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Posted On: Tuesday - January 11th 2022 7:58PM MST
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One could say this post is a continuation from this one or this one based on their title*, but there are now many dozens of posts here about the ridiculous face masking stupidity that's been going on. It could be a continuation of any of them. I really hesitate to put in a special Face Diapers topic key. What would one have made of that 2 years ago?

From our star designers in Milano, comes this beautifully textured, black mask, manufactured in Shenzhen by People's Faxi Dai Pao plant number 5! Please clap.

I'm too sexy for my mask,
too sexy for my mask,
too sexy for my mask.

What song? Too stupid, so don't ask.

I could not really get a good image of what I wanted here, in this first of 2 anecdotes/observations. There are face masks being worn that are a new type, or new to me, at least. The texture on the outside looks like plastic almost. It's very glossy black. This must still be non-woven material (yeah, which is plastic), but the grain is different from those blue/green medical style ones.

The thing about these ones is that, even though they don't fit tightly at all on the user, they are EVEN WORSE for communication through. I wrote "through", but then, they seem to have a big gap on the top side where sound should come out well. (They are almost semi-circular at the top, leaving a gap to the portions of the face there.) I'd thought the thick cloth ones were the worse, especially on black ladies, but the sound must bounce around a bit before coming out, and these are terrible.

Maybe communication is not as important at work as we have been told, and it's all about fashion, except that these are ugly too.

How about face masks that are made of clean white real cloth?

This next, from a new avant-garde design studio in L-Gay-Paris, BT, is this lacy number, no the mask, not the blouse. Look up!:

That's the type I mean. These are really the closest things to diaper material you can have. Hell, maybe a converted diaper plant in Shenzhen makes them.

As I entered the country building today to pay property taxes, I remembered that they now have a metal detector and a guard at the entrance. (What might they be afraid of?) The guard told me I need to mask up. I looked and saw a stack of these nice white cloth face masks. Nobody really seemed to care HOW I wore this mask, and luckily, things went very quickly.

5 minutes later I walked out of the building wearing this thing. Yeah, these double-layered cloth ones do keep the face warm, but being a big opponent of all this hysteria, I took this one off and threw it on the grass near the bushes. No, littering is not my thing, but this was a political statement. Imagine they kept having to go out there and clean up 5 masks an hour. Maybe they would lighten the hell up.

When I started searching for images to match this 2nd item here, I noted that these things cost 15 bucks a piece! Maybe they are cheaper by the box, but by how much? Did the county have a big surplus? (of masks, I mean, not money) I now think it wasteful of me to have trashed that one, but, well, that's my own tax money I just paid. I've got half a mind to go there tomorrow, maybe in an out a couple of times ("ahhh, I forgot something") and collect more. They'd be good for wiping of oil dipsticks and things like that ...

* Wow! Until just now, I had no idea that I'd written 2 posts with the exact same title, both about face masks during this Kung Flu PanicFest. The 1st one has a Grateful Dead theme to it. They both treat this whole thing with great disdain and ridicule.

Well, as they say "great minds think alike, even if they are the same one, one year and 16 days apart." Hey, is October fashion month or something? I wouldn't know. This is just weird. I will rename the 2nd one with a "II' at the end.

Dieter Kief
Friday - January 14th 2022 3:22PM MST

Mr. Smith - that's it - lots of stuff is no good for lots of people. Paracelsus was right in a lot of ways, but as far as I've looked into his writings, I haven't found this law yet. It might turn out ot be one of the most important laws of medicine: It's not only the dosis, which makes the poison (Paracelsus), its also the person which makes the reaction to a certain substance and thus influences this interaction of a certain substance and his onw personla body/ self (history, personality, condition...).

