Fire on the Mountain

Posted On: Saturday - January 8th 2022 10:50PM MST
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We've got posts collecting up the Ying Yang here, but I'm out of energy for the day. The song featured today has nothing to do with a post really. It's time for some old-timey Southern Rock. These guys, the Marshall Tucker Band, were from the upstate of South Carolina and were pretty popular in the mid and late 1970's.

The've got a story to tell in this one This is about the California Gold Rush, and it's got a country sound to it, with Toy Caldwell on that pedal steel guitar.

From their 1975 album Searching for a Rainbow, this is Fire on the Mountain (not to be confused with the Grateful Dead song with the same name.

The Marshall Tucker Band was:

Doug Gray - lead vocals, percussion.
Toy Caldwell - electric and acoustic guitars, steel guitar.
Tommy Caldwell - bass guitar, backing vocals.
George McCorkle - electric and acoustic guitars, and songwriter for this one.
Jerry Eubanks - alto, baritone and tenor saxophone, flute, backing vocals.
Paul Riddle - drums.

Next week, we'll post the last part about the b-b-boomer g-g-g-generation, more on the Georgia Guidestones, another shout-out to VDare for more great material, more Kung Flu stupidity (of course, as we ain't done with it yet), and a few others that have been ready to write for months already.

PS: Mr. E.H. Hail has a brand new post on his Hail to You blog. This one, as he promised us here, is a book review of Alex Berenson's anti-Panic book Pandemia. His title is Review of PANDEMIA by Alex Berenson, and I guess I'll read from some of you in the comments there too.

Have a great Sunday, Peakers!

The Alarmist
Sunday - January 9th 2022 6:01PM MST

Mainz has already spent the money, as has Berlin.

For the various governments of Germany, rapidly deconstructing the means to keep Germany warm and powered up in the near future, Flirting with Disaster isn’t just a song by Molly Hatchet, it’s a way of life for the German coalition government.
Sunday - January 9th 2022 1:54PM MST

Those boys were good and popular in the 70's. I guess I know since I was coming of age then (and dating myself - well not literally).
Sunday - January 9th 2022 10:53AM MST

Might be heresy for me to admit this, but I always liked Marshall Tucker’s FOTM better than the Dead’s.

The Marshall Tucker Band added to the sum of human happiness.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - January 9th 2022 2:31AM MST
PS: Marshall TUCKER (!) Band - - - The Gold Rush - A Story to Tell - Running  Out of Energy - - - - Your sub- or halfconscious, Mod. is working overtime and might well wear you out a bit, - so -: Do relax - and - - rejoice!

All the while, there ARE Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine (The Doors, that is, just in case) - happening right now - : - look here, where Biontech is located in the old and pride city of Mainz /Rhein
GOLDGRUBE 12 is their address! - Now the bonanza part (Goldgrube) is easy, isn't it? But what is the mythical 12 standing here for: The Twelve Apostles - or The Twelve Horsemen of the Apocalypse?!

Mainz will be free of debt in three years! - A Gold-Rain - - - 500 Million+ in taxes from Biontech / per year - - - if - but only if: Rebus Sic Stantibus - : - if things will stay the way they are - huhu.. But will they?

Or will Mainz be soon in the .c.a.t.e.r.w.a.u.l.i.n.g. that comes - After The Goldrush?

This world is a Ma-h-h-ny-Splendor'd Thing, isn't it? 
Here is science blogger eugyppius of high Hait-to-You praise about the Covid Tuning Point - - he too sees the - political/societal! -Omicron-development now in this rather hope-filled light - - as does tireless Carlisle youtuber Dr. John Campbell since - - - - mid December btw. - - -


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