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Posted On: Saturday - December 18th 2021 6:43PM MST
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I had another post I was going to write, with the pictures already saved, links stored, and everything. It's too much for today though, so here is some music to end the blog-week.

It's already a week till Christmas day. We'll have some real Christmas music later, but for now, let's Step into Christmas with Elton John. I really like that country-style guitar lick played by Davey Johnstone. This one is from Christmas time 48 years ago:

That's a great "wall-of-sound" sound by Elton and his usual band:

Davey Johnstone - guitar
Dee Murray - bass guitar
Nigel Olsson - drums

and it sounds all 3 singing backing vocals. Elton's lyric writer, Bernie Taupin appears in this video playing bells at 2:00.

Next week, Peak Stupidity will have the post I had in mind today, on immigration as weaponry, a beyond-Steve-Sailer-level fisking of one of the pieces of sheer stupidity he presented from the NY Times, a movie review, maybe something about the R.C. Christian Guidestones Guide, and then some time off. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 21st 2021 6:15PM MST
PS: Good evening Achmed,

Sorry for the slow reply (I've been busy working)...

I luv luv luv Seinfeld. I've watched all of Seinfeld, but I didn't remember Elaine's love of exclamation points.
What! a! funny! show! Indeed! Thanks for the link.

I really hope you're right about Mr. BirdFish being a 12 year old or someone just having fun.

Monday - December 20th 2021 5:23PM MST
PS: I checked out this BIRDFISH1950's comments, per your links, Adam. I usually assume people like that are just having fun, maybe 12 year-olds having fun even. I like to think that, because it hurts to think otherwise.

That guy might get along pretty well with "Seinfeld"'s Elaine Benice, though. She also has a thing about exclamation points:

What! a! funny! show!
Adam Smith
Sunday - December 19th 2021 8:22PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...
(This is completely off topic...)

So, I really thought this BIRDFISH1950 was some sort of satire account, kinda like Tiny Duck or something...

But, after reading through some of his comments, I think this guy is for real.
I kinda feel sorry for this poor old soul...
And I think some of his comments are hilarious.

Sunday - December 19th 2021 6:33PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail,

I always want to read those 'I ' t-shirts, as 'I hurt ', probably because the person is so often someone I would like to hurt.

A good find.
Sunday - December 19th 2021 5:26PM MST
PS: Ha, the heroic Kung Flu Fighter. I was trying to figure out what hub airport that was taken at, Mr. Hail. I sure hope we don't see much more of that. I've seen close myself.
Sunday - December 19th 2021 12:38PM MST

With a Corona-Panic ramp-up, and some places shutting down Christmas again, let us remember during the holiday slowdown remember and honor the real heroes of the Corona-Panic of 2020-to-2022[?]*, such as this heroic flu-fighter:


* - The end date is subject to change; please check back with your info-box and Public Health Experts for updates and guidance through this unprecedented and catastrophic and horrible emergency, but please remember that patriotic persons err on the side of panic.
Saturday - December 18th 2021 7:47PM MST
PS: That sounds like stuff I listened to years ago, UsNThem. Yeah, I should embed some of their stuff next week. Thanks for the reminder.
Saturday - December 18th 2021 7:34PM MST
PS - check out Transiberian Orchestra for some truly hard rock Xmas music. Can't beat it.
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