Happy New Year- 2022 - can it GET any worse?

Posted On: Friday - December 31st 2021 5:13PM MST
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Quick answer: Yes, it sure can, if we let it. See below, in which we hear about the FIRST DEATH from OMICRON!

Another year of stupidity, and what have we done ...? Well, I'll tell you, per a promise made somewhere in a post or comment early this year - probably a New Year's resolution, haha - about updating the top banner, here you go, JIT, last day of the year. (You may need to ctrl-F5 or whatever to do a full refresh and clear the cache). Now this isn't much*, but just working on something may get me motivated to first get my "sandbox" up running, and then try to reprogram this site to make it more search-optimized and, more importantly, more user friendly.

Now, though, one can see that, through the use of quantum computer technology borrowed from the geek in the basement across the street, we have revised our mathematical models and we forecast Peak Stupidity happening approximately in the year 2026. We were wrong before, due to the work of an intern**. Though this site went on the air near the end of '16, a friend of mine had made the banner, per my specs, a couple of years before that.

How can it get worse though? Aren't things stupid enough yet for everybody?! Apparently, it can. There are great efforts being made in the West to bring Stupidity levels up to levels never imagined by the puny minds of our ancestors.

Here's the latest bad news to start 2022 off with: People are dying with or from THE OMICRON! At least one guy, anyway. That's a case fatality rate of, let me see, let delta approach zero, raise omicron to the power of iota + 1 .... and it approaches ... A LOT. People will die!. C'mon guys. Whaddya' need a refresher course? It's all Calculus-based stupidity nowadays!

OK, I gotta start this thing at one spot, but just move the time marker or mash replay to see it all:

(Virtual socially-distanced hat tip to Instapundit's Ed Driscoll.)

I went to the airport and realized I had no face diaper anywhere, not the usual one in my pocket and nothing in the luggage. Over at the ticket counter I asked for one: "Hey, can I get a new mask for this year?" They liked that - "here's a brand new '22 model". ... someday, this stupidity's gonna end...

Happy New Year, Peakers!

* I didn't have any of the original parts to the image, do not have Photoshop, and didn't want to crank up Gimp, but I was able to back some stuff out, and use MS Paint to the fullest of its abilities. ("If you're not careful, you might learn something", as the man said.")

** It was that guy Josh in Bombay, who we mentioned in our about page. Turns out, his degree is in Sociology, not Computer Science, and even that, he got via mail order. The Peak Stupidity HR Department has been trying to fire Josh, but our hands are tied, due to Josh's minority and ungendered status, plus, what's the point of firing an intern? It's no fun - he doesn't lose any money anyway.

Thursday - January 6th 2022 1:34PM MST
PS: "The Teachers Union heroically voted to oppose Covid by going full remote until spring, or until there are no more variants, or whatever."

Yes, they are our heroes, Mr. Hail.

"Miss Crabapple, thank you for you service. Now, where's my kid? Time to get him the hell home for good!"
Wednesday - January 5th 2022 3:13AM MST

Read tomorrow's headlines here today. Just as I was predicting, now it has hit national news (top headline offered by Google News).

headline: No school in Chicago Wednesday

Chicago Public Schools cancels all classes in self-imposed day-off Wednesday Jan 5. One-day school cancellation (so far) in ongoing negotiation with teachers on remote vs in-person.

The Teachers Union heroically voted to oppose Covid by going full remote until spring, or until there are no more variants, or whatever.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - January 4th 2022 11:12AM MST
PS: Good afternoon gentlemen...

“Did anyone successfully try out Hate Filter for chrome?”

I did. Kinda. I could not find “Hate Filter” as an extension for my version of chrome, but I did find two different versions of something called “HateBlock”. Neither of them worked to block any sort of hate. One of them was simply supposed to highlight the hateful words, but it failed to do that. Maybe they don't work with linux? (I only tinkered with them for a few minutes before removing them.)


“One curiosity I've discovered is both DuckDuckGo and Yahoo do not list my website at all...”

Seems to me DuckDuckGo is going out of their way to block you, for what reason I have no idea. Yandex finds your blog.
When I google “hailtoyou” your blog is the second hit behind a song titled “Hail To You!” by ScarletAura.


As Achmed points out, people can't read your blog if they can't find your blog.
Strange that google returns more/better hits than the duck.

Tuesday - January 4th 2022 7:50AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, 48 hours later, with no acute health problems, yeah, that Betty White death would be one of those BIG coincidences otherwise.

I could not find you on duckduckgo, even when searching with "Hail to you wordpress". I mean, I had to remember the URL, which is not that hard, but still... People can put you in favorites or bookmarks, of course, but first they need to find you.

I don't know if you get around very much and whether these search engines try to screen out searches from the same IPs as gaming the system (I may give them too much credit or be too paranoid), but I suggest repeatedly doing a search on at least whatever site gives you results you can get to - even if not on the 1st page - and clicking. I mean, every time you pull up your own site.

Mine appears on the top on various (non-web-history/caching etc) computers in various places. I use google most, not because I like them, but only for this, as they are used the most by other people.
Monday - January 3rd 2022 10:10PM MST

Did anyone successfully try out Hate Filter for chrome?

One curiosity I've discovered is both DuckDuckGo and Yahoo do not list my website at all, but do list lots of other websites which mention my website. Et tu, Duck?
Monday - January 3rd 2022 10:08PM MST

Getting late word that actress Betty White was corona-needle-boosted 48 hours or so before dying suddenly at age 99.

As her 100th birthday was fast approaching, she had been doing upbeat interviews all throughout December saying how good her health was.

"Correlation is not causation!" -- Vaxx-backers

Maybe not, but it's enough to make us wonder, and suspicious.
Monday - January 3rd 2022 8:19PM MST
PS: Thank you Robert for #52, and thank you all for the great discussion!

This will be #54 (easy to game the system), and only 9 of them were my own this time, 1/8. It beats the old record by 75% or so.
Mr. Anon
Monday - January 3rd 2022 8:00PM MST

A Happy New Year to our Host and all those who frequent this site.

And I second (or third, or fourth) the opinion that "Hate Filter" would be a great band name.
Monday - January 3rd 2022 6:46PM MST
PS: Just a quick comment to bring the total up to fifty-two, one for each week of the year.

And, thanks to all. A good article and excellent comments!
Adam Smith
Monday - January 3rd 2022 5:23PM MST
PS: Thank you, Mr. Hail. ☮
Monday - January 3rd 2022 5:11PM MST

Re: the Bakersfield doctors

Thanks, Mr Smith, for bringing back that memory. I'd forgotten about them.