When I read your post, I did smell the reefer coming out of - my keyboard, interestingly enough - not out of my big ol NEC Spectraview,as I would have assumed beforhand.
Such is live: Full of surprising shenanigans.
(This pat on the back thing is gathering momentum for me, the longer the discussion about it goes on.
This afternoon, I found myself thinking about it while driving along the ice-age "drumlins" (=littel rolling hills, which follow no certain order, because the glaciers who created them 15 000 years ago did not invest a lot of conceptual work while creating them, as I would sum up what we know about the (utterly beautiful) - lay out of these (100 - 200 m high) hills.
Sinc I am (as mentioned before) a photographer specializing in nature I find myself exploring these little things and revisited one of them for the second time a few weeks ago. Very interesting beech trees on top of it, with outstandingly beautiful shades of gray.
Ok - what I wanted to say: This afternoon, while driving along these "drumlins" as they're called here at the lake of Constance, I - to my astonishment, - found myself thinking about the slpap on the back formulation of Scott Adams and then it "hit me from below" (Bob Dylan in You're gonna make me lonesome when you go!) - that there is the exact same idiom in the German language: To give someone a slap (or a pat) on the back and- that it can mean a variety of things: It can be friendly, uplifting, ironic, acknowledging, deprecating - it can virtually be good or bad or indifferent - and all in  between. - That's the reason we have novelists, in the first place, and song and dance men, and poets and - savants and igorants and - priests and singers in Rock 'n' Roll bands: Because in this regard, language is just like life: It is - in the end: not fit (and not - meant..)  to be pressed into formulas.
Adam Smith
Friday - January 14th 2022 10:54AM MST
PS: Jolly good afternoon everyone,

Mr. Moderator, I smiled when I read your comment under that “American Pravda” post.
No need for attribution. Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery. I take it as a compliment.

Mr. Kief, I don't know if you smoke cannabis, but you are correct that most of these new strains of cannabis are not the same as homegrown weed or the Mexican weed of 20 years ago. They are indeed stronger (though I doubt that they cause mental health issues, especially psychosis or schizophrenia)(I do agree that cannabis is not for everyone). Part of the reason I smoke less than I used to is because I've been smoking some really great weed lately. Here are some of the strains I've had the pleasure of enjoying...

I prefer having strong weed that I can take just a couple puffs of. I think it's healthier than smoking more traditional weed as you can get the same high (or a better high) with less smoke, less tar, and less damage to your lungs.

Purple punch is some of the prettiest weed I've ever seen.
It really is purple when it's growing.

I can't find any photos on the internet that really do it justice. When it's first harvested the buds are purple and very sparkly with trichomes. (Though not as sparkly as Jungle Lava.) As the buds cure they lose most of their purple color. Blueberry Headband has a nice hint of purple-blue to the buds when harvested, but they lose all of their purple-blue color when they cure. Blueberry headband is a hell of a producer.

Adam Smith
Friday - January 14th 2022 10:01AM MST
PS: Jolly good morning everyboy! (Lol, Thanks Dieter)

Perhaps Mr. Adams said something like “a gentle slap to the back of the head of the establishment”?
That would make sense to me in this situation.

A “poke in the eye” kinda makes sense.

It was not a “slap (or pat) on the back” or a “pat on the head”.
The people masquerading as “government” deserve to have their noses broken. (Frankly, they deserve much worse.)
Maybe, in the spirit of democracy, Americans should have a vote on that?

I vote that all “government” workers (except for postal workers) shall have their noses broken.
Repeatedly. Forever. As punishment for their bad behavior.

How do we get that on the ballot?

Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 13th 2022 2:52PM MST

I agree Mod. - Jan. 6th Capitol protest was rather friendly affair.

So what do you think it was, what Scott Adams, trying to say this with a bit chosen words, could have said, Mod.: A slap or a pat on the back of the establishment? - Or neither of the two?

As of now, I'd go with slap, but he could have quite easily sid pat too, me-still-thinks. And he did say one of the two.

Hehe: Here's a nice sequence about this - rather touchy, isn't it? - subject:
Thursday - January 13th 2022 11:30AM MST
PS: As for searching on this site, yes, it is terrible, Dieter. I decided a while back to write rather than fix up the software. However, maybe it's time soon to take a short break from the writing and go to work.

