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Posted On: Thursday - January 27th 2022 7:48AM MST
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... based on the promising headline, read some more, and get pissed and write a blog post.

Firstly, Peak Stupidity apologizes for being a slacker this week so far. I did have quite a few errands built up and more that came up - the good thing is that blog post ideas have already come of that. We (the cat and I) got distracted by a particular iSteve post and thread too, on "systemic racism", but that's not a real good excuse.

Speaking of Steve Sailer, thought, if the title here sounds familiar in your head, that's because it's almost as if I took that Sailer line and appropriated it. It's pretty sarcastic and snarky, but it's almost as if he's used it too many times for me to appreciate it anymore.

Again speaking of Steve Sailer, with this post, it's almost as if [Last Freaking Time! - Ed.] Peak Stupidity is getting to be the low-brow version of the iSteve, with our PS content generator being rather than the NY Times or Washington Post. It's only "almost" however, because it's not like I read this Lyin' Press crap on purpose like he does! Hey, it's usually when I log out of email or while in the process of doing a search* for this site on there to ya know, support the team, that I run across the garbage.

Anyway, "We're in trouble. I hope everyone understands that." from that guy I recognize from such elections as US President, 2004 sounded promising. Hey, does John Kerry even, know what kind of shape this country is in? I doubted it was about the immigration invasion, as, we don't talk about that, but maybe the guy knows a little bit about the financial stupidity and the doom coming from that sector of the stupidity market.

Well, then I saw the text there and was sucked in by the stupidity of it all. Kerry is pushing the Global Climate Stupidity - that's his angle, but let's just click and see how stupid this can get. (Channeling iSteve here.)
We're in trouble. I hope everyone understands that," Kerry told an event called Building Momentum to UN COP27 hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and officials from Egypt, the host of the next UN climate summit.

Kerry told the event he is concerned about the recent uptick in the use of coal globally and about plans to build new coal plants without carbon capture technology..
Yes, sure, that's why we are in trouble, too much energy generation and industry. As long as we don't bother China about it, we can coerce the rest of the world into heading back toward the Stone Age or at least go warp speed, to the 3rd World. China, where they have huge coal power infrastructure and are building nukes like it's 1970s America, will just proceed to eat all the world's lunch.

I'm not gonna sit here, and ... or podcast about this while walking to the drug store or driving to work... OK, that's another post .. and argue against the Global Climate Stupidity all over again. Peak Stupidity did quite a bit of that early on in the life of this blog (click the link in the last sentence and look back a bit). I will point out one piece of duplicity that the Climate Crisis Crowd has been pushing for a while.

Note that John Kerry wants to see "carbon" capture technology. It's not carbon that these people have been worrying themselves sick (see G. Thunberg, et al) and bitching (see G. Thunberg, et al.) about. It's Carbon Dioxide. Carbon is an element. Carbon Dioxide is a compound, a molecule made up of more than one element. For the elucidation of John Kerry and the like, the atoms of these two elements are 1 carbon and 2 oxygen.

See, I think it's purposeful, this use of "carbon" now, rather than CO2, just as the term "emissions" has been used. They want chemically-challenged Joe and Jane Blow to think that CO2 is pollution, as in, if you breath it, it WILL kill you, soon enough. (OK, technically, like pretty much anything except for O2, if you breath NOTHING BUT CO2, yes, you will die.) When they say or write "carbon" they are hoping people will think of soot and ash, in which there is a lot of elemental carbon.

However, controlling that particulate pollution has been the purpose of many pollution controls already. The soot in the air is mostly gone, much the effect of REAL pollution controls and some the effect of exporting real industry to, there you go, China. As far as smoke stack scrubbers go, they were made for getting rid of true pollutants, the nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, aerosolized metal oxides, and some nasty hydrocarbons. Almost all of those are the result of unclean burning, meaning combustion of compounds other than just the hydrocarbons with the appropriate amount of oxygen. What we get from ideal clean burning is 2 things: Water and Carbon Dioxide. So, WTF do these people want?

"We need to reduce the emissions of carbon" is duplicitous. You know, over in the sauna room the other day, I noticed that there are huge emissions of hydrogen. Do you they know how dangerous hydrogen is? Anyone remember the LZ 129 Hindenburg**? Lakehurst, New Jersey? No? Well the stuff is extremely flammable. Yet there are emissions of it from saunas, swimming pools, combustion engines of any sort.

"What the hell are you talking about?", you say. Well, yeah, I mean hydrogen, in a compound, part of those H2O molecules that are emitted all over the place. We need to reduce the emissions of hydrogen, people!. To add insult to John Kerry's intelligence to the injury that he must have already received, water vapor IS, in fact, a greenhouse gas, and we are making water every time we make CO2. Only thing is, at least plants can convert that CO2, and we can eat them, while the water stays around. O2MG!

Yeah, we're in trouble alright, but the stupidity emissions out of John Kerry and yahoo are part of that trouble.

That was just a small, mole-sized, if you will, taste of the stupidity for the chemically-inclined. For the other types of geeks, l meant to say something more about yahoo here.

From my memory yahoo's heyday was in the very late 1990s, maybe into the '00s just a year or two. Back when there were those search engines that bring back memories, your Alta-vistas, Lycos's, Excites, Ask Jeeve's, dogpiles (well, if you ran your phone cord from the modem to the back yard, yes, dog piles), yahoo was on top for a while. They had also had free email account service at least as early as late-1997, from my memory.

