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In this past Wednesday's post, Epstein, Maxwell, the Mossad, and Fantasy Island Globalist blackmail, I didn't put much explanation at all into why I chose the Israeli Mossad as a good candidate for who would have been in charge of the late Jeff Epstein's Fantasy Island honey trap. My main point in that post was that compromising politicians and business elites with a project like that seems by far the easiest way to gain leverage on political power in the world. I have read less, and therefore know less, about the Mossad than I do of/about the CCP even, so this post again is nothing but speculation. I don't think I want to get involved in gathering evidence either, as both of these groups don't screw around!

The CCP is the Chinese Communist Party, founded one century ago this past October by intellectuals Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao, with help from the Soviet Communists and the Communist Internationale organization. The Mossad is the Israeli version of the CIA, formed 72 years ago day-after-tomorrow on the recommendation of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. That was only a couple to 4 years after the American CIA was formed, depending on whether you mark it by the appearance of its current name.

Why is it just these two possibilities? Why not The Russians? My answer is that it is not 1985, '75, '65, '55, or '45 (time of the founding of the CIA) anymore. The Cold War has been over for more than 3 decades, and I'm guessing the big bad Russian Bear would be happy if American would just leave it the hell alone. Then, there's the CIA itself, but I'll mention them again near the end of this post.

CCP v Mossad may seem like an apples-to-oranges comparison. After all, the CCP pretty much IS the government of China, as in, whatever The Party* says, the government does. The Mossad is just one agency of the Israeli government. Yes, the CCP has groups tasked to do espionage and subterfuge, but I just don't know the names of them, while the Mossad "brand" has been known for a long time, so I'll put it this way for convenience.

I don't believe the Chinese want to take over the world militarily, though they ARE taking over the world economically. The CCP want to remain in control of the Chinese people. However, Chinese people are all over the world, and the CCP would like those Chinese people to spread its influence. Does the CCP want to influence US politics? Sure, they have done so in small ways during the '20 Presidential election, based on info from my Chinese sources. Then there's the leverage they likely have already on the current President - we don't call him Zhou Bai Dien on this blog for nothing. The money it would take to develop that Epstein Fantasy Island set-up would be chump change to the Chinese.

What about the Israeli Mossad though? Israel is not a huge place, and doesn't have a huge population, so it will never be (well, full-out nukes aside) and huge military power or a huge economic power. I won't get into details in this post**, but the formation of Israel in 1948 created enemies in and of that action itself, and it sits in an area of natural enemies. Israel cannot directly exert great overt power in the region, but it sure can exert big amounts of covert power via control of American politics. In my opinion, it's not so much that their goals are to get rid of this regime ("regime" is used for the "bad guys" only) or that regime. I believe that the Israelis simply want American military equipment and manpower to stand ready in the region for their defense, 24/7/365/Kingdom-Come.***

As I wrote in that previous post, it wouldn't take a whole lot of resources to pull this operation off for years, as compared to other ways of using covert influence on US and world politics. The honey pot idea has been around likely since there have been honeys with pots. It takes just a little imagination, and they've got it over there, and you figure, hey, let's see if this thing scales.

To pull something like this off, it would help to have already an in and influence in the American culture already. Little Saint James Island in the US Virgin Island chain**** was bought by an LLC solely owned by Mr. Epstein in 1998, so it could have been over 20 years that the place has been a Fantasy Island**** for adult fantasies. The large-scale mainland Chinese diaspora to America is a recent thing, starting in earnest about 25 years ago. They are just now starting to be imbued in the culture. OTOH, the Jewish diaspora has CREATED lots of the culture and has been imbued in it way before the Mossad, and the country it works for was in existence.

Then, there are other options for the Chinese at this point. When you make most of the electronics used around the world, and you do what the CCP says you do, you most likely have embedded iEspionage enough to have some influence. Then, when this diaspora is made up of mostly engineers and scientists, only one in 1000 who may be spies (here's one and here's another), well, you can get the technical information easily. I don't know if the CCP really needs to run a Fantasy Island for purposes of influence through blackmail. The Israelis do.

Finally, as for the CIA, I would say that it's the same as with the Chinese. Would they not have so much information already at their fingertips? Oh, they are forbidden to have access to NSA data from the Utah data center, you say? I hear Judge So-and-so of the nth Circuit Court is ruling on that. Only thing is, someone who knows Judge So-and-so pretty well unfortunately put certain photos and video of hers (or his, let's not be PIC) on The Cloud. Oops. I hear Judge So-and-so has ruled that there's no conflict or Constitutional violation, it turns out. At least on Fantasy Island, you know whose got the video and what video they've got. Smiles, everyone, smiles!

PS: Coincidentally, I just read John Derbyshire's VDare post Smollett, Maxwell, Potter—Another Bad Week For The U.S. Justice System this morning, while taking a break from writing this one. In it, he has a section about G. Maxwell's father having connections to the Mossad. Mr. Epstein is discussed too:
Was Epstein, like Maxwell, working with Israeli intelligence at some level? It's not improbable. I refer you to Miami Herald reporter Julie Brown’s book published this summer, Perversion of Justice, delving into some of the mysteries of Epstein's life and death.
That's interesting*****, but I have not so much interest in the details here - this is just about motivation and the big picture.

