I read the news today, oh boy...

Posted On: Tuesday - January 18th 2022 6:38PM MST
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... about some bloke from Blackburn, Lancashire.

OK, I know that news from Texas is about 3 days old, and I know it's not 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire this time, but just the one hole, maybe a couple, in Englishman Malik Faisal Akram, as he was shot by Texas cops while leaving the scene of his holding people hostage for a few days. No, his name was not Alistair Spode-Featherstonehaugh, as speculated by Steve Sailer - he kids, he kids*, or my guess of Ian Niles Worthington-on-Thames, the 3rd.

Still, it's bloody coincidental that the residence of this Englishman Malik Faisal Akram is that as memorialized in a famous old avant-garde pop tune called A Day in the Life. The younger readers just won't get this post! See, Millennials, you know the old singer named Paul McCartney? Yeah, I know, I can't recall his most recent Kasey Kasem reported American Top 40 single either, but that aside, do you know he used to be in a world famous musical combo , errr, band? Yeah! It was called Wings. OK, that joke doesn't seem to get old for me, but, anyway, going even further back, it was A Day in the Life**, from the famous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band album from which the line about Blackburn, Lancashire come from.

That 1967 released Beatle album featured advanced songwriting and a song that wasn't just the same old chorus-verse-chorus-verse, standard guitar/bass/drums/keyboards, and catchy lyrics done in 3 minutes like most of the songs at the time. Oh, there were plenty of exceptions, sure, but this was a groundbreaking album, as Pet Sounds was for the Beach Boys just before. A Day in the Life was one of these avant-garde songs. It had a few tunes put into one (a style that Paul McCartney did so great with with his later Wings band), with interludes, not your standard rock & roll instruments, weird sounds, etc.
I read the news today oh, boy.
Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire.
And though the holes were rather small,
they had to count them all.
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
I don't know what Englishmen Lennon and McCartney were "on about", as the Englishmen say, with the lyrics, LSD possibly having something to do with them, but I've got a question. Would anyone involved in the songwriting or songlistening have imagined that a Moslem terrorist would have come from Blackburn, Lancashire ... in 1967? How about 1997, even? It wasn't even a year after Sgt. Pepper's when Englishman Enoch Powell gave his "River of Blood" speech. (See VDare for “Like The Roman, I Seem To See 'The River Tiber Foaming With Much Blood'”—Enoch Powell's Great Speech.) The British have always believed in more government than Americans in general, but, when it comes to protecting our countries from the outside world, we could all agree with Mr. Powell that "The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils." Instead of preventing it, our governments have invited evil in!

I read yahoo news today oh, boy
about an unlucky man who's below the grade.
And though the news made me rather mad,
well, I just had to laugh.
I saw the photograph.

They blew his brains out from afar.
They shouldn't notice his ethnicity's strange.
A crowd of people stood and stared.
They'd seen his type before.
Nowadays we're pretty sure a guy like that could join the House of Lords...

I'd love to turn you on ....

Straight off the yahoo news today, oh boy, it told me who was that the terrorist in the Colleyville, Texas Synagogue.

His name was Malik Faisal Akram, and apparently ...

"He was an Englishmaaannn!"***

I'll have more tomorrow about how a bloody Brit like Malik Faisal Akram waltzed right into the U.S. of A., no sweat, from an expert in this area at VDare.

* As do the commenters, always a very humorous, in addition to knowledgeable, crowd.

** The remake of it, done by TDZ or somebody (Lady Gaga?), has a longer title - A Day in the Life of an English Moslem terrorist on the Sabbath.

*** I'm not much of a playgoer, so I've never seen The HMS Pinafore .

Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 20th 2022 4:55PM MST
If - just in case you had a bit of time and be interested in a pro-vaxxer talking a bit about some new numbers from England and the UK which are interesting (and very close to Mr. Hail's and Michael Levitt's predictions from early on), then: Give it  a try: It doesn'take but a few minutes:


Dr. Campbell has come across some data of the national bureau of statistics about the numbers of cases with JUST Covid as a reason for death on their death certificate.

So - here are pure Covid death numbers. And the two that stand out most are these:

Time of live lost by men who died of just of Covid - on average: 7 weeks (you've read that right).

Time of life .l.o.s.t. by women: Öh - the spread-sheets know of no on  such numbers! Because women who died with Covid as the single cause of death .g.a.i.n.e.d. 3 - 4 days on average compared to those who died for other reasons.


Number of cancer deaths which are .e.x.p.e.c.t.e.d. by a British medical expert because of delays in the hospitals - given by an expert, who went public with these numbers - without backing them up with a paper so far - 

55 000 people.

Number of people waiting for treatment in a hospital in the UK: Six million.

(I'd love to see the corresponding numbers for Sweden!).
As so often, Dr. Campbell had to say about his findings, that the mainstream did not pick these offical data up. - Nobody there did, he said. Not a single outlet. A retired 70+ year old birder in Carlisle is the one who delivers this very important Covid-news in GB - and maybe worldwide even.

