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Posted On: Friday - January 7th 2022 8:41PM MST
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It's an Ocelot. Why is this the top image? Hey, second to bikini girl pictures, I'd guess cats get the most eyeballs. No girls are involved in these 2 articles, and I don't have Ann Coulter bikini pics. Hell, she won't even return my tweets!

The sole reason for being of the VDare organization and website has been to fight the immigration stupidity, and it's been over 20 years that they've been fighting. It's been a mostly losing battle, but then they don't have the resources of a Soros or Jeff Epstein (speaking of having bikini pictures). Please donate if you can - I give them a decent amount amount each year.

The VDare site - 2nd on the blogroll on the right, and I don't read ZH anymore anyway due to usability - has very good writers with great content that is nearly error-free and contains loads of links to everything related to each article. The thing is, as I discussed in a 2-part post called Our Corner of the Internet (Part - - - Part 2), we can exist in an on-line world that is a very small part of what's out there. Besides getting comprehensive news on the existential issue for American - the "National Question", in VDare parlance - the writing does include lots of other political news in the course of its discussion.

For example, just as commenter Mr. Anon mentioned Tucker Carlson's chewing out of Senator Ted Cruz for his stupidity regarding THE INSURRECTION!™, I found the clip here on VDare, inside a Washington Watcher II article, before I even started looking elsewhere. In fact, I'm going to watch the rest now, and get to this post again later on.

"He's baaaack!"

To show why I read almost all of the VDare site, let me point out 2 good articles, the first by a new writer to the site, going by the name "Former Agent", obviously of the Border Patrol. Maybe he just retired, as he started writing for VDare this past October and much more frequently at the end of '21. The image up top was above his recent post Conservationists Want To Protect Ocelots From Fences, But Not Illegals. To be clear, Former Agent doesn't meant that illegals don't want to protect ocelots, as they don't care. Bought-off Conservationists, by my slight revision, don't want to protect ocelots from illegals.

No, illegal aliens don't go shooting ocelots. Mr. Agent explains that these cats are very shy, so it's difficult to even ever see one of them. However, the last thing the illegal aliens coming across the desert care about is the environment. Their trashing of ocelot habitat down around the Mexican border is OK by Establishment Conservationists because $$$$$ and The Narrative. The Sierra Club sold out 25 years ago for their30 4.5 million silver coins*. "Immigration and diversity are good, PERIOD" is the narrative.

Here's the truth from Former Agent:
I was fortunate to see an ocelot a single time when I was down there. When I first saw it (at night) I couldn't make sense of what it was. You could tell it didn't move like a house cat. I worked a lot of nights and saw javelinas, armadillos, skunks, rabbits, coyotes and possums. However, the ocelot is a notoriously shy and secretive animal, which is why I saw one only once. I bet that loads of illegal aliens traipsing through their hunting grounds at night are a far bigger disturbance to them than building a border wall. If the ocelots could vote, I'm pretty sure they would be voting for the wall. Those bollard fences have gaps wide enough for them to get through, while preventing human access.
I like cats. I've heard of people who have ocelots as pets, but it'd be amazing to see one of these in the wild. The environment is NOT top priority for those who tell us it is.


Ann Coulter, favorite literary pundit of Peak Stupidity can be be read on hundreds and maybe thousands of websites. She's been batting a .990 or so for 15 years now. It's nice to read her on VDare as she obviously reads it and she knows some the VDare personnel.

Her latest article, The Great Epstein Cover-up, Part I, did not disappoint me. The article is not so much on what Jeff Epstein and "Epstein’s pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell", were up to, though she has the same thoughts as Peak Stupidity does and about everyone else. Sex and blackmail went on there on Fantasy Island. Usually that sort of thing sells. The US Lyin' Press doesn't seem to want to sell it though. That's what this latest Ann Coulter column is about. No matter how big it would be, the Lyin' Press won't even give the people a sex and blackmail story if they are told not to.

I hadn't read about this whole thing:
As for media coverage, did you even know that the FBI found Epstein’s cache of sex tapes labeled “(name of underage girl) + (name of VIP)”—and then lost them?

Immediately after Epstein’s arrest at Teterboro Airport in July 2019, the FBI executed a search warrant on his New York mansion.

Following a daylong search, agents discovered a hidden safe in the closet of a fifth-floor ...

[Wait, the guy's New York mansion has 5 floors?!]

