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Posted On: Saturday - January 15th 2022 10:30PM MST
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"They took the whole American nation, (da, da, da-da da-da),
locked us down, it's mass menstruation."

From what I've read from folks in the blue zones, I feel very thankful to live where the PanicFest is generally over.* It's not quite, though. Plexiglass shields are still all over the place, and no, Apu at the Quicky Mart, they don't stop .380 rounds. The biggest reminder that people have not let this go is that there is still a good deal of masking going on.

Now, it's not like most people seem to take the mask use too seriously healthwise, as we noted in Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! - II (near the bottom). That is the case where I live anyway. People will pull their masks down to get a point across, when it inhibits communication. I've not seen anyone who's wearing one chiding anyone else for not wearing one.

However, many still seem to take compliance with this stupidity seriously for themselves. "Just following the rules, you know. They know best." That anyone can still think like that after all the back-and-forth idiocy that the EXPERTS have spouted out over the last 2 years is confounding.

The face masks seem to come and go. I don't think it's just the cold weather, but maybe it's that scary Greek letter Omicron that's brought on this latest wave. Does in come in 28 day cycles? Are women synching up their own cycles now, due to the waves of panic coming off the idiot plates and their iCrap? Now THAT'S some scary stuff.

You're gonna' want to click play on Paul Revere and the Raiders' Indian Reservation below if you don't know this one, or it won't be as fun.

They took the whole American nation, (da, da, da-da da-da, da, da, da-da da-da),
Locked us down, it's mass menstruation.
Took away our way of life,
Now I'm zooming with my wife.

This whole Kung Flu agitation (da, da, da-da da-da, da, da, da-da da-da),
is just mental masturbation.
They've called off my graduation.
That's just one more aggravation.

Hysterical people, PanicFest tide,
so scared to live, cause Fauci lied!

You won't get a reservation (da, da, da-da da-da, da, da, da-da da-da),
'less you get a vaccination.
They screwed a whole new generation,
who may never know lactation.

They'll put you under observation, (da, da, da-da da-da, da, da, da-da da-da),
and pretty soon start intubation.
They called it an emergency situation
and spent enough to cause inflation.

Hysterical people, PanicFest tide,
so scared to live, locked-down inside!

But maybe someday we will learn,
and America will return, will return, will return ...

PS: The latest (much rarer these days) iSteve hopeful post on the Kung Flu has lots of great comments, including some by our commenters here. Read Is Omicron Just the Flu, Bro? and enjoy the comments!

* Though the great harm done is will not be stopped in the long run, the Totalitarianism that has been implemented during the PanicFest has set precedents. Those don't get overturned when you're fast on the road to tyranny. The people are already used to it.

Tuesday - January 18th 2022 7:22AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, in regards to your last comment, we can only hope and maybe assume, that the people who are sick of this whole thing don't bother clicking on the SLC Tribune anymore or have their comments "moderated". Perhaps the sample is not a good representation of the people of SLC and Utah. (Again, just hoping.)
Tuesday - January 18th 2022 7:19AM MST
PS: Thank you, Mr. Hail, for the information on who it was that actually wrote that Salt Lake Tribune display of hysteria, and for pasting in some of the "choice" comments. These people are just begging to have those chains put on them.

The fashion show in Milano was good comic relief, so thanks for that too, Adam.

Mr. Blanc, I agree there are cardio effects that I have never heard about regarding previous vaccinations - then, I haven't paid much attention in the past, as not so much hype and pressure was put into jamming this thing into all of us. BTW, I very recently worked with a young man, 25-30 y/o, who had some major breathing problems, high pulse, etc, for a month after getting his booster shot. Why he got it to begin with, hey, it wasn't my day to watch him.

Mr. Alarmist, it is indeed accelerating. See my next post.

Dieter, Adam and I didn't mean on THIS site. Those were instructions for making a nice hyperlink (as in, words that you write that will be the link) on the Unz Review site. (Others too, such as Mr. Hail's site.) It's no big deal - I don't know how I missed the one you had.) This site strips out all HTML tags for simple security of the database. (i.e., not sophisticated enough - or with the right plug-in - to handle that.)

The Alarmist
Monday - January 17th 2022 1:32PM MST

If one took those comments as representative of Uthans as a whole, one could reasonably conclude Utah has fallen.

Let us never assume that living in flyover country increases the probability of one being more sensible.