This stuff is quite severely over the top.  
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 7:42PM MST
PS: Sad, but true comment, Alarmist. I've been to Ireland but never England. We were thinking of going a few years back, but between all you wrote (and what I've been reading about for years, especially from J. Derbyshire) I figured we'd pass. Now, without vaccinations, well, it's an easy call. That might go for anywhere outside the US now.

Mr. Smith, thanks for the links to the fake, hell I don't know anymore, tweets. Thanks you too, Mr. Hail, for the memes. I just looked at them.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 1:00PM MST

When I heard it was an British lad, I thought it might be someone with a name like Winston Smythe-Higgenbotham. From what I can see, he was apparently born in Lancashire, but he still doesn’t strike me as very British.

But what do I know? I flew into Birmingham (England) once, and I thought I had mistakenly flown to Islamabad, what with all the Westernised Oriental Gents (WOGs in the olden days) walking around in white dresses with little white hats, some stopping to use the squat toilets that some mistakenly call wudus. But then I stepped into a cab and was back in England in a matter of minutes.

There are parts of England long gone and never to be recovered, much like the Holy Lands, lost to Christendom forever, some within my lifetime. The problem is that Christians in general, and Europeans in specific... certainly the English... have no interest in defending their faith and way of life, feeling instead it is nobel to abase one’s self before lesser mortals who use up what generations of their European and English forbears struggled for centuries to build.

It is not that the British or English always believed more in government: they struggled across centuries from the Black Death to chip away at the feudal hold over their God-given liberties, with the ultimate expression of this coming out of the American war for independence. But those poor souls in Europe and the British Isles, after having conquered the world and then leading it to become a better, tamer place, lost their nerve after a couple minor family squabbles, and had nothing left to cleave to but the breasts of diminished matrons that promised they would be cared for. The same is happening now to America.

It is sad when great peoples lose their way. Let’s hope for our progeny that the next dark ages is mercifully short and not so brutal as the last.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 12:21PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, gentlemen,

Thanks for the links to those Anti-Corona-Panic posters, Mr. Hail.
I saw something about them in the news yesterday and I appreciate having copies for my collection.

It might be a good thing you didn't make it to the event on January 6th, Mr. Moderator.
If you did you might be one of those political prisoners held in the FS gulag.



Wednesday - January 19th 2022 3:11AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I haven't looked at at your links yet.

I would have gone to this rally had I not had something going on this weekend with work. I was disappointed on the timing. Matter of fact, though my wife would have never gone to a rally like this in the past, she would have been gung-ho to go too, were we able to work it out. I hope it is big, and just like the deal last Jan 6th, I enjoy being a part of something big. (That one I didn't make due to thinking it would be a nothing event, haha.)
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 3:07AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I think you are right that this story would not have been any piece of the various up-front pieces of Infotainment had it been a Christian Church. Jewish people are thick in the media at high levels, and they just plain care about this a whole lot more because it was a Synagogue, in addition to, for all of the elite, worshipping White Christians are the scum of the scum in this country, who probably deserve getting taken hostage.

The other aspect is the timing. I'm guessing there was also the usual problem for the media of wanting to get ahead on the story before knowing that "well, crap, we can't use the mass killer aspect to make this one another Emmitt Till or Holocaust, cause, dammit, it was a Moslem." Why did Biden make a statement? Did they not yet know who the hostage taker was, or was it to keep the big Jewish donors happy?

So, again, I would not have known about any of this story but for reading iSteve, VDare, and unz.com comments, meaning I don't follow the Infotainment itself. There are hundreds of significant events of this scale that happen every week in the country, but the Lyin' Press picks out only a few. Yes, it was Infotainment, the 2nd part of the term because there was suspense here. That's part of it too. I simply don't participate, but most Americans fall for it as entertainment, with the Establishment take on what's important coming with this entertainment.

That it was a Synagogue - yeah, that's part of the agenda. I'm sure they were quite let down, when the guy's name came out. Per iSteve, at least what I think I got out of his quick post, they didn't even bother putting the truth in paragraph 28 in the NY Times this time, just skipping it. (Sorry, I ain't gonna click on the NY Times to check.)
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 2:58AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, Peak Stupidity doesn't attempt to give comprehensive accounts or analysis of events like this, at least not often as I recall. You've got to understand that to me this WASN'T some 3 or 4 day(?) big story, as (I've said this many times, so forgive me) I don't watch TV, and I don't click on the standard Lyin' Press sites.

You are probably wondering right here about that latter thing - mainstream web sites. I've got that yahoo headline, in fact. Well, I often use yahoo to search for my site, along with the usual search engines - for reasons I've described, to keep the site at the top - and this popped up. It was so, so blatant - not just saying "he was a citizen of the UK", but that he "was a British man", which, if you don't believe in a complete blank slate, is a complete lie. No, he was a Moslem man.