... dressing room, used a saw to break into it, and found an enormous collection of photos of naked girls, and CDs of the girls apparently having sex with influential men.
Have you?

Goodness gracious! This is Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinsky, and the Kardashians all rolled up into one! If they ran this story as multi-year infotainment, the press could probably even start delivering newspapers to people's lawns again, There would be nothing left in the supermarket checkout aisles but candy and gum. There could be a whole TV network based around this story, 24/7, maybe having morphed from the Home & Garden network or something.

Yet, they've been squashing this lurid story. Hey, who's in charge here?

* at today's spot price, that is - which is completely bogus, as you won't get any silver for even 50% higher!.

The Alarmist
Sunday - January 9th 2022 11:00AM MST

This from Theodore Dalrymple at Taki’s:

“I would like to extend this observation to a condition of learned stupidity, that is to say the stupidity of people who are by no means lacking in intelligence but who nevertheless make stupid decisions that people of lesser or even much lesser intelligence can see at once are stupid. Learned stupidity explains how and why highly intelligent people, faced with a choice, repeatedly choose a stupid, if not the most stupid, option, time after time.”

source: https://www.takimag.com/article/learned-stupidity/

If you’re looking for a fun podcast listen, try out No Agenda with Adam Curry (former MTV VJ) and John C. Dvorak (of PC Mag fame, inter alia).


Mr. Anon
Saturday - January 8th 2022 6:33PM MST

In addition to being entirely indifferent to Jeffrey Epstein's stash of Kompromat in his townhouse, they didn't get around to searching his island until some days or weeks after his arrest. Meanwhile there were people on the island going in and out of buildings, doing........something.

The circumstances surrounding Epstein's arrest, "investigation", and "suicide" are so shifty that nobody can really look at it without concluding that the Feds had no intention of getting to the bottom of anything. Thier actions were and are intended to cover up what was going on, not to bring anyone to justice.
Saturday - January 8th 2022 3:25PM MST
PS: Dieter, on your BTW, don't get me wrong. I am pretty sure Miss Coulter would rather Donald Trump had won in '20. However, she was on his case big-time after 2 years of his screwing around, because he'd let her, and most of us patriotic Americans down so much. (

That's not just on immigration, the main reason we elected him, but on his reneging on his talk about bringing home the military. That's something that he can not complain that "judges stopped me". He was Commander-in-Chief (of course, with no wars declared by Congress going on, to the whole thing is bogus.
Saturday - January 8th 2022 9:45AM MST
PS Second your motion about supporting VDare. They are our friends.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - January 8th 2022 9:31AM MST
PS: Mod. - The thing with good storytellers (she is an extraordinarily good storyteller) is just, that you can never be sure. - How do I know this, you might ask? Well, I studied this stuff, storytelling, psychology etc. pp. - for years 'n' years.
To make it explicit: The part about the FBI being here against the law and on the side of the dark forces of the establishment is integral to the story (it clearly is a structure (= a potentiality) of the story) but this is no proof, that the FBI did what Ms. Coulter might have made you believe. - She also has a big laugh, ya know.

Btw. - I do beg to differ from her Trump-bashing in one regard. I'd hold that - would Trump be President, the US immigration politcs might be better than what the Biden administration is doing now. (When 2021 ended, I regretted, that I had not made this remark - - - its true!)

Saturday - January 8th 2022 5:31AM MST
PS: Duly corrected about the mention of Tucker/Cruz. Thanks, Mr. Anon, then.

Mr. Kief, I won't ask you how you know the inside of Miss Coulter's mind then. She is very sharp-witted, which I can tell more from her live appearances on TV (well, youtube for me) better than from her writing. Is your take that that she writes up the most interesting stories she can that she can get away with (as figured out with her lawyerly mind?

On this story, I checked out the NY Post article that Miss Coulter linked to. (As I wrote in this post, VDare is crazy about hypertext links, in a GOOD way. I'm sure Ann Coulter's original column had the link too.). Check it out, Dieter.
The safe contained jewelry, external hard drives, passports, lots of US cash and “loose diamonds,” the agent testified.

There were also binders filled with CDs, but authorities had to get another warrant in order to seize them. When they returned the next day, however, all the items inside the safe had disappeared.