It didn't start out as my software, but I modified it to work. I looked at it for the first time in a couple of years just recently, and I see the way to do this would be to start from scratch. Of course, I can paste in the formatting to make things look the same.

As for Mr. Unz, the Adam Smith joke aside (note, Adam, I used your bit when writing to him on that "American Pravda" post. Attribution should have been given, but that may have pissed him off a bit, haha!), yes he has a great-running site. I don't know if this material is controversial enough for the guy, actually, no joke.
Thursday - January 13th 2022 11:25AM MST
PS: You do very well at English, Dieter, but knowing that it's not your first language means I think there is no way you could possibly know ALL of the idioms of various sorts. "Slap on the back" doesn't sound right. "Slap on the wrist" is a well-used idiom, but that's of course not the one. Neither is "pat on the back." "Poke in the eye" - not quite. I don't think it was "poke in the ribs", but that may apply the best of any I am recalling.

To me, he meant that this was a nice and friendly slight warning to the Government that the people (White people, that is) CAN do worse than this. However, after writing all those idioms, I really don't think that was the case anyway. Except for the part about the provocateurs that were quite clearly seen in video, inviting everyone to make a move and hurry at it, I think that most of this was just spontaneous fun and 15 minutes of fame - that sort of thing.

I saw video with the fire extinguisher getting thrown at some cops, but nobody got hit with a bad blow and these guys had shields and the whole riot get-up. Stuff's gonna get thrown in a riot, and yes, part of it resembled a riot, but the large majority of those many people who took the bus to Washington FS that day were as peaceful as they usually are.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 13th 2022 5:36AM MST
Two more little things -
1) I did post a second Ted Cruz link in the Ashly Babbit post below, just in case you haven't seen it.

2) The pat on the back remark of Douglas Adams - that Jan 6 Capitol actions were "a pat on the back of the establishment", and a rather friednly and civilized one given what this protest was about, - you asked for a source and a) I've tried to look Adam's remarks up and did not find any twitter traces - there might be some even though.. and - I did not want to look into his podacsts - I've definitely heard him say this, but searching podacsts is a bit hard to do (I know of no other method than - listening to these things- and that eats up time like crazy) and while I was thinking this over, I got the feeling, that I might have posted this "slap on the back", as I then remembered: That's what he said: He said it was a friendly and ever so lightly "slap on the back of the establishment - by ordinary folks" this Jan. 6th action.

Ok - b) He had second thoughts about this formulation when the fire-extinguisher story came up - this police man by the name of Brian Sicknick - and other violence-related stuff, but this in the end turned out to be just not what had happened. - There had been no serious violence at all from the side of the protesters - so this was just what was called a go-in in the glorious days of 64 ff. - free speech movement and so forth...

Now - I might have posted a source even for the Adms quote here on your blog...

As Mr. Hail said before - it is not that easy, to search your blog...

(Mabe - the Unz-man can take your whole blog and put it behind his safty-software wall and allow - certain people to search it there and that would be then very convenient - just an idea, I'm no software guy at all...).
Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 13th 2022 5:14AM MST

Mod. I see - BUT - rebus non sic stantibus now - things are not the way they used to be - which might mean, that you could quite easliy install the safety net now, since your PS device works so nicely, see?
Thursday - January 13th 2022 5:05AM MST
PS: Dieter, thanks for the additional information on Mr. Hickey and his view. As for the PS, I remember figuring way back (this was Oct. of '17) when I was getting thousands of spam comments, that if I saved the non-PS ones anywhere, well, that could overwhelm the database just the same.

However, if you hit the browser's back button before you do much else, you'll be back with the same window and your original text - just insert "PS" then. Thank you to one of our commenters for letting me now that. (I've done it elsewhere too. Whether all text is still there depends on auto page re-loading. Reloading can be nice to refresh other info, but it would wipe out what's in a text window, etc.)

