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Posted On: Friday - January 28th 2022 11:58AM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

(File photo from the old days, before masking and plexiglass.)

It's got to be that nearly half of the Kung Flu Stupidity posts* are about the idiotic face-masking rules and practices. I've written before that this is not the worst of the Totalitarianism being made the new normal, or at least having precedents set for. The public LOCKDOWNs are the worst, though this forced vaccination comes close and is scarier in the short term.

Here's what it is about the face masking: This is the side of Totalitarianism explained well by Theodore Dalrymple (from here.**)
Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.
Even EXPERT Fauci has so much as admitted that these face masks don't do squat against the Flu Manchu, but, still, they worked. Wait, what? Yes, they worked to show that Americans can be forced to do all kinds of humiliating and even self-harmful things if they are panicked or just the very compliant sort. And, this can be kinda fun for the elites!

What's with the restaurant images up top? Well, I try to start posts with an image, and this is the first anecdote. This was one of those take-out Chinese food places at the airport terminal. There's Panda Express, and now Lee Anne Chin. There's a lot of them now that have cropped up everywhere. Lee Anne Chin herself does not partake of her own offerings full of fat, sugar, and salt, so she is not one of the many Chins and many-chinned that one can find in a Chinese phone book. (Hey, I work with what I got.)

The black lady behind the counter had one of those new-fangled face masks I described in Moar fashion accessory anecdotes***. The foreign customer, Indian from what I could gather, was having a hard time figuring out what the stuff there was, or what she was supposed to be getting. You've got the black accent, foreign, English-as-a-2nd-language old lady on the other end of some plexiglass, and then the mask on the employee. How is communication supposed to happen at all? Per the usual way, the server lady pulled down her face mask to be clear.

Now, I wasn't paying too much attention, but I did hear the customer say something about the Covid or what-have-you. This employee then, very clearly and nicely, said "no, ma'am, it's OK. You're not gonna catch anything." That's a lady after my own heart! "Hey, I just work here. They make us." would have probably been my addition, after a quick glance to see where the manager was.

It was back to the county building to pay taxes on a vehicle, in which one of the 2 anecdotes of that previous "fashion accessory" post came from. Yep, those are nice cloth masks they got there. I saw prices like $15 apiece when I checked on-line after last visit. Sure, I put it on, but I had to take it down to my chin to talk to the lady who accepted my property tax check. Nobody cared about that, least not the cashier behind 1 1/4" of plexiglass. (For Flu Manchu germs? No, for Glock .40 rounds. The bullets don't curve, but the germs CAN make their way underneath where you slip your check through.)

Going back 3 minutes - yeah, it went very quickly, as it wasn't that time of the month (for taxes! for taxes, I mean!) - I'd told the guard there**** about the price of those masks:

"Hey, do you know these cost 12 or 15 bucks?"
"No. These are free!"
"Uhh, no, you and I are paying for them with our taxes. Matter of fact. I'm paying for them right now."

On the way out:

"Hey, can I take a couple more of these?"

He didn't care. So I have 3 sitting in the car. Maybe craigslist will be easier than ebay for listing these things. It's better than that old hippie idea of stealing library books to get "the system" back, isn't it?

I wanted to describe the nicer part of that visit to the hospital that I complained about yesterday. My not carrying even a balled-up cheap medical style blue mask in my pocket anymore means I have to rely on the charity of strangers. I headed right into the lobby expecting the people at the information desk to hand me one of these - it's not government-run, so I expected a 5¢ rather than $15 dollar rig this time.

Nope, either nobody noticed my lack of accessorization or nobody noticed me, as I sailed right on through to the records area. I kept waiting for somebody in there to give me grief about this, like some kind of mask-ochist. Nope, I was there for 10 minutes, right in front of dozens of masked-up people well-inside the hospital. How pleasant! It was not only nice to be able to breath normally, but just to know that, yeah, normal people are not actually scared shitless of the Flu Manchu.

* As much as making a separate topic key just for "Face Mask Stupidity" would help a bit, I try to go for more general topic keys. I am missing a number of them due to my not wanting to add new ones so much. "Totalitarianism", "Taxes", and "American Political Stupidity" seem needed, as I tend to put other slightly ill-fitting keys on some posts where these would fit.

** That Heidelblog web page links to the archive of FrontPageMagazine (I used to read that regularly years ago) where I guess Mr. Dalrymple wrote this, but the link doesn't work.

*** We're finally catching up with that "moar" meme, pretty much for nostalgic reasons at this point.

**** That's also a new thing. Why do they reckon people are so pissed off? Maybe there's been a robbery there, I don't know.

