Inspiration from the Canucks, eh?

Posted On: Thursday - February 3rd 2022 12:52PM MST
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Yes, we are about a week behind, due to the usual too much time spent on Unz Review reading and commenting, as you all know can be a problem. I appreciate the many informative and entertaining comments being written and posted in our own Peak Stupidity "threads" by our regulars and even by some irregulars.

We're gonna do what they said can't be done.
(Put the Totalitarians in their place, that is.)

Anyway, that Canadian Trucker protest is still going on up there in Ottawa, and per one particular Canuck I heard from on a clip, they may stay a lot longer. His statement was that he would drive his rig home only after the PM Justin Trudeau, the "little potato"**, resigned from office. Well, he'd have to be found first.

What I like about this, is that the truckers have a whole lot of power in big numbers like this. Not only can't you arrest them all, you can't even tow a one of them, much less tow them all. Besides impeding the important traffic flow into a city (like all of them) much dependent on the hard-working Deplorables, should the decide to do so, they can deprive a city of sustenance just by not going anywhere. Additionally, if they wanted to get violent, who's stopping all those big rigs?

I don't think many on our side WANT it to get violent yet. This trucker protest is a great middle road. It's more than writing letters to congresscreatures/ministers or standing out in the cold with signs. If the Globalist Totalitarians push things though, the power is with the truckers. I am glad to see so much support from around the world, coming to Washington, F.S., all the way from California, from what I read. (I hope to be there, somewhere, in support.)

The turn of events is very heartening and inspiring. I hope there will be a lot of protest creep, that is, the expansion of the pressure against other Totalitarian measures that have been laid on population.

I'm sure there's some other newer music to go along with the protest, but I don't know - at least instead of going back to the 1960s for inspirational protest music, we just have to go back to the mid/late 1970s trucker/CB radio craze for the Jerry Reed song above. Yes, C.W. McCall's Convoy is perfect, but we've featured it before, and I like the Eastbound and Down*** tune and banjo pickin'.

About Little Potato stashed there in a dark cupboard somewhere in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, the Babylon Bee did a number on him. The article is different, but just as funny.

(You gotta love the swigs from the maple syrup bottle, eh?)

* I'm not sure if they can even be called "threads", since it's nothing but a submit-time-based linear listing.

** In Chinese, the word for potato sounds like "Too-doh"

*** It's from the 1977 Burt Reynolds/Sally Field movie, Smokey and the Bandit. Westbound and Down is the same song with slightly different lyrics about the trip out west to GET the rare Coors Beer. Do try to keep up! ;-}

🤡 🌎
Friday - February 4th 2022 8:34PM MST
PS: Man with rifle arrested at Camp Wellness
Friday - February 4th 2022 3:13PM MST

Dieter, I didn't know about the successes of the Yellow Vest movement. I could use the excuse that the Lyin' Press doesn't cover it, but yes, I have read a few of Mr.Durocher's articles. That Ron Unz does have a very valuable site!

I wish I could have gone to the anti-vax rally a couple of weeks ago, but that big gun rally in Richmond, Virginia two years earlier was great for my mood too. You are right about the emotional/ psychological aspect, not only on the powers that be, but on the people in attendance even more so. It's great to be out there and a part of something. When the truckers make it to the Washington Federal Shithole, I hope to have time to be there.

Ganderson, I guess that auto-correct function was written by a right-handed wanker. I guess you're well-established there in western Mass, so sorry about all that you have to go through.
Dieter Kief
Friday - February 4th 2022 2:41PM MST
Yeah - Mod. I know what you mean. But (big but here): For those patient enough, it might turn out that Brian Peckford's ATTACK on the Ottawa parliament/government on legal grounds is reasonable and - does have consequences that do make a difference.

In the meantime (ca. four months) - patience and - insistance is what's being asked for IN THIS context.

One of the major achievements of the Yellow West's protest was a) the destruction of a whopping 50 % of the thousands of the french traffic-radar systems; b) the retractinon of the speed limit reduction on country roads and c) the retraction of the diesel-tax the government had declared to bring forward (lots of the rural French drive ca. 100 km/ per day with their diesel cars to work).

And then there was something more - emotional/ psychological: The deplorables did speak out and say: Don't despice us, don't understimate us!
It is not that easy to tell what will follow from that. Monsieur Durocher looks into this French stuff from time to time over at the Unz Review. He's good at that.

Another thing, Mod. - as soon as the debate gets technical/ scientific (oh yeah, political csience is a (valuable!) science indeed), it is not that thrillign any longer.

P. J. O'Rourke did spent a few lines ridiculing this very fact, but mostly when he was young and not willing to read and/or study. He did change this attitute over the years. One of his very interesting later essays is - about the European Union's constitutional treatise. It turned out that he had sat dwon and - studied the thing. And made excerpts and stuff and - then commented on it. - Great work!
The Alarmist
Friday - February 4th 2022 1:09PM MST

@Ganderson, it probably corrects to Indish, which means it will never let you type ‘left-hander.’

I wonder if it will let you type ‘Q’.
Friday - February 4th 2022 12:43PM MST

Camilo was a right-hander, not a right-handler.

Was the autocorrect feature program written by someone who doesn’t speak English, or perhaps someone who is unfamiliar with the American vernacular?
Friday - February 4th 2022 12:36PM MST
I’d bore you all with another report from the Crazy Commonwealth, but just suffice to say that Covid Madness continues apace here in the Bay State.

