Excellent Epic Rant from Mrs. Michelle Malkin

Posted On: Thursday - January 20th 2022 5:24PM MST
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I mean "rant" in the best possible sense here. Please read America First? Blundering Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya More Right Than Wrong On Uighurs*. The billionaire Michelle Malkin refers to, the guy in the VDare image above, is not someone who I'd ever heard of before either. That doesn't matter. He's not really the issue but just a good jumping off point for this great column on what "America first" really means.

No further comments, your Honor.

* Here's the same column on The Un Review, with comments.

Adam Smith
Friday - January 21st 2022 7:05PM MST
PS: Good evening gentlemen,

Agreed, Mr. Moderator. She was a real traitor to America as United States ambassador to the United Nations.

A real Israel-Firster that one...

It would be amazing if America could have an Angry Black Woman installed as president...


Friday - January 21st 2022 5:46PM MST

In related news, they released a new poll of who the D-team loyalists want for 2024. The top five were all women. The sixth and seventh are both Gay. The eighth is a woman. Then you get into the 2%-Ghetto with the likes of 'Beta' O'Rourke and slimy Corona-needle-pusher Gavin Newsom. No White Male Heterosexual is above the 2%-Ghetto in this poll.

Here its is:

(D Primary Likely Voters)
(Jan 13-16, 2022; McLaughlin & Associates)

**Democratic Primary Choice, 2024**
Michelle Obama 22%
Kamala Harris 16%
Hillary Clinton 9%
A. Ocasio-Cortez 9%
Stacy Abrams 6%
Buttigieg 6%
Cory Booker 4%
Amy Klobuchar 3%
O'Rourke 2%
Cuomo 2%
Gavin Newsom 2%
Joe Manchin 2%
Hickenlooper 1%
Eric Adams 1%
Other/No Preference 15%



Women: 65%
...of whom:
--28% Black women (Michelle Obama, Abrams)
--12% White women (Clinton, Klobuchar)
--25% racially ambiguous (Kamala, Oscasio-Cortez)

Male, Gay: 10% (Buttigieg, Booker)

Male, non-Gay: 10%

Other/No Preference: 15%
Friday - January 21st 2022 5:44PM MST

If The Big Man (Joe B) is a "nimrod," his would-be successor being called "Nimrata" would fit, in some poetic sense.

Is it really more crazy to dump a Nimrata on the Executive Mansion than it was electing an unknown person called "Barack Hussein"? I ask you.
Friday - January 21st 2022 5:37PM MST
PS: She was a real traitor to her State of S. Carolina, Adam, with regard to the Rebel flag.

Agreed with you, Mr. Blanc. It'd be fine if we'd have had, say 10,000 dot-Indians a year, for the lst 50 years - spread out to assimilate. Half a million in 50 years will assimilate. (They have a big leg-up with English.)

In the quarter or half millions per year, nope, you get India here, high caste India in lots of places, but still India. (Then, the often-illegal hotel and convenience store types are probably in some lower castes, the Bedbugs and the Squishies, perhaps?
Adam Smith
Friday - January 21st 2022 5:03PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

“Is that Nikki's real name?” Yes it is.


Friday - January 21st 2022 8:20AM MST
PS I once got an impassioned private mail from young whiz-kid economist Ashok Rao going on at length about how subcon's adapt very well to common law jurisprudential and political norms. They can be really great, gregarious, smart people. Smart enough to realize white Americans got it right. So can mestizos.

But the best I can say for the lot is I won't mind THEM when the Imperium collapses. But they transform by their very presence, and it just means less cultural capital for the native stock to draw on. Sorry we can't "all just get along."
Friday - January 21st 2022 2:41AM MST
PS: That is a great question, U&T. Is that Nikki's real name?
Thursday - January 20th 2022 6:47PM MST

I'd say the first question is why there is even a billionaire named chamath palihapitya in this country to begin with and secondly, why is such a creature part owner of a jogger centric B-ball team? Damnation, the dots have made unbelievable inroads in the last couple of decades. All we need now is a president nimrata haley...
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