* Sound familiar? We have close to a one party system ourselves here, with the 2 squads, red and blue, to entertain other notions about it.

** Though I do have a post I've been meaning to write about the origins of the country.

*** Yeah, that's not going to be for so long as they think. You know, if they were REALLY smart people and had been REALLY thinking ahead about this, they would not have influenced this nation toward the immigration invasion and the lefty politics that have brought this country toward such ruin that it will not be able to keep all that power in their region for very much longer. Nice thinking there!

**** I should have given some geographic info already, for cryin' out loud! Sorry 'bout that. I also neglected to give the reader the late-1970s - early '80s TV show reference before.

***** Also, John Derbyshire is a really good writer. I recommend the whole post, though I don't know enough to say I agree with him on his take on the trial of this Smollett caricature, err, character.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 14th 2021 8:37PM MST
PS: Good evening yet again, Mr. Hail,

Just a thought, but Windoze operating systems do not show file extensions by default.
If you'd like to see them you have to configure Windoze to show them...

How to View File Extensions (Windoze 10):

• Open File Explorer; if you do not have an icon for this in the task bar; click Start, click Windoze System, and then File Explorer.
• Click the View tab in File Explorer
• Click the box next to File name extensions to see file extensions
• Click the box next to Hidden items to see hidden files

I'm not saying this is the case, but it could be, and if it is it would explain why you could not open the .zip file.

Anyway, Cheers!

Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 14th 2021 7:00PM MST
PS: Greetings again Mr. Hail...
In the interest of science...

All three work for me.
(Didn't work with a .jpg/.epub file.)

I hope you have a great evening...
Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 14th 2021 5:59PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Hail...

Sounds to me like your operating system might be reading the file headers instead of the file extension to determine the type of file.

Did you try this one?

Tuesday - December 14th 2021 5:51PM MST

RE: Mr Smith:

"Can you open the file as a .jpg? (Like in a browser, image viewer or photoshop?)"

Yes, it it an image of the book cover ("Nice Racism"), a white cover with a gold bow on, and the usual way glossy publishing-house books look these days.

I'm afraid this is as far as I get and the unzip fails to produce anything except the same file.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - December 14th 2021 9:41AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone..

Mr. Hail, I thought a little more about this and I'm curious if either of these files (or both) work for you...

The first one is the raw .zip file. The second one is the hybrid file with the file extension changed to .zip.

Looks like it will be a beautiful day here (60 and sunny) and I hope yours is just as nice. Have a great day!

Adam Smith
Monday - December 13th 2021 7:56PM MST
PS: Greetings Mr. Hail...

“What might I be doing wrong?” I have no idea.
Seriously though, what might I be doing wrong?
There are several reasons this might happen.
(Short story, different operating systems and software do things differently.)

Can you open the file as a .jpg?
(Like in a browser, image viewer or photoshop?)

I make these files in linux. First, I find a cover image (cover.jpg). The archive ( is created using a program called Engrampa 1.8.1 that installed with debian mate. (Any archive program or format should do, though all are not created equal.) Then I concatenate the files into a new file with this command...

cat cover.jpg > Perversion-of-Justice.jpg

If you download a local copy you should be able to change the file extension and it should open with whatever software you use to open .zip files. Maybe you don't have software to open such a file (unlikely) or the software you have does not like the archive format that I used (possible) or the hybrid file (also possible, maybe it would work if I put before cover.jpg)? I guess you could try a different piece of software to open the .zip file.

You can also download the .epub from here...

I appreciate the feedback Mr. Hail. I make these files as a possible form of digital samizdat, but that only works if other people can open them too. (I also think they're a cool way to share files.) I would think you can open these sorts of files, and perhaps I can help you figure out how to do so. Maybe a different app would work? Or maybe I can make them differently so they work better for you.

Let me know if I can help you solve the puzzle.
Have a great evening, Mr. Hail.

Monday - December 13th 2021 6:35PM MST

"right click → save as → change file extension to .zip → open archive → enjoy"

I have not been successfully able to follow this method for some reason to get a text file out of the zip. What might I be doing wrong?
Adam Smith
Sunday - December 12th 2021 9:13PM MST
PS: Cheers everyone...
(right click → save as → change file extension to .zip → open archive → enjoy)

Sunday - December 12th 2021 4:29PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, about John Derbyshire: He may have glanced here due to my links in his comments, but also possibly due to some connections with other people I won't name here.

I completely agree with "The Derb as a longtime a public personality is practiced at diplomatic use of language, ..." He was circumspect and civil about the Kung Flu panic early on, but something makes me think it was also that he didn't want to be proven wrong. He may have been almost positive that this thing wasn't the Black Death 2.0, but if it got bigger (the disease itself) than it did, and he had pooh-poohed it, I guess he would look bad. I.e. perhaps he was just hedging his bets. Of course, that means he likely didn't know the Totalitarianism would get this bad, because I do know he cares about that.