Maguire said she called Richard Kahn, now the co-executor of Epstein’s estate, and one of the sex offender’s attorneys, Andrew Tomback, and told them she had a warrant for the items. Roughly 30 minutes later, Kahn brought them all back in two suitcases, the agent testified.

Well, you know the good stuff wouldn't still be in the box. Is the FBI simply incompetent or are they working for the lefty Establishment? I gotta go with the latter, especially after reading and viewing things about the 1/6/21 provocateurs such as former most-wanted-list listee Ray Epps.

Yes, I would agree that Miss Coulter does well by doing good and I'm sure wants to keep this high status. However, if she was just going-with-the-flow, she could have tried to ingratiate herself with Trump and become part of his administration rather than writing VERY PLAINLY about how Trump was not doing the job he was elected for on immigration and getting him pissed at her. She was right, of course, on that.

Saturday - January 8th 2022 4:57AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, thanks for the video and the obituary of Mr. Yturria. I read the whole thing, not really for the ocelots after a while. What a different country it was back in those years. It was wide open, room-wise and opportunity-wise.
Saturday - January 8th 2022 4:54AM MST
PS: I had to figure out "J&J" - I assume that is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Alarmist? (You know I don't keep up with ANY them!). I'm curious what type of boat trip you're talking about. Do you sail, too? I get seasick fairly easy myself, but there are preventative patches now, and that would beat crossing the desert.

First, I thought you were joking about the latter, but is this requirement solely for air travel in to the US. Does that mean, in addition to coming in on some commercial boat service, you could fly into Mexico City, get to somewhere big (Juarez?) and drive across? I don't mind a good hike too, but that's probably a one-time thing.

PS: I was joking about the tweets of course, as I was going to write "return my calls", the "return my texts", but "return my tweet"? I don't even know if that's how you do it. You can LIKE people over and over, I guess.... My biggest problem with the tweets is figuring out who is replying to whom.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - January 8th 2022 4:40AM MST

Mr. Mod. - you underestimate Ms. Coulter's abilities as a storyteller (and as a lawyer). Let me explain, if you don't mind -

- She sure knows how to tell a story - and (spoiler alert!) how far you can go with certain claims (like,if the FBI says, it - "lost" certain tapes, quick-witted Ms. Coulter's head rattles and vibrates for some milliseconds (don't ask me how come I know this intimate facts about this inside of Ms. Coulter, let me just go on please - thank you Mod.) - and then - after those magic milliseconds of rattling and vibration, she knows exactly, how Ms. Coulter - the syndicated one, who writes for a (rather upscaled, hehe) living - how this high falutin' writer Ms. Coulter can make perfect, mind-boggling use of the infos she just got... - When she is done writing, the lawyer Ms. Coulter checks the stuff in a few real seconds (at times minutes and - if necessary - even hours) - corrects where necessary, gives an "approved" - and: Out this stuff goes to the often times perplexed/ transfixed readership all over america and - the English speaking world...

Job done, Ms. Coulter says in the milliseconds, she presses the send-button.

Then she sends a fat smile to her personal trainer, raises her arms, takes back her long blond hair, ...and glances over at the gym - or the bar...

(The agency sends kind regards from the wintery & sunny most southern part of Germany!)
Adam Smith
Friday - January 7th 2022 10:38PM MST
PS: Good evening gentlemen,

I hope your travels have been most enjoyable, Mr. Alarmist.
Sorry to hear your wife can't fly with you.

Mr. Moderator, 'twas not I who mentioned Tucker Carlson's public caning of Ted Cruz. That honor goes to Mr. Anon...

I know a place where there are some ocelots...



The Alarmist
Friday - January 7th 2022 9:52PM MST

I feel your pain, Mr. Moderator. I still have an unrequited Linked-In invitation to Lauren Lyster, who used to host Capital Account on RT. She was pretty enough that the first time my wife saw her, the first comment she made was, “She has a perfect ass!”

I had to come over to the US alone, due to Brandon’s EO requiring all non-US citizens arriving by air to be fully vaccinated. I told my wife we could go via London to Nassau and then sail over, but she hates boats. I don’t know how I’m going to get her out of Europe before they lockdown the new Iron Curtain of COVID Controls. She says she might then relent for J&J. I guess we had a good run.

Anyway, this is a long way of getting to us possibly walking into the US via oscelot country. Uncle Sugar gave me the skills to cross the desert, and we can buy the toys in Meh-hi-co. After hearing this, I hope she relents about boats.
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