Georgia 3 sentenced to life imprisonment in self-defense case

Posted On: Saturday - January 8th 2022 6:27AM MST
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(Thanks to Mr. Anon on The Unz Review comments for mentioning this. Being off the idiot plate and Lyin' Press sites is better for my temperament, so I may not have otherwise learned of this.)

Judge Timothy R. Walmsley:

It's life without parole for the McMaster father and son, and life with a chance for parole after 30 years for videographer Roddie Bryan. This is sick.

Things are accelerating, folks. I guess 99% of Americans still think this country is nowhere near the stage in which governments and the Establishment simply railroad people into jail at will, and political prisoners are held in jail with no bail and not trial in the capital. They are deluded. Not only are we somewhere near it, we are THERE.

No matter what technicalities about the (existing, at the time*) Georgia citizen's arrest law and minute details of the shooting of jogger Ahmaud Arbery, nobody deserves that sentence. Let's take it one step up at a time:

1) It seems justified self-defense to shoot someone grabbing one's weapon with ill intent, provided one hasn't cornered him. Arbery could have run. Grabbing the barrel of the shotgun was high stupidity. They should have never been charged. We also know damned well that if the races were reversed, there would have been no charges and the black self-defenders would have been held up as heroes.

2) If you figure, nah, they had no right to hold Arbery like that, and he was justified in (stupidly) fighting back, well, that's manslaughter. The 2 McMichaels had no intent to murder Arbery, but just to hold him for the police, as everyone knows. A jail sentence for this type of manslaughter may vary, but it ought not to be more than a charge for intentional murder.

3) If you somehow think this is murder, it wasn't a cold-blooded assassination, a brutal rape and strangling, a stabbing with the body cut into 20 pieces, or any of these types of horrible killings - oh, here's one!. What would a black thug get for just up and shooting a man in the street? 10 years?

Anarcho-tyranny is pretty blatant now. We have to keep in mind that this is not just about race. Black worship and denigration and persecution of the White man is the story, no doubt. However, I believe the big story is that the globalist and elitist Establishment wants to get rid of the White middle class.

There's likely no big master plan, mind you. It's just that an intelligent, hard-working middle class competes in the political realm, and in the business world, and has disposable income and time for use in bucking the system. The Establishment would like America to be just like the 3rd World, where people are firmly under control, being too concerned with having food on the table and a roof over their heads to work on anything threatening. If these elites can get the population diversified, integrated into a low-class, dis-unified mass, or even slowly completely replaced by those they prefer, the threat to their way of life will be gone.

That's what this is, Establishment pay-back for Kyle Rittenhouse. "No, that was just a fluke, you CANNOT go defending your neighborhood, your people, and your way of life! We will not only prosecute but persecute you for that! We have the control, and you will live under our rules, one set for us and our preferred Americans and another for the White man."

What possessed Judge Timothy Walmsley of the Superior Court of Georgia Eastern Circuit to lay a sentence like this? I should probably ask "who possessed him?"

PS: As Mr. Anon mentioned (on unz), regarding Roddie Bryan, 30 years for videoing the shooting?! Next time, it WILL be shoot, shovel, and shut up. That's the only option they're leaving.

* But, but ... I was led to believe there would be no math retroactive laws.

Adam Smith
Monday - January 10th 2022 8:07AM MST
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Adam Smith
Sunday - January 9th 2022 9:06PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone,

Thank you, Mr. Hail, for your well considered, thoughtful and entertaining book analysis of Pandemia.
I enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions about not just the book, but some of the larger questions at hand.

I posted this here first, while I ponder your Pandemia review, and think about the comment I'd like to leave.

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Sunday - January 9th 2022 7:39PM MST
PS: usNthem, I'm guessing you saw Jared Taylor's article on this travesty. That's his 2nd one on it, at least. I think he did a great job.

A-G, thanks. I see what you mean. Even the conservative blacks, at the political level at least, seem to put tribalism over conservatism though.
Sunday - January 9th 2022 6:52PM MST
PS Friend Achmed - I mean that the vestigial white Georgia political establishment is frantically trying to cover its left flank now that Georgia is Team Brown/Blue.

The good news is there seems to be a not insignificant number of conservative blacks in Georgia. Herschel Walker may end up one of its Republican senators.
Sunday - January 9th 2022 2:16PM MST

This trial was an unmitigated travesty of "justice" - jury/judge intimidation at its finest. Aubery was first and foremost the instigator of his own demise by attacking a guy with a gun. Low IQ coupled with low impulse control = pushing up daisies. Unfortunately it also equals three White men being railroaded for life.
Sunday - January 9th 2022 12:57PM MST

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Sunday - January 9th 2022 9:39AM MST

Incidentally, typos are also something I noticed in the Berenson book and mention in the review. While some typos are inevitable (and smoothing them out at a 99-100% rate is what editors/proofreaders are for in any kind of publishing---professional, academic, trade, whatever), Berenson has an unusual amount of typos for a book like this from a relatively prestige press (Regnery, which also publishes most of Ann Coulter's recent books). What to make of that?

