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Posted On: Monday - January 17th 2022 6:12PM MST
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Wasn't that the old complaint from the lefty Communist sympathizers back in the 1950's? They hated Senator Joe McCarthy because he wanted to stop the waging of an internal Cold War by Communists within the US Government in its tracks. The were all for more free speech and other Constitutional rights, as anybody should be. However, as we see from their modern form, it was only because it helped them 70 years ago. Right now, they want no part of it.

The left was worried about being listed on these "blacklists" in which one couldn't do what, exactly, make a movie in Hollywood or be an actor in a the Screen Actor's Guild? So what? Nobody was locking them away or deporting them, as some should have been. Were I alive then, my retort would have been simply "get a real job!". My heart does not bleed for those people.

This is the history Americans have been told by the major Lyin' Press outlets since I've been alive and aware. Picking on Communists is NOT OKAY!* They have rights! Yes, sure they did, so long as they weren't committing treason against the US Constitution. That has always been part of their long-term goal. You sure can't implement it with that damn thing around! With all that talk about rights in the past, did everyone think they would want to keep these rights at the end of their successful Long March through the American Institutions?

Speaking of lists there is a book giving the other side of the story by M. Stanton Evans , Blacklisted by History**, that I will have on my hold list from the library as soon as my 10 y/o boy gets a few of his holds off the list (hit the maximum).

I have not read Ann Coulter's book that covers the early Cold War era internal fight against Communism, including the "McCarthyism, either. It's called Treason***, but that's on my list. I've got my own lists too, see?

Another thing I like about VDare is that the writers are not afraid to use the C-word. In the interesting Peter Brimelow speech at the last Amren conference, the transcript from which I commented on a bit here, there is also some talk about who are the people at the higher level, that could be rightly dubbed Communists. I'll excerpt most of that part:
I was actually converted on this matter by the great John Derbyshire. He regularly used the term “communist” to describe the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. And when I was looking this up today, I discovered that the de Blasio was actually involved in pro-Sandinista activities in the 1980s, when, of course, that put him on the wrong side of the Cold War.

And the term “communist” is gradually creeping into mainstream discourse. Someone who's done great work in this area is the podcaster Jesse Kelly, who's been using it for a long time.

The problem is that we've all been subliminally subverted by the McCarthy wars. We think that “communist” has to mean “card-carrying Communist”—that is, a member of the Party (although my understanding is that the party did not actually issue cards).

But in fact, the term “communist” pre-exists formally organized “Communist” parties. Marx used it in his 1848 Communist Manifesto—he said a specter was “haunting Europe—the specter of communism.” At that time, remember, he hadn't written Das Kapital.

[As it the usual case on VDare, there are loads of links in the original.]
(Coincidentally, I just heard of this Jesse Kelly today, somewhere on the Unz Review site.)

Besides Mr. Brimelow's talk here, and in writing of his elsewhere, there is the (one of my favorite) VDare writer Jack Dalton, who has used the C-word multiple times - see our post about him for one example. In addition two of their writers have started naming names of those at the lower level lever, the useful idiots of the antifa, as pictured above.

Infrequent writer Rosa Luxemburg, has 2 out of the 4 posts titled Doxing the Doxers. - HuffPo’s Christopher Mathias Another Spoiled Rich Brat Targeting Ordinary Americans. - and - Leftist Enforcer Jared Holt, Up Close and Personal—A Few Things He’d Prefer You Not To Know.

One of the persecuted**** White Men from the Commie vs. American street fight in Charlottesville, Virginia in the summer of '17, Jason Kessler has written the other 2 - Antifa’s War Against Regular Americans Is Run By Spoiled Rich Kids - and - Half-Egyptian Rich Kid SPLC Enforcer Michael Edison Hayden Is A Weirdo. What Else Is New?..

These two go back into biographical details, a la, Mr. E. H. Hail, of these nasty Communists of the internet world. The antifa scum they discuss have done their best to ruin the careers of traditional Americans that have tried to stop this war by doxing them. The left don't have to remain anonymous, as the Establishment is firmly on their side. Does doxing them help, then. Well, it'd be great if Americans who are still on the fence could see the evil of these people, and it's laid out very well in these 4 parts of the series. Put the word out. We need to start naming names. Senator Tail-gunner Joe McCarthy would be quite welcome here on Peak Stupidity.

