British man Malik Faisal Akram slipped through the cracks

Posted On: Wednesday - January 19th 2022 2:50PM MST
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That's what it was. He just slipped through the cracks, those cracks having been purposefully cut, though, into the already long cracked, crazed, and crumbling immigration system by the Biden Administration over the past year. I'l get to that, but let me divert back to the previous post for a minute.

Mr. Hail wrote a number of good comments under that post. I have no argument with his points other than to note that Peak Stupidity does not often get into long analysis. My not being a customer, or consumer, if you will, of the Lyin' Press Infotainment whatsoever, ALL I'd read of that story was just references in Unz Review comments until Steve Sailer's funny take on the usual "British Man" (or whatever it is each time) lie. Then, as I read the VDare article I will point out here, I noted the "Blackburn, Lancashire" "origin" of this Malik Faisal Akram and proceeded to blog accordingly. The yahoo headline came out as I did my occasional search for "Peak Stupidity" there, ya know, to support the team. That just added to the fun.

This Texas hostage deal was not any special big story. (As Mr. Hail wrote, had this happened to a Church rather than a Synagogue, we'd probably have never heard about it. White Christian worshippers are the lowest of the low to our elites.) It appears as if the Lyin' Press lacks perspective, but this was Infotainment, because "stand off". "What's gonna happen next?! We'll be back after the commercial break with MOAR!"

Again, I have not followed the story (and others they've got) other than via people I do read from, so I ask the reader if he has heard anything from the Lyin' Press about the immigration aspect of this. It's a major point to make. Questions like this should have been asked - yes, on TV: How did Mr. Akram get into the US? What did he come here for? Did he have any legitimate reason? and Who let him pass through? Was there any of that discussion? I truly don't know, but then I read VDare, so I am kept up with all this.

The long-term writer there named "Federale is a former insider from, or maybe he even still works in, the US Gov't immigration realm. I wrote "realm" because agency names have changed multiple times, and I don't want to get it wrong. Suffice it to say that "Federale" was obviously in what we would call the Border Patrol and knows about the Customs/Immigration procedures at airports of entry too. He was/is a field guy, not an office staffer.

VDare posted Federale's In Joe Biden’s America, BIPOC Terrorists Are Welcome yesterday. Here's the intro:
For all his faults, and Jared Kushner, Kirstjen Nielsen and Rod Rosenstein are just some of those faults, Donald Trump at least tried to keep terrorists out of the country. In fact, President Trump tried hard to keep Muslim terrorists out, but was met with great resistance by the kritarchs and terrorist sympathizers in the United States. After the first Muslim ban was instituted, thousands of sympathizers rallied at airports to show their support for Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC) killers.
(I'm still not down with this BIPOC terminology that Federale keeps using, which sounds to me like a type of circuit board, but anyway ...) He's got the details of which agency does what here:
Despite the demonstrations and interference by kritarchs, a partial Muslim ban was put into effect. What was more important was that those charged with inspecting arriving BIPOC terrorists were allowed to do their job; identify, arrest, and deport arriving BIPOC terrorists. The agency charged with inspecting arriving BIPOC terrorists is U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) charged with actually protecting our borders and making decisions as to the admissibility of aliens at Ports-of-Entry (POE) upon their arrival into the United States. These inspections are executed by Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) assigned to the Office of Field Operations.
The new guy that Biden appointed to be in charge is described:
CBP is currently headed by Biden nominee Chris Magnus, a notorious homosexual and vocal supporter of illegal immigration and racial discrimination against hiring White males.
Mr. Akram is not a Brit in the real sense, but being a citizen of the UK, he would not need a visa. However, he still had to fill out a form (probably on-line), called an ESTA , that had to be approved before the airline would let him board back on the other end**.
We now know that the BIPOC and Muslim terrorist, Malik Faisal Akram, who attacked a house of worship in Texas, had a long criminal history, a public history of supporting Muslim BIPOC terrorism, and a history of mental illness. Despite this, Chris Magnus ensured that he was able to enter the United States.
Besides this initial step, having arrived at the port of entry, John Freaking Kennedy airport, Mr. Akram would have gone through the Customs*** & Immigration line like anyone else. Federale explains that there were really 2 safeguards to screen out a guy like this, the initial inspection of his passport with the questioning by a guy at a booth**** and, were he to be suspected of something - well, they do have computers to check records there - he would be sent to secondary phase of screening.