Sunday - January 30th 2022 7:22AM MST

You have carte blanche to publish anything I write here, Mister Moderator.

The term “Covid 9 Vactine” was coined by Dementia Joe himself.

Comment of the week comes from the estimable Mark Steyn, who observed that Justin Trudeau, aka PM Zoolander, had come down with the “pantywaist variant”.
Saturday - January 29th 2022 8:15PM MST
Costco has these 25 year shelf stable food buckets with something like 125 servings per. Usually pick one up when we go. Granted, it's not filet mignon type meals, but if the SRHTF, I won't be complaining - most likely. Only problem is we're running out of shelf space...
Saturday - January 29th 2022 5:38PM MST
PS: Misters Ganderson and Smith, I always appreciate the prepper discussions. I could easily turn this site into a prepper site. My wife doesn't quite have all the ideas yet like, yeah, buy a bunch of stuff ahead but DON'T wait till it runs out to get more. However, she's at least not disdainful about it as she was 10 years back.

We will need more room first, but I'm looking forward to it. At every point, I'll be thinking, man, we should have done this 10, at least 5 years ago, even just based on inflation alone.
Saturday - January 29th 2022 5:33PM MST
PS: BoyD, cool story, bro, as they say. (By "they", I mean some idiots on the internet.) Really, that was a great job! LOL, indeed, especially that "triple positive" and "... knowing their obesity would stop them at the first floor." part.

I am glad you got away from Nurse Ratchet. Next time your ass itches, you'll think twice about using up the resources of the American Medical Establishment, won't you?

Mr. Ganderson, thank you again for that report from the People's Republic. I liked that "... driving their Prii"! No, those "vactine" passports are serial numbered and backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the US Federal Government. Still, they should be fungible right. (No, I don't mean caked with fungi ...) BTW, because we have no editor - neither a guy nor a window, I couldn't tell if "vactine" was a typo by you or the sports arena.

I sure hope things get better up there. I wouldn't mind posting your whole comment here, if it's OK with you.
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 29th 2022 5:29PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone,

Mr. Ganderson Wrote...

“Mr. Hail’s right about all this- it’s a religion, and one that has caught on with a speed I wouldn’t have thought possible.”

It's not just the speed that shocks me, but the dedication to their belief. It's like some people will never lose the faith.

I found this blog post by someone who claims to be a covid scientist. She says she works for the NHS.


She says her health has been badly damaged by the AstraZeneca vaccine. She goes into detail about how bad her vaccine injury is. And yet she can't wait to get her second dose. She still recommends people take the poison needle!

I truly do not understand what is going on here. How can this person be so blind to obvious objective reality???

Is the Milgram/Asch paradigm multiplied by the incessant propaganda really this powerful?

Much like Mr. Hail, I'd really like to get to the bottom of this phenomenon... What the hell is going on here?

And, more importantly, how does a society prevent something like this from happening again?

(Thanks for letting me rant)

I hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend.

Saturday - January 29th 2022 5:23PM MST
PS: Clown World, it's kind of interesting how he left drops its big principled stance often. I thought the whole "just following orders" thing wasn't OK, per the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis. Then you think that any Nazi who didn't follow orders in those years might lose his life or his family. What's the young lady at the library got to lose? It's just the freakin public library!

I don't like to put the bit players on the spot either, but it sounded like the guy just wanted to get on record that attitude that her doing her job was more important than her respect for the liberty a patron (probably taxpaying to support her job in this case).

Hey, now see, this can become a blog post. I need to include a line by John Cougar also.

Thanks for writing in, CW.
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 29th 2022 10:54AM MST
PS: Hey there, Mr. Ganderson,

They were out of our preferred milk a couple weeks back, and we bought the last stick of butter on the shelf.
(Butter and milk have since returned to normal(ish). Creme cheese availability is still inconsistent.)
Cat food has been scarce (I've been buying online), and so has meat, processed and raw. (We usually don't buy meat from walmart anyway.)
The lunch meat and hot dog shelves were completely empty the other day. So were the freezer isles.
(I hear frozen potatoes have been hard to find.)
We've been buying flour at the granola store (small local health food store).
They were out of canned milk and bananas, but we did find caraway seeds.

Our local walmart made it to the national news a couple weeks back...


(For Dieter...)

Interestingly, if I travel about a half an hour south, Kroger, Ingles and Publix are pretty well stocked.

Maybe it's just a walmart thing?