Their press conference was, if I have it right, planned in mid-April 2020 in coordination with a local TV news station. They broadcast it live on TV April 22 about midday local time and concurrently it streamed online, though most of the live-streams were later sliced off the Internet by Big Tech and tossed into the fires to purge Covid Denial from the collective soul. (Corona, at its worst, can cause a disease of the lungs; Corona Denial is a disease of the soul...that was the implicit thinking for right-thinking loyalists on the Pro-Panic side.)

By April 26/27, the Bakersfield Doctors were crushed, and got hit-pieces against them, of course bad for their reputations, and were made examples of.

Most easily findable traces of their video, and neutral coverage of their findings or recommendations (which had appeared April 22-25) was scrubbed or "updated." The top-viewed copy of their Youtube video had several million views before it was axed, deleted.

But it took as long as five days to crush them. The Panicker collective consciousness must have recognized that it needed to get leaner and meaner to crush Anti-Panickers, Lockdown-skeptics, CDC-contradicters, Fauci-foes, Mask-maligners, and other dangerous Covid dissidents.

I think the key to understanding this April 2020 episode of the Bakersfield Doctors within the broader Corona-Panic is to appreciate how important the Corona-Religion had become already before April 1, 2020, and therefore how many people didn't WANT to hear opposing views. These guys were like atheist arguers wandering into choir rehearsal or bible study.

Still, it stands out that it was local news who aired the Bakersfield Doctors conference. It indicates the Pro-Panic coalition was not yet fully in total control even as late as the third week of April 2020, which is quite far into the Panic in many ways, more than six weeks into the shutdown/lockdown era. This same kind of event would NEVER have gotten this kind of backhanded endorsement by May 2020, I think. So it stands an important signpost in the Corona-Panic's development in the USA.

Thank you, Mr Smith.
Adam Smith
Monday - January 3rd 2022 4:30PM MST
PS: There is a ton of great information in these comments. Many thanks to everyone...

About those antipanicker doctors, (Mr. Kief, Mr. Hail,) ...

Remember Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, the urgent care doctors from Bakersfield?

They were early anti-panickers, as the pro-panic hypnosis started to set in. They were not necessarily influential or interested in being anti-panic activists. I think they just wanted everyone to calm down. Their simple message, “no need to panic” was met with a surprising amount of hostility from certain quarters.





Interesting that we're still seeing so much censorship. Crazy.


Mr. Kief said: “Just imagine a politician saying that Corona is the disease of the fat and those who live unhealthy lives and don't move their lazy bones. And thus US blacks are - seen from a statistically cold viewpoint - those most at risk...”

See, that's the kind of casual racism that may have helped Achmed achieve his goal...
Thanks, Mr. Kief

More seriously though,

Thanks for the interesting links, especially this one...
https://swprs.org/covid-vaccines-a-reality-check/ and Dylan's Idiot Wind

Mr. Moderator, I posted that youtube link before I clicked through to post 289. (Hardly a tragedy)

Mr. Hail, That Chicago Teachers Union twitter link is uh-mazing.
I have a hard time believing those people are real.

Mr. Blanc said (about the Chicago Skools):
“About one-third of the parents are Negroes, and many are amongst the most degraded Negroes in the country.” and “So, white parents have pretty much zero say.”

Well, at least they still have the constitution...

Monday - January 3rd 2022 4:26PM MST

Moderator wrote: "Mr. Hail, your information on the Chicago Teacher's Union is outrageous. How could a parent put up with the crap?"

They are now planning on a strike to begin Wednesday if the city doesn't meet their Corona demands. Chicago famously has one of the worst mayors in the USA but she is now apparently willing to call the Teachers Union's bluff. This is the same mayor aggressively pushing citywide vaccine passports, but now for some reason sees fit to stiff her supporters in the Teachers Union, or maybe it's all part of some internal political thing and both sides are bluffing. Even if so, a strange thing to be doing these kinds of bluffs and negotiations over, as if opening or closing over flu virus circulation in winter is somehow now normal and acceptable.

Detroit Public Schools announced over the weekend that they are shutting down indefinitely over Omicron. Not online classes, just a general furlough, extended Christmas--New Year break to become a Christmas--New Year--DOCTOR.MLK.Day break. The Chicago Teachers Union praised the decision and called it brave and good leadership.

This is increasingly irrational and even delusional behavior by a hard-core remnant of the Pro-Panic coalition, but they can still do plenty of damage before the show's over.
Monday - January 3rd 2022 4:16PM MST

"Mr. Moderator, what is the largest number of comments you've had under a post?"

This one marks 47, and many of them are of considerable length.

The longest one I recall may have reached 30.

The Peak Stupidity posting rate normally spreads out comments, and just like on Steve Sailer, posts a few days old have a way of getting abandoned completely. For PS I would blame this is on a lack of any "newly posted comments" feature to inform people of new ones.
Adam Smith
Monday - January 3rd 2022 3:40PM MST
PS: Hello again,

Thanks for the interesting insurance article, Mr. Alarmist.

Mr. Moderator, what is the largest number of comments you've had under a post?

Luv, Luv, Luv Filter...
(Even saw them live once upon a time.)


Adam Smith
Monday - January 3rd 2022 3:19PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone,

Sorry about the slow response Mr. Moderator and Mr. Hail...

Mr. Moderator,
“OTOH, could that IP number be one of some server somewhere else for the entire hotel chain that all requests go through for reasons such as the filter and updates, etc?”

Yes. The hotel chain could (or does?) use a proxy server or a VPN for all their external internet traffic. This would aid in things like hate and other filters as well as just keeping tabs on what employees are using the internet for. (and possibly for updates?) You can learn more about a connection on one of these sorts of public computers by typing “my ip location” into duckduckgo or google.

“Once your "session" ends, it all gets wiped - maybe the history and cache and all.”

This is pretty standard for public computers. I used to setup my windows machines to clear everything every time I shut them down. I could do it with my linux machines, but sometimes it's nice to find something in the browser history, so I haven't bothered. Maybe I'm just lazy.(?)

Mr. Hail,

I'm only about 40 minutes in to the Rogan Malone interview. I've watched the intro where Malone talks about his education and his experience at the Salk Institute, his linkedin and twitter bans, his opinions about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and how regime bureaucrats (namely Janet Woodcock and Rick Bright) conspired to disallow their use. He says that about half a million lives could have been saved with proper early treatment protocols. If true, that would mean that improper care (as mandated by regime protocols) accounted for most of the so called covid deaths in the U.S. Institutionalized mass murder would indeed be the correct term for this crime if this is the case, as it seems to be. He mentioned the drug cocktail used in Uttar Pradesh and that the Indian “government” didn't/won't disclose what drugs were in the early treatment packages that were delivered. He implies that Biden pressured Modi into pressuring the Indian “government” to not report what was in those early treatment packages though he chooses his words carefully so as not to make any formal accusations. He also talked about his experience with covid and the moderna vaccine. Sounds like he had a nasty reaction to his second dose. Though I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, this is about where I left off.

