totalitarianism early in the PanicFest is an example and one that I do have a big disagreement with.

** Maybe that's just for her books.
Dieter Kief
Friday - February 25th 2022 7:06AM MST
Ok, no, I had typed PS - it was something else, problably an unfortunate key-combination I accidentally hit.

I still don't quite see your point with reagrd to Steve. What do you think Steve should do?
By close inspection, your text says, Steve ist the entertainer, ok, but: Let ME tell ya: This suff is not so much enteraining as it is enraging me! -Because it is evil!

I'd hold he is right to shine more light on the funny and - kinda Stan & Laurel side of the Tyler Stovell (etc. pp.) going-ons than on the more heavy side like being evil etc.

This is Alarmist territory (Satan!), and Karl Kraus and Loos territory, not iSteve, or Heinrich Heine, or - you know: Klimt, Schiele, Lichtenberg, Twain, O'Rourke territory.

The bottom line here is: Nothing human is lost on me, as the really old Roman guys (and Goethe, the (classical) Roman's and Greek'representative on the Weimarian earth 1749 - 1831
- - - had it). See what I mean Mod.?

Did you have a look at the Vienna Secession building: It's oneof the most beautiful buildings on earth, isn't it?

The Coulter senstence you quogte, Alarmist, is just about right - Bull's eye stuff! - Ahh: She forgot Wall St. and Digi-Tech. She could have squeezed those lads in here too. - And myaybe the porn-industry (they will soon get lots of hot stuff from - Ukraine (now this is sad, I have to admit). So yeah: Not all is fun down here. There is some real sorrow 'n' suffering too.

Friday - February 25th 2022 6:49AM MST
PS: Yes, I read that yesterday, Alarmist. That was an extremely BASED (if I may start using that term now) piece from Miss Coulter. She had been BASED in general, but this was the most Libertarian column I've read from her, by my memory, well foreign policy/MIC wise.

My wife, who could be called very BASED now, told me that Tucker Carlson made the same point (most important to me in Miss Coulter's piece here, and probably to her too, as the immivasion issue is the most important for both of us) about why are we worried about the borders of the Ukraine instead of of the US? Tucker and Miss Coulter simply said what the VDare people have been saying for 2 decades. I told my wife that I could have told her that also for 2 decades now, but I am so glad she understands this simple thing that most Americans STILL don't seem to. (I'm just going by the fact that the Lyin' Press is still in business pushing this unnecessary and distracting war-mongering.)

Mr. Kief, also, if you want to discuss my other point about Steve Sailer (basic principles), we could too, as I ought to back up that statement too. Perhaps a post would do, but then I've got so damn many that need to come out.
The Alarmist
Friday - February 25th 2022 6:00AM MST

Aside from his occasional jumping on the chair and lifting of his skirt when he thinks the COVID mouse is about, Mr. Sailer’s writing is often engaging and informative.

Did you catch Ms. Coulter’s piece yesterday? I love this line:

“In our ruling class’s ideal country, there will be nothing but defense contractors, Black Lives Matter activists and Latin American gardeners.”
Friday - February 25th 2022 5:41AM MST
PS: Dieter, I didn't participate in the P.J. O'Rourke thread, but he was definitely one of my favorite political writers / satirists. I did tend to confuse him back in the day with Dave Barry, of the Miami Herald(?) newspaper, just due to their similar wit.

Alarmist, I would guess the guy dutifully got his jab. If that had been a problem for him, we'd never find out.
Friday - February 25th 2022 5:36AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, first of all, I'm sorry you lost your first comment. (Just in case this one was the lack of "PS", you can click the back button on the browser and see the text sitting there. I'm guessing that's not what happened this time.)

Anyway, I didn't use the word superficial. My point is that, though the commenters enjoy it, me included, I don't think Mr. Sailer's refutations of all these stupid/evil Lyin' Press articles will have any effect on the writers and subjects of the stories themselves.

Those subjects of Mr. Sailer's refutations and their loyal readers/listeners will NEVER read Mr. Sailer's material, unless one clicked by accident and got as far as his woke mind would let him. Those on our side may very well see good points that are being brought up, perfectly logical, showing hypocrisy and purer BS. That's why we like reading. I'm pretty sure most of our minds are made up already that, yes, the Lyin' Press, universities, and other institutions are full of these people who lie and are hypocrites. We often enjoy seeing the details.