Saturday - January 29th 2022 10:12AM MST

Thanks, Mr. Smith. We're in the midst of a "get to the store and get all the milk and bread you can lay your hands on" event- so far not much here in the CT valley, dunno about eastern MA. Disappointing- I like a big dump of the white stuff every now and again, but then I've no pressing engagements.
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 29th 2022 9:16AM MST
PS: Good morning, Mr. Ganderson,

Thanks for the update. So sorry to hear the crazy persists with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.
I'm really surprised by the cults resilience.

I too have noticed a slight uptick in face diapering at the local walmart, nothing like your experience, but mildly troubling nonetheless.

“but the unterscharführer informed me that I was to take a sip and IMMEDIATELY replace the mask.”

Some of these Gesundheitsfuhrers really love their new found powers. I truly don't understand that mindset.

I expect things to get worse as they start jabbing more children and as they get more boosters into those arms...


Israel started the 4th round of poison needling on December 31st.
As the needling increases so will cases! and so the madness will continue.

Things are pretty normal here, except for the empty shelves at the store. Groceries are a little hit or miss.
We have to stock up on things when they are available. (Canned tomatoes were a bit hard to find this week.)

And we had our coldest night of winter (so far) last night. It was ~20°. We had a light dusting of snow. (Quite windy too.)
The sun came out this morning and pretty well melted it, but it's still cold. My thermometer on the porch tells me it's currently 26°.


(Looks like I can take the plants out for some water and sunshine on Tuesday!)

Ate some wonderful Italian for breakfast this morning.
As usual, all is well atop the mountain.

I hope sanity will soon prevail in your neck of the woods.
I hope you have a great day, Mr. Ganderson.

Saturday - January 29th 2022 9:08AM MST
PS: I couldn't agree more, SGS, and I thank you for the great way of putting it. Exactly. "Feel free to do stupid stuff. I just don't want to be forced to go along with it."

Stay white, errr, safe, Lee Anne!
Saturday - January 29th 2022 7:43AM MST

Notes from the mask and mandate capital of the world: (well, after New Zealand, that is)

The colleges here in the beautiful Pioneer Valley all started the semester remote. As the lovely coed said to me two years ago, (while she was petting my dog) back in the halcyon days of two weeks to flatten the curve, “U of Phoenix education at Amherst College prices”!

N 95s are all the rage here- local schools have issued an edict that homemade cloth masks are no longer allowed- one must wear the N 95s- which, of course, largely unavailable. The MA state HS athletic governance body has extended for another month the mask requirement for athletes WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING.

The D III schools around here are only allowing on campus personnel to attend athletic events- I assume music and other things are just not happening. At least Amherst College is allowing me to walk my dog through the campus. But, and from the perspective of this dirty old man, co-ed watching is way less enjoyable due to all the face diaperage.

The number of people I see masked up, alone, OUTSIDE, in town is staggering, not to mention alone driving in their Prii!

Over at UMASS one has to show proof of “Covid 9 vactine” to enter the arena for hoops or hockey- we season ticket holders get a special vactine card that “proves” vaccination- not transferable under any circumstances, no siree!

My favorite moment of the last couple weeks came at the UMASS hoops game last Wednesday. Now, my opinion generally of basketball is that it’s like watching old men fish, but they were offering a free ducat to hockey ticket holders- so I went. The hoops team does not draw well since John Calipari left almost 30 years ago, so I settled into an upper deck section above where my hockey seats are- all by my lonesome, no one within fifty yards of me in any direction.
An usher down on the floor spotted me, maskless, and came all the way up to near the top of the arena to tell me to mask up. Some of the ushers are apologetic about it “sorry man, but they make us enforce this…” that sort of thing, but this guy was a dick. I had a water bottle as mask cammo, you know, “have the mask on unless eating or drinking… “ but the unterscharführer informed me that I was to take a sip and IMMEDIATELY replace the mask.

The only ray of hope is that the vaccine passports being pushed by the big towns around here are getting no traction, so maybe that’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Hail’s right about all this- it’s a religion, and one that has caught on with a speed I wouldn’t have thought possible.

Bring Out Your Dead
Friday - January 28th 2022 11:09PM MST
PS: I used to think this whole Covid thing was a hoax, but a few days ago I got a tummy ache, mild headache and itching in places I can’t mention. They did a PCR golden test and ran it at 100 cycles (just to be sure) and my lousy luck, it came back Triple Positive. They chased me around the hospital, said I needed some remdesivir, some morphine and a ventilator but I lost them running up the emergency stairs knowing their obesity would stop them at the first floor. I could hear them screaming that I was unhealthy and seriously sick and needed the vax and booster at the same time, also some new pill Pfizer has conjured up.