Now, yahoo is just another form of the Lyin' Press, with still a search engine, long having lost out to google, and then, I've got emails on there from 1997! It's not like I WANT to click there, and, dammit, I should have sold my shares 20 years ago. I might have been better off putting them into a dog pile.

* I mostly use google for (only) that, as it's being the biggest search engine I figure we need to stay on top over there. I've been regularly searching for this site on bing and duckduckgo too, but I just started doing this on yahoo lately.

** No, the "LZ" does NOT stand for "Led Zeppelin".

The Alarmist
Friday - January 28th 2022 8:47AM MST

Greta always struck me as more of a Jan.
Thursday - January 27th 2022 3:57PM MST
PS I don’t know Mod. The image of Greta in a cheerleading outfit simply doesn’t do anything for me. In fact, the results are negative. Better, maybe, she should take the veil.
Thursday - January 27th 2022 3:47PM MST
PS: "Carbon Emission flavored Brawndo" - it's what plants crave!
The Alarmist
Thursday - January 27th 2022 3:36PM MST

Dihydrogen Monoxide is dangerous if you are not cautious with it ... it can kill you. It is a key component in acid rain. It has been found in all lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans on Earth. Thousands die each year after inhaling Dihydrogen Monoxide.

Another name for Carbon Dioxide is plant respirant ... something plants need to breathe in order to exhaust oxygen that humans need to live. People who starve plants by sequestering carbon dioxide are certainly idiots, possibly owing to oxygen deprivation, but more likely to brainwashing in modern institutions of higher* learning.

*Higher in that those programming the curricula were likely high on some chemical substance ....
Thursday - January 27th 2022 3:32PM MST
PS: I really thought they'd left that Climate Crisis thing behind, just out of absentmindedness, Mr. Blanc. They were having so much fun with the Kung Flu Infotainment, getting viewers, making money, passing laws ...

I differ from your opinion on Greta. I really think she could be the next Marsha Brady, if she would just concentrate on clothes and cheerleading ... and stop singing...
Thursday - January 27th 2022 3:29PM MST
PS: You had me, Adam, till I saw the part about one jet fitting inside the other. I guess a Lockheed Starfighter would fit inside one of the bigger of the lifters (C-5, definitely one of those big Antonovs) without taking wings off and on, but John Kerry is not a guy who could fly that thing. He could use another purple heart though, as he said he threw his other one away, as I recall. Anyway, Greta would not at all like the carbon footprint of the Lockheed Starfighter.

I liked those memes too - could not turn the volume up on the video of Greta singing (yet), as I was near other people. I didn't want to freak anyone out. Thank you for the laughs today.

No, I did not know that about breathing pure O2 or N2 even transiently. Our whole atmosphere is a pollutant, I guess, by current definition. You gotta give the Moon some credit - there's no pollution. It's pristine. Let's send Greta on the next mission. Return voyage? Nah, retrorockets are bad for the carbon footprint.
Thursday - January 27th 2022 11:24AM MST
PS With the Plague Panic apparently beginning to unravel, Those Who Rule Us are perhaps retooling the Climate Panic as the vehicle to control every aspect of our lives. I’d say that a toff such as John Kerry is not the best front-persyn for their cause, but what do I know? I’m just a prole. That Greta Thumberg isn’t so hot either. Adam Smith nailed her.
Adam Smith
Thursday - January 27th 2022 9:51AM MST
PS: Greta ends the climate crisis!

Adam Smith
Thursday - January 27th 2022 9:44AM MST
PS: Me again,

“OK, technically, like pretty much anything except for O2, if you breath NOTHING BUT CO2, yes, you will die.”

Breathing 100 percent oxygen at normal pressure can cause acute oxygen poisoning, which can lead to all sorts of symptoms, including: Fluid in the lungs, hyperventilation or labored breathing. Chest pains, mild burning on inhalation and uncontrollable coughing (sometimes with blood)...

Breathing pure nitrogen is also deadly. That's because the gas displaces oxygen in the lungs. Unconsciousness can occur within one or two breaths, according to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board.

Greta Thunberg screams at Tonga volcano recklessly violating climate change regulation...

Greta Thunberg is busy fighting climate change today, this time near a volcano in the island country of Tonga.

Thunberg took her famous hot-air balloon powered by her own fiery breath all the way down to French Polynesia off the coast of Australia to yell at the volcano, which was heedlessly and recklessly violating the Paris climate change treaty.

“How dare you?” She cried. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your billowing plumes of ash and CO2. How dare you? How triple-dog dare you?”

Adam Smith
Thursday - January 27th 2022 9:33AM MST
PS: Good morning, Mr. Moderator,

John Kerry seen unloading private jet from transport jet en route to Climate Conference...

LONDON—President Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry was accused of hypocrisy on Saturday after a video emerged of him unloading his private jet from a jumbo transport jet in an apparent botched environmentalist photo op while en route to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference.

The video captured workers removing the multi-millionaire’s smaller private jet for him to travel the final leg of the journey en route to lecture plebs about climate change.

The transport jet picked up the private jet after the summit.

Highlights of the conference include new taxes on only American citizens, foreign aid paid via debt, and Chinese diplomats rolling on the floor in laughter.

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