Tiananmen Square Reloaded: Ottawa, Canada

Posted On: Tuesday - February 22nd 2022 2:45PM MST
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That title came to me just a few minutes ago, and it's not the main story here. I am more familiar with China than the average American, but that was not the case 33 years back, in the summer of 1989. That was the time of the Chinese pro-Democracy movement*, and, honestly, as discussed in Citizenship in the Nation, I'm not sure how many Chinamen even deeply involved in that movement really understood democracy from a hole in the ground, much less what a Constitutional Republic is about. They were a brave bunch though. I'll give them that.

There are a few similarities though. I will note these in this post, in which, knowing our readers could have been following the Canadian trucker convoy protest on thousands of other sites, I'll just give some opinion on the way it ended.

Here at Peak Stupidity, I perhaps give short shrift to overarching conspiracy theories over the idea of the elites of this world and their followers simply being idiots. Hey, we pay good money for the URL here, so why not stupidity over evil? However, I am indeed coming around to the explanations of more nefarious causes of the events in this time of near-Peak Stupidity. I think in the case of Justin Trudeau vs. these salt-of-the-earth plain old Canadian truckers, it's pretty obvious that this is not just about a moron of a Prime Minister making dumb calls.

This young pretty-boy, the son of likely the most famous Prime Minister of Canada in its history, or maybe the son of a different Communist, is not on his own here. The question of who moves his puppet strings brings up the very public knowledge of his being a star of the World Economic Forum up-and-coming youngsters who are supposed to help implement the "4th Industrial Revolution".

I have not watched the whole video below, but I present just the first couple of minutes to show the introduction by Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF there in Davos, Switzerland 6 years back.

(Sorry about the captioning. It's hilarious how the software does not know what to make out of "Fareed Zakaria"! "Hey, we paid for Globalist software, dammit!")

The most important thing I got out of this (as pointed out by an Unz Review commenter) is how Mr. Schwab speaks of young Trudeau's "loyalty". He most definitely means loyalty to the Globalist WEF and its plans, not to the people of Canada.

Were he on his own, I think Premier Trudeau may have been pretty open to a friendly meeting with some of these truckers, maybe making a face-saving deal, telling them in Trump-like** fashion how they are all good folks, and that we've licked this Covid thing anyway, so we'll ease off... till next time. These guys like to be popular with "the people". That's not the plan that Trudeau is a part in implementing, though.

The elites know that the PanicFest they implemented, and now the experimental vaccine (experimental not only in nature, but in its forced global implementation) have slowly become very unpopular with too many people. Perhaps they expected the little people to take and get on-board with this new Totalitarianism in the same way the world got on board with that introduced as a "response" to 9/11. This trucker protest may have scared the Globalists.

It's one thing if it's just about vaccine passports and the shots - again, "we can make a few promises and make them go away, you know, slow things down for a while". However, this protest and others to come can easily morph into demands for other changes off of the Davos crowd's "4th Industrial Revolution" script. The "Yellow Vest" movement in France is an example.

The Tiananmen Square "Democracy" protest in Peking, China 33 years back, having started off as a simple demand for less corrupt leaders***, turned into a demand by some for a change in the whole system of government. Call it "protest creep". I would guess the Canadian protests in Ottawa could have crept into some demands about ending the evil population replacement policy, being accelerated big-time as I write. It could have and damn well should have! That's not all we might very well demand either.

The way this Canadian protest ended, with mounted soldiers, who still call themselves "police", breaking up the crowd, and maybe a few bones too, and with the purely Totalitarian confiscation of expensive rigs, bank accounts, and with trials and imprisonment to come, does remind me also of what I learned about Tiananmen Square. I have some inside knowledge of people whose lives were derailed**** afterwards, even though they did not actively participate there in Peking but just showed their support in some manner, perhaps posters in support. Does that sound familiar? Those ministers who work as puppets for the Globalists have come up with punishment for anything they wanted to.

The punishment for acting up is widespread and encompassing, including for those not directly involved: Bought a trucker a Coke Zero, eh? Well, there goes that pension plan you counted on. Hey, I don't exaggerate by that much. The rule of law is being blatantly ignored. I don't see what's going on there in Ottawa as much different than Stalinist actions or that of the Deng government in China.'

"We aren't abooot to wear stinking badges, eh."

One more similarity with Tiananmen I see here is that the Totalitarian regime of the moment used enforcers that are not your standard beat cops. See the military vehicle up top, and note that some of these, errr, troops, have no insignias. The Chinese way was to use military troops from far away provinces that would feel no compunction about firing away at the people.***** It's only going to get worse when the Canadian people (and the same here) are further replaced by foreigners who don't give a damn about them.