The Covidian Cult of one of midwits: The smartest and the “dumbest” (sorry, don’t know a better way to encapsulate it) of the people at large seem to have the healthiest scepticism of the !Vaxxes, while those midwits in the White Collar professional middle, who think they are the brighter bulbs, have drunk at least two cups of the Cultists’ Kool-Aid®️ and are lining up for more.
Monday - January 17th 2022 10:11AM MST

One more, highly representative of the points I make one comment earlier.

Salt Lake Tribune reader-commenter moab_mike says it best:


(quote from moab_mike)

the GOP didn't just surrender to the COVID, they aided and abetted its spread.

explain how they are not the enemy (no enemy in our history has come close to doing the damage done by the modern GOP).

(end quote from moab_mike)

Two people reply agreeing, of whom one says the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE editors are going way too soft on the Republicans with this editorial!
Monday - January 17th 2022 9:52AM MST

I didn't see this at first but there are comments on that Salt Lake Tribune article. "Vox populi" via the comments section. At least the "vox" of their loyal readers.

Here are the earliest few main-comments posted. They each get several people "ditto'ing" in brief replies.


(quote from MICHAEL B*DELL, comment, Jan 15, 2022)

It's hard to understate the monstrous incompetence and governing malpractice of Republican "leadership" in dealing with this pandemic. Refusing to deal with reality and waging war on common sense and science is the hallmark of juveniles and myopic morons, not responsible leaders.

There was a time when Republican's placed high importance on civic responsibility and duty to community and country. It's hard for me to comprehend that in my lifetime, America can go from forcing young men to go and die in far off wars to suddenly pandering to self absorbed crybabies who are asked to help protect their neighbors, family and children with sane public health measures and instead of stepping up to get us all through a difficult time they throw childish tantrums.

I don't wanna and you can't make me. Wah!!

Are there no more adults left in the Grand Old Party?

(end comment from Michael B*dell)


The second comment, from Robert S., accuses Anti-Panickers of being deluded, conspiracy-people:


(quote from Robert S.)

Unfortunately, many Utah voters will continue to back the politicians promoting government vaccination conspiracies, anti-masking rhetoric, and "loss of freedom" absurdities. Until we decide to throw the bums out, expect more of the same.

(end quote from Robert S.)


The third comment, from Sterling M*rrison ,is to the same effect except that he introduces a political conspiracy theory on why the governor refuses to Follow The Science, namely that he was bought off by a cabal of Covid Deniers who swooped down on him:


(quote excerpt from Sterling M*rrison)

...Cox was told in no uncertain terms by his political advisors that if he wants to survive the 2024 Republican primary he needs to up the crazy talk. Notice how all of his rhetoric and misinformation came immediately on the heels of (Ruzicka's Eagle Forum)...

(End excerpt from Sterling M*rrison)


The next comment up, from R*n Wood reinforces some themes:


(quote, from R*n Wood)

The freedumb loving 40% of the country has blithely denied even the existence of the virus and steadfastly refused to take even the simplest of measures to slow the spread of the virus and the spawning of variants. Cox has been a disgracefully weak advocate for public health. The legislative leaders have actively fought against against sensible measures to blunt the spread of the virus. Cox has shown himself to be an empty suit.

(end quote from R*n Wood)

My interpretation of what we see here:

Corona-Panic talk is often tightly intertwined with political grudges, which for the political class (20% of the population?) is an important part of their identity. Therefore in a sense it becomes "personal" in a way that concern over a flu virus absolutely should not be, and never had before, not even in 1918-19! (which, even at its deadliest phases, seldom made the front pages in its time). They've successfully inserted Corona-Panic talking points onto their existing political biases.

They hate Governor Cox, and possibly all Republicans (except probably mitt Romney and that one Mormon CIA agent that ran against Trump). Cox is against extremist Corona measures. Ergo, the Corona measures are good.

For at least most of this set of people, the main focus is "Cox bad; Republicans bad," only afterwards on "unprecedented flu-virus restrictions and angrily punishing those who decline a new, experimental flu shot" is third.

The bigger conclusion is that the Corona-Panic, viewed as a mega-scale idea-pathogen, completely successfully attached itself to existing political splits. It used political-identity splits for its ends. This is one way the Corona-Panic survived for this long on such thin data- or "real world"-basis. We already knew this, but it's interesting to see it also a regional newspaper like the Salt Lake Tribune rather than the NY or DC media crowd.
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 17th 2022 7:39AM MST

Former head of GB Covid-Vaccine Taskforce: We’re Done – Let’s Stop Vaccinations!

