Tired of Tyranny - Tucker on the Truckers

Posted On: Monday - February 14th 2022 7:12PM MST
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This is pretty encouraging stuff. We'll see if this Canadian Trucker Convoy and protest will start something big worldwide that gets self-sustaining. Peak Stupidity is perhaps too optimistic, but we just added the topic key People's Revolt of 22 for posts focused on this exciting development.

We've had plenty of posts with our favorite video pundit, Tucker Carlson, before. I haven't watched enough Tucker lately, and it'd behoove me to watch clips nightly as the best way to keep up with the heartening start of the People's Revolt against the world's tyrants. America is a world leader in much of the tyranny, so isn't it time that Americans took the lead against them.

Personally, I'd just call them Commies, but maybe that's just me. Speaking of which, there's some rumor about Justin Trudeau, the Little Potato, being the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro*, he of one of those long-ongoing revolutions himself.

I guess it would be more accurate to call what's going on a Counter-Revolution.

For some real Orwellian stuff, watch at 08:00 for a minute or so.

* Some one should trick him into speaking a little Spanish and see if the alleged Fidel in him comes out.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 16th 2022 8:43AM MST

The truckers need to go home and park their trucks. No deliveries, especially to Ottawa.
Wednesday - February 16th 2022 7:38AM MST
PS: Thanks for that link, Dieter. What a great summary, and "As long as it takes to straighten this out, I'm not moving." Yep, things need to be straightened out.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - February 16th 2022 7:22AM MST

Trucker Carlson - hahaha! - - - :

Here is a good man. The reverse of Justin Trudeau… https://t.co/rvo96CG3qM— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) February 16, 2022

One minute 28 about Ottawa and Justin Trdeau et. al. - a perfect summary!
Tuesday - February 15th 2022 7:26PM MST
PS: Dieter and Adam, I also saw that comparison with Romania's old Ceaucescu, in an unz comment. I gotta say that Matt Taibbi writes pretty well. There are lots of more people in the Western world that deserve to be Ceaucescued, up against a brick wall.

Yes, I've seen that cartoon before, Adam. If they can get to you that way, there's no holding on to anything at all.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 15th 2022 5:58PM MST
PS: Hey there, Dieter,

Yeah. You're right. Most real crypto thieves won't target you or I, they target (or work for) the exchanges. A scenario like the one in the cartoon would be exceedingly rare, but not beyond possibility. The victim of such an attack would have to be targeted for some reason and some thugs would have to be willing to drug this targeted person and beat them with a wrench or something, but it could happen...


I can imagine agents of a “government” would be willing to violently coerce someone in their custody who was known or thought to have millions in crypto if they for some reason wanted to “seize” that asset from an uncooperative inmate.

It would be wild if Justin Trudeau was Ceaușescued at the end of his reign.

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - February 15th 2022 1:42PM MST

Ad'm, tiny problem with the crypto-currency cartoon: Thieves don't know about "your" cryptos (or "mine" etc.....). So they have no idea on whom to go down with their wedges. You might have to make a bloody mess of quite a few people with your wedge in order to find one willing to tell you the code. - Method seems to be not cost-effective.
What is so fascinating about Canada is that it is a leftie's dream come true 100% - - - - of a real people's upheaval against the rulers. Bakunin is spinning in his grave from pure joy!
No, not quite, because he lusted fo rblood too. He be missing this part here.
Matt Taibbi wrote, that there'd be a big fat parallel between the end of Ceausescu and the - as he sees it - nearing end of Trudeau's stint at the helm.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 15th 2022 12:44PM MST
PS: Aloha,

I agree that Trudeau Sr. was quite the communist in his own right.
And, unlike Miss Alden, I'm pretty convinced that Little Justin is likely Castro's Bastard. (It's quite possible.)

“Oh, and how exactly are they going to take the crypto currency again? Do they realize that it's outside their system?”

They are hell bent on controlling everything, so I'd imagine that they are well aware of the things outside their system.

However, how do we know that the Federal Reserve is not behind the creation of Bitcoin? (Serious question.)

How do they seize crypto?
The old fashioned way I suppose...

[Insert pictures of revenuers seizing computers and phones and stuff here.]


I know you've seen this cartoon before, but it seems appropriate when discussing “government” seizure of crypto...


(You know, if they have to “ask” because they can't get the Bitcoin wallet's private key from the computers or phones they seized.)

Tuesday - February 15th 2022 11:58AM MST
PS: I'll take a look at your pics in a bit, Adam. I liked the ones Mr. Anon put with the Castro beard pasted on.

For those with the biggest HBD interest there on iSteve, I don't do well with faces, and I don't follow all that Nat'l Enquirer stuff on who screwed whom, as loose as Little Potato's Mom is said to be. However, if we're talking nurture, Justin Trudeau sure learned to act like a Communist, even if it's not from Castro' genes. His Dad obviously had some of those genes too, from what I've been reading about Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
Tuesday - February 15th 2022 11:54AM MST
PS: Yeah, I saw Tucker again on my wife's phone (she is REALLY coming around!) this morning. He talked about Martial Law and Emergency Powers over there. Those officials talking about taking driver's licenses are really showing their true colors now. No talk about "well, we will work with the Alberta highway dept." or a thing about due process and a specific charge. Nope, "we're just gonna fuck you people up!"

I saw that about the money too. I gotta brag on myself here, or really the ZeroHedge site of a decade ago: I have seen this sort of thing coming for a long time. Inflation is one thing, but the control is another.

Oh, and how exactly are they going to take the crypto currency again? Do they realize that it's outside their system?

The goings on up there are really something. I hope Americans are paying close attention to this effort by what should be the farm team.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 15th 2022 10:32AM MST
PS: One More...


Adam Smith
Tuesday - February 15th 2022 10:22AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Moderator,


Thanks for the video link. I don't watch much Tucker either, but that segment was pretty good.

Not sure why the Little Potato thinks he can punish people into liking his policies.(?)
I guess this is what Authoritarian Democracy™ looks like.

I find it interesting, and telling, that the Canadians masquerading as “government” are planning on seizing the bank accounts of not only the protesters and their donors but also people who voice support for the truckers on social media. Equally interesting is that those same charlatans are threatening to suspend the so called “driver's licenses” and insurance policies of those who do not obey. Makes me glad I don't have one of those so called licenses and that I am a cash operator. For others though, the transition to not having those things could be difficult as so many people have been conditioned to believe in their importance.

The “driver's license” is a powerful tool of control the people masquerading as “government” wield against their subjects.

About that illegitimate son of Fidel Castro rumor...
(From a directory on my computer named “Castro's Bastard”)...


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