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Posted On: Saturday - January 29th 2022 8:16PM MST
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(OK, maybe not in the title, so I'll link to Spotted Toad here. No guarantees, as I've never read him, but the articles look promising.)

Let me first just embed this same video that I found near one year ago, with a guy named James Austin Johnson doing an excellent imitation of Donald Trump. His Trump on Scooby Doo is truly LOL funny. Watch, if you haven't already:

As I wrote one paragraph about under that year-ago post, there's one thing that perplexes me about not just this video, but loads of others the young people are making. Some of these people have, if not funny like this one, very interesting and important things to say. As the independent media we need, people will report on the nasty effects of the Kung Flu vaccines, better remedies for the dreaded disease itself, the stolen election of '20, race realism, whatever, but things that need to be said that the Lyin' Press will not touch or will simply lie about.

Here's what perplexes me. These people won't freaking stay in one place doing this! The guy above is walking around some city that looks like it's in south Florida. He never said where he's going. Some people from the area might recognize some features of that urban landscape and enjoy the puzzle, but he lost me, anyway. With that camera angle, I couldn't tell if he was heading somewhere in particular or just walking around the blocks. Since he's in that nice locale, why couldn't he have sat on the beach and done this? Just sit down, for cryin' out loud, or at least stand in one place.

Then, there are even more of the guys that make these videos as they drive in their cars. WTF is that about? Is your day THAT busy? Long commute, I guess. See, I could see using this time for voice recordings, but with the background of movement through traffic, this really worries me. "OK, wow, this is Ron Unz-level 'I just read 14 books about this, and all the history is wrong!' stuff, but damn, watch your blind spot, man, I want to hear the end of this! "Hey, there's a merge ahead, dude. Quit taking part in the formation of a traffic jam and just drive. It's not THAT urgent. You can tell us when you get home."

I don't know how one can really pay attention to the road while spending the mental effort to talk coherently about politics at the same time. (You gotta hope they have a mount for their phones, at least.) I would not be safe doing this. Maybe I'd be still safer than the guy surfing Peak Stupidity right now and especially the guys commenting on Peak Stupidity right now, or the women putting on make-up or arranging real estate showings.

Yes, these are MOBILE phones**. I! GET! THAT! [/Tucker]. Notwithstanding the iEspionage aspect of these things, I'm still pretty happy I don't have to stop at a diner (yes, diner!) to use a pay phone. I do talk on it when driving by myself on long trips of if something comes up. I don't mind stopping to do something demanding serious attention on it, though. Need to look up a motel? I can stop at the gas station when the time comes, take a leak, get some nabs, look up info about the motels, and even, yes, if I feel a deep need to make a video podcast RIGHT NOW, even pull into a rest area and do it from a picnic table.

OK, stars of the new media: Keep up the good work. Let's make an end-run around the Lyin' Press directly to the people and make the Lyin' Press obsolete. When you do it, though, just, please, stay put!!

Better yet, sit down in a comfortable chair at home and look dignified.* If you're going to do this a lot, like some of these podcasters, set up a bookshelf with a collection of classics showing for the background. You don't have to READ them. Hell, you don't even have to have the real books. Be creative.

Look, I know they don't have any good music now and must listen to the good old rock, so let me just tell these Millennial iPhone jockeys: Yes, they are mobile phones, but that's not what people mean by "going mobile".

This one was my favorite Who song at one point, in the 1990s when I was pretty mobile myself.

I might drive up on the curb
or wreak havoc on the road.
Goin' mobile.
I can stop in any street
and get follows for my tweet.
Goin' mobile.
Keep me movin'.

Swipe, swipe!
beep beep!

Tap the tiny screen,
order fair-trade bean
when I'm mobile.
Well I can stream the Grateful Dead
while I text to Fred
when I'm mobile
Keep me movin'.

Acoustic Who?

* OK, for that Trump imitation, the latter is uncalled for...

** Though they haven't been called that for a minute.

The Alarmist
Monday - January 31st 2022 2:06PM MST

@Robert, too bad something literary like “You Can’t go Home Again” is too long for a software version name.
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 31st 2022 5:44AM MST

Thanks for joining my reflections on Tutti Frutti Robert. A well known German rock-guitarist, Ax Genrich (his last band had the name R.A.F....) once mentioned this particular pop-culture meme (and what - öh - expressions, hehe - follow in the song - a whob bop a loo mop a lop bam boom). when we talked (=early seventies), he played in the famous Heidelbergian kraut rock band Guru-Guru.

The German poet and essayist and literary scholar Peter Rühmkorf wrote a little book about this topic - the archaic roots of words and speech-rhythms, which I later came across and which plows through exactly this fields with lots of poetic and linguistic and - humorous - and psychoanalytic etc delicacy. Not translated, unfortunately. - I loath the US for being so ignorant at times, I have to admit, heheh.

A-ha: The title of that little Gem by poeta doctus Peter Rühmkorf: Agar-Agar Zauzaurim (if you hear echos of Hel, and Merlin here and Frygga and Heidrun and the nice little suirrell that is busy informing the Big Dargon beneath the roots of Yggdrasil- you're right!

But not only that is in Rühmkorfs little book, but also nonsense poetry and children-rhymes of all kinds of - - - - - - - - - - fruits and flavors, I want to conclude.