* The entire title is Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies.

** The entire title is Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism. I don't like long-ass subtitles very much.

*** We got a slight reprieve on this during the 1990s especially right after the Cold War - see Christmas and Communism.

**** and an expert on the legal persecution in the aftermath.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 10:05AM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Kief,

I did read your comment before I posted my comment. (I thought that might be the BMW commercial you were talking about.) (My E34 is old and does not change color.) The Gender and Water Alliance post was also inspired by your comment. For some unbeknownst reason I searched “gender department” after I read your comment, and that was one of the first things that came up. Seems strange that the “Resource Guide to Mainstreaming Gender in Water Management” is almost 16 years old. I guess the crazy train left the station earlier than I thought.

Thank you for your interesting comment from January 14th. I was going to answer you the other night but after I read your comment I got to looking up drumlins around Lake Constance, and then drumlins in general. And then Paracelsus. I thought your comment about smelling the reefer through your keyboard was quite funny. (I didn't realize the baby clones in my window were so aromatic.)

Such is life: Full of surprising shenanigans.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 19th 2022 2:20AM MST

Hey Mr. Smith - that is the ad I had been talking about in my comment right beneath your's! - Did you write about it without having read my comment - is there a thought transfer going on - are we in a hyper-revealing meta-state-of-mind? - This will get furious then here. Top EXPERIENCE, hehe.
What would Blackface tell about these - happenings? - anythoughts from him about this subject would be welcome.

You fminism and water thoughts are backed up by piles of examples in Steven Pinker's book Rationality - and - in his previous book Enlightenment Now! - His by me loved most example, the most benign of his examples, is this one. Feminist glaciology- and - feminist astronomy, even... - I mean, feminist astology - ok - - but - - - -

Btw. - adviser to the Quandt-family, which owns large parts of BMW, is the former foreign minister and former head of the Green Party and before that - the former Frankfurt Street Fighter with intense contacs to the murderous terrorist scene in Fankfurt, too - the one and only Joschka Fischer, son of a Hungary-German butcherman, who had to flee out of Hungary after WW II - - - and firm opposer of the Irak war in the Schröder Government (Schröder did oppose the Irak war too - so: We Germans did...) -- --

Things are all mixed up, aren't htey - and then shaken to their bone....
Adam Smith
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 6:46PM MST
PS: About all those makework, bullshit jobs at the equity and gender department...
(Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke...)

“In many cases the analysis of gender perspectives in relation to water resources must be context-specific.” “We are very pleased with the outcome of the excellent collaboration on this second edition of the Resource Guide for Mainstreaming Gender in Water Management. This new edition has been greatly expanded and improved. It includes sub-sector overviews, additional resources and case studies, all of that in four languages, and some of the resources in five languages.”

From the (*checks notes*) Gender and Water Alliance may I present to you the “Resource Guide to Mainstreaming Gender in Water Management”...


(Wait a second, 2006? WTF?)

EVERYWHERE—Claiming that they just couldn’t stand it anymore, people across the world confirmed Tuesday that someone, anyone needs to please, just make it stop. “Please, please, please, we’re begging you here, just put an end to it already,” said multiple sources, noting that it had all gone way, way too far and that they would do almost anything for even a few glorious minutes of respite. “We’re on our hands and knees, pleading with you to make it all go away. What’s it going to take? Jesus Christ, just stop it! Stop it right now!”

At press time, sources confirmed what everyone knew deep down...

That it was never, ever going to stop.


Adam Smith
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 6:01PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone...

LAS VEGAS, Jan 6 (Reuters) - German carmaker BMW has unveiled the world's finest "get-away" car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

It's Fast. It's quiet. And it changes colour!

The concept car, called the BMW iX Flow, uses electronic ink technology normally found in e-readers to transform the car's exterior into a variety of patterns in gray and white.

"This is really energy efficient colour change using the technology E Ink," said BMW research engineer Stella Clarke. "So we took this material - it's kind of a thick paper - and our challenge was to get this on a 3D object like our cars."

When stimulated by electrical signals controlled by a phone app, the material brings different pigments to the surface, causing the car to take on a different shade or design, such as racing stripes.