If the link doesn't work - my less than ...sign does not show up unfortunatly (I use a strange but otherweise very convenient apple keyboard...sigh) .... the article about Dr. Dr. Clive Dix' nice and hopeful statement is online at the Epoch Times, wirtten by Mr. Zhang

The Alarmist
Monday - January 17th 2022 4:40AM MST

For many people, this is all over except for the “Truth & Reconciliation” committees and the requisite use of lampposts for those who would “other” a huge swath of society. They made it clear which way they intended to take us, and every day we see increasing evidence that their policies and prescriptions killed hundreds of thousands in the US alone, millions world wide.
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 17th 2022 1:17AM MST

Mr. Smith - the first loud laugh of the day - Tragic I tells ya!


Close to a loud laugh: It would be hilarious if it wouldn't be serious.

This one is nice too: The panic is strong with these folx - - -

I'll check out your fiminization link as well!

Mr. Mod. - thanks for the technical hints - I'll try next time!

So - The Salt Lake Tribune is - goin' with the flow here - - - - - It always feels good to go with the flow (until this ceepy little things come to life - which run by the term second thoughts (doubts, shame, contradictions that just won't shut up at night... or while daydreamin' for a short moment at the coffee counter - or while focussing on the demographic of the subscribers of the Tribune... - scenes which emerge from a Corona novel...I'd once would want to read, hehe - but wich is unfolding kinda prototypically already - not least here on Peak Stupidity...).

One more thought about Ted Cruz:

Just why Ted Cruz might have come down so hard on the Jan. 6th protesters: Because he thinks, that Jan. 6th is the watershed the establishment has erected between serious and - inacceptable Republican presidential candidates?

Sunday - January 16th 2022 9:56PM MST

An unusually bad line from the announcement of the Salt Lake Tribune editorial board members (at least four corona-vaccines required for membership, probably), linked to above.

"Members of the Editorial Board shape the official views of The Salt Lake Tribune, represented in the editorials labeled 'Our View.' It’s members also meet with office-holders, candidates, public officials and others to gather information that informs those editorials."

The second line has the "it's vs its" problem, but also has a problem with the subject. The first line refers to "Members," plural; the second line refers to "It." Did the supply chain cause a shortage of proofreaders?

And which "office-holders, candidates, public officials and others" did they meet with to "gather information" on the need to their top priorities of keeping up the Panic, staying loyal to the Panic flag and raising the black flag if outmaneuvered by evil Anti-Panickeres, and under the ideal Panic-loyal regime, forcing unnecessary injections on all? "Citation needed."
Sunday - January 16th 2022 9:29PM MST

Re: the Salt Lake Tribune editorial board's hoisting of the black flag of Pro-CoronaPanic radicalism and rebellion (against Anti-Panic Utah state political figures).

It seems the purpose here is calling on loyal Panickers to keep the faith, to know that they are morally in the right, to resist the perfidious Covid Deniers who have somehow seized control in Utah.

They run through all the usual talking points of the Panic-backers while adding more than a few emotionalized rhetorical flourishes which seem anachronistic in 2022. The most disturbing line is: "Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate...[a] mass vaccination campaign."

Who wrote the editorial? It is signed "the editorial board." Who is on the editorial board? They have two new additions for the new year: Dave Patel and Michelle Quist. Continuing members are: Paul Huntsman, Lauren Gustus, George Pyle, Tim Fitzpatrick.


So there are six of them. If there were some spirited 4-2 or 3-3 split, it's doubtful whether this extremist Pro-Panic editorial would've been published at all. So it seems likely it's either 5-1 with the lone dissenter self-censoring, or 6-0 in favor of the Panic. But within the Pro-Panic monolith or near-monolith, I also expect the moderate-Panickers among the six also self-censored, leaving the extremist-Panickers to push through their line, going overboard and breaking the tether to dignity and decency. It's hard to guess who's who, who are the extremist-Panickers and who the moderates, and who the possibly silent dissenter(s).

I see that Tim Fitzpatrick is the grandson of the longtime publisher of this newspaper in the 1920s to 1960s. I don't care enough to look into the bios of the others. I agree with Adam Smith's comment that "the whole article would be hilarious if it weren't so serious." Not just serious, but power-based, speaking for the Pro-Panic coalition, which runs the show in many ways, in close symbiosis with many power-structures. In many Big Blue cities now, one cannot even enter a library without submitting to an unnecessary injection of a substance that carries unknown risk to you, which is 2000s-era Alex-Jones-on-a-bad-day-level crazy.
Adam Smith
Sunday - January 16th 2022 8:04PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone,

Yeah, that Salt Lake Tribune link is pretty bad.
I thought people out west loved freedom.