I'm better now, but stop it with the anti-mask crackpottery... This is serious!
🤡 🌎
Friday - January 28th 2022 11:05PM MST
PS: Intrepid librarian stands firm against anti-masker indifferent to the laws of physics

Not all superheroes wear capes, as the saying goes. Some of them are diminutive librarians in sensible shoes, enforcing the laws of physics.

A recent example of this at an unnamed Illinois library was posted by Patriot Takes, an organization that monitors right-wing high jinks.

A man filmed himself trying to make a point — but all he made was a scene.

The woman, sporting a double mask calmly stands her ground, denying a man entry to the library unless he dons a mask.

“I just want to take a video and ask why you won’t let me sign up,” the man said. “This is your choice to do. This is serious. I am here, with my daughter, we just want to use the library that we have a right to use. You guys won’t let us do this because I am not putting a mask on.”

He had the facts correct, but not quite the reasons behind them. The woman can be heard saying in a very soft voice that she is merely carrying out library policy, simply doing her job, after which the man tells her she also has a “personal choice to say it is not a big deal.”

He agreed to leave, but not before trying to browbeat her into saying that she is the one choosing to enforce the policy, despite her assertion that she is duty-bound to do so.

“You are making the choice,” he said. “Just acknowledge that. I will leave, but just acknowledge that you are making the choice.”

The man mistook her respect for the transmissibility and lethality of the deadly pathogen unleashed nearly two years ago as blind obedience, saying that “just following orders” was the problem.

Rather than following orders for orders’ sake, the librarian was actually complying with lawful Illinois Department of Health protocols.

Illinois librarian holds her ground as an antimasker films himself throwing a tantrum after being asked to wear a mask. pic.twitter.com/kyJwRjEfIi

— PatriotTakes (@patriottakes) January 25, 2022

Absent from the discussion was mention of the choices that his decision would have forced others to make — specifically, their choice to breathe air untainted by the highly transmissible, deadly virus.

While this library was not identified, the St. Charles Public Library, also in Illinois, has been forced to close due to threats received, the library announced last week, as reported by the Kane County Chronicle.

Other public institutions are facing mask blowback as well. The Denver Children’s Museum announced it would close through Feb. 4

“We know the stress of the last two years has taken a toll on everyone in our community, but regrettably, some guests who object to the Museum’s mask policy have been inappropriately directing their anger toward our staff,” the museum said in a statement. “Therefore, we have made the decision to close our doors to the public January 26 through February 4 so that we can support our staff and bolster our policies with the hope of preventing this type of behavior in the future.”




Lee Anne Chin
Friday - January 28th 2022 11:00PM MST
PS: I wear masks in my car to avoid sun damage so I can be cute enough for porn
Sheep Get Shorn
Friday - January 28th 2022 10:45PM MST
PS The local megamart has some sad sack sitting at a table passing out the N95 for the maskerade.
I don't play childish games or indulge others in mental illness but a couple did pick some up because they are free.
Sadly seeing an increase in the face panty obedience muzzles with muh custom I'm so unique logos and color schemes.
Unique is kicking against the pricks and thinking for yourself and nothing to do with the hiveborg of conformist mediocrity.
Friday - January 28th 2022 3:12PM MST
PS: It's not very far from that level here, Mr. Blanc. As I wrote before, I have not seen anyone chew anyone else out about not wearing one.

It's interesting about the banks, because at our one, the mask-wearing got someone to (hopefully not based on recent experience) require an employee to come out to the foyer area and check your ID. That was obviously about the face mask requirement's increasing the chances of bank robbers to get away with that, hence, more incentive to do it. This, of course, made me even more pissed off going inside the bank, so I went back to the drive-through for a while again.

BTW, one guy doing this inspection asked me what my business was. "Banking. That's why I'm in here." Geeze, NOYB, is what I meant.

Now they have changed things and there is no mask requirement and no ID at the door check to go with that. I haven't been there in a while, so I want to see what any sign might say about people going in there WITH masks on now.

This was just so simple 2 years ago..

Friday - January 28th 2022 2:34PM MST
PS Every place is different. At the local hardware store (independently owned), even the staff were maskless. It felt like I was living in the past. At the supermarket, although there was a sign on the door that masks were required by state mandate, at least a third, maybe forty percent, of the customers were maskless. All of the staff were masked, however. At the Chase bank, however, all the staff and all the customers (even me) were masked. (I needed to get my business transacted.) I suppose that it’s possible that all the maskless were maskless because they’re “fully vaccinated” and feel immune. I hope, however, that it’s a sign that a lot of folks are getting fed up and refusing to follow orders.
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