I haven't drawn any conclusions yet, as I'm still just watching, but it's been quite interesting so far. Thanks for the recommendation.

Dieter Kief
Monday - January 3rd 2022 11:33AM MST

I met and talked to a member of the Chicago Teacher's Union - a retired (!) 58 year old heavy man who was so friendly that it got a nusiance over time. I asked him about his pension and it turned out that it was enormous (over 10 000/ month, if I remember right).

He explained that he had had special responsibilities and duties such as the role of the confidence teacher / counselor at his school.

He was a lefty but in an for German ears utterly defensive way. He seemed most inclined to never hurt anybody and that seemd to be the most important thing for him.

All in all he made the impression of not being entirely grwon up. Like a fat old kid, always on the lookout for what he was expected to do.

A strange mentality. He acted as if he could be - detected and accused right away, while being utterly friendly. A super friendly prisoner of the liberal consensus.
Monday - January 3rd 2022 11:06AM MST

I passed through Chicago in Dec 2021 for about two days. Like a lot of cities, it seems worse, somehow, than it did in the 2010s. The small things make the whole. You don't have to crunch homicide numbers or any numbers to get it. Just get out and active in the city for a day or two and do normal things.

I paid a brief visit to the Jussie Smollett attack site, and laughed at how absurd even his plan was, one of the nicest possible places in the downtown area.

There was clearly a downward inflexion point for Chicago which (at least) aligns with the Corona-Panic. In the past two years you've see organized groups demanding more self-serving conditions worse for the whole (Teachers Union) who cite the Corona-Apocalypse to justify themselves, too.
Monday - January 3rd 2022 8:37AM MST
PS Regarding Chicago parents and the Chicago Public Schools. About one-third of the parents are Negroes, and many are amongst the most degraded Negroes in the country. Another third are Hispanics, mostly Mexicans, but Puerto Ricans and others from south of the border. Only a third are white, and many of those are only white-ish. Many of the whites are yuppies with few or no children and others are empty nesters who took an apartment in a converted office building to spend their golden years in the bustle of the city. So, white parents have pretty much zero say. Regarding the CTU, it has been infiltrated by Leftists. Large numbers of the white teachers are communists of one sort or another. And the blacks are simply the trouble-makers that they always are. There’s no hope for the Chicago Public Schools, and probably not much for the city.
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 3rd 2022 6:58AM MST

The tower of Covid-fear resurrected - but thrown to pieces by the just and brave Michael Levitt - in one tweet


The take-away line is: Your risk of dying from Covid equals your risk of dying from natural causes in the next - - - month. - Take that, covid fear-mongers! - And keep quiet please.
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 3rd 2022 6:09AM MST

The tower of Covid fear 'n' loathing comes crumbeling down


"Remember" - this is longtime fearmongering The Guardian, printing this today, saying explicitly that lockdowns were counterpoductive!
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 3rd 2022 2:49AM MST

Meter-wide headline in the - by far! - most read German tabloid BILD: "People don't believe the official coronastatistics any longer"

Wichtiger Etappensieg: Trotz medialer Übermacht von Pharmaindustrie und Regierung zweifelt die Mehrheit.Und auch bei den Top-Twitteraccounts ist von den Lockdown- und Impfaposteln nichts mehr zu sehen. pic.twitter.com/hWCSevSC3p— Stefan Homburg (@SHomburg) January 3, 2022
Dieter Kief
Monday - January 3rd 2022 2:19AM MST

This short 'n' sharp Joe Rogan clip is bone chillingly great - a great performance, too - - -

BRILLIANT - Joe Rogan slams home the bottom line.Utterly brilliant, share if you care: pic.twitter.com/dfrKhOos58— Ivor Cummins (@FatEmperor) December 27, 2021
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 9:18PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, that PS portion of your comment, regarding the big fat German ministers, was a great point. Perhaps they didn't want to admit the truth to themselves - of course, keeping the PanicFest a thing for the young/old, rich/poor, fat/slim, white/black has been in their best interest anyway.

Misters Hail and Smith, I was a big Dave Barry fan but often confuse him with P.J. O'Rourke by whom I've read a number of funny books. As far as "Hate Filter", I like it, and it reminds me of the band Filter, with that one really great song "Take a Picture".

I gotta go listen to it right now


Mr. Hail, your information on the Chicago Teacher's Union is outrageous. How could a parent put up with the crap? I guess they'll do anything for "free" babysitting.

Sunday - January 2nd 2022 9:08PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, well before this PanicFest, before the Peak Stupidity blog, say 12 years ago, I used to read the prepper sites along with Zerohedge, the latter being a "finanical prepper" site back then with lots of great prepper-types commenters.. The fragility of modern society was brought up a lot.

I don't recall them ever mentioning which groups of Americans are needed to keep it all running. Likely quite a few Americans understand who is keeping this thing afloat, but lots would never admit to that. The people in power sure act like they are too stupid to understand.

Anyway, agreed!
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 7:16PM MST

I should add, Chicago Teaches Union also seems to have as one of its list of demands (under threat of informal strikes, teachers refusing to show up):

- some kind of aggressive testing regime, all students forcibly tested at some regular interval indefinitely,

- masks, of course,

- closing all schools when cases are too high,

- converting one room per school into a vaccination area. The implication is they would lean on parents to to sign a paper to allow children to be vaccinated in that room, no need for further effort by the parents.


There is an Anti-Panic commentator, one of those right from the very start, named Ben Irvine. Active on Youtube and Twitter and in longform essaying (blog) and publishing of his own writings, some several thousand followers, and his star rose with the Corona-Panic (or outrage and opposition to it).

Ben Irvine blames/blamed the "public-sector unions" for, in effect, the entire Corona-Panic disaster as we understand it (society surrendering to lockdownists), and especially the teachers unions. I am reminded of that when I see the Chicago disgrace.
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 7:05PM MST


If anyone believes the Pro-Panic coalition has lost its vigor, that it looks a little pathetic these days, that it's likely getting ready to look for an exit strategy and that it may flip on its demands like masks etc (while demanding that you believe Dr Fauci and holy lockdowns saved MILLIONS of lives, and allow unlimited mail-in voting):

I invite you to look at the Twitter feed of the Chicago Public Schools Teacher Union.


It is run by deranged, old-time-religion Corona-fanatics, lifted from March/April 2020.

Twitter is fundamentally a social net negative (anti-social media). I have always been convinced of this, basically, but I find few better examples than the Chicago Public Schools Teacher Union. (The only better example I can now think of is the shabby and shocking and shameful career of Doctor Eric-Feigl Dingle, who is allegedly qualified as a nutrition advisor, but for two years the USA's leading Corona Expert [the latest news is always: "PANIC NOW, IDIOTS! PANIC!! ARE YOU CRAZY, STOP READING THIS AND PANIC!!!"].)