That takes me to iSteve. I will defend (slightly) his lack of any further posts about the terrible effects of the PanicFest in this way: I have liked his views on race, the media, and all that, but it's been pretty far back that I realized that the guy is no Constitutionalist. He does not stand on principal very often. We agree on a lot because the Founding Fathers were White men with the same temperament(?) and culture that he has, but when it comes down to it, Steve Sailer doesn't defend the Constitution when he thinks it won't work practically speaking for the issue at hand. (There have been an exception or two in which he actually mentioned Constitutionality.)

So, here's the deal. Steve Sailer may write about the statistics, as he love statistics, that are related to the PanicFest, though his favorite ones (and they ARE important) have been about the race nonsense that is more related to the "Summer of George". I think he realizes how much stupidity has come from the PanicFest. He just doesn't seem to care that much about encroaching Totalitarianism. It's never been one his main topics, come to think of it.

Steve Sailer, more than John Derbyshire, doesn't see a problem with being neutral on the Covid Apocalypse for that reason. He figures we'll somehow all be back to normal, or the new normal is just fine with him.

Lastly, on JD and the JQ, yes, there have been may comments like yours, some reasonabl like yours and some that are nasty, as they think he is just being a flat out liar-by-ommision. I don't know what is in Mr. Derbyshire's on that.
Sunday - December 12th 2021 4:14PM MST
PS: Alarmist, do you see this Cabal as bigger than the Deep State of any nation? This is the stuff that I ought to pay attention to more. I really wonder what these Freemasons were about (in another post) and other mysterious groups like that. Where you see evil, I see stupidity more often. You could easily be right.

Robert, per your comment, just read a little about Paul Krassner. Nah, I doubt I would have gotten along with him at my age now, but maybe at that age, time, and place. It sounds like his adult life was in complete synch with everything counter-culture. No matter what one's political views, it had to be a fun time.
Sunday - December 12th 2021 2:25PM MST

On Mr Derb's breezy "it's not improbable" as to whether Epstein was Mossad and then moving on but clearly dropping hints that he has views he is not willing to put to (digital) paper.

This is about the closest he'll ever get to discussing the so-called "JQ." Maybe there have been other cases like this, but it always stops short.

The good Mr Derb is willing to be anti-Black to an extent he could get prosecuted in a British court, but he tiptoes around the Mossad and related questions.

I guess this is a criticism of the good Mr Derb so commonly made by his Unz Review commenters (which evidence suggests he reads) that it is cliche, but the typing is already done and I'm submitting this comments. (You read it, you can't un-read it.)
Sunday - December 12th 2021 9:45AM MST

In his latest monthly diary, Mr Derb makes some highly negative comments about the Corona-Panic, breaking from his own long-running policy of trying hard to ignore it, which his ally Steve Sailer has come to adopt, conspicuously ignoring every latest crazy measure and ramp-up by the aggressive Corona-Panic regimes of the world.

See Mr Derb's comments under section "Valetudinarian nation?":

The Derb as a longtime a public personality is practiced at diplomatic use of language, so it can be hard to tell what he really thinks at times. To me he seems an Anti-Panic sympathizer but who consciously took the line of wanting to ignore the Panic until it went away, in other words, Corona-Anti-Panic at heart but Corona-Neutral in public-facing stance. But in a catastrophic global virus apocalypse (the Pro-Panic side's world), there are no Neutrals, which makes him a potential villainous Covid-Denier.

Sometimes it comes through that his Corona-Neutrality is really just rhetorical cover so he can talk about other things.

To me this is an abdication of responsibility to an extent. Maybe it's because Mr Derb saw many of the leading lights he followed, not least Mr Sailer, as eagerly embracing the Panic in 2020, and so dug in on this Corona-Neutral line.

To swing it back to the topic of this post, another topic Mr Derb takes a consciously and practiced neutral line on is the Mossad and related topics. He spills much ink, averaging thousands of printed words per week and is willing to hit many groups, but seldom does he touch the Mossad and related topics.
Sunday - December 12th 2021 9:37AM MST

"John Derbyshire is a really good writer."

We know from occasional comments that he often reads dissident-Right websites. And I think he has interacted via Unz Review comments sections with Peak Stupidity's own Achmed E. Newman. Do we have any evidence he has read Peak Stupidity?
Saturday - December 11th 2021 7:38PM MST
PS: Completely off-topic for this post, but completely on-topic for this blog.

I was reading up on Paul Krassner and 'The Realist' magazine:

Among the more successful productions issued by Krassner was a red, white, and blue automobile bumper sticker, decorated with stars, which proclaimed "Fuck Communism". In advertising this item, Krassner advised that if anyone displaying the sticker received criticism, the critic should be told, "Go back to Russia, you Commie lover."

Now, you, Mr. Moderator, would probably lump Krassner in with the Commies, and he probably was one. This was some kind of anti-Vietnam war thing.

But, it is a good idea.
The Alarmist
Saturday - December 11th 2021 11:25AM MST

You assume Mossad works for Israel; they actually work for Cabal.
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