Epstein, Maxwell, the Mossad, and Fantasy Island Globalist blackmail

Posted On: Wednesday - December 8th 2021 7:34PM MST
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Da plane, boss, da plane!

How odd is this, another post involving the venerable B-727 within 2 weeks? See Happy D.B. Cooper Day - 50 years ago this minute.

That's the Boeing 727 (with winglets, no less!) known as the "Lolita Express", which has been transporting political, business, and other elites down to privately-owned Fantasy Island in the Caribbean for a good time. No, most of the passengers don't learn of this island from "want a good time?" messages on the walls of bathroom stalls, (... be cool or be cast out?) This is having a good time for the Globalist private-jet-setters. The island in question was known as "Epstein Island" from the man, Jeffrey Epstein, who ran the, errr, resort, until his untimely errr, suicide, in prison two years back.

"Smiles Blowjobs, everyone, blowjobs!"

We're not going to find out anything more from Mr. Epstein, so the public's attention is on the trial of one Ghislaine Maxwell (a cut-and-paste name if I ever saw one - I'm NOT spending the time to memorize that crap!). She was basically the female pimp - pimpess, I guess, who arranged the sexual get-togethers between the big shots and the pretty and pretty-young ladies on the island. I mean, there are sandy beaches all over the place. You don't need big money if you're there just for the sand and sun*. Anyway, with this lady still alive with years worth of information about who has been doing what on Fantasy Island there, people are anxious to get the story from her. In other words, I don't know how long Miss Maxwell has to live.

I haven't paid any attention to the brewhaha around her trial. I know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The absolutely corrupt are gonna corrupt ... absolutely - it's what they do, and I'm in no position to stop them or really care about this whole thing... so I thought.

I got more interested in this whole thing only after reading this interesting comment by one ic1000 under a Steve Sailer post. With all these big-time politicians Big-Biz elites and entertainment people (I don't really care about the latter) having partaken of their fantasies, you've gotta figure that most of them are compromised.

Mr. ic1000 wonders how Jeffery Epstein got from here to there:
In his late twenties, Epstein was an intelligent, handsome, extroverted math teacher at a tony Manhattan prep school. Some time later, he was an up-and-coming Master of the Universe, living the Jet Set life thanks to hundreds of millions in Assets Under Management.
That's a good question. It's obvious that the whole operation down there was either ripe for, or more likely MADE TO BE, an opportunity to blackmail the elites of the Western world. (Hell, you can come from the East too, if you like the round-eyed girls.) The question is, why did this decent young man, but still a nobody in the scheme of things, get to be the guy who ran the whole show?

Why Jeffrey Epstein? He was no Bill Gates with delusions of Grandeur or George Soros with pretty clear-minded thoughts of Destruction. Did he work for one of these big shots? It seems like these big shots pretty much all visited the island for pleasure not business.

Ya' gotta love the Bee!:

(I looked through the unz comments of the JohnnyWalker123 mentioned below for one of his many serious tweets but came upon this gem.)

I often tend toward the idea that these people in power just getting there by good (or bad) luck. I am curious about the timeline between Jeffrey Epstein just being this “intelligent, handsome, extroverted math teacher at a tony Manhattan prep school” and his having a lot of control over the levers of power in the world.

It’s not like a scheme by say, the Mossad would be very hard to think of, nor would it be hard to implement. Guys like sex. It’s job #1. Only certain people are in a position to be subject to these temptations, and the big politicians and other elites are in that position, fortunately (or not) for them. It could have been overt, and they gave him the scoop of how his life could be as the man in charge of Fantasy Island, with some serious threat if he backed out. Maybe they just gave him money and guidance to get started bootstrapping his resort operation without the big picture.

Did Mr. Epstein know that the goal was blackmail of dozens or hundreds of important men for the purpose of control of world politics? Maybe he was kept in the dark on this, with some of the (unknown to him), say, Mossad henchmen in certain positions because “hey, they need jobs, and we helped you get this nice pricey resort operation going”, till the end. Would he care? Maybe he started to, so that’s why he ended up “killing himself” in prison.

