Dr. Robert Malone and E.H. Hail at the anti-vax-mandate rally

Posted On: Tuesday - February 22nd 2022 5:09PM MST
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Dr. Robert Malone a month ago in Washington, FS:

I'd meant to write this quick post since seeing the Jan. 23rd anti-vaccine-mandate rally via live-streaming that day. I watched an hour and a half of it or so. I was impressed by a certain part of Dr. Robert Malone's talk.

As the speakers shivered up there on the podium and gave their fairly short talks about medical issues from the experimental vaccines our elites want us all to take, along with their political opinions about the tyranny of this attempted mandate, I was especially impressed with the straight talk out of Dr. Malone about the children.

One could go over the numbers and how stupid it is to try experimental medicine on people who have almost no risk of getting seriously harmed from the disease itself. One could talk about this usurpation of the rights of parents to take care of their children. Robert Malone, however, gave some serious, straight talk to the parents. I won't quote exactly, but the gist of it was this, to paraphrase him:

"Think about what would happen if you let your child be vaccinated or even make this decision yourself. Either way, if some permanent harm would come to a child of yours, you will not only spend the rest of your life dealing with the medical problems, but the guilt and grief will be on you until you die too. Do you want that?"

That's some straight talk there. I was pretty surprised and impressed that Dr. Malone put it this way.

I checked the website of one of the original anti-Panic bloggers, Mr. E.H. Hail's Hail to You, today for the first time in at least a week. I had been wondering when his next post would be and whether it would be about his experience at last month's event. Well, he put it up just today, and it IS. I will read Scenes from the “Defeat the Mandates” rally (Washington D.C., Jan. 23, 2022) and thoughts on its place in Corona-Panic history in a short while.

I hope you all will get a chance to read Mr. Hail's post. I am looking forward to it.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 23rd 2022 3:01AM MST
PS: A little ditty about alex & Robert with regard to Ivermectin and to my Sympathy for the Devil comment in the post below - - - -

Here is an Ivermectin trial the analysis of which suffers from too much complexity and thus turns out to be wrong altogether. Thus .e.r.a.d.i.c.a.t.i.n.g. the quite possibly existing healing power of Ivermectin via an approved scientific approach:

An example in which higher complexity does not mean a higher level of accuracy or a closer proximity to reality, but rather the opposite: Higher complexity means to lose precision and accuracy:

The situation in an Ivermectin-trial***** is as follows:
"In fact 3 of 241 Covid patients treated with the drug died (1.24%) compared to 10 of 249 who didn't get the drug (4.02%)."

***** For details about this study see here (note: Alex Berneson attacking Robert Malone shows up here too - and not as a very insightful writer once more):

Study claiming ivermectin 'fails' actually shows a much lower death rate in those who received it (normanfenton.com)

Now comes the methodically advanced but nonetheless misguided conclusion: The statement that there is no difference between the two ways of treatment, as being proven with traditional statistical methods.
In other words: The clear difference between the Ivemetin group and the placebo group is eradicated in a scientifically approved = methodically accepted statistical way.

Now comes another hurdle: It does take a brainy effort to do away with such misleading methodological errors.
Thank God, there is this grumpy old white but witty nonetheless British statistician by the name of Norman Fenton who does tirelessly fight such ill-advised uses of modern day scientific techniques (see also his article above!):

Wednesday - February 23rd 2022 1:40AM MST

Thanks for the link!

(You spotted the post as I was still in the process of making some revisions in the latter sections, so if you read through it, it may have been a little rough going. It's in final form now.)

One funny thing about that Defeat the Mandates rally is how it was effectively entirely "extra-parliamentary," as was the Canada Freedom Convoy rally.

No elected political figures attended the DC rally, as far as I know. Certainly well-known figures were there, but basically their "well known" status mostly comes from their willingness to speak out against the Covid-mania and Corona-thugs and their crazy excesses. (No one had ever heard of Robert Malone, for one, in 2019.)
The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 22nd 2022 7:25PM MST

Aspirate, don’t aspirate ... whatever. Kill you now, kill you later.

One cannot escape the fact that a pathogenic cytotoxin that can wreak havoc on the body’s endothelial cells in the circulatory system and all organs is being introduced in a way that some portion of it cannot help but enter the circulatory syste, and the servants of Satan are insistent it be administered repeatedly.

Just because it doesn’t cull you immediately does not mean it is safe.
Tuesday - February 22nd 2022 5:25PM MST
PS: The nurse in our family noted too that the way this vaccine is applied is important. You'd think LOTS of time and training would be spent on that. It seems they just want to get this into all of us in a big hurry. Thanks for the video, Dieter.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - February 22nd 2022 5:23PM MST

A usually overseen aspect of the Covid-vaccinations is the simple fact, that Denmark and Norway differ not only in the way, the jabs are applied, but also in the results quite remarkably: Norway has three times the myocarditis-problems which the Danes suffer from - andnot only that!

The one difference that might well cause this huge difference in outcome is: The Danish doctors do all aspirate the syringes before giving the jab in order to look if blood appears and indicates, that a blood-vessel has been injured.

The stunning details here in this video:


It could well mark a big difference, if in the future, everybody would use the old technique, the Danish doctors do apply here. It is quite likely, that that causes the big difference in outcome between Norway and Denmark (no other reasons can be seen so far).
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