I bring up "enraging", because just seeing the excerpts from these people's thoughts, this post being a great example, piss me off at how sometimes stupid, but just as often evil, these people are.

So, I don't at all mean to say that Mr. Sailer's work is useless. It's just not going to change a single mind on the other side. OK, maybe there's a brave soul here and there who goes off the ctrl-left plantation, but it'd be rare, and all that writing would not be worth it just for him - he'd end up cancelled and living out of a dumpster anyway ...

Let it be said that what Steve does is put things - the truth, that is, down for the record. That's a noble endeavor. However, we all need to realize, including me on this site, that the other side will not be persuaded by facts and logical arguments, even when they could easily, and DO, understand them.

Because Steve Sailer does this in a most entertaining manner, we all enjoy it and enjoy the company of others who do.

I hope that clears up what I meant here.
The Alarmist
Friday - February 25th 2022 2:56AM MST

If there is any justice in this White dominated world, Mr. Stovall (cause of death undisclosed) would have been recently fully vaxxed with doses declined by Trumpist anti-vaxxers. Render unto Satan, with Satanic Stabs, those who would serve Satan.
Dieter Kief
Friday - February 25th 2022 1:36AM MST
PS: Gee - it's gone - I've written a post half awake and then made a little keyboard-move - pheeeeewwww - Oooops I'll do it (I did it) again:

Mod., you write about this sidekick of the woke Californian zeitgeist Tyler Stovell and about Steve Sailer, who made you look into this Stovell professor's ideas:

"Right away, I want to explain that, by "stupidity", it's often more like evil, and, as for refuting material, that's not gonna change a soul's mind- it's the entertainment value he must be after. /// That's the thing about Mr. Sailer's best posts - they are both entertaining and enraging, out of him and the Lyin' Press, respectively."

Here you try to have it both ways: Mocking Steve for being superficial and then after my slashes, you say that there'd be something profound going on in your head while following Steve's thoughts.
But you can't have it both ways here. And - no surprise now, I think your first take that that Steve-post 'd be superficial or just entertaining - fishing for wrong.
If a writer is able to dissect the zeitgeist as precise and lightheartedly (=playfully!) as Steve does time 'n' time again, you are in insights heaven (and I'm there too with ya, so: You are not walking alone here - you need not be scared, hehe!)

Bottom line: This is as important as it can possibly get. And you do hum along in the tone (the melody / the song...), Steve has set here by elaborating on this Tyler Stovell character - and rightfully so!


Fun fact aside: You repeat here in your critique of Steve Sailer an old trope; which has created lots of famous controversies - between Heinrich Heine and Ludwig Börne, between Karl Kraus and Heinrich Heine, between Karl Kraus and Adolf Loos here and the Wiener Secession / The Jugendstil/The Vienna Dope Heads (opium, hashish, The Green Fary (=absinth)) there (Georg Trakl, Egon Schiele/Gustav Klimt*****  : -

- The core of this old controversy is that those going after the zeitgeisty errors and malfeasances would be superficial themselves. Well: If you think about this stuff deeply this can't be any other way. This whole story does necessarily have a light side - and a dark (and mighty and often scary/cruel flip side (see poet Georg Trakl/ painter Egon Schiele)).

Take away line:

It is no good to attack the zeitgeist detective for wading through shallow  seas of madness. He does not do it to deceive you about the nature of the depth of these seas, but to make you aware how shallow they are. - - - Se(a)e Mod.?

***** see here:

and here about Gustav Klimt:

and Egon Schiele good wikipedia page too

PS - - - Friedrich Nietzsche praised the lightheartedness as the sure sign for somebody NOT being pretentious - and as an indicator that somebody MIGHT have touched on something important - in the first version of this post I therefore started off with a splendid VISION of P. J. O'Rourke about the dark future of the US - I'll come back to this O'Rourke as a precise/precious/ VISIONARY stuff next week - if God wants it that way, heheh!
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