The weekend before school restarts, they are trying to encourage their teachers to call in "sick" Monday (school starts in
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 6:56PM MST

I would add to the list you are making, Mr Kief, the name KNUT WITTKOWSKI.

Ivor Cummins for one, and by his own account, happily went along with Lockdownism in March and April 2020, and only started questioning the Corona-Panic itself by about June 2020. He became a hardline Anti-Panicker but also an extreme contrarian (which WAS necessary to be an effective Anti-Panicker in this environment).

I agree that Cummins is excellent, but I would make those two criticisms: (1) he was absent when it mattered most, when if enough had risen up, there may never have been lockdowns; (2) he fell into a pattern of contrarianism

Meanwhile we have the forgotten names like Dr Wodarg (whom you criticize for seeming to embrace extreme "conspiracy theory" people who believe the vaccine intends to fulfull the Georgia Guidestone goal of a 90% population drop) and Dr Knut Wittkowski.

In April 2020 I called Wittkowski "The Hero of the Hour" for doing several major (multi-million views) interviews just savagely slamming the Panic and the lockdowns, smashing the Corona-Religion's holy icons.

If the smoke is clearing on this Corona-Panic of ours in 2022, we may look back on Wittkowski (along with Ioannidis of Stanford, another man who has willingly faded while his colleague Bhattachariya has become a media darling). Wittkowski identified the key to the whole Corona controversy and correctly, identified what was going on in his paper of March 31, 2020.

In effect that Wittkowski paper of March 31, 2020 outlined the entire Panic in its early stage, without any crazy Panic-pushing ongoing around him. He ignored it. The paper was something like predicting the future. The final data to prove it would wait months. But Wittkowski was an expert, in the best sense, the protege of the coiner of "R0," and thirty-plus years of experience. He knew how these things work, he knew the patterns he was seeing, AND he had the moral courage (or foolishness, given the attacks on his business; I hope he has saved enough money) to say it all.

Wittkowski's series of life-bans across social-media, the deletions of his multi-million-viewed videos attacking the lockdowns, and having his business targeted, he withdrew from active engagement on the Corona-Panic dispute and was quiet for most of 2021, except in a few essays and tables/graphs on LinkedIn, which is a hard to access.

There is something about Malone, he seems to really enjoy being an Anti-Panic activist, in a way the men like Wittkowski and Ioannidis never did. So the Corona-Panic's warring sides ended up attracting their own personalities who enjoy their roles.
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 6:31PM MST

Dieter Kief wrote: "- Just imagine a politician saying that Corona is the disease of the fat and those who live unhealthy lives and don't move their lazy bones. And thus US blacks are - seen from a statistically cold viewpoint - those most at risk... Not even Joe Rogan said that. Imagine - our free speech icon. And doctores MCcullough and Malone didn't say it either on Joe Rogan's podcast... - Obviously this stuff is too hot! - Keep your distance!"


Of course, those taboos are several generations old. There are few Americans living who even remember a time before these taboos began. (They've become aggressive taboos lately, seeking to hunt down and murder opponents instead of just continuing to whistle down the trail.)

The Corona-Panic revolution introduced a new set of taboos never before seen in our culture, that I know of: all power to the state and panels of Experts to control what activities you may do, and then the question of forced experimental medicines. Another US Congressman was banned from Twitter today for criticizing Covid Restrictions under a new set of rules against Covid Denial.
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 10:37AM MST
PS Financial stupidity. The duck should come down and give you a hundred bucks. Make it a thousand, because of inflation. All the equality and climate whining are what the equality and climate whiners would call First World Problems. Things to get bothered about when food and shelter and the other necessaries are taken care of by folks that one never even sees. That First World requires a lot of planning and maintenance. It’s pretty finely tuned, and it doesn’t take much to throw it out of whack. And Those Who Rule Us are going full-tilt boogie to throw it out of whack. To complete derail it. After the disaster, it will be very difficult to recreate the First World. I’d say that the only hope for a more than Neolithic stage of organization is if the East Asians manage to avoid the collapse. Anyone got any odds on that?
Dieter Kief
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 10:18AM MST

The best and probably the most influential antipanicker all in all is the irish engineer Ivor Cummins - together with Michael Levitt (the two even teamed up at times!).

Dr. John Campbell is great too. He gets regularly hundreds of thousand of views for his videos. He is a bit slow on the vaccine-critics side, that's true. - But the criticism of vaccines is well overdone in most places. Best article so far about this subject is Orwell2024 - who got high praise from MichaelLevitt for it:


Very informative overview about the pros 'n' cons of vaccinations is this one on the swiss Policy Research site (just who finances this great site - I'd like to know!): 


The US has three governors in South-Dakota (great one - Kristi Noem) and of course Florida and - Texas, that are way ahead of the curve.

In Europe, I oftentimes refer to US science-blogger Hailt to You... - with mixed results: People don't trust me too much, because I get on their nerves, and thus conclude that my sources could be a nuisance as well, heheh. Oh . Ok - irony off.

Your hint at insurance companies is very interesting, Alarmist. Could well be anti-panickers to their own best, such businesses.

Mainz retired Professor Sucharit Bhakhdi and Dr. Malone and Dr. McCollough - and quite a few others - Reiner Füllmich, Bodo Schiffman... are all interesting, but none of them is really trustworthy, unfortunately.I agree - Dr. Malone is not speaking as a scientist any more, but rather as an activist. He did say a few things, like vaccines increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease, that are mere claims,  but scare the hell out of people nevertheless. - Real scientists would rather bite their tongue than say something like that. But such sentences detonate in the public sphere and make really big impressions - and so it goes...


Idiot Wind, blowing like a circle around my skull
From the Grand Coulee Dam to the Capitol
Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth
You're an idiot, babe
It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe

The Idiot Wind blowing through our mediatised public spheres is one of the great metaphors Bob Dylan came up with. - "Distorted Facts" included... Bob is a great bard!


Maybe most politicians play it safe, as long as this thing is not clearly over. - There's a lot to lose for them and the gains that would / might come with speaking the truth are insecure to the n-th dgree. -

- Just imagine a politician saying that Corona is the disease of the fat and those who live unhealthy lives and don't move their lazy bones. And thus US blacks are - seen from a statistically cold viewpoint - those most at risk...

Not even Joe Rogan said that. Imagine - our free speech icon. And doctores MCcullough and Malone didn't say it either on Joe Rogan's podcast... - Obviously this stuff is too hot! - Keep your distance! Don't burn your reputation by saying the wrong four or five words in public.

"Remember": You've worked the most part of your adult life to create your credibility... and credebuílities are many precious things; and so fragile. Well, - Joe Rogan said about half of what I wrote down above about the core phenomenological truth about Covid. But the other half is perfectly true as well... and it is also clearly off limits from the public discourse - and thus - from politics.