Yeah, this "British Man" (and the like) thing has been "done" before - VDare is always on that aspect of things, and Mr. Sailer, who the same often, with that quick humorous take that I linked to. I decided to post something about it only when I read on VDare that the guy was from Blackburn, Lancashire. That rang a bell, and made this into an immigration story for me.

That IS another aspect of the story, and an important one. I will write a quick post linking to VDare's Federale's story on how the ball was purposefully dropped by the Biden administration in their job of, if NOTHING ELSE, at least screening out guys like this from entering the country through Customs & Immigration at John Freaking Kennedy!

For Biden to have spoken out on this incident shows the amount of pure gall the left has. They were a contributing factor to this event.
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 10:41PM MST

(Sorry for consecutive comments, but) I want to spread the word re: fresh-off-the-presses Corona Anti-Panic propaganda (the uploader calls it "Agit" short for, I assume, "agitation-propaganda" or agitprop):





There is a potentially big anti-mandate rally in Washington this Sunday (finally). Teams of people have been out putting up these posters in the week leading up to the rally.


Some unsorted thoughts on the Washington rally against the Covid Mandates:

The venue being Washington DC is natural enough, but not very favorable. Like all Big Blue cities in the Corona-Panic era, the "federal city" entered a period of sharp decline in March 2020. The 2020 census shows a big population loss, Permanent Emergency Covid Orders forbid or effectively reduce enforcement laws, crime is up and services are down; anti-vagrancy laws are indefinitely suspended during the Virus Emergency (=the legalization of tent cities anywhere); and now there is some version of the vaccine-pass supposedly in force there. (All because of a flu virus, we're told.)

The Permanent Virus Emergency can occasionally have interruptions, especially for very-important-news like Synagogue Hostages. But, otherwise, get back to the regular programming. And upgrade your mask; what are you, a Covid-Denier?

Why the weakness of protests? One reason may be the USA's size, scale, and diffuseness, combined with too many pressure-release-valves. These things in part have prevented protest actions like those long going on in Europe. Equally as important is the toxic US political culture which would probably begin a demonization campaign against Anti-CoronaPanic protestors, calling them variety of evil, maybe encourage street-fights with Panic-supporter anarchists out for a good time. (But European media already tries to do this, and the protests continue.)

But ---- yes, it seems like the USA is a version of the frog dying in a slow-boiling pot with Corona-Tyranny.

OTOH, it's not clear that the regular, large-scale Anti-Panic, anti-Mandate protests in Europe have done much good. The State knows well that these are not the public mobs of old which might well storm this place or that place. Macron can, with impunity, do his whole routine of "Oh, the Covid-Denier subhumans: let them eat cake! Let them then choke on that cake, and let them die. I shall dance on their graves; we have No Place for Covid-Denier subhumans or Anti-Vaxx terrorists in France."
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 7:24PM MST

There is something more interesting, more revealing, about the Texas Synagogue Hostage-Taking story than the "British man" angle, I think, and it is this:

The story got MUCH MORE coverage and attention than it would have if the "hostages" had been Christians and if it had been a handful of people at a church.

In this case I even think it wouldn't matter Black or White, if some nut took hostages at any Christian church, it would get local news coverage, might make a brief and SMALL splash on national news, and then be forgotten about, especially if no one was hurt, as here, and the numbers involved were so low, as here.

Instead, it was a synagogue, and what we saw was this thing --- actually little better than a non-story (maybe a half-notch above what Steve Sailer calls "police blotter item"-style news) --- it spilled over onto several news-cycles running, with often front-page headlines or the 2020s-era digital equivalent. Heroic portraits of the victims, more details emerge by the day, but the message is rammed through, and even medium-low info people will have all heard something about this story.

My point is: What does it say that the US media was so interested in this story and kept it at the forefront so long?

I think this is a "striking at the root" question; the "British man" thing is one of the branches. That part is rather predictable, and hardly the first time they do things like that.

When the initial report came over the news wires, important agenda-setters in the media made a calculated guess that it might be a White-Christian right-wing hardline-anti-Semite (without evidence, as they say). They were wrong. That much is true, but I don't think even that part is necessary to gain the insight this case gives us into US ethnopolitics in our time. They want the case in the headlines even if there is an inconvenient villain.
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 7:05PM MST

"The British have always believed in more government than Americans in general"

I would disagree with the word 'always' in that line, unless the word 'always' has undergone a transformation similar to that of 'literally' and here means "since x point in the 20th century.'

US traditions of political theory of course descend in great part directly from the British. In many ways I think the 19th-century British were more aggressive laissez-faire backers than Americans of the same era, but this is "a long and winding road" of history and politics and economic theory not suitable for a comment so I'll make like Mr Biden at 10:30am on a weekday and call a lid on it there.
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