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Posted On: Tuesday - December 28th 2021 2:47PM MST
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My apologies for the cussword in a post title, but there was no other way to summarize this one. I've got my favorite George Carlin clips - I'd never seen him or heard an album (I guess it'd have been an album, right) in his heyday - but I knew the baseball vs. football routine and more recently the "Save the Bees" bit.

This one is new to me. I can't find a date for it on the internet, but Mr. Carlin looks fairly old there, so maybe mid-00's? (He died in '08.) Mr. Carlin did a great take here on helicopter parenting, which can turn out lots of young adult snowflakes. To think this was at least a decade and a half ago - things have not gotten better in this regard.

I noted that Mr. Carlin said a little bit about the big deal about getting the kids into the best kindergartens. That's mostly just a NY City (maybe San Francisco or LA) thing. I wonder if Steve Sailer has seen this, as he is very into the struggles of the upper middle class to get their young ones into the best schools, from kindergarten and up to the Ivy Leagues. I get neither the bug struggle nor the fixation of Mr. Sailer's with the whole thing. Let the elite do their thing. Beat 'em, don't join 'em.

Hey, and if you want to learn a little Spanish, here's a start.

I've got some more anecdotal Kung Flu stupidity coming, but other than that, I think Peak Stupidity will lay low until 2022.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - December 30th 2021 12:56AM MST
I did not want to go into this vaccine-business at all, I wanted to say this at one of the last mornings of my life - in 2021, hehe: The owner of George Carlin's rights should sue Jonathan Haidt and George Lukianoff (The Coddling of the American Mind) - and Jordan B. Peterson (12 Rules for Life) for steeling central ideas from this man! - His attack on professional diaper-sniffes and helicopter-parents (avant la lettre!) is hilarious! George Carlin is a true visionary!
Dieter Kief
Thursday - December 30th 2021 12:44AM MST
eugyppius and Orwell2024 and Michael Levitt would agree, Mr. Hail.

As Orwell2024, one of the true Corona-Knights, found out: The Vaccine doesn't do much with reagrd to deaths - neither way: It neither increases them nor decreases them. As a matter of fact, it is clear, that it does not decrease the number of Covid-deaths. The Norwegians did research this question quite thoroughly a few months back and found the same thing. I have linked here both papers before, I guess, but I'll do it again:

Here is the Norway-Paper

Here is a shortuote from this paper:: 
 We included 2,361 patients, including 70 (3%) partially vaccinated and 183 (8%) fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated patients 18–79 years had a shorter LoS in hospital overall (adjusted hazard ratio for discharge: 1.35, 95%CI: 1.07–1.72), and lower odds of ICU admission (adjusted odds ratio: 0.57, 95%CI: 0.33–0.96). Similar estimates were observed when collectively analysing partially and fully vaccinated patients. We observed no difference in the LoS for patients not admitted to ICU, nor .o.d.d.s. .o.f. .i.n.-.h.o.s.p.i.t.a.l. .d.e.a.t.h. .b.e.t.w.e.e.n. .v.a.c.c.i.na.t.e.d. .a.n.d. .u.n.v.a.c.c.i.n.a.t.e.d. patients (my italics, dk).

And here is Orwell2024:


"High Quality Analysis of Exces Deaths" (Micheal Levitt about this Blogpost by Orwell2024 - Biggest Surprise: Covid-Vaccinations Did NOT Influence Excess Deaths in Europe AT ALL!

Quote from Orwell2024's post: "The observed excess mortality in Austria and Netherlands, is entirely dominated by mortality in the elderly age bins. Those are 95 % vaccinated. The same vaccination level is also the case in Sweden, Spain and France. The vaccine doesn’t reduce nor increase mortality. It isn’t the underlying root cause.

So - relax, please ye Apocalyptics of all kinds! - Dr. Angelique Cotzee said the same thing, btw., about Omikron in Southafrica: "Get your vaccine", ye needy - and "relax!", ye all!
Wednesday - December 29th 2021 8:47PM MST

A thought on Anti-Vaccine rhetoric

It can be overstated. Likely the number of Panic-induced deaths unrelated to the vaccines easily outweighs the Vaccine deaths (both suffer from quantifiability problems). However by this point there is no separating the Anti-Panic position from the anti-corona-vaccine position.

The Corona-Panic was an irrational, apocalyptic religious-like attack on our civilization, and one which caught (what later emerged as) "the Anti-Panic side" off guard. The enemy seized the heights and hold the heights still today, and don't care about losses (including the New York Times editor who died one day after his booster this week).

The good thing about Anti-Vaccine rhetoric (which is a sub-branch of the general Anti-Panic side, but as I say is now hard to distinguish from it, especially as the bitterly Pro-Panic regimes impose "health passes" based on vaccines) is it offers a counter-vision, even a somewhat apocalyptic counter-vision to the original Corona-Panic civilizational attack. That may be what it takes to beat the Panic.

Dieter Kief has been critical of this view, especially those who go so far as saying the "vaccines" are a depopulation tool. But recall that the original apocalyptic visions of Feb 2020, March 2020, these were also just crazy, if you look again on what people were saying and believing. It was a black mark on our civilization, making the early 2020s I believe the worst period for Wester Man since 1945.
Wednesday - December 29th 2021 8:27PM MST

the new study is from Dr Bhakdi, someone who saw the light from the start. He and a team tracked down a number of suspicious post-vaccine deaths and did fresh autopsies, which reveal the vaccines were a major cause of death in most cases.

Wednesday - December 29th 2021 8:24PM MST

Corona news

Robert Malone, widely quoted before the Panic's corona-needle phase as "the inventor of mRNA technology," has been banned from Twitter.

Cause for the lifetime ban: posting a new study which shows the corona-injections can demonstrably be shown in many cases to cause the body to attack its own organs, especially the heart.

For those keeping score in this ghastly business, what we know or have some evidence for implies a death rate of 1 in 10,000 at minimum, and Steve Kirsch suggests it would be up to 8 in 10,000. The highest estimate implies no one under about 75 should probably have ever gotten a Corona-needle.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 28th 2021 11:01PM MST
PS: Happy New Year to You too, Mr. Alarmist...

And thanks for the links, I luv Sam Kinison.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - December 28th 2021 9:35PM MST

I miss Carlin; he lived long enough to describe in his unique take the world that had come by the ‘00s. But would we have ever become that world if Sam Kinison had lived beyond the ‘80s ?

Do you remember his bit about solving world hunger? Talk about immigration advocacy:


Then there was Sam on love and marriage and more ...


Happy New Year, Y’all.
Tuesday - December 28th 2021 7:37PM MST
PS: Thanks for the info, and the links Adam. R.I.P., George Carlin. Yeah, I'll give those shows a listen.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 28th 2021 4:13PM MST
PS: Good evening,

“This one is new to me. I can't find a date for it on the internet...”

Mid-00's is a good guess...

It's Bad for Ya is the 19th album, and 14th and final HBO stand-up comedy special by stand-up comedian George Carlin. It was televised live on March 1, 2008, on HBO, less than four months before Carlin died of heart failure at age 71.


If you'd prefer to listen to it like it's an album...

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