“The Council came within one vote Thursday of overturning the County’s mask mandate, which would have been tragic.”

Tragic! I tells ya...

The whole article would be hilarious if they weren't serious.

That's why I added the other link for comic relief...
It's good to know Bucket Hats are back in vogue...

And check out this guy's tiny briefcase...


Sunday - January 16th 2022 7:18PM MST
PS: For Mr. Dieter, Adam has a nice way to help. Just to make sure, let me state that you just replace Adam's braces, with [ by a less-than sign and ] by a greater-than sign. Good deal. I still don't know why I didn't catch the raw link in there anyway.
Sunday - January 16th 2022 7:14PM MST
PS: Re your link, Adam, what a sick lie that whole thing is. Every premise used to make an argument is a lie. Here's another paragraph:

"Rather than call for the kind of patriotic coming together that Americans responded to after Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we were assured that it was not a real problem, that it would “magically disappear,” even that it was all a hoax, a plot to extend the power of the federal government and/or further enrich Big Pharma."

No, it was no hoax. It DID extend (expand) the power of the Feral Gov't. It did enrich Big Pharma. That's called "not letting a 'crisis' go to waste".

Man, I shouldn't read this sort of thing anywhere near bedtime.
Adam Smith
Sunday - January 16th 2022 5:35PM MST
PS: Let's see if this works...

[a href=""]Hail to You[/a]

Adam Smith
Sunday - January 16th 2022 5:27PM MST
PS: Check out this editorial from The Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board...
The Panic is strong with these folx...

“Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere.”

This one's absurd...

“Have the pandemic lockdowns emboldened men to embrace a more feminine silhouette, including skirts, mini-dresses and cape coats?”

Sunday - January 16th 2022 1:36PM MST
PS: So sorry, Mr. Kief, I see it now, and I don't' know how I missed it.

Just for a nicer version, put in (If I put certain characters here they'll get stripped out, so this won't be as simple as I'd like):

Less-than sign
(no spaces) character "a"
(one space then) "href="
a double-quote
the URL - what you pasted in in your comment
a double-quote
a greater-than sign
The wording you want to use - can be just Hail to You, for example
a less-than sign
an up slash (going left-to-rigt)
an "a" again
a greater-than sign

It's a hell of a lot easier than that sounds!

Again, sorry about writing that in error - I look forward to seeing Mr. Hail's post for more comments.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - January 16th 2022 10:49AM MST

I did link to Mr. Hail's site. On Ron Unz' Newslinks and at iSteve. I'm a tad hesitant though by nature and thus did not link to it every time I mentioned it, taht's right.
Plus - the system knocked me out quite a bit there - once again. I seem to write there when service-jobs are done and thus my posts show more typos than even I would find ok -heheh. - Such is life...
Sunday - January 16th 2022 10:39AM MST
PS At least in Dem-controlled areas, the artifacts of the Chinese Flu will be around for a long time. Those Plexiglas shields? Now permanent fixtures of the landscape. Masks? Most people will stop wearing them, but expect to see folks wearing them in public for the foreseeable future. And, as long as the Dems control the White House (until the collapse of the Republic) and the governorships of large states, every resurgence of SARS2-Covid will occasion restrictions. They just can’t help themselves. Regarding the Chinese Flu as “just the flu”: Do Influenza viruses have cardiovascular complications, as the Chinese Flu does? It seems that the very-likely-engineered spike protein of the CF is what invades cardiovascular tissue, and that is what is causing games players to keel over on the pitch. If, as seems probable, this beast is the result of gain of function research, the entire point was to make it more infectious than non-engineered strains.
Sunday - January 16th 2022 10:19AM MST
PS: I really think you should get back on there (iSteve) next time there is something about this Kung Flu. I respect your quitting cold turkey though, Mr. Hail. I'm sure it's easier than quitting smoking (judging from friends), but probably not by a lot!

Our friend Dieter Kief put in a word for your site in that thread, but with no link. Why not, Dieter? Perhaps you thought Mr. Hail might not have wanted that? I should have linked early on, but that thread got long.