Finally, there's a reason the big powers, the Communists of the old USSR, the Totalitarians in China, and the Globalists now, feel the need to clamp down hard. Think about it. Some of the covid/vaccine restrictions in Canada have been lifted anyway, as of late. Why not have arranged a nice friendly settlement instead of how this was ended?

My opinion is that the Globalists are trying their best to prevent anything like this from happening again, due to that protest creep problem. It's not just about the very specific complaints from the little people there up north. They will brook no more little people's complaints from anyone, anywhere. Or ... so they think ...

* Peak Stupidity published 3 posts in remembrance of the Tiananmen Square protests and crack-down on the 30th anniversary of the event. (Occasionally, we set alarms on our phones for these things.) See Freedom in China? On the Tiananmen Massacre 30 years ago., Freedom in China, Tiananmen Square, and Freedom in America, and Tiananmen Square and the American Press.

** That's one guy that I cannot see being a puppet of anybody. Oh, threatened by the Globalists/Deep State, yeah surely. A sucker for the beltway "experts", definitely. I can't see even the world's most incompetent Globalist HR Department picking out a guy like Donald Trump to do their bidding!

*** Yeah, sure, that works every time. "We just need less corrupt people!" Never mind that the Big Gov. they have no problem with makes corruption inevitable.

**** One was a bright Electrical Engineering student who was nowhere near Peking at time, but due to his support in some manner, was banned from the universities. He ended up TV repairman.

***** China has a real "geographic discrimination" thing going on in general.

Thursday - February 24th 2022 11:53AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I'd completely neglected to discuss that aspect of this crack down. As much as they wanted to scare the people, including those who did nothing but support the effort with funds, I guess they didn't realize what will come out of this, even after backing down from it.

If you weren't any kind of Prepper before, I would think these attempts at Stasi-style Totalitarianism may clue you in a bit. There may be about 1,000 x more Canadians, Americans too (oh, but it CAN'T happen here- we got laws!) I hope, that are doing some thinking along the lines of "what is real money about?", "how do I hold onto my money?", and "what's a good way to hide assets from these Totalitarian bastards?" You don't even have to be on the side of the freedom-loving truckers to be led to some of this thinking either:

"I should be fine. I LUV the government and and Big Brother Trudeau. If you're not doing anything wrong ... but, well what if the computer makes a mistake.... hey, is the the coin shop?"
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 24th 2022 11:42AM MST

They had to back down because they had started bank runs across Canada by making it crystal-clear that nobody’s money is safe in a Canadian bank. This might be a fatal error for the regime.
Thursday - February 24th 2022 9:37AM MST
PS: That's good news, Dieter. It's along the lines of what I was thinking - they had to smash this down just to show they can and will (try). The PM or other officials could have easily made a nice friendly speech to the effect of "We hear you. The restrictions are being lifted. Please go home."
Dieter Kief
Thursday - February 24th 2022 8:04AM MST
Justin Trudeau has lifted the restrictions. That's good.
Wednesday - February 23rd 2022 8:01PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, here is my favorite (cover) version of 'Sympathy for the Devil' --- part of an album with seven (?) versions.


Here is the Nazi version:


P.S. I did get to see the Stones play this live somewhere in the '70s.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 23rd 2022 12:54AM MST
Since quite some time it has occured to me, Mod., that Sympathy for the Devil is proof that The Rolling Stones did touch genius territory (for context: See JWv Goethe's Faust).
Steve Sailer says again and again Mick Jagger is high-IQ. But his band - I mean. Ok. Charlie was not dumb either. Mick Taylor for sure was bright - he played that electrifying riff in the middle of Sympathy for teh Devil on the Get Yer Ya-Ya-s Out tour btw.. But what I wanted to say:I do think it is the band thing that catapulted some of the efforts of these English lads way way higher up than those of other bands and artists of the Sixties. They're , as I said, from time to time in genius territory. I will have to ask Buzz Mohawk once, who is the neighbor of this other prominent band member - but my impression is: This one is just a regular guy. As is Bill Whyman, brightness wise. Would these two have been on their own all the time, we might not even have noticed him. - Well maybe, as sidekicks of Alexis Corner or a member of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers or something like that. Bottom line: The sum is more here than the parts. -

- This is the nature of roving bands. If you are able to cooperate, you are able to create more (= hunt down more pray,for example) than as a single soul (may I hint at a very single man here, name known to everybody reading here, I guess.) One more: The importance of simple guys in roving bands might not least have been: To keep it simple. -

- Stupidity is easier to eradicate, if you don't make things unnecessarily complicated. Simple guys insist on the un-necessity of certain stages of complexity as soon as they come across those. The simple guy is what anchors (- maybe that is a good metaphor too) the roving band's attempts in - reality, Alarmist. Fun fact aside: I did tackle this stuff at the Unz Review and did look upon it there as: A hypothesis to explain the IQ regression to the mean.