In the future, the changes would also be controlled by a button on the car's dashboard or perhaps even by hand gestures, Clarke said.

No energy is needed to maintain the colour the driver selects, according to BMW.

"My second favourite use case is the use of colour to influence sunlight reflections," said Clarke. "On a hot, sunny day like today, you could switch the colour white to reflect sunlight. On a cold day, you could switch it black to absorb the heat."

Though the vehicle displayed at CES could only alternate between gray and white, the technology will be expanded to cover a spectrum of colour, according to BMW.


(↑ This is the most uh-mazing car commercial I've ever watched.)
(Not even sure they're selling cars. I think they are selling the future, or a lifestyle or something.)

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 4:07PM MST
Just a few more things about lunatism as a currency now:
German government spoke a whopping billion + Euros last autumn to fight the right (= "Kampf gegen rechts!") - = Quite a few jobs for Antifa types with very reasonable salaries.

Public Broadcasting is huge in Germany - and a survey done last year showed that 90+% of the interns and beginners were green/left = by and large: everbody newly hired is green/left/Antifa/feminist/queer. Now in this public broadcasting system work 30 000+ people - some 5000 more (!) than there are farmers in full time jobs. Now imagine, what message these happy and quite well paid 30 000 - radiate (Sheryl Crow) and how they feel.

Ahh - one of the most loathed things in Germany Boris Johnson does is his plan to stop the public funding of the BBC radio/broadcasting system. But I'd say: He does have a jolly good idea here. Should he be able to make that happen, it would be interesting, because this then would be a rare example in that the middle class (= by and large the British Tories, I'd hold) would cut back the resources of - the middle class. As i said: Rare and interesting, if he succeeds. But even if he fails: Still interesting.

We have 300 + gender professors now (plus assistants and research fellows and secretaries and "science-semesters" off duty every five years or so. // No city council  without a well staffed gender and suppressed minority office working on sensitive language programs and equity hiring memos etc. pp. - five days a week (since two years roughly half of them permanently in home office...-if that rings a Covid bell - of cause all of them are for the strictest covid measure you cpuld think of - lots of them for Zero Covid!).

And then there are the ads - look at the ad for the new BMW electric limousine with the gadget, that you can change the color of it from light gray to gray white with your smartphone (advertised as warm in the winter (gray) and cool in the summer (gray) and thus BMW's way to - fight climate change - see?!! Heureka! -Costs you notjing but 39 grand or some such... that thing...) - look at the ads for that e-car if you happen to run across one: Spend two minutes: They're all about being detached from reality, in a special sphere, where the new earth is born.... - hey: We're re-living Renaissance here, isn't that wonderful!? - 

In the BMW ad all kinds of people show up within waves of color and light, who praise the car or are presented as having worked on it - all kinds of people, except the a little bit stiff German engineer I see when I walk along the Rhine in Konstanz at the technical university. - None of those who still construct these things.
What is featured big scale is a young Asian woman as a member of the car-development team. My idea was: She did work as a design consultant or something like that. But be that as it will: You see wagon-loads of such ads. The ad for the regional nice communal bank - a blonde and a black guy, kissing on the floor.
The discounters: All kinds of multikulti-personal.Sports-dresses - dito. TV-sets...Then there are the equity and gender departments at VW, Audi, Mercedes. - Mercedes made the Formula One kneel down to - honor George Floyd after his death. I think all but two of them (two drivers - Max Verstappen? - and Valeri Bottas?) did kneel down together with Louis Hamilton in front of a picture of George Floyd. The Mercedes race-cars had their colors .ch.a.n.g.e.d....from light gray - to gray black, of course...

So - yeah: There's something funny going on here, which can't be just waved away. Real world stupidity.