Basically both fundamental Covid truths can't be soken about by politicians, I'd hold.

When I watched the German governments press conferences about Covid, there were oftentimes at least two really fat guys at the table: Chancelor-scretary Dr. Braun (a medical doctor!) and CDU economy-minister Peter Altmeier. Merkel is not fat, but quite a bit overweight too... (and I think she is well aware of this fact). I oftentimes thought about their 14+ hours workdays and how they just sit around all the time and - .e.a.t. - to compensate... Had they talked about being fat as the single most important Covid risk -factor, everybody would just have asked: Alright: And what about you? ...  
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 9:05AM MST

RE: The Alarmist, and others

Vaccine Regret anecdote

I know a man in reasonably good health, age early 40s, who took the injections under duress in late spring 2021 or so (unlikely he would have taken it in a pure informational free market).

Just this week revealed to me he felt "sick" for weeks after the injections, says he regrets taking the injections, and out of nowhere recommended to me an anti-vaccine book by Dr Mercola which he said he had just read in full.

This was a White, Christian, Obama-->Trump voter, but not super political on the level of regular readers here or at Steve Sailer. He has been radicalized against Big Pharma and/or the Corona-Panic cabal.

Normal book recommendations I hear from this person are often Christian books, and this was the very first related to "public health."

I feel confident in saying that this person of whom I speak will never be getting any more corona-injections.
The Alarmist
Sunday - January 2nd 2022 8:58AM MST

Can it get worse? Insurance companies might reasonably be considered the canary in the coal mine.

Notice what is not discussed as a potential cause of the uptick in deaths and disability of these folks ...

Sunday - January 2nd 2022 8:25AM MST

Mr Smith, I would be curious what your general impressions of the Rogan-Malone video was, regardless of how far you made it.

I am seeing signs that it has had significant reach and influence.

I think a mixed review is fair.

The temptation is strong to cheerlead for Malone because he's pushing against the Panic narrative. I have yet to find a high-profile, consistent, firm, and radical-but-grounded Anti-Panicker of the exact kind we need. If drawing solely from politicians, it's DeSantis. Even DeSantis is constrained by inability to attack the Panic as aggressively as necessary.
Saturday - January 1st 2022 9:26PM MST
PS: Adam, I meant it like this. You know I don't give out very much info. In this case, the IP of that router would just say where I was staying, as far as town/city anyway (roughly, I think). That doesn't tell anyone very much, but just the same ... It's fun being overly paranoid sometimes, haha.

OTOH, could that IP number be one of some server somewhere else for the entire hotel chain that all requests go through for reasons such as the filter and updates, etc? Lots of these computers are pretty tightly controlled. On this one, I could at least save something (the screenshot that I'll display next week) on its drive. On some of them, all one can do is surf the web and make word documents to be printed. Once your "session" ends, it all gets wiped - maybe the history and cache and all.
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 1st 2022 9:22PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Hail,

The internet says that Dave Barry is still alive and well, living in Miami...


Hate Filter would make a good band name.

I happened upon this earlier today after reading one of your previous comments...

Maybe I'll try out that chrome extension in the name of science.(?)

I started watching the Rogan/Malone video. Seems good so far, so I downloaded a local copy, just in case it gets memoryholed.
Here's the link...

(in case anyone else would like a local copy.)

Thanks again, Mr. Hail. And Happy New Year!
I hope this year is very good to you and yours.

Saturday - January 1st 2022 9:05PM MST

RE Moderator: "I appreciate your takes of the important parts of his interview with the anti-mRNA guy, Dr. Malone"

There are short clips flooding all over now. They're getting deleted at a steady pace by Youtube. Video-clip life expectancy is higher at Bitchute.

Dr Robert Malone:

One high-view-count clip (65s), includes these words:

"Our government is out of control on this. They are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the federal common rule [regulating research on human subjects]. These mandates of an experimental vaccine are...flat-out illegal."

Saturday - January 1st 2022 9:01PM MST

Adam Smith wrote: "Who did the hotel get the “Hate Filter” from?"

Dave Barry used to have a go-to joke line about how certain word-phrases would make for a good rock band name. Steve Sailer, who has sometimes tried to channel Dave Barry's ghost (though rumor is Barry is still living), has taken up the habit on occasion.

I don't know how often the "band name" game has gotten played here at PEAK STUPIDITY, but let me nominate "Hate Filter."

But, as sometimes happens, Reality has the last laugh. There are people out there using the term Hate Filter, and unironically. A non-DuckDuckGo search yields a chrome extension with the name Hate Filter. Does it block Peak Stupidity? I don't want to download it to find out.

The first Internet Hate Filter, so named, was released by the Ant-Defamation League to coincide with Kristallnacht 1998.
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 1st 2022 7:09PM MST
PS: Good evening again,

“What I didn't include in that quick paste job was the IP number, for anonymity reasons - mine, not theirs! This was a desktop computer, so would that be the IP # of the modem, or maybe a router?”

??? I'm not quite sure what you're asking.

Internal IP numbers would not compromise your anonymity.

For example, my laptop's current ip address is and my wife's desktop is
My router/modem has two ip addresses. The internal (LAN) side is
And the external (ISP) side is likely in your logs, if you log such a thing, as I'm not currently using a VPN.

If you look it up it will tell you my ISP and that I'm in Dahlonega or some other nearby place.

But even with my external ip address, it would be difficult to figure out who I am without getting “law enforcement” involved.
Law enforcement would have to subpoena the ISP to get that info.

Saturday - January 1st 2022 5:57PM MST
PS: Ooops, I meant " ... and someone TOLD the maintenance guy..." He could have been given a simple program to use and drop in the URL or even some easier way.
Saturday - January 1st 2022 5:56PM MST
PS: Good questions, Mr. Smith. No doubt there would be quite a few posts (and even it's own topic key) with which to claim we are hateful and whatever. I don't think this is large Mark Potoc*-level. I'm guessing that someone had surfed the site, likely an employee who knew about the hotel's blocking software. (I'd just guess the maintenance guy, as I doubt they have their own IT guy.)

That would be if it's not the whole chain. I think I will have a chance in the future to see if it's the whole chain, but it's a matter of remembering to do that.

What I didn't include in that quick paste job was the IP number, for anonymity reasons - mine, not theirs! This was a desktop computer, so would that be the IP # of the modem, or maybe a router? Hmm, because the wifi didn't work, my problem to begin with, I don't know if the wifi routers would have blocked me. I'm pretty sure not, as even for places where certain unz pages were blocked - pretty randomly it seemed, as I wrote to iSteve and his commenters about a few years back - I've never had my personal device on the wifi blocked.