Now, I've been there, even through the secondary meeting more than once (long story). Of course, I and the likely many men-about-the-world readers and commenters here on Peak Stupidity have seen and been through the basic C&I rigamarole. (I've been through it in China even.) The biggest problem is usually just long, long lines. Then, I've seen some surly assholes in those booths, let me tell you. Tell the wrong joke, hell, any joke, and you may be there extra long and even miss a flight connection. They don't care. Just answer the questions. However, this is one place within the US Gov't that I don't mind running into surly assholes. That keeps out the riff-raff, well, unless the President orders them to stand down, letting mentally-ill British guys on jihad, such at Malik Faisal Akram, get into our country with ease.

Please read the rest of Federale's article for details, since you got this far. It's not like the Lyin' Press is gonna' cover this very important part of the story. Yes, it's perhaps THE key point. If enemies of America were not let in willy-nilly, there would have been no such incident. Open-borders advocates. What CAN'T they ruin?!

* I have one more point still about that yahoo headline I showed yesterday. I'll post that tomorrow.

** That's a big burden on the gate agents for outbound international flights. They must make sure they don't let someone on who will get stuck in limbo at the other end, as in the movie Terminal with Tom Hanks - in the movie it was due to different and weird circumstances, but it shows the purpose for holding people behind.

*** Really, Customs has become less and less of a deal as of late, IMO. Part of its purpose is about the smuggling of items - nowadays cheap Chinese knockoffs (yeah, we're gonna stop THAT!), the drugs, I suppose, and then the food products that may carry strange diseases. There is so much international travel and trade these days that the latter has become just silly. Does anyone care about the drugs anymore?

**** Getting ahead of myself and Federale here, I've seen so many foreign-looking people that work there though, that I figure there's got to be corruption all over the place, which is my suspicion especially for how most of the (easily in the millions) Chinese illegal aliens get in.

Thursday - January 20th 2022 6:21PM MST
PS A crack? A crack that by comparison makes the Grand Canyon look about a millimeter wide. Maybe half a millimeter. Ganderson: Mme B is a fan of British television policiers. So we’ve seen Endeavor and many more. Midsomer Murders has been thoroughly Wokized. I refuse to watch it any longer. Last night we were watching a new series based on All Creatures Great and Small. They had a black women speaking in a Yorkshire accent. In the 1930s. I don’t see any US television drama, but British and Canadian television are completely pozzed.
Adam Smith
Thursday - January 20th 2022 3:28PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Alarmist,

Agreed! When I showed my wife that picture she asked me who the creepy pedophile on the right is.

I have no idea who he is...
Ok, so I took a few minutes to figure it out.
The creepy pedophile looking guy is Gavin Williamson, Former Secretary of State for Education of the United Kingdom.

I don't know if he's a deviant, but I assume he is because he's a politician.

The Alarmist
Thursday - January 20th 2022 1:04PM MST

Good afternoon, Mr. Smith ...

Given all the stories from DC to Brussels and points in between, I always worry when I see politicians surrounded by children.
Adam Smith
Thursday - January 20th 2022 12:51PM MST
PS: There will always be a Britainstan...

The Alarmist
Thursday - January 20th 2022 12:16PM MST

We knew the Big Guy was going to be eased out, but I figured they’d already have Hillary teed up and Kameltoe heading out the door before giving him the hook.

Yesterday might have been Uncle Joe’s final Vaudville Act (Set that to the tune of Sgt. Pepper).
Thursday - January 20th 2022 9:07AM MST

Surprising: Put some Peak Stupidity thinking-caps on and explain CNN's uncharacteristic torrent against The Big Guy:


(top CNN headlines, Jan. 20, 2022:)

"A look at Biden's first year in false claims"

"FACT CHECK: The President's imaginary or embellished stories about his own history were the most memorable falsehoods of his first year. But they were not his only ones."