A-ha II

What I also wanted to note:
The Canadian upheaval got started by truckers - and is now supported by framers big style.
Why is that - why not teachers, kidnergarten-aunties, journlists, doctors etc..?

1 Hard work 2 Necessary 3 Not PC

That about wraps that up nicely, doesn't it?

Don't know who was it who first brought that up - now you can read it everywhere. Such is life in the days of the internet.

A-ha III

This one on a huge truck bumper-sign is quite witty too:

Truck Fudeau!

(Reminds me of Let's go Brandon, btw. (so - these two memes arose in the motorized field - one more littel thing to be noticed in the log-book of our times (an idea poet Peter Rühmkorf did - realise in ca. 1500 pages of diary-entries which read very well (not translated, of course. But in this case, I could make an exception and say- that that'd be ok).
Sunday - January 30th 2022 7:09PM MST

Mr. Kief:

Many years ago, I was working on a software project where I came up with a clever extension in its capabilities that was not backward-compatible with earlier versions. We almost named the two variants, Vanilla and Tutti-Frutti. (Can you still get Tutti-Frutti ice-cream?) Our sponsor objected, and they got named something boring that I no longer remember. I had not thought of this in years. Thanks for the memory jog.


Mr. Moderator:

Speaking of Toads --- I have long named my main computer Toadstone.


From Edward Topsell (1608) Historie of Serpents , pp. 188-189:

There be many late Writers, which doe affirme that there is a precious stone in the head of a Toade, whose opinions (because they attribute much to the vertue of this stone) it is good to examine in this place, that so the Reader may be satisfied whether to hold it as a fable or as a true matter, exemplifying the powerfull working of Almightie God in nature, for there be many that weare these stones in Ringes, being verily perswaded that they keepe them from all manner of grypings and paines of the belly and the small guttes. But the Art (as they terme it) is in taking of it out, for they say it must be taken out of the head alive, before the Toad be dead, with a peece of cloth of the colour of red Skarlet, where-withall they [sc. the toads] are much delighted, so that they stretch out themselves as it were in sport upon that cloth, they cast out the stone of their head, but instantly they sup it up againe, unlesse it be taken from them through some secrete hole in the said cloth, whereby it falleth into a cestern or vessell of water, into which the Toade dareth not enter, by reason of the coldnes of the water. These things writeth Mossarius.
Adam Smith
Sunday - January 30th 2022 11:16AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone,

Mr. Alarmist, “It must be nice to live a life where you don’t have to self-censor.”

Indeed. As I have no political ambitions nor any desire to work in the formal economy, I very rarely have to self-censor.

The Alarmist
Sunday - January 30th 2022 10:44AM MST

Depending which house I’m coming from, I commute 1 to 4 hours to get to the office. On the road would be the most logical place to record vlogs, if I did them, which I have done a couple times, just to pull them down when I realised I said something anti-EU or anti-climate-change that might get me fired because it was quite clear who was talking and where I was going, and this because I actually like my job.

It must be nice to live a life where you don’t have to self-censor.
Sunday - January 30th 2022 10:36AM MST
PS Just as well. Except when I’m doing something and want something in the background to half listen to whilst doing it, I’d much rather read than listen.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - January 30th 2022 4:12AM MST

"Then, there are even more of the guys that make these videos as they drive in their cars. WTF is that about? Is your day THAT busy?"

Hi Mod. it's me, the spokesperson of the institute of the inquiries into the way-backness of quite a few aspects of our human actions (IQWERTZIR.com).

Our agency proposes after having undergone some serious thought-procesing attempts to look at your problem this way:

We spent an amazing time of our collective past as roving bands.And that means. On the move.

That means, it is something that strikes us as being just right: To move! It makes us easy (see: Jackson Browne - Runnin' on Empty (a record that leads us very far back in time! - An inexhaustible = very rich (very meaningful, too)! - work of art - not least because it is about being On a Roll - // Rollin' On).

Back to your question: At the same time, it is rather nerve wrecking to give a straight video talk. - Try that and you'll see what's the hardest part of it: That is to - go on with the flow - to keep that thing - rolling! - See? Being on the move helps us to speak.
Now we leave the stone age etc. behind and come very close to our times and - can have a look at: Classical Greece / Rome - and the well established practice there to - teach/ thínk while walking! - The Peripatetic Method they baptized/named this one. It turned out to be very useful. But maybe only because those old chaps still had no automobiles, as specialists of our agency managed to confirm//Have found out /Without a doubt! - 


Tutti-Frutti -//  Oh Rudy!

If somebody could explain that to me - maybe I'll have to hand this one over to just another department here, but it clearly appeared in my head the vision of the Canadian Convoy - after I had written down the Elvis-quote here.
(Which indeed does point back to a time when we weren't able to write (some other researchers here say, that it might not only point back, but also point forward in time, this Tutti-Frutti meme. - 'I'll leave this subject aside now and reserve it for our agency's further investigations).

But this Convoy-association did plop up in my mind in the very moment I wrote down the words: Tutti-Frutti. "True! It's true!"(hehe).
Sunday - January 30th 2022 2:44AM MST
PS: Not particularly, Mr. Blanc. I thought about it before a time or two, but the lack of anonymity (even for just voice ) made me dismiss it. I don't know if I'd be any good at it either, even just sitting still in a chair.
Sunday - January 30th 2022 12:19AM MST
PS Are there intimations here of a Peak Stupidity podcast?
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