White House Christmas greetings troll

Posted On: Friday - December 24th 2021 11:57PM MST
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I almost felt sorry for Creepy Joe here, but then he's already been a politician for half a century, and I think of how much hate he has for Americans and the his anti-White talk. I thank the caller. Let's hope he doesn't wind up in a dark hole underneath Washington, F.S. for years as yet another political prisoner.

Brandon: "I think we lost him."
Dr. Jill: "Yeah, I think we lost somethin'."

They used to claim old Ronnie was pretty far gone, dementia-wise, during the latter half of his 2nd term. This sort of thing didn't happen, though.

Sunday - December 26th 2021 6:29PM MST
PS: You can say that again. I've been hearing it everywhere.
Adam Smith
Saturday - December 25th 2021 9:48AM MST
PS: Let's Go Brandon!

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