BTW, it was the Chrome browser. There was no other browser to use on that machine

* Or whomever they got runnin' the joint now ($PLC).
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 1st 2022 4:56PM MST
PS: Good evening,

“I really do think the financial stupidity will wipe out most of the rest of the stupidity once it peaks and the dollar economy crashes...”

I agree. When the SHTF there won't be time for much of the ongoing nonsense we see today.
People will be busy with important things like securing food and keeping looters out of their pantry.
Yeah, that African population graph is pretty scary. Interesting times ahead.

This website is blocked by your network operator.
If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact your network operator with the following information:
URL: http://www.peakstupidity.com/
Category: Hate and Racism

I'm quite curious about this.
Who did the hotel get the “Hate Filter” from?
How did they notice this little corner of the internet?

Hate? Racism?
Was it the nigger jokes? (Post 1790)
Was it Black Greta? (Post 1956)
The Immigration Stupidity topic key?

I don't hate anyone and I'm no racist.
I have a (white) African American friend and a black cat...

(Not my cat. Just a cat that looks like her.)

In any case...
Congratulations, Mr. Moderator!
Looks like may have reached your goal. (Post 729)

Cheers to a great year, y'all...

Saturday - January 1st 2022 3:35PM MST
PS: Oh, I meant to add in reply to Misters Smith and Blanc, that I don't mean that after the peak of stupidity, things will be fine. That African population graph is scary indeed. I think the world is in for many years of troubled times due to people being too PC, nice, Socialist, whatever you want to call some of it, to do things to prevent this sort of thing.
Saturday - January 1st 2022 3:31PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I need to fit that dark matter stuff in next time - that's good. Haha on "unplanned disassembly" too! I will check out your video too.

Speaking of videos, you're right Mr. Hail about 3 hour ones (I had an exception years ago with a Mark Steyn/Charley Rose(?) interview), but I hate to put something in that I haven't watched fully, and it's a matter of time. I do know of Joe Rogan, and I appreciate your takes of the important parts of his interview with the anti-mRNA guy, Dr. Malone. I read from unz comments, and my wife, of all people, that he'd been banned from Twitter and what-have-you. I hope people will continue to have ways to get around these "TECH" Totalitarians' (VDare term).

Dieter, I always enjoy your stream-of-conciousness comments along with the music references. I read your substack link. Whether the vaccine is a really dangerous thing or not - it'll take a long time to really know - the forcing of it on anyone is the biggest evil in my mind. That goes especially for any threats against the children. (To me, a silver lining is that, as with the whole PanicFest itself, lots of people will pull their kids out of the Government Indoctrination Centers - old Vin Suprynowitz term. About the rest of them, that borders on abuse by the parents, especially if they are aware of the risks)

Mike Tre (formerly MikeAtMikeDotMike) on unz, had a story about his girls and the 2 years of interruption of their social lives, girls needing more of that than boys, IMO. I agree with Mr. Hail that the Totalitarianism is the problem, as the precedent has been set. They'll pick another germ somewhere whenever they want to start up the whole thing when the "need" arises.

Saturday - January 1st 2022 3:18PM MST
PS: First off, Mr. Hail, thank you for passing that on. The place had the wifi out of service too - that was the only reason I tried to get on this site in the lobby in the first place. I can view things on the phone fine, but I'm not about to start typing a comment or post with it.

Yes, you are right - I screwed up the graphic with that typo (not my handwriting but a script font- don't have the name of it on me now.) I'll have to fix that next week. I don't know how stupid things were in 160 AD, but I can say that 1960 America was as far from stupid as most societies have ever gotten. Hence, the NEGATIVE stupidity value - about -5 x 10^8 metric shit-tonnes/m^3 - hope you guys don't mind the facetiousness - that stuff is easy to write.

Now, more seriously, regarding Mr. Smith's and Mr. Blanc's comments on the peak (time of it and value): See, I joked some in that "about" page, but I really do think the financial stupidity will wipe out most of the rest of the stupidity once it peaks and the dollar economy crashes. Take feminism... please.. (oh, you've heard that one), really when the SHTF women will drop that BS like hot potatoes and "oh, kids, we're gonna move in with this (formerly "creepy") man, because he has guns and land, and I'm scared." All the diversity BS - take the university stuff - what will support all that? When things get tough, people will not participate much in the university bubble anymore anyway, but they sure won't put up with the BS from people that don't do anything real.

I did note that I see one exception from the stupidity stopping once the SHTF. That'd be, as I wrote, if we go Communist. Under Communism (Totalitarianism of any kind), you have to put up with the stupidity and not say a word about it in public either. Let's hope guys like us and our type can prevent at least that from happening.
The Alarmist
Saturday - January 1st 2022 1:45PM MST

Dieter, in the past, vaccination drives were stopped when the death count was still in double digits. The COVID vaxxes’ “coincidental death” toll is on the record as being somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50k globally, and reasonanly estimated to be a mere fraction of the actual death toll attributable to the vaxes. That is indeed mass murder by the folks at the top, who have doubled and trebled down on the drive to keep jabbing needles into the arms of everybody on Earth.

When the count was at 4k in the US last year, one of my wife’s annoying friends (this one German) expressed shock (yes, shock) that we were unvaxxed ... that the vaxxes were safe, a “fact” she had “first hand” from Jens Spahn. I mentioned that the registered number of deaths coincident with vaxx administration was approaching 10k in the US and EU, and I asked her how many lives lost were acceptable. She seemed to have no problem with 10k. I haven’t asked her as the registered EU death toll crossed the 30k level. She may not be a willing participant to mass murder, but she’s bought into the BS that “reputable” authorities have put out there to excuse their mis- or even mal-feasance.

I didn’t see the Malone interview, but. I’d imagine the actual vaxx death toll is crossing into seven figures globally. The all-cause mortality stats of the UK and Germany alone suggest an uptick in non-COVID deaths exceeding 10% over the average all-cause mortality from 2015 to 2019. We have no idea of the long-term harm these relatively untested vaxxes will do; we are only getting first indications as time goes on. In the meantime, the authorities keep telling us to roll up the sleeves and submit to third and fourth jabs, despite the evidence of harm being done. And they want to stick the children, who get little or no benefit and all the risk.

These are not “well intentioned” people. These are servants of Satan.
Saturday - January 1st 2022 12:16PM MST

Have heard that Mr Newman is locked out of his own website by a Hate Filter, until further notice, and sends his apologies and regrets, but also pride that someone has finally given Peak Stupidity a kind of recognition by blocking it.


While the cat's away... : I present a few more interesting info-pieces from Dr Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan podcast:

(1) Malone says "The Atlantic" magazine dispatched a young journalist to profile him, and to (ostensibly) learn why he turned anti-vaccine. This young journalist interviewed Malone "extensively" but only by phone.

Malone says the article was funded by a foundation linked directly to Johnson & Johnson and the "Zuckerberg-Chan Foundation."