I'm sorry for the trouble, but this extremely simple (for ME, I mean!) fix took care of my problem, and it's been over 4 years without any of that spam - the bots are pretty generic. Unless it were a hacker out to get me personally, nobody will spend the time to change any little routine to get past something simple like this.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - January 13th 2022 4:40AM MST

Mod. - this David Hickey man found what you are saying but he did so a bit ealier - and he was very clear about his findings and - published them.

His darest insights: 1) "Caring means controlling" (this is one of the major intellectual (=conceptual) backbones of the Corona-Hype! - No Fauci-superstardom without this concept - I've said that a few times already - to embrace Dr. Fauci to the point where it reminded me of something vaguely sexual at times was one of the big misses of Dr. Feelgood Trump...)

2) There is a discrimination against the white majority going on - that's point No. two of David Hicky - who else said that in 1990 ff.?

3) Feelings are outweighing arguments - emotions trump over rationality (that is THE subtext of what's going on now - that and Numbers 1) and 2.

Could it be that you fall for the nearity-bias here - which reads basically like this: If he'd be any good, he'd be saying somehting else than I do. Hehe - you do, I'd say, you do fall for that bias here - and thus shrug your shoulders about this Hickey man. I stand firm: He is a prophet!

Mr. Smith - this cannabis-article I linked below is not about some homegrown stuff. This is about genetically (literally true) enhanced super-cannabis.

And - people do show up in stongly increasing numbers at hospitals with schizophrenia who are consuming this new soopa-doopa-dope . A fact. Now this is a very tiresome and at times horrible condition, these poeple suffer from - in increasing numbers.

Jolly good afternoon everyboy!

Mr. mod - built in a safety net for lost comments, if you find the time please. - I mean, I did fergit this PS thing and wooops- - - - so htis one is not quite the original, hehe - call it a fake duplicat... - maybe even better than the original - at least shorter (and that does equal better here and there... - so - I hope for the best! - Always look at the bright side of life, Gentlemen!)
The Alarmist
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 7:18PM MST

@Dieter, #5 cut off just after “ARR,” but the Absulte Risk Reduction of most of the vaxxes was less than 1% ... I forget which on was actually better than 1%, but it was only something like 1.15% ARR.

Hi y’all. I’ve been on the beach in the Free State of Florida, and I’m seeing far more people masked up than back in September. Must be all the snowbirds coming down to escape the cold weather but bringing their lack of critical thinking with them too. I have seen more than a few people wearing masks on the beach.

The fear porn must have been really amped up lately.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 6:14PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone,

“I'm glad it helped you, Adam, if that was possibly the case.”

Maybe? No way of knowing, I suppose. I give credit to the four or five limes I was eating each day (drinking them with lots of water)(I drink a lot of water) and the bottle of zicam zinc gummies I went through in a week. I also stayed well rested and wiped the surfaces with bleach water most nights after my wife went to bed. (I did this mostly for her, so she wouldn't reinfect herself, and because she really appreciates a clean house.)

She does partake sometimes, but not as much as she used to.
I'm still a daily toker, but I don't toke as much as I used to either. A couple hits in the evening. (Hey, that reminds me.)
Occasionally I'll hit the pipe a bit earlier, like if I'm going to wax a car or spend a couple hours behind the lawnmower.

Thanks for the interesting link, Robert.

Hope you all have a great evening.

Wednesday - January 12th 2022 5:51PM MST
PS: Thank you for that comment, Robert. It hits home today. I was feeling under the weather due to stress from keeping up with the political internet. I will have to slow down and keep a promise I'd made LAST New Years, as in Dec 31 '20 to limit my time on it.
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 5:49PM MST
PS: "How am I supposed to tell who to flirt with?" Haa!

I was doing a little bit of screwing around with the software, Dieter. Are you saying that everything after that same point was there before you mashed "Submit" but disappeared afterwards. I will check this. If you have any more details write me (well, if you can). Also, I read your article on David Hickey. Because I don't know much about art, I'm sorry to say I didn't get that much out of it. He did buck the art establishment, I guess, until it was "walk before they make me run".

