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Posted On: Saturday - January 22nd 2022 6:10PM MST
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I'd forgotten this band even existed. Then I saw one of their songs embedded in a comment thread, turns out by our Mr. Anon here. The Australian Little River Band had half a dozen hits back in the mid to late 1970s. All that I've heard from the band was what you would have called "Easy Listening" or the DJ's term MOR, for Middle Of the Road back then.

Their 3rd album called Diamantina Cocktail, had one song that I recognize, and that was the hit song Help is on its Way that Mr. Anon embedded. Their 4th album, Sleeper Catcher had 2 good hits, Reminiscing and Lady. Cool Change is from the band's 5th album, First Under the Wire.

The Band: (on this song, anyway).

Glenn Shorrock - lead vocals.
David Briggs - lead guitars, Roland synthesizer guitars.
Beeb Birtles - electric and acoustic guitars, vocals.
Graham Goble - electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals.
Derek Pellicci - Sonor and Syndrums drums, percussion.
Mike Clarke - bass.
Peter Jones - piano and keyboards.
Bill Harrower - saxophone.

Thanks for reading this week, Peakers! Next week I guess will have some more random stuff, with a whole lot still backed up. Have a happy and restful Sunday.

Buck Turgidson
Friday - January 28th 2022 6:30AM MST
PS — If there is another DC rally I will reach out proactively so we can meet properly and say hello!
Wednesday - January 26th 2022 5:16PM MST
PS: Thank you for that report, Bucky. You may have run into E.H. Hail and neither of you knew it.
Buck Turgidson
Wednesday - January 26th 2022 2:12AM MST
PS From Sundays March …. could not have been more peaceful or harmonious. For the thousands of people there, the audience sure was quiet.
I was being my usual gregarious self, working the crowd, high fiving people with great signs, snapping selfies with them etc. any ideas about getting the crowd fired up were dashed, as everyone was low key and quiet.

Crowd was extremely ‘diverse.’ All ethnicities all walks of life. The Turgidson contingent itself had tremendous ethnic diversity and had a splendid time and probably made an impression ha ha,

Crowd was mainly women. Some very pissed off mama and grandmama bears. Oh yah. Some of the gals got going… man you
go girl. Extreme unhappiness.

The crowd was enjoying each other’s company. It was harmonious. We talked with several people and small groups it was like a reunion. At one point we were asked to say hi to our neighbors lots of hugs almost like church. There was some bonding.

Thanks for posting the LRB videos PS. They were superb and it all takies me back to days when I drank cheap beer out of a can.

Monday - January 24th 2022 9:20AM MST
PS: Thanks, Mr. Hail. I have also seen that it is such a joy to be outside at least attempting to change things other than by arguing on the internet (guilty as charged, your honor) with like minded people. Even the people at great odds with each other in other areas, as you mention, can still enjoy being there and enjoying each other's company as they are out there for the one cause.

I found that same thing at the gun rally in Richmond, VA just over 2 years back. It was a great crowd. Keeping it peaceful is no problem when there are 5 or 10,000 guns out there too, in the hands of the people, not just some roided-up flak-jacketed cops.
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 24th 2022 7:01AM MST

sorry - wrong link of the anti-corona protest song in my post below - here is the right one:

Dieter Kief
Monday - January 24th 2022 6:56AM MST
The bipartisan mood of the rally you describe is very interesting - and encouraging, Mr. Hail! -I'd love to read more!

Here is something alike fromGemany - a msuic piece against Corona - please scroll down in the tweet to the second part:


Two prominent manstream politicians in Germany said today, that their perspective on mask-madates after Omicron is: They're dead. For practical, and also for juridicl reasons. - There'd be no rational basis any longer for vaccine-mandates.

Wolfgang Kubicki, Liberals and Mike Mohring, Christian Democrats

Monday - January 24th 2022 6:25AM MST

on the successful DEFEAT THE MANDATES rally:

"the story from on scene is more important"

I think anyone you'll hear from who was there will say similar things about how positive it all was.

I saw little or no trace of any "counter-protestors," seemingly a typical scene of any such protest now. But counter-protesting "what," right?