Here is the most interesting part: the journalist tapped by The Atlantic had previously published exclusively on "Woke issues," and mainly in "The Chronicle of Higher Education."

(Comment: Why would they send a "Wokeness" journalist with ties to Big Academia to profile a "vaccine skeptic"? Does this fact tell us something about the sociology[?] of the Corona-Panic phenomenon?)


(2) The Atlantic story turned into a hit-piece, as might have been guessed before the first word was written or read. It was published as "The Vaccine Scientist Spreading Vaccine Misinformation" (Aug 2021).

It was the first major credit to this journalist of "Woke issues," except for one other article earlier in the year 2021 in which said journalist insinuated that the rise in deaths of despair from lockdowns was a Covid-denier hoax.


(3) Malone on the question of why he is so aggressive in speaking out:

"Because what's happening [the vaccine mandates are] not right. It's destroying my profession. It's destroying the practice of medicine worldwide. It's destroying public [confidence] in public health. I am a vaccinologist. I've spent thirty years developing vaccines... I'm personally offended by watching my discipline get destroyed for NO good reason, except, apparently, financial incentives and---I don't know, political 'ass covering'?"


(4) Says there is solid evidence of high rates of the shots causing reproduction-system problems on young women, doesn't understand why authorities are denying it (instead could simply tell "women who are pregnant or may become pregnant" to not take the vaccine---which was once an almost universal attachment to ads for medications).

Joe Rogan adds that he knows a healthy woman age 36 who has had no periods since receiving the injections, eight months ago.


(5) Malone says he doesn't understand why so few legitimate (rigorous) safety studies have been done. On reproductive damage in women, Malone says he was shocked by how sloppy the safety study was, says some of the data looked "cobbled together" and not the product of a classic safety study.

Says he was asked to review the studies, raised major concerns, but people above him dismissed the concerns and rubber-stamped it (again seeming to insinuate a possible government-connected conspiracy to rush the vaccines, but gives no motivation).
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 1st 2022 11:05AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone,

Thanks for the links Messrs Alarmist, Hail and Kief.

I agree with Mr. Blanc.
Might stupidity not, perhaps, keep increasing indefinitely?

2026 seems awfully optimistic...

Saturday - January 1st 2022 10:48AM MST

Mr Kief wrote: "His term mass-murder in the covid-vaccination-context is inappropriate language I'd hold. Because most of the pro-vaxxers for sure act in good faith."

I don't know if he used the term "mass murder" or not. But some Vaccine-opponents have used it, or similar language.

Malone did say he was willing to die to block the injections in children, to which Rogan, the USA's most influential podcaster, seemed to agree.

Malone seems to be one of the leaders of a planned Jan 23, 2022, march in Washington to stop the mandatory vaccinations and outlaw vaccine passports. I haven't seen it mentioned in the US media so far, but if it gets tens of thousands, of course the US media could choose to call them right-wing crazies or Trump-terrorists and repeat the worn-out lines about Jan 6, 2021.

Dr Malone does appear to be slightly eccentric, but presentable enough to make eccentric claims look rock-solid. (n.b., being 'eccentric' does not equal 'wrong').

For example, despite his ongoing anti-vaccine crusade, he says he got all the vaccines himself, even after getting infected, and does not regret it. There are several seeming internal contradictions in there.

There are a few things I think Malone is arguably wrong on. One, he thinks he was infected by 'Covid' twice, first in Feb 2020. He thinks he had Long Covid. Both of those claims are shaky. (Defining "Long Covid" and embracing the concept are a problem, he has no problem embracing the label, suggesting unusual danger from Sars-Cov-2 above severe influenzas or others.)

He says he still had "Long Covid" until he self-treated with a certain medication, a name I'd never heard of before. I think these are shaky claims.

He also indulges more than a little in insinuation of US government conspiracies, just enough to energize or excite a certain kind of mind, but not too far.

For example, he told an astonished Joe Rogan that a large region of India had successfully used Ivermectin, BUT that then its health authorities and political leaders got a visit by US State Department thugs, after which they quickly got silent and no longer mentioned ivermectin.

At this point Rogan says, quote, "It's so crazy to imagine that in the middle of a pandemic, there's one place, one area of India, that's extremely successful in combatting the virus, but they're not going to say how they did it. That's nuts!" Malone suggests it was behind-the-scenes Biden admin pressure which made India "not say how they did it." He further suggests this was part of a US plan to promote vaccinations.

This idea of sending teams of US State Department thugs to pressure India to shut up about ivermectin is a little bit of comic-book reality. (Some Indian journalists have said it's wrong, there never was a cover-up of ivermectin or anything like that, no late night, mafia-like visits by Washington-dispatched thugs to shut up about ivermectin.) But in the realm of Corona-Panic discourse it's not exactly unfair fighting. It's also like a cartoonicized version of something that definitely did happen at several stages of the Corona-Panic.

It's fair to say Malone is no longer a pure scientist but a discourse-warrior, and is saying things most cloistered scientists would never say.
Saturday - January 1st 2022 10:23AM MST

Dieter Kief wrote: "I'd rather concentrate on the disappearance of the Covid...Isn't that the most important thing happening right now? - I mean, how unstupid is it really, to ignore the nearing possible end of Covid?"

I agree with you. However, as observers we should distinguish two things:

(1) "the medical end of Corona" and

(2) the "social end of the Panic."

The second is far more complicated, hard to predict with certainty, and worrying and IMO always was from the start.

Also, we have predicted "The End of the Panic" so many times over two years, each time being wrong, that many among us are wary of being too enthusiastic. Governments either show themselves hostages to virus-demagogues or worse. I sense in Peak Stupidity's ironic commentary on it (the horror that one Omicron death was reported), that widespread are such feelings of skepticism that the Corona-Panic is about to simple end one day by global fiat. But maybe it will happen. Maybe by a UN speech by Doctor Fauci, declaring victory and immediately accepting a number of awards and medals for saving millions of lives with lockdowns.

The signs of the wind-down and the authorities "granting freedom, granting the privilege of normal life" to citizens in spring 2022 and beyond (until...?) is now real, but I've felt this on several other occasions, first even in May 2020 (the month I feel the best observed-data had conclusively proved the Corona-Panic people wrong by up to 100x).
Dieter Kief
Saturday - January 1st 2022 10:07AM MST

Beware of the Covid-vaccine death-toll numbers Dr. Malone is coming up with. Those are informed guesses and could quite easily be way off.

His term mass-murder in the covid-vaccination-context is inappropriate language I'd hold. Because most of the pro-vaxxers for sure act in good faith. Just to illustrate what I mean:Would you really want to accuse Steve Sailer of being a supporter of mass-muderers? - Sounds a bit off, doesn't it?...