"White House says Biden was NOT 'casting doubt' on midterms' legitimacy"

The Alarmist
Thursday - January 20th 2022 6:41AM MST

@MrGanderson, it turns out the place with the highest murder rate is a rural corner of Germany’s Eifel, where Kommisarin Sophie Haas led a crack team of Politzisten from 2008 to 2014 in investigating a new murder each episode in “Mord mit Aussicht” (“Murder with a View”).

I doubt the Eifel gets more than a few murders in any given year, but the show was a slightly dark comedy worth a watch.
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 8:13PM MST

Thank the good Lord he was vaxxed!

Posted this over at Unz today:

“I’ve been watching the British show “Endeavour”, about the the trials and tribulation of the young Inspector Morse. Pretty good, as far as the murder mystery aspect of the show goes.

The series begins in 1965, in England, specifically Oxford. An England that is what many (most?) Americans think of: guys with flat caps and accents: “hello guv’nah “: of Lord Smythington-Smythe-Smythington types: “Well done, old boy”…

Currently the show has reached 1970, and the wokeness is being laid on with a trowel. Immigrants (with the exception of one gangster character) be they black or Asian, are saintly, and mostly not guilty- and anti immigrant functionaries and politicians are portrayed as the devil incarnate.

Not much mention of the notion of how British people might have been (or rather not been) consulted about the great demographic changes that began during this period, or how difficult it is in fact for people of different races and cultures to coexist. Last night’s episode had an “England for the English” politician who was portrayed as a deeply unsympathetic character. At the end of the show, when a white (half Polish) kid is killed by some third world types in retaliation for an attack on one of their own, the implication is that, ultimately the white kid’s demise was caused by the immigration restrictionists.

The pol gets his though, as his daughter is set to marry a Pakistani doctor…

Oh and not reated to my central point, but what I always think, when I watch shows like this is that Oxford must have the highest murder rate in the western world- the only other place comparably is Ystad, Skåne, Sweden, where Inspector Kurt Wallander presides.”
The Alarmist
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 8:07PM MST

He was probably an Eff-Bee-Eye plant to keep their six-week-cycle funding drive going, so yes, he had to be killed, Mr. Dershowitz.
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 7:50PM MST

I saw three headlines on this story today:

Associated Press
"Jewish leaders renew anti-Semitism fight after hostage case"

Fox News
"Texas Synagogue hostage suspect timeline: Malik Faisal Akram's criminal record and when he entered the US"

New York Daily News
"Did the FBI have to kill the synagogue hostage taker?" by legal expert Alan Dershowitz

The way news-consumption works now, I feel certain that tens of millions of Americans saw at least something about the Texas Synagogue Hostages story, four days after the incident. I can only wonder how many other hostage-taking cases of similar scale and outcome passed under the bridge in the same period, Jan 15 to 19, 2022, of which there was no coverage.


From the PEAK STUPIDITY main entry: "I ask the reader if he has heard anything from the Lyin' Press about the immigration aspect of this."

As you see there, the Fox News headline there (Jan 19) goes out of its way to name the suspect and imply he is a foreigner recently entering the US, but the others don't.

The AP article stressed that the captor, whose name they bury until about the fourth or fifth reference to him, "voiced beliefs that Jews controlled the world and had the power to arrange the release of a prisoner." The AP article then says "Jewish leaders and terror experts" are worried about an upsurge in anti-Semitic incidents and hate. The answer "vigilance" and "interfaith solidarity."

At first glance, the Fox News and the AP approaches seem different, but they share something big in common, on which see my comment in previous PEAK STUPIDITY entry.
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 7:32PM MST
PS: "If he flew in, he was probably vaxxed..." So there's that, at least. He couldn't infect any of the hostages, so ... no, wait ... what was the point again?

At least he won't be infecting anyone now besides worma.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 3:55PM MST

If he flew in, he was probably vaxxed ... that seems to be all the Biden regime needs for a foreigner to fly into America.
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