Imagine if it were publicized that pot was a preventative medicine for the Kung Flu. I'm glad it helped you, Adam, it that was possibly the case. Does the wife not partake? I don't think ADHD is a real disease of any sort. Boys have a lot of energy. Sitting in a classroom all day is the problem for them. I also don't believe in prescribing drugs for "having too much energy". I wish I was in that condition right now!
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 12:33PM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, I believe that it is a variant of #2 --- they want us to know what they are doing. That is where the ultimate thrill comes from. Our acceptance of, and participation in, evil.

But, the 'they' here is not THEM or even (((them))), but Lucifer and his minions.

for a description of Pope Leo the XIII's vision of God and the Devil talking.

The Book of Job may also be relevant here. The 'Spirit of Vatican II' certainly is (hint: it is NOT the Holy Spirit). Perhaps The Apocalypse also, but I hope not.

But, take hope. God, in his wisdom, placed each of us in his appointed time and place. We all have a role to play, and victory is certain.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 10:35AM MST
PS - sorry - a bug: I can read the text, but after I post it, it is gone...Digitally induced black magic
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 10:33AM MST

Sorry, the system let me down here twice - hope it works this time:

5) I knew that the RRR of 95% was a lie for they did not report the ARR of
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 10:21AM MST

Trump-insider from eugyppius ctd.

5) I knew that the RRR of 95% was a lie for they did not report the ARR of
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 10:18AM MST
Science-Blogger eugyppius of Bavaria asked his readers to share Covid-experiences and this is what he got - a note by a member of the Trump-administration: eugyppius explains first:

I find it very interesting to have reports from some Trump administration officials. Paul Elias Alexander (see his pieces on the catastrophic impact of lockdowns and school closures, the failure of compulsory interventions in general, the effectiveness of masking, and vaccine efficacy) writes:

1) I was looking at all of the evidence day one e.g. March 2020 that was emerging that it was a failure and harming people.

2) I was in a position in the HHS of Trump administration where we were getting real state data showing the lockdowns, from April/May 2020 were causing business owners and laid off people to self harm, and children we self harming and by June these groups were committing suicide...many children killed themselves across the US and the media would not cover it and we knew the actual data for it was coming from the States to us.

3) The media I was told were working together to suppress the real outcome of the lockdowns and school closures as Trump would be shown right as he argued to open up society and schools.

4) I was privy to a meeting with the vaccine developers to the media where they told the media that they addressed the short follow-up to examine safety by a larger sample size and from then, this was July 2020, I knew the vaccine was a sham and potentially dangerous...I heard the top vaccine people tell the media this and the govn sat there and accepted that.

5) I knew that the RRR of 95% was a lie for they did not report the ARR of
Adam Smith
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 9:21AM MST
PS: Great news everyone...

Is this why I didn't catch my wife's cold when she thought she caught the coof last year?

Adam Smith
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 8:59AM MST
PS: Good morning gentlemen,

Mr. Anon, I think it's #2, with all the implications that entails. Thanks.

I agree with you about the face diapers, Mr. Anti-Gnostic. Demonic.

Thanks for the links, Mr. Kief. If they wanted to reduce psychosis, they'd stop giving amphetamines to children...

Prescribing adderall to children primes them for a lifetime of hard drug dependence.

The most dangerous thing about cannabis is getting caught growing it.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 8:02AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon - - -

The Ray Kurzweil territority doesn't even touch me tangentially - as we used to say as kids, hehe.. So 3) 'd be the most terrifying outcome for me - like a life sentence to boredom (Leonard Cohen) -

2 Is possible but - in the territory of 14 to 45 zeros after the one unlikely. - But still. Could be, of course. If not it'd have to be what_ 5000 zeros behind the one - and even then - - - maybe the fact that we live here on earth and can communicate with one another while some are living thousands of miles away is in that region of the 5000 zeros behind the one.

So - yeah, one - - - - most likely, heheh!
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 7:59AM MST
PS The masks infuriate me. How am I supposed to tell who to flirt with? Demonic.
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 4:02AM MST
PS: I hope it's (1), Mr. Anon, but if not, I'll take (2) over (3). We can at least fight #2.