Executive heads on doorposts, Alarmist? - As a rant yeah. I've seen and heard many people saying stuff like this - some later became ministers in Germany...or Secretaries of State... in a quite decent government, actually. - Isn't that ironic?
Ahhh - two more, and I'll be done: The greens are now in the Government and willing to overturn our industrial system - not least energywise. Example 1) Hydrogen-economy. Something they painted into the blue sky a few years back. That sure was fun. But now they actually begin to build something like a hydrogene economy and - have no plans - just concepts and ideals. Very strange (the details even stranger than very strange...).
2) More windmills and ecological electricity, all nuclear plants soon closed down and brought down. Head of the Green Party, asked  how that should work out, explains that there are not yet detected reservoirs of green energy. Like the freezers for the chicken in the supermarkets: We could easily turn those down two or even three degrees celsius - and now imagine everybody, how much additional electricity that will bring us - this measure alone!(Annalena Baerbock explained this idea in the German TV, with ca.1,5 Million looking at the screen in their living-rooms and listening to her revelations. - A few of them with their eyes wide open - sitting at their keyboards after the TV-appearance of our now Foreign Minister (!), and writing to each other what they had just seen, just to assure themselves that good old earth  and good old friends were still in place and doing their thing nonetheless.And they were - and  they did. Alas - we're living in interesting times.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 11:58AM MST

BTW, I heard a blurb on Bloomberg today that investment managers are having difficulty finding ESG talent (people who do ESG screenings, etc. of portfolio companies). They are obviously trying too hard: I can’t get far enough away from them.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 11:56AM MST

Yes, Environmental, Social and Governance, embodied in the UN Priciples of Responsible Investment are how they are using commie judo principles to turn capital against capitalism.

You should see the look on a young investment analyst’s face, or better still, an eager ESG specialist, when you tell them you don’t really care about the touchy-feely aspects of ESG and really care about what they are doing to help reel-in excessive executive compensation in their portfolio companies when you invest via their fund.

As Dieter suggests, there is an entire industry devoted to making otherwise unemployable reds more than marketable. ESG and DIE are a total racket, and Big Corp has bought into them hook, line, & sinker.

The corporate dudes of yesteryear who opened the doors to these things need to be dug up and have their rotting heads put on pikes at the gates of Wall Street and The City of London as a warning to the financial types now trumpeting these causes.
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 10:42AM MST
PS: I always appreciate those on-line versions, Adam. Thanks yet again. Of course, I should look myself. The library is a habit. Occasionally, I do lie a paper version better, too.
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 10:41AM MST
PS; Great comment, Dieter. Your experience is in Germany, and I thank you for that report on the recent history.

I would say that in America, indeed the left could work out that social justice angst better in the past, as you say. In the arts, university positions, etc. However, now that they have the whole shebang taken over, I guess they want more than to just be able to hang out at the coffee shops and bang their fists on the table for "INJUSTICE!' everywhere.

That they are not forced to go to real work and let that stuff go is indeed part of the problem. There's something about manual labor that will keep one's head straight. I'm all for some of it for me, but not TOO much, at this age.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 9:21AM MST
PS: - Douglas Murray mentioned two years ago (sigh) while promoting his book the Madness of the Krau -öhh - of the Crowds, nedwahr, that one thing is different now, from the perspective of the far left.

Douglas Murray explained it this way: The usual utopian suspects would take fancy classes, dance and creativewriting/painting and so forth in the last century and be radical and all - and one would lean back and say: Wait two years, until they encounter the job-market...and then this quite a bit over the top stuff in their heads will be all weeded out.

But that's not happening now big style any longer.

Nothing gets weeded out, for lots of quite unreasonable political thinkers (Jonathan haidt got that right too together with Gregg Lukianoff in The Coddling of the American Mind). - This does mark a big difference.

One reason for that is that they cash in now on lots of levels and positions on their weird ideas of equity and universal oppressiveness of reality and reality (=sex-) changes, and the climate-crusade etc. pp.
The media, but also governments and international organizations (the UNO; the WHO the EU, the Climate Change Panels, Green Investment, Mr. Alarmist...)(and maybe the fact, that theft has somehow become legal - at least in the US - or in some cities in the US...) - yes and of course in Europe the welfare state as a save heaven for increasing numbers of people.
This is different this time. Being a lunatic has now become an acknowledged - and: somehow even: valuable! - status in the West - worldwide.

I could go on... äh ok: Just one little thought: Antifa is now pro state for that reason. _ Very different from the anachists and far leftists I encountered in Frankfurt and Heidelbeg in the seventies. - Those were strict enemies of the state - and were proud of taking no money from such corrupt bourgoise f+++s like governments or the state or the city counzil etc. - they rather worked (true!) in factories - Eric-Hoffer-style! - with the suppressed masses!! - Or they worked the land (growing some weed etc. too - this .t.u.r.n.e.d. (oho) out to be - öh - cool sh++t, comrades, nedwahr...and bring actual CASH too...

cf. Budding Prospects - great (and very lovely!) book by T. C. Boyle about this scene in the remote mountains of Northern California.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 8:01AM MST
PS: Good morning, gentlemen,

Environmental, Social, and Governance?

