Quitters never win and winners never quit....

Posted On: Wednesday - March 1st 2017 9:05AM MST
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Still we gotta hope President Trump isn't one of the quitters.

Following is my response to a commenter about this article on unz.com about Trump's weasily-sounding comments on deporting illegal aliens.

Commenting on the other commenters' worry about these words from the president, this guy says:
The zipper mask contingent is pretty strong here.

People (including Steve
[this is Steve Sailer, ed]) keep reaching for any reason to quit. Easier to post pithy blog posts than actually work.

PeakStupidty says:

I think you are misinterpreting a large portion or all of the comments. You may be right that Trump knows what he’s doing and will get this thing done mostly in the manner Americans elected him to. I hope you are, though I don’t understand this negotiating thing. What you do (as Trump, that is) is put the pressure on in all sorts of ways, on the LP, on the Repub-traitors, even on the Lefties as some commenters here has suggested.

You’re wrong if you think people want to quit – quit what, first of all? Nobody here wants things to continue the way they have obviously. Quit hoping? No, this is just one guy – the ball will keep rolling without him.

If you mean quit supporting Trump, well, if he isn’t going to do the job we elected him to, he should be fired like the people on the TV show. (He does need lots help of regular Americans in a lot of ways of course. I understand who he’s up against.) Trump needs the pressure on him from Americans, so that it can counteract the tremendous pressure he is under from the elite, LP, most politicians, etc. Possibly the wife and/or daughter are involved “we need to fit in, I want to be able to wear my new dress to more cocktail parties – we aren’t getting invited, sob, sob,…”.

As a man suggested above, possibly Trump is very impressionable. That is a bad thing for a leader (opposite of a Ronald Reagan, for example, who spent years making his mind up on his principles; before you chime in on the ’86 amnesty, his fault was he trusted US politicians more than he did the Russkies – big mistake.). If this is the case, we need to keep up the deep impressioning on his ass, such as when he did hear the stories from the families of the people killed by reckless multiply-deported illegal aliens, but there are lots of other stories, say the imminent death of the middle class – I think Trump does have a lot of empathy for the common man.

Buck Turgidson
Wednesday - March 1st 2017 4:40PM MST
The third world invasion is sucking the life and wealth out of our country. The unfortunate deaths connected with the invading hordes (the young Shaw boy in LA, Kate Steinle in SF, and on and on and on and on.....) is but the tip of the iceberg. Financially, culturally, logistically, administratively. There is not one good thing about the import of boatloads of third worlders. We need to stop immigration -- full stop, moratorium, ZERO. We need also to deport all illegals. I would be happy if we just got 98% of them out of here.
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