The Twins’ great right-handler from the 60’s Camilo Pascual was known as the “Little Potato”- so It bugs me to see that moniker applied to Trudeau.

Any talk of Don Cherry forming a new government? To quote the great Matt Foley , “that would be awesome!”

I don’t know if it’s against the rules to cross reference other blogs— but Small Dead Animals has a clip from the Ottawa cops that is, to borrow a term from the lefties, scary. The PTB talk about all the mayhem and violence, but has there been any? I have my doubts.

Friday - February 4th 2022 12:11PM MST
PS: I started to watch the Peterson video, Dieter, but got a bit sleepy, unfortunately. Thanks, though.
Friday - February 4th 2022 12:10PM MST
PS: FPF, thanks for the info. I know I can look it up, but do you have a lin to some non-Lyin' Press source? Camp Wellness, how OrWellian!
Friday - February 4th 2022 12:08PM MST
PS: Thanks for the comment, I.F. I think of Jerry Reed as a banjo picker, but agreed.

The PanicFest clampdown has lots of parallels with the War on Terra! after 9/11/01.

As for Obamacare, yeah, just more control, and of course, that control of health care has already paid off (or at least they've been trying) in the threatening of hospitals with loss of a big chunk of their revenue if they don't jab their workforce. That was upheld by the Supreme Court, Chief of SCROTUS John Roberts making it 5-4. Do you remember that guy from such decisions as Obamacare too? There seems to be a lot of continuity there.
Friday - February 4th 2022 12:03PM MST
PS: Alarmist, my impression is that Canada has always had even fewer actual conservatives as politicians than America has. Even before the serious wokness of the last 10 years, Canada has been extremely PC I would expect nothing different from their "Conservative" leader. They just have multiple squads of The Party vs. our 2.

What if this thing just stays or even grows bigger though. The yellow vest movement in France has been going on for a long time, of course hardly mentioned by the Lyin' Press here. No, I don't know if it has changed a thing. However, these truckers deliver the goods and dominate the roads. Maybe it will be different, if they don't back down.
The Alarmist
Friday - February 4th 2022 9:36AM MST

Do you think Cabal might be experimenting on our Canuck neighbours before unleasing on the Patriot Nation?

“People struck by Canada's mysterious brain disorder say they can't walk, talk, or write the letter 'Q'”
Dieter Kief
Friday - February 4th 2022 12:57AM MST

"Many of the Conservatives in Parliament have joined the Government leadership in condemning the (two or three) haters in the crowd." (The Alarmist)

It's the same old same old: Feelings over facts.

If it would be the other way round, the conservatives would have (had) to think about (=debate!) the constitutional practice in Canada - and how it contradicts (= negates) the constitutional rights of the Canadian citizens.

That's actually what Brian Peckford talks through with - Jordan B. Peterson here. Btw.: Their talk (= their take on this Truckr-upheaval) is to let facts (oh! - juridical facts are facts!) rule over feelings. - In not going this way, the Canadian Conservatives in the parliament in Ottawa showed how much they too are representatives of a mentality (Geisteshaltung in German - manner of spirit) that is best characterized by Jonathan Haidt/ Gregg Lukianoff's inquiries with the title The Coddling of the American Mind. These two here - are definitely not befallen by this mind-weakening and thought-destructing coddler-virus - and do play it real indeed:
Franks Peter Franks
Thursday - February 3rd 2022 10:30PM MST
PS is in Canberra CCP rump vassal South Colony Australia where they broke up a potential convoy with people camped out and getting organized.
They will be shipped to Camp Wellness for hospitality and reprogramming for wrongthink.
Just like Hotel California, you can check out anytime but you can never leave.
Irregular Forces
Thursday - February 3rd 2022 7:23PM MST
PS I have the rare Westbound version and Jerry Reed is an underrated guitarist.
Cledus Maggard has the great White Knight song about not trusting people who are not what they appear to be for the obscure trucker reference song.
Love the two panel of Justine Castro/Fidel Trudeau saying truckers are heroes delivering the goods on time then they are the fringe element in the bottom panel.
Will he step in it with extremely bad optics and have MIL intervene?
A www page is saying it has happened already at a camp that was raided by anti-terrorism forces.
Fweedom Fwies are not for those who are against us?
What if 9/11 and Obamacare were all about the Great Hysteria of the COV-LARP?
The Alarmist
Thursday - February 3rd 2022 1:53PM MST

Many of the Conservatives in Parliament have joined the Government leadership in condeming the (two or three) haters in the crowd. The Conservative leader has bit the dust on this one; rather than seize the day on what would have been a very popular stance, he joined the Government in circling the wagons. Just like US Cucks, Canuck Cucks are not on the side of the people.

I’m afraid this trucker rebellion is going to have a Spartacus ending unless someone of the Conservatives wrests control of the government from Trudeau and his henchmen. Trudeau’s “government” is nowhere near a majority and control could be wrested easily by anyone with the stones to give it a serious go in the name of the people. It’s just not happening at present, and the full propaganda organs of the state are pulling out all the stops to tar the protestors (CBC is state sponsored media, and Trudeau made it a point to enact spending that supports other arms of the MSM).

“No, He’s Spartacus ... He’s Spartacus!”
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