“When it came my turn to opine, I noted that I wasn’t so ready to embrace de-industrialisation, freezing in the winter, overheating in summer, and lower-investment returns to put more money into the pockets of watermelon shills.”

Watermelon shills... Lol, Luv it, Mr. Alarmist.

Would “Green Bonds” be viable without the tax incentives? According to investopedia...


“In 2020, the total issuance of green bonds was worth almost $270 billion, according to the Climate Bond Initiative. The cumulative issuance since 2015 is over $1 trillion.”

Who, other than so called “governments”, could offer such bonds. Seems sketchy to me...

Mr. Blanc, I agree that our nation wreckers probably do not advocate a social system as advocated by Marx and Lenin (hell, many of them probably never heard of those guys), but they do seem eager to use the power of the state to confiscate and redistribute wealth, censor those they disagree with, restrict the movement of those they consider unclean, disarm the population and otherwise stamp on the face of their opponents, forever.

They seem all too willing to embrace state totalitarianism.
Does it make them communists? I don't know, but I don't think it matters what they're called.
They're sweaty toothed madmen who cannot be reasoned with. Interesting times ahead.

I have a couple books for you, Mr. Moderator...

Blacklisted by History

Ann Coulter Treason

Next time you're looking for a book you might like to give this a try...

I hope you guys have a great day.

Tuesday - January 18th 2022 7:28AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I see you HAVE read this post (I wrote something about it in the comments under the previous one just now.)

I would have to guess what ESG is. "Environmental" of course, "Securities"?, then what for G?

Good on you to stand up like that! Better yet, good on you to have gotten into a position to be able to stand up like that.
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 7:25AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, yeah, we've been down this road before. Could we compromise and say that these people don't advocate Communism but are Communists in the same way that lots of the useful idiot in 1917 Russia, 1940's China, 1990s Venezuela, and so on were Communists.

"But it’s clear that they are anti-Western (and anti-white) and want to replace the historical social systems of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and some of the Western European nations with rule by themselves." AGREED, completely.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 1:42AM MST

In one of my recent nvestment committee meetings, we were given a longish briefing on ESG and all its toxic components that new laws required us to consider making a part of our portfolios, and then started receiving various recommendations, to which my colleagues nodded knowingly as being wise things that would save Mother Gaia and humanity ... investing in things like Green Bonds and companies that were deep into DIE, while shunning evil carbon-based things, like coal and petroleum and other viable energy sources like nuclear in favour of renewables.

When it came my turn to opine, I noted that I wasn’t so ready to embrace de-industrialisation, freezing in the winter, overheating in summer, and lower-investment returns to put more money into the pockets of watermelon shills. One of my colleagues asked what I meant by “watermelon shills,’” so I explained that it means “one who is green to all outside appearances, but red on the inside.”

That was shocking enough for them, but I then totally shocked them (and probably damaged my own credibility) by saying, “In other words from my days as a Cold Warrior, Communists in sheeps’ clothing.”

McCarthy was right all along, not that it did him much good. I don’t expect much good to come to me, but as we used to say on the Street, “F*** you, I’ve got mine.”

Monday - January 17th 2022 6:45PM MST
PS: Dang - missing 4 links - cannot fix on the phone but will get to in a couple of hours.
Monday - January 17th 2022 6:37PM MST
PS What’s in a name? A rose, etc. Is Warren Wilhelm (yet another name) a communist? Probably, according to some definition of “communism”, including those of the types that haven’t been tried yet. Rather than go down the never-ending path of defining what “communism” (or “socialism”, for that matter) is, I recommend using “Communism” and meaning by it the social system advocated by Marx and Lenin as interpreted by the official parties of those nations that have attempted to implement that system. Do our revolutionaries mean that system? Probably not. But it’s clear that they are anti-Western (and anti-white) and want to replace the historical social systems of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and some of the Western European nations with rule by themselves.
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