I'd never noticed the "science vs. The Science" jokes before, but then I've got my own set - hence the title of this post. I enjoy pissing off the people that need to be.
Sunday - January 16th 2022 10:14AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, your 3rd and my 1st comment crossed in the internet. (i.e., I hadn't seen that yet when I wrote.)

"I expect techno-narcissism had set in so much that people thought we could defeat and every flu virus, and so were no longer subject to viruses in the way all those Pre-Internet, Pre-Smartphone Losers were." What a great way to put it! I will add this:

I was around and aware that winter of 87-88 that you discussed. It's not like I remember every day of the year, but, because I'd moved around a lot, I can remember what I was doing in general then, where that was, and how I felt about things then. We had TV then (believe it or not, a small black & white one). I remember certain news stories of that era, right near the end of the Cold War. I have NO RECOLLECTION WHATSOEVER of the story about some bad flu going around. That's not to say it never came on the news, but it was not a thing, and not a piece of Infotainment.

We've discussed this aspect of it before, but "those Pre-Smartphone Losers" basically everyone before 2008(?), did not have such a deluge of information coming at them. They think this newest bad bug out of the Orient must be terminated with extreme prejudice because they've been continually being told it's the worst thing in the world.

Yes, go back to pre-internet, which was the case in '87-88, and the TV news could only put so much on. I know CNN had been on for a few years already, but perhaps not so many people were so hooked on it.

BTW, did people already say "Beijing" back in those years. It could have been the "Peking Flu". (The Minitrue folks may have updated all the articles by by now to correct the Politically Incorrect Western pronunciation of the capital of China.)
Sunday - January 16th 2022 10:08AM MST

I saw Steve Sailer make a "science" vs. "The Science" joke recently. Maybe he has made this joke before but this was the first time it crossed my radar screen.

I've tried for about two minutes to find earlier cases but failed to come up with an unambiguous "science vs The Science" joke earlier.

Quote, Jan 14, 2022:
UK and US scientists thought it was "likely that Covid accidentally leaked from a laboratory" but feared further debate would harm science."

(Steve Sailer comment):
Uh, you know, debate actually _helps_ science. The only science hurt by further debate is "The Science."

January 2022 is Corona-Panic Month 25 (January 2020 = Month 1).

When did "science vs. The Science" jokes start becoming current among the Anti-Panic crowd? By late 2020 (probably some time in the "Corona-Panic Month 6 to 10" window), 100%-definitely such jokes were current among committed Anti-Panickers; I think the same kind of joke/observation/mockery became mainstream for, what, one-third to one-half of the population in 2021.
Sunday - January 16th 2022 10:01AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, the relief seen in Mr. Sailer's post just emphasizes how much time and worry he put into it during the peak of the PanicFest.

Regarding: "The radical theory here is there have been entire coronavirus 'pandemics' in living memory which we never knew anything about. In fact, this seems quite likely to me. The constant flux of viruses is too complicated for easy narratives in terms of what's going on with flu-viruses at any given moment."

I couldn't agree more. I also completely agree that people have been living with, some dying from, some having miserable weeks from, and other never even knowing about, these viruses for a long time. Why hasn't influenza had the amount of money put into prevention/treatment research as AIDS has, which kills far fewer people, whatever it really is*?

I'm not a biologist, much less specifically a virologist, so I have no idea what this Omicron virus is, or whether it's related to the original Covid-19 one. Neither does 99% of the country. The problem is, these 99% put so much trust in the experts and authority. As for me again, I don't even care enough to do internet research on it. I appreciate your doing this for the purpose of trying to get a few of the 99% to understand that they simply need to calm down and live their lives.

Thank you for the great comments, Mr. Hail.

* Speaking of that, Ron Unz's new fixation with HIV/AIDS, again from reading a book, is a little off my list of important shit going on right now, but it is leading him in the right direction,
Sunday - January 16th 2022 9:58AM MST

The other thing is, even the very worst of 'Covid' was defensible as Just The Flu. Still in early 2022 I think this is a taboo position. Given the emotional commitment people have to the Panic, and even of shell-shocked Panic-emergers coming out of the fog, it may remain so for time to come.

Just The Flu was an attack line in spring 2020. Addressing it properly ends up exiting the level of ad-hominem and involves asking "what is The Flu?" Immediately you've bogged down, I think, the majority of people just with that question, who believe or want to believe there is one single thing called The Flu, with some magical property fixed over time, exactly as dangerous in 1980 as in 2000 as in 2020 and every year in between. People want super-simple, sleek ideas to play with.