You'd  even have to negate the mass-murder hypothesis according to the anaylsis of the Covid measures, Dr. Malone himself is bringing forward. Because a .p.s.y.c.h.o.s.i.s. is a state of mind that doesn't allow for sober and .i.n.t.e.n.t.i.on.a.l. judgements...

I think that the use of this term psychosis in this context is not quite right though. I'd rather go with Mr. Hail's expression Covid-Cult.

That Dr. Malone uses the term mass psychosis shows me, that esthetically he is glued to the modern age Hollywood-esthetic - : - Start with something crass - and then double down...Sigh.  

And no: Dr. Malone did not invent the mRNA vaccines. Turns out his wife - making use of her birth-name... - wrote the wikipedia- entries, that made him look as if he would have been the inventor of the mRNA technique...
This blogger has some interesting infos about Dr. Malone:


Having said that: I'd rather concentrate on the disappearance of the Covid - Phenomenon via the Omikron-variant. - Something Dr. Malone pays very little attention to. - Why? - Isn't that the most important thing happening right now? - I mean, how unstupid is it really, to ignore the nearing possible end of Covid?
Adam Smith
Saturday - January 1st 2022 10:03AM MST
PS: Happy New Year!

Saturday - January 1st 2022 9:25AM MST

The new Peak Stupidity top-banner


the first number says "1.6" which would seem to mean 160 AD!

Did the imbecility-quotient really start rising steadily from mid-2000s to present? It feels like there was an upward inflection point in about the early 2010s, at least in "phenotype expression."
Saturday - January 1st 2022 9:13AM MST
PS Whilst Peak Stupidity is an appropriate title for a blog, has it ever been established that, on planet Earth, stupidity will ever peak? Might stupidity not, perhaps, keep increasing indefinitely? At least until the Sun explodes. What are the data regarding this question?
Saturday - January 1st 2022 9:10AM MST

on the Joe Rogan, Dr Robert Malone Interview

The inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Robert Malone, was on the biggest (comparable) podcast in the world, Joe Rogan, two days ago.

It was right after his recent life-ban from social-media (except Gab) for urging most people to NOT get the mRNA vaccine, for slamming mandates for children as a kind of mass murder (he has pointed to studies which suggest under full vaccination, at least dozens-per-million children will die from effects of the injections, possibly hundreds-per-million in a worst-case scenario, with unknown longer-term effects).

Rogan is a longtime Corona-skeptic and basically an Anti-Panic activist. His podcast is normally on Spotify but this one was so explosive it got reposted to Bitchute within hours for general viewing:


One thing I'm noticing is people now pretty openly embracing the Corona-Religion Hypothesis of which I was among the very first to argue in a coherent way (7000-word essay, published mid-May 2020, attracting much attention and I think inspiring C.J. Hopkins towards his later embrace of the idea and his series on the "Covidian Cult").

Dr Malone refers to "mass formation psychosis," which is academic-ese for the same thing I argued back then. He says a psychologist-and-statistician in the Netherlands first proposed the idea, which presumably means he applied the academic-jargonese "mass formation psychosis" to the Corona social-phenomenon, terror over a flu virus, almost completely detached from reality.

But that is just one of his many side-points, for his real expertise is on mRNA vaccines, which he has been urging be stopped immediately. He also talks about ivermectin and the other banned treatments.

Knowing that 3-hour videos are normally never-never-never going to get traction here at Peak Stupidity, I post this at least to make Peak Stupidity comment-readers aware of this major interview. They say it's already gotten tens of millions of views despite the ban on Rogan's material on Youtube (due again, I think, to Corona-rule-enforcement).
Saturday - January 1st 2022 8:56AM MST

"Here's the latest bad news to start 2022 off with: People are dying with or from THE OMICRON! At least one guy, anyway."

We're seeing signals now that the powerful Pro-Panic coalition may be splintering, losing its vigor, losing its ability to keep its own marginal elements loyal, and losing its ability to keep Neutrals "cowed." The Corona-Panic may be winding down.

Of course we've seen this before and the monster came back to life, the Panic loyalists renewed their constant attacks.

Even if by spring 2022 the whole active-Panic phase winds down, the Corona-Panic Question will remain with us for many years. The stupid "health passes" will presumably still be there. The whole thing made the early 2020s the worst partial decade in a long, long time.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - January 1st 2022 5:49AM MST

Dr. Paul Alexander: Omikron Tells Us That Covid is Over - New Studies From South-Afrika and Norway

Alexander sums the Covid-experience up. Great article on substack!

Dieter Kief
Saturday - January 1st 2022 4:52AM MST
PS: Don't you ever underestímate maíl-in socíology grades, Mr. Mod. - And be nice to your intern in 2022 too, please. - You make the world a little bit better this way! - And isn't that what we need most in those months lying ahead. - The world will suffer most from Covid-detoriation and thus panic-withdrawal. Omikron will drive people nuts. - We'll see the rise of a mega business: The Panic-Withdrawal Self-Help Industry will reach record highs and will compensate almost completely for the increasing losses with the ongoing economic war with China / Southeast Asia! - So: Everathing will continue to be absolutley stupid, but turn out pefectly well! - We have to think of Achmed, pardon Alfred E. Newman as an absolutely happy person, don't we? - I mean: Isn't he just Kassandra in a Trans-disguise? - That's what we are, and what we have become. And Frank Zappa saw it all coming perfectly clear - and "remember" (Steve Bannon, the person who holds the world record of "remember"-uses) - always remember, I wanted to say, that Frank Zappa criticized the US, because he loved this country, and that's what sets him apart from the pack in  this US-critzising business and - - - which allowed him to make such perfectly cool & masterly  'n' great & bright R'n'R-music:    https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=zappa+two+hundred+yearsold&view=detail&mid=BCE32623382C246D60DDBCE32623382C246D60DD&FORM=VIRE"I was sittin' in a breakfast room in Allentown Pennsylvania / Face to face with (...) a bowl of horribly foreshortened cornflakes.../ It wa six o'clock in the morning, / I got up too early / It was a terrible mistake": The lines of a genius! - I wish us all a great 2022 - and - "I hope we all will pass the audition" - once again!
The Alarmist
Friday - December 31st 2021 8:58PM MST

BTW, here’s a worthwhile watch ....

The Alarmist
Friday - December 31st 2021 8:44PM MST

It must have been Dark Matter ... your model didn’t include a fudge factor for the acceleration of disintegration of our culture and society as it undergoes rapid trans-formation in several societal dimensions.

In engineering, we used to euphemistically refer to rocket blow-up or jet engine failures as rapid, unplanned disassembly; unfortunately for us, what they’re doing to the Western world appears to be quite planned.

That as many as 40% of us have resisted to this day to bend the knee is testimony to the resiliance of Western peoples in the face of an all-out war being waged against them by their criminal elites and the puppet governments the elites use against them.

We are now approaching asymptotic stupidity.

Happy New Year.
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