How easy a scheme is this one! It beats accumulating enough money to buy big chunks of industry. It beats setting up a James Bond lab and hoping some super-weapon will come out of it. It beat assassinating all kinds of people, taking a chance on discovery, and then having to repeat a lot of it when some clueless other guys who are not down with the program end up in those positions.

How do all these Globalist elites fall for this Fantasy Island honey trap to begin with? I don't know about the entertainers and Big Biz types, but for a politician, why NOT get involved in this? You get that young p**** with no press cameras around. Yes, the other cameras, about that… Why do you care? You have no principles. You’re a big-time politician – there’s no way you got this far with any scruples left, and then, they are blackmailing you for a reason. You will affect some policy that they want, so they NEED YOU. You could be set for life! After that …?

The only con I see is that once they’ve blackmailed you, you don’t have much of a chance for any bribe money out of them.

have no evidence myself of any of this, but this theory sounds perfectly plausible. This discussion is making me interested in the continual series of Unz Review commenter JohnnyWalker123's tweets he has been inserting on threads of any topic that kept shaking the web page around. The only thing is, as people who have been following this trial have noted, it sounds like all the real interesting stuff is being kept secret during that trial. But, of course.

At this point the reader may either agree with or legitimately question why I chose the Mossad (the CIA of Israel) as the organization that could have been in charge of this operation. We'll have more on that in a post to come.

* Hey, maybe someone should do some analysis as to how these Lolita-visiting elites have fared after getting all that vitamin D and some of that vitamin P. Help us, Dr. Fauci.

Friday - December 10th 2021 5:38PM MST
PS: OK, Peter, I know he did some good, and he gave us four years of a reprieve from (some) things getting worse all the time. If you recall, he had an R majority in the House and Senate (pretty good in the former, but smaller in the latter) until the '18 elections. I know, a lot of them hated him.

However, he had no political strategy - not all Republicans liked him, but they sure do want to be re-elected and get committee chairmanships (helps in giving favors which lead to big donations). A Ronald Reagan would have known how to make the kinds of deals that "Art of the Deal" guy had no damn idea about.

Yes, he did do these small changes at the bureaucracy level. That's why it all got reversed by Biden in days or weeks, though. Not much of it all was written in law. They can't repeal law as easily as Biden can reverse E.O.s and replace the wrong bureaucrats or just change the procedures within ICE and the Border Patrol.

Things are so much worse under Biden because he and his administration are not only not your Carter or Clinton administration, they seem even worse than the Obama admin, if that's possible. The left really thinks it has it all in the bag now.

THDCM, Assange and Snowden are real heroes. The Deep State wants to discourage any more of that behavior. I didn't know about this turn-about when Assange wouldn't (couldn't help them on Trump.
Friday - December 10th 2021 11:55AM MST

"I thought Donald Trump could get into the Presidency (he did) and get some good stuff done for America (he didn't)"

C'mon man! Trump got an enormous amount of good done, amazingly too as he was opposed by everyone, including his own party. On immigration, trade, oil/energy, arresting pedos, not starting any new wars, removing race baloney from Fed agencies, etc., he did a ton of good stuff. The problem is, with no political or media support for any of it, Biden was able to undo it all inside of a few weeks.

That's one response I have to the "Trump did nothing" crowd. Well if Trump did nothing, why did Biden have to undo so much? And if Trump did nothing, why is everything suddenly so much worse with Biden?

Anyway, as Hillary would say, at this point what difference does it make?
The Alarmist
Friday - December 10th 2021 4:47AM MST

I’m with Mr. Kief ... you just have to respect a country that elects porn stars to its legislature, while the rest of the West elects not-so-good-looking prostitutes.