Wuhan-Corona at its worst was at the top of the historical range of The Flu in living memory, but the radical truth is that there is evidence it DID NOT exceed (in age-adjusted terms) the worst flu seasons lived through many times by someone of Steve Sailer's age. The heretical observation is that people who "lived through" such severe flu was were almost entirely unaware of anything going on, and just focused on other things.

Steve Sailer was in 5th grade in elementary school when in the 1968-69 winter season, the bad flu wave of that era hit, but I am guessing he, at age 10, didn't notice it or put any special attention on it.

There were a few bad seasons in the 1970s, and into the '80s, and really every decade since; by the 2010s, I expect techno-narcissism had set in so much that people thought we could defeat and every flu virus, and so were no longer subject to viruses in the way all those Pre-Internet, Pre-Smartphone Losers were.

The worst of the 1980s flu waves, in Sailer's young-adulthood, I think was Winter 1987-88. We see this as the worst season in a lot of countries. It may have hit late-comers in 1988-89. I have seen medical literature call this the Beijing Flu, which I doubt was anything like a common term (just as, in my experience, no one who passed through 1968-69 as an adolescent or adult even remembered there was a "pandemic").

Steve Sailer was about thirty years old in 1988. Did he get "the virus"? Likely, yes. Did he get sick? Maybe, maybe not. 'Sick' is an elastic and relative term. Did he notice that there was a so-called pandemic going on? Unlikely. Had there been no Corona-Panic phenomenon at all in 2020, the general-narrative would have been exactly the same as these previous episodes.

So what is "Just the Flu"? To the huge majority of people, Wuhan-Corona was, or would have been, Just The Flu in lived-experience terms, and specialists would note it was an unusually severe year and say oh, that's interesting, and it's over.
Sunday - January 16th 2022 9:44AM MST

A true bold hypothesis would not be "Omicron is the flu," nor even the bolder-seeming "Omicron is x times less than the flu."

A true bold hypothesis, which An Anti-Panicker version of Steve Sailer would not be afraid to toss into the 'ring' of discourse, is that Omicron may not be "real."

Don't misunderstand, there is a virus (there is always a virus---nay, many flu viruses---in circulation in any large-enough population at any time, and seasonally triggering which is why you usually only get sick in winter). But calling it 'Omicron' implies it is a direct descendant of the 2019-Wuhan original, the one that triggered the Corona-Cult in 2020.

I won't argue the point, but I suspect SOME of these variants, and variants-to-come, may be normal coronaviruses which always existed, which we never bothered testing for before. This is related to the "may of the PCR false positives often come from picking up 'viral debris' from former corona infections."

Now being discovered and classified for the first time, they can get called "variants" and are as large bundles of logs to add to the Corona-Panic fire.

It was said there were six coronaviruses known to circulate among humans as of early 2020, each of which must have its own "variants" all the time. There were hundreds of coronaviruses known to exist in animals.

(Of course no one knew any of this, and no one but specialists cared. Non-specialists had never even HEARD of the word "coronavirus" before 2020, we might forget. You get a cold/flu, you recover, you move on. It didn't matter what family of virus it was. You could live a long, full life never having gotten tested for any of these flu viruses; if you get sick, you recover and it's done.)

It could be there were many more than those six in humans. Coronas had been so (surprisingly) little studied, a tiny fraction of the focus given to influenzas (which is but one of the other families of flu ("flu-like") viruses) that we just didn't know. No attention, no funding, no interest. Sometimes there could be breakouts, which emerge quickly and fade quickly. But especially when the idea is that coronas are so mild, there is no reason to pay attention or input resources to "track" them. Then the Corona-Panic happened, and there is suddenly a huuuge social-cultural-political incentive to find "variants."

The radical theory here is there have been entire coronavirus 'pandemics' in living memory which we never knew anything about. In fact, this seems quite likely to me. The constant flux of viruses is too complicated for easy narratives in terms of what's going on with flu-viruses at any given moment.
Sunday - January 16th 2022 9:26AM MST

Steve Sailer shows himself still behind the curve.

Leading Anti-Panic analysts pegged "Omicron" as definitely more mild than "the flu" (whatever one means by that) even before Dec 1, 2021.

The various responses and the Pro-Panic side's framing seemed to lack even the thinnest possible pretext of having a data basis, except in terms of this re-defined word, "cases." This was all foreseeable with high confidence in late November 2021 on early data, and easily confirmed in December 2021.
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