Evolution talks here in exactly the same way grandfather (a great butcher, landlord and ringer!) used to talk: His recurring little thought he had reserved for us kids (four cousins around him). And that thought was: Corks (that's how he called us: Corks - Dr. Freud would have lit up in pure joy, I guess), "corks", he used to say: "bright alone won't do" (note the alone here!).

The aesthetic pleasure that radiates not least from the Stones' stuff is rooted in this basic dynamic to keep high and low in the balance, I'd hold. 
Tuesday - February 22nd 2022 7:35PM MST
PS They do meet at places such as Davos and Aspen and G7 meetings and who knows where else. They certainly plot against us at those meetings. I don’t care whether one calls it a conspiracy, but our enemies are waging a co-ordinated campaign. There may be a substantial amount of stupidity, but there is also co-ordination. As far as the Canadian truckers go, as I understand it, a lot of them are Sikh invaders, not Canadians (I say this as the great-grandson of Anatolie Gagnon, born in Montreal in 1884). We can support the populism, if not all the populists. Finally, congrats on getting the Canadian accent just right in your caption.
Tuesday - February 22nd 2022 5:23PM MST
PS: Well, Dieter, it is indeed hard to top the dumbness/stupidity of some of these people today. It's just so much worse when the put it out there in the open for us. This Miss Narwitz, she ought to be damn glad she doesn't live in some 3rd world (yet!) place in which it's just plain LOUD all the time. People who grow up in places like that learn to sleep through the racket.

You know, I mean, if Sopia Narwitz's friends in Parliament would just have taken the tiny step of allowing "OK, if you don't want to take this vaccine, fine, don't take it - you can just up and die, you idiot", the honking would have ceased and desisted. She should be grateful it's truck air horns and not shelling!

I appreciate all the Stones' references, of course, but I would feel obligated to add something in reference to "Sympathy for the Devil". Melody-wise and sound-wise, that one is one of my favorites, and I like that long part in the middle that I can get lost in. I heard the song first while camping out for 2 days for some kind of concert or sports tickets, sleeping in sleeping bags on the concrete and drinking a decent amount of "PJ" - please don't ask me the complete recipe - it involves a plastic 55 gallon trashcan, some fruit, and lots of the cheapest alcohol to be found. We were not gin-soaked - too damned expensive.

Oh, BTW, I saw a band called the Gin Soaked Barroom Queens long ago.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - February 22nd 2022 3:50PM MST

Honky Tonk Women

The world is getting crazier by the minute - you can't make this stuff up - - 
Sopia Narwitz said in the Canadian parliament that - Hitler sits or lives in the horns of the truckers who protest in Ottawa.

Her logic goes like this: Honk- honk, she said, would be - fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen! - "an acronym for Adolf Hitler!" - Them facist truckers 'd be touting out the Hitlerman by honking their horns!

"Kohn - Kohn"! - this .i.s. an acronym of "honk-honk", btw. Hm. Hm. (Since I'm at it: Mh mh is an acronym of Hm, hm)...

Now: The name of this genius Canadian political analyst is Sophia (= greek for: wisdom!) Narwitz. And now, ladies 'n' gentlemen - : - upon close inspection we can see what this German name Narwitz means. It means fool's joke - I'm not making this stuff up either. Nar = the fool and witz = the joke.

I met a ginsoaked barroom queen in Memphis/ She was trying to take me upstairs for - A Ride/ - Mick 'Jagguar' Jagger once groweld these lines out in front of the stunned audiences of the world . - . Will he do it again? Honky-tonking above a bar with Adolphina Hitleriana on a wild fascist RIDE? Well, could be. He is an old white men (= fascist through 'n' through) and his sidekicks are looking so much like the living dead by now, that you could send them directly to the Front of WW III under the command of : - : the unspeakable's ghost that is....----- 

Puhhh - Hot Stuff! (I had produced one more typo by now and so this Hot Stuff passage in my scribblings above first read: Hot Stiff. - You now me: You know I always a-stick-a (Groucho (&Harpo (with the HORN!) Marx) to the facts - and do quite some typos, don't ya, Mod.?!

Good Gracious God!  

Here is the ever so slightly deranged "Queen of the (Canadian psyche's) Underground"


And here are the Fascist Trucker twins - honking their way - through America - - - - so: Here is the proof of Sophia Narwitz thesis:

The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women 1972 Live - Bing video

The basic law of wokeness is: Be as antifa-s-tastically dumb as dumb can be - then you'll be right on track to world-victory (& remember: Being too dumb is impossible - this option has been eradicated from the face of the regressives' universe by the Woke Transnational!)
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