I'll check out your youtube clip.
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 4:00AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief (first comment): My thoughts on things going consistently in the wrong direction started in the mid-1990s. That wasn't about wokeness (not a thing in MY mind yet then) and Political Correctness back then. I just noticed that every political move made to increase Totalitarianism (traffic DUI checkpoints, seat belt laws, the TSA a little later, and on and on ...) was not being opposed by anyone in government. Man, that was 27 years ago!

I have not read "The Man who Laughed in Church" yet, but thank you for the link - I will do so. It sound what Dave Hickey objected to, those long 30 years ago (almost) was what some call the Matriarchy. Does that sound right? Well, I'll read it and see.

Thanks, Dieter.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 2:01AM MST
PS: - Mr. Anon - about spooky predictions: There is an enourmous rise in mass-psychosis - exactly as by Dr.malne predicted - - - -

So - is Dr.Malone a false flag operator for the cartels behind the scenes to detract people from the real reasons for the dramatically increasing numbers of the real mass-psychosis and thus protect a multi billion Dollar business?!

Just asking, just asking, hehe.
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - January 12th 2022 1:40AM MST

Some of you have probably seen this before. On a reality show in March of 2019, a fashion designer named "Kovid" presented his creation: an outfit that included a mask.

There are three explanations for this:

1.) It is a mere coincidence

2.) It is predictive programming - media created by the people behind a World-Wide conspiracy to acclimate us to our "New Normal".

3.) The Universe really is a computer simulation

You may opt for Number 1. Most people would. But if you exclude option 1, think about what that implies about the World.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - January 11th 2022 10:14PM MST
PS: Quite some of your writing deals with esthetical questions,Mod. - Here too (the blouse 'n' the diaper...). Don't know if you are aware of that (Dr.Freud would chime in here stating, that the degree to what you'd be not aware of that could be read as an indicator of the purity (= the heartfelt truth) of you esthetical attempts).

Now, here's the thing: The man in the article I've linked below, the "Man Who Laughed in Church" - is an art critic, who wrote about nothing but esthetical subjects - and came to quite a lot of the conclusions that are discussed here - not least by you. So: This is an inverse version of your mind - or an axis-reflexion version of your mind (in part, that is  - of course, only in part - - - - ...).

 Spoiler alert - I'll just trump out a few central points in the essay below: The man took on the growing despiceability of white people - in 1993. - (That's what you said a few days back, or something close to that, that taht began in the nineties, din't ya - or wa sit the eighties? - soemthing like that you said...).

He took on the fact that the liberal institutions like the universities were going for the slogan "Woke (!) or broke" (!!) at about the same time.

- The man had  defended modern art in a William F. Buckley program against Tom Wolfe - but (big but here) made Wolfe chime in and support one of his main theses and declare that he'd agree with this critic's critique of his own (a tad oversimplified...) critique of modernism! -And no - this is not all.

Two more biggies: "Caring means control!" - This one the man churned out in the nineties about the art world and the increasing corruption of wokeness he sensed there. So - think about that: Caring means control thesis in the context of the Coroner, and you'll see, where this insight might lead us.

Then there is the biggest finding, this man made, in my eyes: He developed a sense of betrayal in the growing puritanism he saw emerging - and he condensed the consequences of this shift in the formerly adventurous mentality of the art world and he even found a formula for that stuff:

Facts were increasingly wiped out by feelings.

- That's a stunning diagnosis (and a prophecy of sorts).

And he loathed these tendencies from the bottom of his big heart, because, he said: He who puts feelings over thoughts - eradicates thinking - and freedom, and identity altogether - in the name of a greater good. -

And he even quit his very good payed job at a Texas university for that reason: He did not want to be - nullified  as an individual (= a person) by this institution'sgrowing tnedency to - become pure 'n' woke.

This prophet really, portayed in the quite well and densely written article linked above is the art critic and art enthusiast Dave Hickey.
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