More face diaper anecdotes... but wait, there's MORE!

Posted On: Wednesday - February 16th 2022 7:00PM MST
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(Continued from here and going on forever(?).)

I found one of the new black non-woven-material face masks on the concrete patio outside the coffee shop. Maybe somebody though I was some poor shmoe who was still skeered about the OMG-icron but can't afford my own medical face mask, much less a designer model. Nope, I just wanted to scan it for use in any further posts about this new style, even less communication-friendly type of mask, as described and modeled by a beautiful blond mask model in Moar fashion accessory anecdotes.

Then, a couple of days later I was at the food court in a big airport terminal, of course maskless as far as I can push it. Three flight attendants were eating nearby. The prettiest of them, which I could tell because they were eating, let her face mask of this type fall from the table onto the floor. This was an area with lots of foot traffic and spilled food. I saw her pick it up, and I was sure she would not throw it away. "Hey, the 17 second rule applies.", I told her. "You're good." All of them smiled. I maintain that nobody takes this mask business seriously, except in a control freak sense, not a medical sense.

This next little tidbit involves are oft-utilized "Customer Care" topic key too, because this was a phone call I was on for help with heath plan stuff. The call actually went much much smoother than have the rest of the customer service calls that Peak Stupidity rails about. After all, I just mashed "0" twice and got a live person. It's 2005 again! However, I thought the call was taking an immediate bad turn when I could hardly make out what the lady (as best I could tell) was saying. Oh, man, where is this call going, another obscure island off the Philippines, maybe a former penal colony off of French Guiana, old Ceylon, I don't freaking know!

"Uh, where am I calling? Are you Russian?" I could not make out so much, but that was my best guess. It was just all fuzzy. "No, something, something ...Ohio." Wow, what a break. It took 30 seconds for us to get straight that, her voice was fuzzy as all get-out and she would call back. When she did, it was not any better. "Don't tell me", I said, "Are they making you wear those face diapers? Is that the problem?" "Nah, we .. something, fuzz, fuzz, fuzzz...." I think that was a "no".

This was not the usual crappy signal that you get with the modern pseudo "land-lines" which aren't cell phones but still use some cheap low-capacity part of the internet. We described that whole piece of stupidity in From "hearing a pin drop" to "how 'bout a door slam?" long ago.

Anyway, I was able to get my questions answered satisfactorily through the fuzz, but that was only because the lady was an American. I thanked her for being one on the phone with me.

Finally, because I forgot in that Valentine's inflation post, here's what I was going to put there:

Not only is there price inflation of the goods and services we want or need for daily life, but there is also fine inflation. No, I'm not "fine with it". I mean that even the TSA fines for defending one's 4th Amendment rights in airport terminals has gone up. It used to be an even number, a round $10,000. The cost of being instructed on Totalitarianism has gone up, like everything else. This stuff started in 2002 using the Feral Gov't standard $10,000 fine, so using my favorite on-line compounding calculator page on Money Chimp, I got 1.66%* annual inflation in TSA fining. Well, OK, that goes along with the BLS green-eyeshade boys' numbers, and that near Mark 'o the Beast number there is pretty fitting too.

But wait, there's even MORE! As a special bonus, to cheer up the Peak Stupidity readers today, there is this news from my local pharmacy:

Yes, they are completely FREE! You don't even have to be sick to get one, in the head or otherwise.

* That calculator only lets me use 2 digits after the decimal, but the interpolation between 1.66% and 1.67% gets me 1.664%, too close to the Mark o' the Beast for comfort.

Adam Smith
Sunday - February 20th 2022 8:56AM MST
PS: Wish I could say this is satire...

Graduate students protest repeal of university’s mask mandate...

“As a disabled student, my community is under attack by those who are against vaccines and masks. We are vulnerable and dying because able-bodied people think their choice not to wear a mask is more important than our lives.”

“That’s a clear sign of the attackers’ privilege!”

The Alarmist
Friday - February 18th 2022 2:55PM MST

Mrs. Alarmist isn’t so keen when I insist we dine in at restaurants in Florida, but she’s ok with wandering maskless into stores and crowds ... either that, or she hides the fear well. On this side of the pond, she’s N95’d way too much of the time. Funny how that works.
Friday - February 18th 2022 2:14AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, that 2nd headline does not sound far from a real one, in today's Clown Country. If I didn't see the same site name in the URL, I would not bet against it being a real policy.

usNThem, early on in this, I thought the cuter of the young ladies would refuse to wear the masks. I guess their genes for submission override their genes for showing off.

That was very tactful of you, Bill. Had we an edict here, I would likely not make the effort to know about it. Really, I'd make the effort to "not know" about it. Just yesterday, you say?

Back in summer '20 when my wife was still worried, I wouldn't promise my here that'd I'd wear a mask in the grocery store. In that case, she wanted me to stay home, and she would take care of it. OK, fine, there was plenty else to do.
Bill H.
Thursday - February 17th 2022 11:55PM MST
PS My wife and I went on our weekly grocery shopping trip yesterday, first day after the mask edict expired in California. She wanted me to wear one anyway and I said no. "If you get Covid and die," she said, "I'll try not to be angry with you."

What popped into my head, and what I did NOT say, was, "If I'm dead I won't care whether you're angry or not."

What I did say was, "If I thought there was any measurable chance of that happening, my love, I would wear a mask."

I'm quite proud of myself for my good judgement.
Thursday - February 17th 2022 8:17PM MST
Masks suck, but especially suck when worn by good looking females - that's just wrong. Of course it forces one to focus on the eyes, which isn't all bad. You can tell a good looker even by the eyes. But I want to see the whole, particularly the smile along with the eyes. This crap has simply got to end.
Adam Smith
Thursday - February 17th 2022 12:00PM MST
PS: Greetings Gentlemen,

Biden HHS giving out free COVID masks with holes for easier crack smoking...


Biden admin to require proof of vaccination to receive free crack...

What sort of asbestos do you think the “free” “government” Covid masks are made of?

Wednesday - February 16th 2022 8:19PM MST
PS: Yeah, and as they say, "you can't smoke gold!", like you can dollar bills wrapped around "the pot". That has something to do with the definition of real money.

No, you're not allowed masks with air ports in them, Alarmist. Breathing in and out is defeating the whole damn purpose. C'mon, man!
The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 16th 2022 7:38PM MST

Are those the masks that come with a hole for the free, government-supplied crack pipes?

Never mind ... I’ll just use Gramp’s old pipe and smoke the cash I need to pull out of the banks. And thank goodness for cash, because you cannot smoke BitCoin.
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