There were lots of Let's Go Brandon signs, but the LGB crowd did not define the protest, the tone of which I would almost characterize as left-wing than right-wing, although in an indefinable or hard-to-define way. The LGB rowdies (some chanting the not-for-children's-ears version) were mainly active in the unorganized, pre-Noon part.

Grouplets of all kinds gushed forth handing out literature and Anti-CoronaPanic propaganda. I remarked to the friend I brought down (and who missed the unorganized, morning portion of dozens or hundreds of independent grouplets with separate messages, and often no previous affiliation), I remarked to him by text message the following, as he was still on his way over: "I've never seen a protest quite like this."

At one point there were people I'd call hippies dancing to a right-wing band singing anti-Fauci and anti-mandate songs of essentially right-wing character. Another case in point was anti-abortion protestors being nearby some "Feminists for Freedom" protestors. I think dozens of such examples could be come up with.

If you are interested, as you wrote in a comment to me on my site, I shall write more later.
Mr. Anon
Sunday - January 23rd 2022 6:08PM MST

I don't know how many times I've heard LRB songs over the last 40 years - dozens, perhaps hundreds of times - always on the car radio. Just three of them that I remember: Reminiscing, Lady, and Lonesome Loser. That's all they ever played on top 40 radio, and even for the most part on Sirius. Reminiscing is actually one of the single most played songs on the radio.

I didn't think much about them. I didn't think they were bad - I just never paid much attention to them. Then a couple weeks ago I came across Reminiscing on YouTube and actually listened to it.


It's fantastic. Musically inventive, well orchestrated, well played and with great singing - both the lead and the harmony. John Lennon said it was one of his favorite songs. Frank Sinatra said it was the best song ever written and recorded (he wanted to record it himself). Then I started listening to a lot of their other stuff. They're great. They must be one of the most underrated bands in Rock and Roll history (in America at least). They have often been described as "The Australian Eagles". As it happens they were Glenn Frey's favorite band. He even toured and played with them in the late 80s. They had great range - from funky-sounding hippy-rock to stadium rock anthems to 80s pop ballads.

Gentlemen, I give you the Little River Band:





Dieter Kief
Sunday - January 23rd 2022 4:35PM MST
Uncool Changes


Save Streets Social Worker Shot Dead in Baltimore.
The Alarmist
Sunday - January 23rd 2022 3:27PM MST

No matter what Ray Epps says, there are no free tours of the Capitol Building today ....
Sunday - January 23rd 2022 7:40AM MST
PS: I spent about 15 minutes looking up more after I saw your comment, Mr. Hail. The built-in slant in some of these articles is amazing! I will post something on the yahoo article I got to (again by accident, as I didn't look at the URL), but it was hard to find a simple, straight scoop. It's not like the duck or google link directly to defeatthemandates.com, as you would think a good search engine would.

I went to a UK site, but it had almost no details.

Anyway, the story from on scene is more important. Videos of any agent-provocateuring would be much appreciated, as I didn't know how much of that there was until only recently, almost a year later.

Don't get in too much trouble, Mr. Hail.
Sunday - January 23rd 2022 6:58AM MST

website for any interested:

Sunday - January 23rd 2022 6:37AM MST
PS: Ha, good point, Alarmist. "Reminiscing" should have been the song here - it's a good one too, and then the post would have been ironic(?)

Mr. Hail, I wish I could have made it there with you. Yes, I will keep up, but probably through a report on your site, I hope. If not, and you have some pictures of things that the Lyin Press or others ignore, then we can put them up here with your descriptions.
Sunday - January 23rd 2022 6:30AM MST

Keep an eye on the news about the anti-Corona-Mandate/anti-Vaccine-Pass protest rally in Washington today. I will be there.

They're calling it: "Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming."

Who knows how big it will be or what the reaction will be, what ripples it will have in the shabby history of the Corona-Panic, but the US is overdue for a rally of this kind, which every European country has been having.
The Alarmist
Sunday - January 23rd 2022 6:14AM MST

Seems kind of meta to reminisce about a group whose biggest song was (perhaps) called Reminiscing, except that you didn’t use Reminiscing.
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