Speaking of prostitutes, read down to the part where the Greens arrive at the Italian Parliament on bikes they rented just down the road (this was 1987) ... a German politico repeated the gesture yesterday.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
Tinfoil Hats Don't Cause Myocarditis
Thursday - December 9th 2021 5:33PM MST
PS @ Moderator,

Assange was asked where is the dirt on Trump and he replied that there isn't any.
Isn't that odd how they went after Assange not long after.
One of those coincidence theories I guess.
Ricky Bobby
Thursday - December 9th 2021 5:31PM MST
PS The pimpstress came back to former America of her own free will, probably because of Let's Go Brandon.
Some of the more free thinking pages claim Epstein is the key to it all and if that domino falls then it all goes down, similar to King Fauci (CCP/CPUSA)and his imperial mandates.
If Fraudci goes under the bus then the COV-LARP ends as well.
Thursday - December 9th 2021 3:47PM MST
PS: I do get that, Dieter. You remind me of one reason I thought Donald Trump could get into the Presidency (he did) and get some good stuff done for America (he didn't): He was un-blackmailable. Everyone knew he was a playboy, philanderer, etc. Even the Christian Right had to let that slide, because it wasn't like a more upright (real) Conservative was anywhere to be found on the campaign trail.

Yeah, there's something to be said for society understanding that part of human nature, with the wife for one thing and the mistress for the other. I can't say I respect that, but I do understand it.

I saw a tweet (on unz.com, of course) about some very Conservative Euro politician who was supposedly in hot water for this sort of thing. I don't think it was Mr. Berlusconi. Maybe you can tell me.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - December 9th 2021 3:41PM MST
PS - Mod. - just in case I was not real clear: I think Italy is better off with its -less moral and thus structurally less corruptible - way to deal with the Lolita-hunger of its elites.
To make my point in a different way: If you had the choice between sexually amoral elites and the Epsteinian Mossad-entenglements: What would you prefer? - The on the outside clean Protestant/Jewish or the more openly amoral Catholic (=Italy/Berlusconi) way?
Thursday - December 9th 2021 2:39PM MST
PS: What tangled webs they weave, Mr. Anon. All I know is that Miss don't-feel-like-figuring-out-the-spelling Maxwell, will not get treated by the legal system like you or I would for an improper lane change.

Dieter, thank you for that background info. on Mr. Epstein. This is not the kind of story I'm usually interested in. Having leverage on the world's elites is indeed a big deal, but if it weren't Jeffrey Epstein, I imagine they could have found, and will find, somebody else, with other girls, on other islands.

BTW, yes, I knew the Babylon Bee tweet was satire. Those people are good!
Dieter Kief
Thursday - December 9th 2021 12:07AM MST
PS - Mr. Anon:

a) "One thing that's seldom mentioned about Epstein is that he perhaps won a multi-million dollar powerball lottery payout in 2008, just about the time he was starting his (phony) jail sentence in Florida."
- This is so obviously a scam that the secret service background of Jeffrey Epstein is hidden in plain sight.

- Now compare this to Italy: b) Longtime head of government and somehow selfmade billionaire Silvio Berlusconi had his own lolita mansions and villas and little castels right in front of the publics eye. Some of the girls did even go public with their stories - and not much happened.

Choose a model you prefer! A), b), or - Jimmy Carter, telling the Playboy, that no, his thoughts have not always been free of sin.

Johnny Walker's post about Gishlaine Maxwell's list might not be - öh - verbally - correct, but more of a (not terribly good, to be honest) satire.

Mr. Anon
Wednesday - December 8th 2021 10:06PM MST

I am puzzled as to why Maxwell was in the US to begin with. Reportedly she also has English, French, and Israeli passports. Why would she even consent to be in the United States after Epstein was arrested? I have to think that she had already cut a deal. A limited hangout: she agrees to take all the remaining blame for Epstein's racket in return for some kind of slap-on-the-wrist sentence. Nobody important who's still living will get burned. Afterwards everything gets buried and (officially) forgotten. Nothing to see here, citizens!

One thing that's seldom mentioned about Epstein is that he perhaps won a multi-million dollar powerball lottery payout in 2008, just about the time he was starting his (phony) jail sentence in Florida.

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