What's the expected number of typos in a book like this? One definite typo per fifty pages seems the high end, plus a few a arguable cases in the same page range. Berenson's book is definitely beyond that. I just dismissed these because it seems a little petty but at some point in my reading or reflecting on PANDEMIA, I had the idea that it reflects the lack of an editor, which fed back into some of the ideas about the Internetization of discourse...
Sunday - January 9th 2022 9:28AM MST

Mr Newman, thank you for reading! And for making the effort on the typo corrections, which of course are welcome. It may be easiest to send the list to, or failing that add it as a comment there.
Saturday - January 8th 2022 10:22PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, this is not about the current post but your new book review up on your site. I've enjoyed reading through ~ 2/3 of it. What I did this time is cut and paste notes on a few typos. I hope you don't mind the corrections, as I figure you spent so much time on this that you'll want to fix those. Believe me, you probably have 1/10 or 1/20 the typos per word than Peak Stupidity does.

I thought I'd write you here, and if you want corrections in comments here, or in comments on your site, I'll paste it all in. (I'll wait till I'm through reading first, of course.)
Mr. Anon
Saturday - January 8th 2022 6:37PM MST

"There's likely no big master plan, mind you. It's just that an intelligent, hard-working middle class competes in the political realm, and in the business world, and has disposable income and time for use in bucking the system."

I don't know that there is no big master plan. The super-rich seldom leave much to chance. They are people who like to control things. They like to control events. It's not inconceivable to me that the plan things. Those elite confabs like Bilderberg and Davos, to say nothing of fora like the Trilateral Commission and the CFR are there for some reason.
Saturday - January 8th 2022 5:53PM MST

"The Anarcho-tyranny is pretty blatant now"

We are fast approaching the 30th anniversary of Sam Francis publicly coining the term.

My research tells me he first introduced the concept in his syndicated newspaper column a few weeks after the April 1992 LA riots. He got such a good response that he kept mentioned it regularly in columns and talks, sometimes in passing, sometimes as a main feature of a column (VDare recently republished one of his early ones I found and made them aware of). Two years later, Francis gave "anarcho-tyranny" a full treatment in "Chronicles" magazine (July 1994 issue) in
a long article.

If you go back and read the original examples Francis gives for the concept, they're nothing like these cases. They are much tamer. These cases in our time seem more like the considerably darker vision Paul Craig Roberts developed in the late 1990s, of an emerging New Feudalism in which White Heterosexual Able-Bodied Christian-origin Males (this was his term) were the new officially disprivileged class, like a public-enemy class. But in practical, legal terms certainly the lowest ranked as like in a feudal system, and subject to different (worse) treatment in all matters pertaining to the state than the favored classes.

Sam Francis likely saw this world coming, but was too conscious of sounding like a crazy person to actually make predictions that things like the McMichaels and all these other cases would become the norm.

Sam Francis syndicated columns I think ran in the 1980s and through most of the 1990s, pretty widely in conservative newspapers, but his career as a columnist was hit when the Washington Times fired him for racism about 1996/97; his final print-newspaper dropped in him I think late 2003, also under racism pressure, and VDare became the only outlet to publish him in his final 16 months of life before his January 2005 death (a great thinker, but he foolishly didn't take care of his health; he should still be among us today if he had).
Saturday - January 8th 2022 4:50PM MST
PS: Had to run a few errands today. Driving out in the semi-rural parts, passed by a house with a big US flag and big 'FUCK BIDEN' flag beneath it.
Saturday - January 8th 2022 12:55PM MST
PS They will be using this as the next Tillman case for the next 50 years.

The local police/DA did not file charges against the three until the black community pressured the state gubmint to press charges just like what happened with Zimmerman/Trayvon case.

White people, Have nothing to do with the Negro or else you will be in big trouble. This is a warning. The Federal Government will destroy you.
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 8th 2022 10:01AM MST
PS: Good morning gentlemen,

All three of these guys are victims of a miscarriage of justice, especially Mr. Brian.
I imagine, if he could do it all over, Mr. Brian would just mind his own business and keep on driving.

“30 years for videoing the shooting?!”
Cause white guys are into making videos of the murders they commit and then eagerly turning those videos over to the cops.
It. Just. Makes. Sense.

Shoot, shovel, and shut up?
Better yet... Shoot, kill and leave 'em for the buzzards. No sense in getting your hands dirty.
(Or leaving your DNA where it might be found.)
And definitely, shut up! Time for more white people to realize the cops are not our friends.
Time for white people to practice omertà.

Did you see the photos of the New Black Panther Party surrounding the courthouse?

If those were white guys with those scary black rifles the howlin' harpies of the media would be yelling about jury intimidation.
In this case, their silence is deafening.

The only thing these guys are guilty of is stupidity. They broke the cardinal rule...

These guys are not murderers. The moment the crazy jogger grabbed for the shotgun it became self defense.
Unfortunately, white people are no longer allowed to defend themselves when dealing with violent joggers.

If we continue down this path, things just might get interesting.
The Merchant might get his race war yet.

And on that grim note, I wish you all a great afternoon and an even better evening.

Saturday - January 8th 2022 9:39AM MST
PS: Maybe, A-G, but look at that judge above. He set the sentence.
Saturday - January 8th 2022 9:24AM MST
PS I just can’t read this.
Saturday - January 8th 2022 9:14AM MST
PS Very simple: democracy in the Eastern Judicial Circuit, in Georgia, actually, is getting blacker.
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